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MGM has made Season #1 available on DVD through its Manufactured on Demand (MoD) division.
Season #2, Season #3, and Season #4 are also available.

Please understand that this website is not affiliated with those who sell these items, nor do we receive any profits from their sale.
We simply provide this information as a public service to fellow fans of the show.

More Highway Patrol Locations
by Jerry L Schneider
64 pages, published March 9, 2016

From October 3, 1955, through 1959, a total of 4 seasons and 156 episodes aired in syndication. A ZIV Television Production, Highway Patrol, starring Broderick Crawford, was a success and continues to air to this day. The show was filmed as realistically as possible, which included the support of the California Highway Patrol for the first part of the first season. To create as much realism as possible, the show filmed on actual locations throughout Southern California. Most of the shows were filmed in 2 days, a few in 3. One day was spent at the studio filming interiors and/or using the studio "backlot", what there was of it. The other day (or two) were spent out in the field. In the 156 episodes, there were over 600 locations used. In 2014, Highway Patrol Locations Then and Now was published. It showed most of those locations, utilizing then images from the show and now shots taken by the author. Many of the locations have not changed or have changed very little. Other sites have changed greatly. But, not all locations were shown. This book shows more of the locations which were not included in the first book and also corrects some errors which appeared in it.

Available from
CP Entertainment Books
Amazon Books

The Complete Films of Broderick Crawford
by Ralph Schiller
416 pages, published January 30, 2016

Today the name Broderick Crawford means nothing to twenty-first century young people. As far as they're concerned, All The King's Men is a miserable movie starring Sean Penn! They have absolutely no idea that way back in the twentieth century Broderick Crawford was a highly-paid major box-office Hollywood film star who made over ninety motion pictures. He also won the prized Academy Award Oscar for "Best Actor In A Starring Role". On top of that he starred in an enormously successful, blockbuster television series that ran for decades in world-wide syndication making him an unpaid babysitter for an entire generation of baby boomers. In the pages of this book, the reader will discover an extraordinary actor and film star with an incredible body of work. He enjoyed a durable career in show business spanning forty-five years that hit Hollywood's lofty heights and bottom-scraping depths more than once.

Available from
Amazon Books

Highway Patrol Locations Then and Now
by Jerry L Schneider
522 pages, published August 28 2014

To create as much realism as possible, the show filmed on actual locations throughout Southern California. Most of the shows were filmed in 2 days, a few in 3. One day was spent at the studio filming interiors and/or using the studio "backlot", what there was of it. The other day (or two) were spent out in the field. In the 156 episodes, there were around 600 locations used. This book shows most of those locations, utilizing then images from the show and now shots taken by the author. Many of the locations have not changed or have changed very little. Other sites have changed greatly. This book shows those changes. This book also takes the reader on a time trip back to the late 1950s, to a much simpler time in life.

Available from
CP Entertainment Books
Amazon Books

Policing The Old Mojave Desert
by L .A. "Buzz" Banks
160 pages, published July 20 2011

This book tells the story of Highway Patrol Sergeant #436 - stationed in Victorville from l941 to 1969.
Buzz Banks story     Buzz Banks article

Available from Amazon Books

Picture Perfect (Scarecrow Press Filmmakers Series, 80)
by Herbert Strock
296 pages, published February 2001

"The book tells the story of this innovative TV pioneer who directed the pilots for both Highway Patrol and Dragnet. He in my opinion had the most influence on Highway Patrol developing it's tempo, opening sequence, use of the helicopters, outdoor filming, close-up head shots, etc." - Gary Goltz
Available from Barnes & Noble and Amazon Books

California Highway Patrol (Images of America series)
by Rick Mattos 128 pages, published April 2008

Weaving long-buried historical photos of the California Highway Patrol with stories of officers and the agency, 28-year CHP Officer Rick Mattos' book gives an intimate insight into the world of the highway patrol.
After hundreds of hours sifting through archived photos boxed away at the CHP museum, Mattos tells the story of the CHP from 1920 - before the agency had solidified into a statewide entity - through the present day.
published by Arcadia Publishing
Available from Barnes & Noble and Amazon Books

Matchbox '56 Buick Century Police Car
reviewed by Gary Goltz [October 11, 2012]

Matchbox finally released their long-awaited (at least by me) CHP Buick. I have to admit that, for a model that's meant to be a toy and costs about a buck, it's better than I'd hoped for. However, if MB was going to make this classic patrol car, I can't understand why they modeled a '56 Buick instead of the '55 that was the basis for the real car. The actual CHP Buick, as I've mentioned before in a post a long time ago, was a hybrid, a combination of a Century (from the doors forward) and a Special 2-door sedan. It was only ordered in a single year, 1955, and 270 were ordered for the CHP (some sources say only 268 were delivered). In 1956 the CHP bought Oldsmobile 2-door sedans, Dodge Coronets, and Pontiac Chieftains, according to my research. I think the '55 was the last Buick CHP used.

There aren't many obvious differences between the '55 and '56 Buicks, especially in this small scale, but there are a couple that are noticeable. The grille, while similar, is somewhat different and the two "bullets" protruding from the front bumper, which really are bullet-shaped on the '55, have dished ends on the '56 that are obvious on the MB model. The other most obvious difference is the "ventiports" on the front fenders are oval-shaped on the '56 (and on the model) while they are round on the '55 (also, there should be 4 of them instead of 3 to signify a Century).

There are two glaring errors in replicating the CHP car: the model has a dome light, while the real CHP car was a slicktop, and the "HIGHWAY PATROL" lettering above the star wasn't added to CHP cars until 1959. However, that tampo can be removed pretty easily, I assume (I don't have one yet) and if you really want to be accurate the light can be removed, the hole filled and sanded and the roof repainted.

All that said, it's an attractive model, in my opinion. The wheels look OK within the limits of standard available MB wheels, the roof is black instead of white (no white roofs until 1961) and the sedan body looks pretty accurate and has the correct low-end chrome side trim. Hard to believe MB made this one at all, since unlike their Monaco, this car was used by only one department. Given MB's penchant for geting a lot of mileage out of their castings, I won't be surprised to see it in a number of fictitious markings, but maybe they'll do the next one as the car from the "Highway Patrol" TV show!

Added December 2014: Jason Caudillo has custom-modified the car to look like Gary's :    photo1    photo2    [note 4 portholes]

Robert Mitchum: "Baby I Don't Care" (St. Martin's Press)
by Lee Server 608 pages, published March 2001

Mitchum was Hollywood's original "Bad Boy," who, as the title implies, didn't seem to care about living up to anyone's expectations. Best known for tough-guy roles in a career that spanned over 50 years, he made over 120 films, "forty of them in the same raincoat," and played everything from cowboys to sophisticated lovers. With no pretensions toward being Lawrence Olivier, Mitchum said he picked jobs for the number of days off, but there was no doubt that he was a powerful, sad-eyed, simmering screen presence. His private life was even more interesting than his film roles. Mitchum was a Depression-era hobo who fell into acting. Even when famous, he was independent and found trouble; he was busted for smoking marijuana before most people in the country even knew what it was. Server (Danger Is My Business) does good research but also offers a big, thick, juicy celebrity read that will not disappoint aficionados of the genre. Highly recommended. Rosellen Brewer, Monterey Cty. Free Libs., Salinas, CA

There is a hilarious story about Broderick Crawford in Chapter 9; see an excerpt at Kevin's Movie Corner.

Broderick Crawford: A Play in Two Acts (CreateSpace )
by Michael B. Druxman 68 pages, published April 2018

Beefy, gravel-voiced Broderick Crawford was a tough guy with a heart of gold.
The scion of a vaudeville family, he initially shunned his parents' profession, but came to realize that show business was in his blood.
Success, however, did not come easy.
Even after he was acclaimed on Broadway as "Lennie" in the stage production of John Steinbeck's OF MICE AND MEN, important roles eluded him. Indeed, he spent a decade in Hollywood playing supporting parts as gangsters, cops, Western outlaws and "Lennie-like" characters in unimportant pictures.
His luck changed in 1949 when he won an Academy Award for his performance in ALL THE KING'S MEN, and he followed that with an equally high-profile film, BORN YESTERDAY. Major roles in other films ensued, but Crawford would reach the pinnacle of his fame in 1955 when he starred as "Chief Dan Matthews" in the popular syndicated television series, HIGHWAY PATROL.
BRODERICK CRAWFORD is a three-character play that looks in on the actor during two different periods in his later life, as he attempts to deal with his inner demons: his addiction to alcohol and the "ghosts" of his late, fault-finding parents who continually invade his consciousness.
2 Men, 1 Woman; Single Set.

source address phone remarks
Cafe Press
  1-877-809-1659 Highway Patrol Mug
Highway Patrol Wall Clock
Maisto International
Fontana, CA   1:26 scale 1955 Buick Century - #31295
Should be in stores in June or July 2009
Click on the above link to see photographs. This is the first public announcement of the model - and exclusive to this site.
Maisto is an industry leader in the manufacturing of a wide array of die-cast and radio-control products.
instructions, pre-production, Out of the Box,
customized with 7 LED lights
National Model Railroad Association (July 2012)
M2 Machines - Castline
985 W. 8th Street
Azusa CA 91702
  1957 Dodge Coronet Police Car 1/64th Diecast w/rubber tires
photo #1     photo #2     photo #3     photo #4     photo #5    
Oxford Diecast Ltd
PO Box 62
Swansea, SA1 4YA, UK
02380 248850 Oxford Diecast Buick Century 1955 California Highway Patrol 1:87 Scale     [$7.75 USD]
photo #1     photo #2     photo #3     photo #4    
Classic Auto Restorations
Les Allen Randolph
P.O. Box 70762
Riverside, CA
(951) 317-7643 Les is an expert on Buicks including Riviera's and Century's
THE TV COLLECTOR Las Vegas NV 760-495-7956 A magazine for collectors of many old TV shows, with a sufficient following. Volume 2, Number 64 (Jan-Feb '93) and Number 65 (Mar-Apr '93) have an HP episode guide, plus memories from director Herbert L. Strock, guest star Paul Burke, and William Boyett. These 2 back issues are still available, while they last.
ToyTent Antique & Collectible Toys Kootenai, Idaho replicas of the HP Siren Car box and HP Motorcycle box
The Stokes Collection PO Box 1420
Pebble Beach, CA 93953
831-625-4349 (fax)
Stan Stokes sells Welcome to LA - a canvas painting depicting LA in the fifties featuring a Highway Patrol 1955 Buick. A portion of the selling price is donated to the CHP 11-99 Foundation. A local copy of Welcome to LA is also available.
Bill MacGregor, Jr.
The Junkyard Artist
756A Greenville Ave.
Johnston, RI 02919
(401)-232-3213 Bill MacGregor, Jr. sells Highway Patrol - a painting of a squadron of HP cars parked outside a donut shop, plus a T-shirt featuring the painting - photo1 photo2.
Florida Insignia

a tribute to Daniel Bricker
(Word .doc)
1515 University Drive, Suite 116
Coral Springs, FL 33071
954-752-1806 (fax)
Florida Insignia makes badges that look great, and are very well made.
retro 2150 badge, retro HP hat from the show, lapel pin, tie bar, cufflinks, and complete set
David Meiklejohn
    David Meiklejohn makes 1/35th scale models of Bell 47 'copters, with the HP logo.
image 1 image 2 image 3 image 4 image 5
Carl Rees
Master Modeler
    Carl is an expert model car builder who made a Buick to fit the box designed by the late Everett Westphall. images
National Model Railroad Association (July 2012)   closeup
Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research
Film & Photo Archive
412 Historical Society
816 State Street
Madison, WI 53706
608-262-5554 (fax)
This archive has all of the episodes created by ZIV Television Programs, including all episodes of Highway Patrol. Please see the photographs below.

Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research - Madison WI

at 816

In the above building is the WCFTR, whose archives house thousands of rolls of 16mm film.

Every episode of Highway Patrol is here, and available for private viewing,
if notified in advance.

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