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Broderick Crawford - Chief Dan Mathews

also see the Broderick Crawford Biography

publicity stills

Paul Hahn
Broderick Crawford
Frank Hanley

Broderick Crawford and Roy Bourgois
(the autograph is to Verne Clark in ~1956)

Broderick Crawford
Vivi Janiss
William Boyett

Jay Douglas
Broderick Crawford

Broderick Crawford
William Boyett

Jon Locke
Rusty Locke

Broderick Crawford
Jon Locke

Jon Locke
[Steve Kiefer collection]

Herbert L. Strock- director
Broderick Crawford
Roy Bourgois

Broderick Crawford
Guy Prescott

Jeanne Cooper
Gayne Whitman
Broderick Crawford

Broderick Crawford
Jason Johnson

Broderick Crawford
with Mary Rae Keefe

Broderick Crawford

Paul Hahn
Broderick Crawford

Paul Burke
Broderick Crawford

from Desert Town

Broderick Crawford
Bruce Cowling

Broderick Crawford
and Diane Brewster
from Prison Break (the pilot)

William Boyett

Broderick Crawford,
Ted Knight, & Bill Boyett
from Exposé

Broderick Crawford,
and Barry Sullivan
from Dan Sick

behind the scenes

Frank Runyon - technical advisor from the CHP

Guy Daniels

Bill Boyett

The Highway Patrol Intercom System The Highway Patrol Intercom System - a vidcap The Highway Patrol Prop Lamp

MAD Magazine parody (October 1960)

more pages from the kit...

From the Era



The Flame (1947)
This movie features Brod as an potential blackmailer. Compare the trench coat here with the one from King of Diamonds (1961-1962)

Down 3 Dark Streets (1954)
This movie features Brod as an FBI man on the trail of the killer of a fellow FBI man played by Whirlybirds star Kenneth Toby (who has written to our guestbook). Based on the novel Case File FBI by Gordon and Mildred Gordon. Also starring Ruth Roman, Martha Hyer, Marisa Pavan, Casey Adams, Gene Reynolds, Claude Akins, and William Johnstone. Brod's role has him wearing a fedora, and talking into the mic inside an undercover car. This was made right before he got the part of Dan Mathews and it looks like this could have been the film that gave Ziv the idea to call him.


King of Diamonds

Land of the Giants

The Interns

CHiPs (1977)
watch on youtube

That Championship Season
(London 1974)

as Sgt. Foley on
Bat Masterson

Saturday Night Live

Dinner Theater
Cockeysville, Maryland

Broderick Crawford's stars
(for movies and TV)

Dan saves London !

Cimarron Strip

Kiddie Car

HP Night Oct 24, 1998

"Broderick Crawford" Chip
in Hold'em

road junction

Gallery in the Sun
Tucson AZ

Nicolet National Forest

Bulldog !

Photos at the original Mcdonald's now a museum in San Bernardino, CA. It is featured in the new film on Ray Kroc
and owned by Albert Okura who is the founder of Juan Pollo.
He also bought the old Route 66 town of Amboy which he is Mayor and has a
1956 Dodge Broderick Crawford Highway Patrol car depicted in the mural on the wall.

Frank Gorshin impersonates Broderick Crawford, and other celebrities

an ad for TV Guide

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