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Episode Guide

This information is taken from the pages of THE TV COLLECTOR, which also has dates and actors for each episode.

The star ratings are by Gary Goltz.
Even the 1-star episodes have some "camp value" !

Season #1 1955-1956
available on DVD
Season #2 1956-1957
available on DVD
Season #3 1957-1958
available on DVD
Season #4 1958-1959
available on DVD

The Ziv subsidiary Economee Films re-ran the series with the title "Ten-4" !! See this article by Hal Erickson.

Abbreviations:   PN=Production Number     RN=Release Number

Season #1 1955-1956

Prison Break / Road Block      Writer: Stuart Jerome      Director: Herbert L. Strock     Recurring Actors: Jay Douglas
RN 1001
A hardened criminal, whose personality belies his viciousness, escapes from prison, killing a guard. Dan Mathews swings into action, and as the man commits one ruthless act after another to break through the trap closing in on him, it becomes apparent that there's almost a personal conflict between the two men - that ends only when they meet face to face in the final scene.
NOTES: Paul Burke plays Patrolman Halse

Machine Story Copter / Machine Napping Copter      Writer: Gene Levitt      Director: Herbert L. Strock     Recurring Actors: Roy Bourgois
RN 1002
An expensive, giant computer, one of the twentieth century wonders, which does a tremendous amount of administrative work in just hours, is ingeniously 'kidnapped' from an electronics company by two men. The firm's owner is told to get $100,000 from his bank at two o'clock the next day and wait for instructions. A helicopter chase helps Dan stop the men from collecting the ransom or getting away.
modern photographs of some locations are available.

Reckless Driving      Writer: Donald A. Brinkley      Director: Leon Benson     Recurring Actors: William Boyett
RN 1003
Systematic traffic checks and increased patrols begin on a high accident freeway. Hoping to determine causes and cures, Dan questions drivers who get too many citations there. One man refuses to accept Dan's safety philosophy. When his license is suspended, his wife drives him to an important business meeting. En route, her eyeglasses break and he takes over at the wheel. Encountering a traffic check, he panics and flees, resulting in a severe accident in which his wife is critically injured. He learns the hard way - and too late - what Dan had earlier tried to impress upon him.
modern photographs of some locations are available.

Lookout      Writer: Jack Laird      Director: Herbert L. Strock
RN 1004
An uninvolved man happens to be in the company of two brothers who hold up a diner and kill its owner. Fearing the police and terrified of the vengeance he may expect from the criminals, he flees. As Dan searches for him, one man winds up dead, two critically wounded, and the man who a few short hours ago was an average law-abiding citizen is harried to the point where he is willing to shoot it cut with the police - until Dan manages to show the error of his ways.
modern photographs of some locations are available.

Gambling      Writer: Don Mullally      Director: Les Goodwins
RN 1005
A sheriff asks Dan's help with an illegal gambling house that has defied all his efforts to close down. Dan's raiding party is a surprise, but the club is so smoothly run that they get no evidence. There are two doors that stall the raid long enough for the gambling equipment to be hidden. Dan sees to it that he and his sergeant are in control of those doors during the next raid, which closes the place down.

Hitchhiker      Writer: Michael Cramoy      Director: Lew Landers     Recurring Actors: Jon Locke
RN 1006
A man picks up a hitchhiking migrant worker, hits him with a tire iron, plants false ID on him, and wrecks the car to make his death appear acccidental. When the doctor's report indicates murder, Dan finds five similar "accidents" and suspects insurance fraud. After following several blind leads, he traces the insurance payoffs to a single address- a rural store, the unofficial post office for migrant workers. All evidence points to the guilt of an ex-con, but Dan exposes and chases the real culprit before he can kill for the sixth time .

Desert Town      Writer: Stuart Jerome      Director: Eddie Davis
RN 1007
In this mystery story, on an inspection tour of outlying patrol stations, Dan stops for breakfast in a tiny, isolated town. But he can't get served because the restaurant's stove just conked out, a second diner closes as he walks in, the general store's closed, and nobody's around. His curiosity becomes suspicion when he comes upon an out-of-state car that checks out stolen. He discovers that the whole town is trying to cover up a crime. Finally, a townsperson cracks, leading him to a deserted mine, where a corpse is about to be buried. There he learns the terrible secret that turned the city into a ghost town.

Radioactive      Writer: Gene Levitt      Director: Paul Guilfoyle
RN 1008
A thief steals a piece of oil research equipment that contains radioactive elements; if it's disassembled, exposure would be fatal. When police close in, he jettisons it, hoping to get it later. But he's caught and he leads police to the spot where he cast it off. They learn that a junk scavenger found it and sold it to a junk dealer, who sold it to a ham radio operator, whose name he doesn't know. With the man about to disassemble it in his pregnant wife's presence - Dan reaches them just as the radioactive pellets come out of their casing.
modern photographs of some locations are available.

Reformed Criminal      Writer: Robert Wesley      Director: Lambert Hillyer     Recurring Actors: Terry Frost
RN 1009
A farmer's cooperative agent is reported missing while carrying a large sum of the firm's money. Learning that he has a criminal record, Dan sets up roadblocks, assuming he's still a thief. But he's on the level, and has suffered a tire blowout and crashed. His efforts to prove his innocence are blocked by Dan's persistent search for what appears to be a dangerous criminal. At the last momnt Dan takes a heavy personal and professional risk to let the man prove he's straight.
NOTES: Gene Roddenberry used Robert Wesley as a pseudonym

Father Thief      Writer: Robert M. Fresco      Director: Herbert L. Strock     Recurring Actors: Jay Douglas
PN 11B
RN 1010
Stopped for speeding, a young man panics and accidentally runs down the patrolman who had grown suspicious at seeing a lot of automobile accessories in the car. He drives the officer to the hospital, saving his life and earning Dan's sympathy. Dan is later shocked when the car is linked to a number of recent thefts of automotive goods. Suspecting that the boy is protecting his guilty father, Dan makes a painstaking investigation that clears the boy and convicts his cowardly parent.
NOTES: cowritten by Donald Brinkley. Sgt. Tom Betts was played by Frank Gerstle.

Retired Gangster      Writer: Rik Vollaerts      Director: Alvin Ganzer
PN 12B
RN 1011
Dan must protect ex-crime boss McCall, now a rancher, who is to testify at a grand jury crime probe in five days. McCall refuses to go to a hotel for safety , so Dan joins him at his ranch. After surviving a sniper's attack, explosives placed in a truckload of alfalfa, and a bomb sent by mail, they set up airtight precautions. When a car breaks through, the mobsters are captured in a resulting gunfight. The sight of a cop fighting to keep him alive just because it's his job impresses McCall to become a more willing witness.

Phony Insurance      Writer: Jack Rock      Director: Les Goodwins
PN 13B
RN 1012
A businesslike protection man is running what seems to be a legitimate maintenance service. His men cause trucks to break down on the highway, then he moves in to offer his servicing, which will prevent further "accidents". His plan is actually beneficial to the harassed truckers, who have no reason to suspect he's causing their accidents. When one trucker declines the service, Dan is called in to investigate, and he breaks the operation - but not before one of the leader's henchmen-mechanics is murdered.
NOTES: cowritten by Donald Brinkley

Escort      Writer: Norman Jolley      Director: Alvin Ganzer
RN 1013
An anonymous caller tells Dan that mobster Johnny Barr is planning to kill an important man. Deducing that the caller is an accountant who is making some legitimate investments with Barr's money, Dan bugs his office, and learns that the intended victim is a senator who is preparing a crime commission, with Barr his principal target. Unwilling to arrest Barr on a weak conspiracy charge, Dan wants him for attempted murder. The senator insists on going through with a scheduled trip, and his safety is in Dan's hands. Using a series of decoys, Dan gets him.through the roadblock attack and to his destination. Dan arrests Barr with a strong case, and assures him that the crime commssion is now safely in session.
NOTES: Emil Sitka appears, who was in many Three Stooges shorts. Herbert L. Strock may be the director.

Resort      Writer: Donald A. Brinkley      Director: Paul Guilfoyle
PN 15B
RN 1014
Dan learns that heroin is being smuggled into the area in a unique way - under the hubcaps of innocent people's cars. When they reach their destination, the dope is collected by local pushers. Efforts to trace the heroin back to its source lead Dan to a fashionable resort hotel. His undercover work there fails, and Dan must use less subtle methods - including a fast bout with a can opener- to get the evidence that incriminates and deactivates the dope ring.

Girl Bandit      Writer: Michael Cramoy      Director: Lambert Hillyer
PN 16B
RN 1015
At his wife's insistence, a bank messenger steals a large sum of money. Arriving home earlier than expected, he overhears her planning to double-cross him and run off with another man. Confronting them, he is slugged, and flees. Picked up by the Highway Patrol for driving erratically, he is sent to a hospital, where he lies comatose. Dan learns that he had plans to leave the country, indicating he stole the money. Finding the man's wife gone, he figures that she left with the loot. Tracking down her moves and machinations, he's always one step behind her, until he finally catches up to her, her cohort, and the money.
modern photographs of some locations are available.

Mountain Copter      Writer: Donald A. Brinkley      Director: Herbert L. Strock     Recurring Actors: Roy Bourgois
PN 17B
RN 1016
In their remote mountain cabin, a couple finds an injured man - feverish, hungry, and armed. The woman tends to him while her husband notifies the ranger, who radios the Highway Patrol. The frightened young hoodlum is running away from a murder he did not commit. Dan helicopters to the area and finds that the panicky man has overpowered the woman, wounded the man, and fled. Dan's deductive powers, the ranger's knowledge of the wilderness, and the copter's mechanical facility are too much for the hood. Having cornered his man, Dan gambles his own insight and knowledge of human nature against the boy's desperation.

Lie Detector      Writer: Norman Jolley      Director: Eddie Davis
PN 19B
RN 1017
Dan is called to arrest Taylor, identified by an elderly motel owner as her assailant, who tried to force her to say where her fortune is hidden. A lie detector test shows he's innocent. The woman submits to a test, which shows that she's being truthful. Dan must book Taylor. While he's out on bail, the woman is convinced by her nephew, Henry, to put her mney in the bank. Faking car trouble, he stops on the highway, where his accomplice waits to knock out his aunt, take her money, and slug Henry to wake it look good. When he recovers, he again names Taylor as the culprit. Dan again tests Taylor, who again is indicated innocent. Deciding to trust the machine, Dan must assume that Henry is lying and that his acccomplice lied in presenting evidence against Taylor earlier. He convinces Henry that he knew both men are guilty, and wraps up the case, having reassured himself of the accuracy of his lie detector, which has never let him down yet.

Scared Cop      Writer: Bill George      Director: Lambert Hillyer     Recurring Actors: Terry Frost
PN 20B
RN 1018
Officer Mark Reynolds comes face to face on the highway with his brother Bill, an escaped criminal, who overpowers him and flees. Mark has the chance to shoot him down but he can't do it. Utterly dejected, he doesn't report the incident, but resigns. Dan can't understand one of his best men quitting, and checks with his wife, who knows nothing. At the house he meets Mark's semi-invalid father, who believes Bill is a dead war hero. Mark has covered for him for years so as not to break his father's heart. When Bill is caught but escapes again, Dan has a hunch that the man they're after is Mark's brother. Dan and Mark capture Bill, who tries to kill his brother. Dan manages to prevent any association from leaking out to their father and keeps one of his best men on the force.
modern photographs of some locations are available.

Harbor Story      Writer: Lou Huston      Director: Paul Guilfoyle     Recurring Actors: Stuart Whitman, Guy Williams
PN 18B
RN 1019
When three bandits rob a bank in a srmll coastal town and shoot a bystander, Dan orders roadblocks that seem sure to cut off every route of escape. A car is found abandoned. Anticipating roadblocks, the trio headed for the beach dressed as fishermen in a well-organized plan. When a launch comes to take them down the coast, they assault a skin-diver and leave him for dead to conceal their escape. He's accidentally found in time and Dan finds a clue that links the bank robbery to the assault on the beach. Deduction based on previous robberies gives Dan a plan that can be instantly put into action when they strike again. They close in on the beach, but Dan must remove two small children from danger without exciting them or alerting the bandits. A bold ruse does the trick but nearly kills Dan when he's forced to confront the men single-handedly to prevent them from reaching the launch.
NOTES: Here are vidcaps of the episode featuring Guy Williams.

Hit And Run      Writer: Arthur Weiss      Director: Eddie Davis     Recurring Actors: Jay Douglas
PN 21B
RN 1020
After a serious argument with her husband over her mother's running their lives, an emotional, weak-willed woman drives in tears to her mother's farm, negligently hits a pedestrian, and flees. Her husband gives her an alibi to save her from a breakdown. While Dan is investigating, her mother falsely confesses to the accident. From a shoeprint at the scene , Dan deduces that her daughter is the one he wants. She eludes him long enough to go to the accident scene, believing that the man she hit is still lying there. She tries to throw herself off a bridge nearby, but Dan persuades her to come back to safety, and to visit the man she injured.
modern photographs of some locations are available.

Car Theft      Writer: Jack Laird      Director: Herbert L. Strock
PN 22B
RN 1021
A junkyard employee calls Dan to say that that a man paid $800 for a '55 Ford Thunderbird as salvage, then failed to call for it. Dan uncovers an elaborate stolen car racket. The criminals buy late model wrecks for their licenses and registrations, then steal identical model vehicles, repaint them, and switch the plates. Dan ultimately apprehends the ringleader - after one man is dead and another critically injured in a murder plot.

Human Bomb      Writer: Robert Wesley      Director: Leon Benson
PN 23B
RN 1022
An electrical engineer is obsessed over losing his job at a chemical company. Convinced that he was victimized, he uses stolen explosives to convert his car into a giant bomb and heads for the city to blow up the building. Dan learns of this suicidal mission at the last moment. Finally, with all units at roadblocks, which the man has bypassed, Dan finds himself the last unit between the careening four-wheeled bomb and the city.
modern photographs of some locations are available.
NOTES: Gene Roddenberry used Robert Wesley as a pseudonym

Plane Crash      Writer: Stuart Jerome      Director: Leon Benson     Recurring Actors: Guy Williams
PN 24B
RN 1023
Patrolling a desolate section of thick forest, a ranger calls HP when he sees a small plane making what looks like a forced landing. Dan arrives to find the plane empty and no sign of the ranger. Then they find his murdered body nearby. The plane's registration shows its owner to be a racketeer who took off from the city that morning with his wife and a private pilot. Dan catches up with them in a deserted resort settlement deep in the mountains, and uncovers another crime that leads him back to the ranger's murder.
NOTES: cowritten by Donald A. Brinkley. Here are vidcaps of the episode featuring Guy Williams.

Desert Copter      Writer: Lou Huston      Director: Herbert L. Strock     Recurring Actors: Roy Bourgois
PN 25B
RN 1024
As Warren, a snooth con man wanted for murder, speeds toward the desert, Dan releases his description to radio stations, and a gas station attendant calls in a tip. Knowing Warren's mind, Dan reasons that he will head out of the state on one of the desert's roads. Hearing his and his car 's descriptions on the air, Warren changes clothes and ingratiates himself with two college professors fossil hunting. Dan finds a cafe manager who identifies Warren's photo and says that he's in a jeep with two scientists. Realizing the futility of trying to catch him in cars, Dan orders a helicopter. Warren leaves one of the professors bound in the desert and takes the other as hostage in the jeep. From the sky Dan sees and rescues the tied-up man. He engineers a road blockade to stop Warren without arousing his suspicions, lowering a patrolman from the copter into a truck. The trap works, but the officer is wounded, and Dan faces the problem of getting the copter back to the scene and capturing Warren before he overtakes the professor.
Fact added Jan. 2003: Bob Gilbreath was the main helicopter pilot. He is also the guy making the transfer from the copter to the truck. It was this episode that led Herb Strock to to write a letter to the Screen Actors Guild to get Bob a membership card.
NOTES: cowritten by Don Mullaly

Plant Robbery      Writer: Ed Adamson      Director: Henry (Hank) S. Kesler     Recurring Actors: Jay Douglas, Terry Frost
RN 1025
When a duplicate armored truck is used to stage one of the most daring robberies on record, Dan throws all his resources into action to track it down. Lab analysis shows it was constructed by auto expert Walt Burns, who has disappeared. While the HP is scouring the area for him, he is murdered by his partner, Denson. Footprints at the crime scene lead the lab experts to use art and science to build up a working description of their man, and Denson eventually walks into Dan's hands.

Released Convict      Writer: Arthur Weiss      Director: Paul Guilfoyle     Recurring Actors: William Boyett
PN 27B
RN 1026
Dan's men try to follow a tail-wise robber just released after serving time for a half million dollar armored car theft, who heads to the Smokey Hills to get his loot from its hiding place. Dan has strategically placed units on the route that lies ahead of the man's car, and his men report the ex-con's direction fron concealed positions. And an ultra-hiqh-frequency transmitter has been planted on his car so that his progress can be triangulated by HP radio stations.
modern photographs of some locations are available.
NOTES: Carson was played by Gary Roark .

Motorcycle A      Writer: Donald A. Brinkley      Director: Lambert Hillyer     Recurring Actors: Jay Douglas
PN 28B
RN 1027
Eight months earlier, a tiny town was raided and ransacked by a renegade motorcycle club. The damage was high and Bernie Sills' wife was crippled. The town is still bitter when two members of an accredited cycle club stop there for something to eat. Sills orders them out at gunpoint and a fight ensues. The pursuing patrolman is killed in an accident caused by a truck driver failing to stop at an intersection. Sills and his wife tell Dan that the two bikers caused the trouble and the officers death, and try to turn their own cycle club against them. Dan sends two officers into the town, dressed as mtorcycle bums. The bitter scene is repeated as Sill tries to run them out at gunpoint, but this time Dan is witness to the truth.
NOTES: Clint Eastwood plays one of the members of the accredited cycle club. Bernie Sills was played by Jack Edwards.
modern photographs of some locations are available.

Mental Patient      Writer: Robert Wesley      Director: Leon Benson
PN 29B
RN 1028
A farmer is found beaten to death. Dan learns that a mental patient has escaped from the state hospital and has been seen in the area of the murder. The Highway Patrol feels it has an insane killer on the loose, and the man flees initial roadblocks as evidence builds against him. Local hysteria grows until Dan actually finds himself forced to protect the suspected killer. In the final scenes, his policy of not jumping to conclusions pays off.
NOTES: Gene Roddenberry used Robert Wesley as a pseudonym.
Clarence the mental patient was played by Tony George. Lucy Clifford was played by Riza Royce. Milo Hobson was played by Frank Fenton.

License Plates      Writer: Bill George      Director: Paul Guilfoyle
PN 30B
RN 1029
A very unpredictable bank robber is used to having things his own way. He operates with no pattern, and his nondescript looks make it hard for anyone to identify him. His polite robberies hit a snag when an alert little boy memorizes his getaway car's license plate number. HP gets its final break when Dan plays a hunch, and the clever, smooth-talking robber talks his way into prison.

Hitchhiker Dies      Writer: Jack Laird      Director: Herbert L. Strock     Recurring Actors: William Boyett
PN 31B
RN 1030
With inside help, a bandit robs a plastics plant payroll office of $28,000, fleeing wounded in a gray convertible after a shootout with a guard. Engine trouble forces him to abandon the car and he hitches a ride with a man who is also, coincidentally, in a gray convertible of the same make. With his gun he makes his power known to the driver who grabs it in a struggle. When they're caught at a roadblock, the outlaw has died of his wounds, and an immense web of circumstantial evidence - including the fact that the driver works at the plastics plant implicates the innocent man in the crime. The bandit's insider accomplices use this to frame him, and when he keeps pleading his innocence, Dan finally realizes it's all too pat, and sets out to lure the real culprits into trapping themselves.

Blast Area Copter      Writer: Donald A. Brinkley      Director: Lew Landers     Recurring Actors: Roy Bourgois
PN 34B
RN 1031
A fugitive gunman has hijacked a woman and her car. When they run out of gas, they wander unwittingly into an area that the HP has just cleared for blasting - the first step in building a state flood basin. Cruising the danger zone in the copter, Dan flushes out the gunman after the signal okaying the blast has been given. In a futile attempt to escape, the gunman knocks out the copter's radio, leaving Dan no way to postpone the explosion. The copter's limited capacity makes it necessary for Dan to stay with his prisoner in the danger zone while the woman is flown away to safety. With seconds ticking by until blast time, Dan can't be sure if the copter will return for him or if it has succeeded in transmitting the "hold" signal to the control base.
NOTES: with Helene Stanton (Dr. Drew's Mom) as the blond bombshell !

Anti-toxin      Writer: Tony Barrett      Director: Leon Benson
PN 32B
RN 1032
While inspecting outlying patrol stations, Dan is thrown headlong into a terrifying situation - and a race against time. A youngster shows all signs of having gas gangrene (an infection in a closed wound that causes bacteria to form deadly gases), and a perfectly able doctor is strapped by time and the area's remoteness. When Dan arranges for his men to race anti-toxin to the near-dead boy, another complication occurs: the serum is lost. A greedy extortionist almost causes the boy's death, until Dan alone saves the day.
modern photographs of some locations are available.

Dead Patrolman      Writer: Arthur Weiss      Director: Jack Herzberg     Recurring Actors: William Boyett, Jay Douglas
PN 33B
RN 1033
An officer's patrol car is found abandoned on a country road. Dan finds that he was killed by two men engaged in a stolen car racket, and that the officer had been pursued by a car that had been repainted. The car belongs to a woman who denies knowledge of it, but later admits that she lent it to a friend. After convincing her that the guy's a crook, Dan uses her as unguarded bait to trap him. But the plan goes awry when she loses her cool and her friend catches on and flees.
modern photographs of some locations are available.

Art Robbery      Writer: Michael Cramoy      Director: Donald A. Brinkley     Recurring Actors: Jay Douglas
PN 36B
RN 1034
An art collector's business manager engineers a plan to steal som valuable paintings and hold them for ransom. His plans go awry, forcing him and his men to commit murder to escape the Highway Patrol's web. Dan builds a net of evidence around the guilty men, then by withholding the fact that the priceless paintings have been recovered, he sets thief against thief until they bring the net down on themselves.
modern photographs of some locations are available.

Runaway Boy      Writer: Lou Huston      Director: Harry Gerstad     Recurring Actors: Guy Williams
PN 35B
RN 1035
Fearing eye surgery, Jimmy, a 12-year-old, runs away. Dan is told that he needs an immediate operation to preserve his sight and that his impaired vision may cause injury that could doom him to blindness or death. Dan learns from Jimmy's friend that he's heading to a town 75 miles away. After accidentally damaging Jimmy's bike, a truck driver calls the HP, suspecting that he's a runaway. But the boy flees. Dan traces him to his father in a nearby town, but through unintentional interference fran his mother, Jimmy is alerted and runs again. He takes up with a tramp, who, not wanting to be involved with a runaway, sends Jimmy to a remote, dangerous area. Dan's quick action saves the boy from injury and gets him to return home willingly for his surgery.
modern photographs of some locations are available.
NOTES: Here are vidcaps of the episode featuring Guy Williams.

Taxi      Writer: William N. Robson      Director: Paul Guilfoyle     Recurring Actors: Terry Frost
PN 37B
RN 1036
A guman holds up a gas station and while fleeing in a taxi, shoots and kills a highway patrolman. Commandeering a Jaguar and driving it until the gas runs out, he holes up in a farmhouse, taking the farmer and his wife captive. When a roadblock fails, Dan sends his men along secondary roads to look for the getaway car. It's found near the farmhouse, and while another officer keeps the gunman's attention focused on the front of the house, Dan goes in through the back, disarms the man, and sets the farm couple free.
modern photographs of some locations are available.
NOTES: Joe Flynn appears, who was later in McHale's Navy

Missing Witness      Writer: Donald A. Brinkley      Director: Lew Landers
PN 39B
RN 1037
On the day a man is sentenced to death for the Sunrise Park murders, a woman comes to HP headquarters, saying that he's innocent and that she can identify the real killer. Dan's intensive questioning disproves her story, a desperate, foolish attempt to save the man, who is her ex-fiance. But before her lie is discovered, her story hits the newspapers. A startling attempt on her life leads Dan to believe there may be more truth to her story than even she knows. A carefully devised news story traps the real killer and opens the way for a new trial for the convicted man.
modern photographs of some locations are available.

Prospector      Writer: Robert Wesley      Director: Lew Landers
PN 38B
RN 1038
Old prospector Asa McQueen discovers a large sum of money hidden on his mining claim. His resulting spending spree brings him to the attention of both the police and the robber who hid the loot. Dan tries to reach Asa before the thief can, and he's right behind. Dan gets there to save Asa's life, but is pinned down behind cover by the crook's rifle's superior range. In the resulting gunfight, Dan wins by means of a desperate and highly dangerous ruse.
modern photographs of some locations are available.
NOTES: Gene Roddenberry used Robert Wesley as a pseudonym

Christmas Story      Writer: Donald A. Brinkley      Director: Herbert L. Strock
PN 14B
RN 1039
A workaholic architect neglects his wife and six-year-old daughter. Two days before Christmas they leave him. Heading for her sister's home, his wife stops overnight at a motel. The next morning, her daughter is gone- lost, strayed, or kidnapped. Investigating, Dan learns their background, evaluates the circumstances in terms of psychology, and figures that the girl has gone to talk to Santa Claus. A check of all Santas in the area leads him to the one she has chosen as the real one, but not before the threat of tragedy brings her parents back together and leads the Salvation Army Santa Claus to believe in his work.
modern photographs of some locations are available.

Season #2 1956-1957

The Search      Writer: William L. Driskell      Director: Jack Herzberg     Recurring Actors: William Boyett, Terry Frost
PN 40B
RN 1040
Slick-talking killer Irv Desmond is a failure at bank robberies but a genius at getaways, fleeing with innocent people who "just can't believe he's a criminal". An elderly couple takes him through a roadblock, but he's spotted by a cafe manager, and the old-timers wind up in the line of fire when Dan catches up with him.

Kidnap Copter      Writer: Donald A. Brinkley      Director: Lew Landers     Recurring Actors: Jay Douglas, Roy Bourgois, Terry Frost, Jon Locke
PN 42B
RN 1041
Millionaire's son Jerry Watts is kidnaped and held in an isolated mountain shack. A game warden tips off the HP. Running to the officers, Jerry falls into a canyon, badly injured. Dan realizes that to bring in a rescue helicopter from any angle would make it vulnerable to the kidnappers' gunfire. The only possible approach: Straight down!

Trailer Story      Writer: Joel Malcolm Rapp      Director: Jack Herzberg     Recurring Actors: Jay Douglas
PN 44B
RN 1042
With the HP aware that he fancies fine cars, jewel thief Steve Talbot flees in a battered old sedan. Breaking down after passing the roadblocks, he hijacks a newlywed couple and their trailer. At an outer roadblock Dan lets Talbot pass, fearing for the couple's safety. But they have a new passenger Dan is clinging to their roof !

Fisherman's Luck      Writer: Jerry Sackheim      Director: Harry Gerstad     Recurring Actors: William Boyett, Jay Douglas, Stuart Whitman
PN 43B
RN 1043
Dan dismisses as coincidence an accident report of a car matching one used in a bank robbery - until the wrecked car is stolen. It's found abandoned in a junkyard, with proof that it was the getaway car. Dan makes a long shot guess that it was stolen to recover the loot and that the robbers headed to a nearby resort to meet their leader. On this daring guess, Dan concentrates his entire force around the resort.
modern photographs of some locations are available.

Magazine Writer      Writer: Lou Huston      Director: Herbert L. Strock     Recurring Actors: Stuart Whitman
PN 46B
RN 1044
Dan identifies a body as petty criminal Vince Garrow, who got a traffic ticket two days earlier, in a car owned by reporter Sam Dahlquist, who's now missing. Dan thinks that racketeer Jake Matlock had Garrow killed and kidnaped Dahlquist to stop his exposé. The trail leads to Mallock's mountain lodge, where Dan sees Mallock's gun aimed at Dahlquist's head. With only seconds to save him, Dan tries a daring plan.

Typhoid Carrier      Writer: Donald A. Brinkley      Director: Eddie Davis
PN 48B
RN 1045
When farmer Hank Dooley's daughter dies of typhoid fever, a carrier is sought in the area. Dooley's searching too - bent on dispensing justice from a hunting rifle. The investigation pinpoints hired hand Len Frazier as the carrier, but Dan can't find him. Terrified of Dooley, he has fled, and is a mortal threat to the entire community.

Hot Rod      Writer: Leonard Heideman      Director: Jack Herzberg     Recurring Actors: William Boyett, Jay Douglas
PN 45B
RN 1046
Ex-con Harry Burke and his brother Tom outrun the law with a souped-up hot rod after pulling two robberies and wantonly running down a woman. Dan gets the head of the local hot rod club to help track down the car's owner.

Hot Cargo      Writer: Robert Ryf      Director: Herbert L. Strock
PN 47B
RN 1047
Racketeers are feigning accidents to lure drivers from their trucks, then slugging them and stealing their cargoes. It Dan can't stop them, truckers will no longer stop to help innocent accident victims.
modern photographs of some locations are available.

Oil Lease      Writer: Eugene Roddenberry      Director: Lambert Hillyer
PN 49B
RN 1048
Two men steal a bazooka from the Army and hold up an oil field payroll. With no way to fight back or save the fields from ruin, Dan comes up with a desperate plan.
NOTES: Robert Human played one of the guys with a bazooka.

Ex Con      Writer: Stuart Jerome      Director: Lambert Hillyer
PN 50B
RN 1049
Reformed ex-con Al Baldwin is forced to hide former celimates in his home while they plot to hold up a farm combine courier. When the police unexpectedly find the truck with the courier's body in it, the desperadoes hold Al's wife hostage to keep him quiet. Dan senses trouble, figures out the truth, and saves Al's wife from harm.

Motel Robbery      Writer: Leonard Heideman      Director: Gilbert Kay     Recurring Actors: Vance Skarstedt, William Boyett
PN 51B
RN 1050
When two motels are robbed on the same day and a man is almost murdered, Dan works out their pattern to catch them when they strike again. He winds up looking down a gun barrel at a desperate killer who "works" with his wife and her sister.
NOTES: In the 1987 feature film Dragnet, there's a scene in Captain Gannon's home with Highway Patrol playing on the TV. The scene shown was from this episode. Crawford's words were: "See if you can get a line on the man they work with. I'm headed for Route 30 at Country Corner. Keep me posted. Ten-Four."

Stolen Car Ring      Writer: Arthur Weiss      Director: Lew Landers
PN 41B
RN 1051
A rough-looking gentleman is found in an expensive stolen car. He claims it's his. It looks bad for him, until Dan learns he's the victim of a car theft ring and sets a trap for the thieves with a newspaper ad, posing as a prospective buyer.
modern photographs of some locations are available.

Escaped Mental Patient      Writer: Arthur Weiss      Director: Paul Guilfoyle
PN 53B
RN 1052
When a deranged old man who thinks he's a famous violinist escapes from a mental hospital, Dan picks up his trail with bloodhounds - but not before he kidnaps a woman.
modern photographs of some locations are available.

Armored Car      Writer: Ellis Marcus      Director: Gilbert Kay
PN 56B
RN 1053
When thugs steal an armored truck outside a country market, with the guard locked inside, it looks like routine robbery to Dan - until he learns that the bandits have abducted the guard's wife to force him to open the truck.

Migrant Workers      Writer: Donald A. Brinkley      Director: Paul Guilfoyle     Recurring Actors: Stuart Whitman
PN 57B
RN 1054
Itinerant fruit pickers move to a new camp, where they're robbed of their pay and one of them is killed. With the trail cold, Dan deduces that the killer had inside help. He musters all his skill and tact to unmask the men who'd rob the poorest of the poor.

Ranch Copter      Writer: Bill George      Director: Jack Herzberg     Recurring Actors: Roy Bourgois
PN 52B
RN 1055
Urbanite George Wilson, who settled on his bride's ranch, doesn't get along with her two brothers. When his wife, Iris, is accidentally shot, they blame him. But Iris regains consciousness and reveals his innocence. Dan takes to the air to find her hot-headed brother, who has gone into the brush with a rifle to kill George.
NOTES: cowritten by William Driskell. George Wilson was played by Douglas Henderson.

Amnesia      Writer: Jack Rock      Director: Herbert L. Strock     Recurring Actors: Stuart Whitman
PN 60B
RN 1056
Mimi Karney has amnesia after falling off a cliff. When HP finds her, they realize her husband must be somewhere in the forest, also injured. Dan gambles, turning Mimi loose where she was found, hoping she'll subconsciously lead them to her husband.

Statute of Limitations      Writer: Jack Laird      Director: Eddie Davis     Recurring Actors: Jon Locke
PN 59B
RN 1057
Reckless driver Eddie Beekman injures a little girl, then her father is paid off not to press charges. Eddie's not that rich; suspicious, Dan learns that he was the main suspect in an old bank heist, and the loot was never found. Dan must make Eddie tip his hand before midnight - when the statute of limitations will run out.
NOTES: cowritten by William Driskell
modern photographs of some locations are available.

Resident Officer      Writer: William L. Driskell      Director: Eddie Davis     Recurring Actors: Terry Frost
PN 58B
RN 1058
When HP officer Joe Kline is found dead, it looks like a hunting accident, until Dan finds a marijuana leaf in his pocket. Realizing that Kline must have been trailing dope dealers, Dan sets out to track down the cold-blooded killers.

Psycho      Writer: Teddi Sherman      Director: Jack Herzberg
PN 55B
RN 1059
After finding an abandoned car, Dan is shot at when he starts up a nearby hill. The car belongs to writer Guy Pemberton, whose psychiatrist reveals that he's temporarily deranged from pain medication and is acting out his latest mystery story, playing the part of the killer. Dan struggles up the hill to save the man from himself.

Counterfeit      Writer: Lambert Hillyer      Director: Eddie Davis     Recurring Actors: William Boyett
PN 61B
RN 1060
Forgers are passing checks in communities, then vanishing without a trace. Dan works out their pattern, pinpointing their next strike. But the crooks escape in traffic, leaving Dan just one more chance to nab them before they flee to another state.

Suspected Cop      Writer: Donald A. Brinkley      Director: Eddie Davis
PN 63B
RN 1061
When a gem collector has a heart attack on the highway, his car is impounded. A check reveals that valuable, uncut diamonds are missing, and an HP officer is the only one who had access to the car's trunk. Dan sets out to save his man's reputation - with just an hour before the story will break in the evening papers.
modern photographs of some locations are available.

Trojan Horse      Writer: Bob Mitchell      Director: Jack Herzberg     Recurring Actors: Vance Skarstedt
PN 64B
RN 1062
Two safecrackers hide in a truck to rob a manufacturer's safe overnight. The driver, their cohort, drives them away the next morning. Suddenly seeing through the scheme, Dan tries to head off the truck before it can disappear in a maze of country roads.

Female Hitchhiker      Writer: Jack Rock      Director: Eddie Davis
PN 66B
RN 1063
Posing as a salesman, Warren Childs lines up wealthy prospects in motels. Then his two female accomplices, posing as hitchhikers, relieve the victims of their money. When their game leads to murder, Dan takes over. In a tense finale, the smell of perfume leads him into one of the most desperate situations of his entire career.

Nitro      Writer: Arthur Weiss      Director: Jack Herzberg     Recurring Actors: Terry Frost, Wayne Heffley
PN 65B
RN 1064
In a tungsten mine, counterfeiters hide their plates in nitroglycerin, packed in suitcases. Gun-crazy Richard Gulf grabs the suitcases and flees, unaware of the explosives. Hunting for the counterfeiters, Dan finds the wounded men. who describe Gulf's car. Speeding down a rough road with Dan on his heels, Gulf leaps out and faces Dan with his gun drawn, Dan shoots it out of his hand and finds the nitro - which hasn't exploded. He buries it in the ground and walks away - followed by a blinding flash!

Motorcycle B      Writer: Lambert Hillyer      Director: Eddie Davis
PN 68B
RN 1065
Three bandits have been escaping on motorcycles, hiding them in a waiting truck, easily eluding roadblocks. Finally, Dan orders all vehicles stopped. Seeing the roadblock, the thieves unload their cycles and speed off. One hijacks a fire truck, donning its lone occupant's uniform. Dan stops him to ask for information, and when the driver refuses to answer a radio call, Dan knows he has one of his men.

Officer's Wife      Writer: William L. Driskell      Director: Jack Herzberg     Recurring Actors: William Boyett, Guy Williams
PN 69B
RN 1066
When an officer is killed in a gunfight, Linda Wylie hysterically demands that her husband Ed quit the HP. Torn up by his dilemma, Ed tells Dan his problem. Dan arranges a leave of absence; then, using psychology, he invites Linda to his office, where the dead officer's widow has come to work as a dispatcher.
modern photographs of some locations are available.
NOTES: closeup photos of the prop badge used in this episode are available

Stripped Cars      Writer: Donald A. Brinkley      Director: Eddie Davis     Recurring Actors: Terry Frost
PN 70B
RN 1067
In need of money, the Hogan brothers hijack a truck delivering new cars. Hiding them in a barn, they ditch the truck on a side road. When the truck is found, Dan notes the odometer setting, figures out where the cars must be and heads for the barn.
modern photographs of some locations are available.

Convict's Wife      Writer: Bob Mitchell      Director: Jack Herzberg
PN 67B
RN 1068
Escaped convict Niles Brandon orders Betty, his estranged wife, to meet him at a restaurant. She asks the HP for help and Dan sets a trap. But suspicious, Niles goes to her house, attacks the guarding officer, and speeds off with Betty. Her trick to contact Dan works. He throws a roadblock into their path. But Niles leaps out, aiming his gun at Dan, and Betty steps on the gas in a frenzied attempt to save Dan's life.

Reformation      Writer: Jack Rock      Director: George Blair     Recurring Actors: William Boyett
PN 71B
RN 1069
Ginny Summers convinces her husband, Ray, to return some stolen money. He tells Oliver, its owner, that he'll bring it back. Although relieved, Oliver calls the HP - just in case there's trouble. The couple heads for a cabin to get the loot, unaware that an armed thug is watching. Dan traces them to the cabin and is jumped by the thug, who backs out and runs. But Dan downs him with deadly accuracy and the couple continues their journey, happy to be escorted by the Police.

Stolen Plane Copter      Writer: Teddi Sherman      Director: Eddie Davis     Recurring Actors: Roy Bourgois
PN 62B
RN 1070
Two convicts hijack a plane to escape from prison. Running out of gas, they crash in the mountains. Unhurt, they meet an old goldminer who innocently offers help. The sudden sound of Dan's helicopter spurs the convicts to frenzy. They take the old man hostage and hide in a cave. But Dan smokes them out and frees the old-timer

Gem Robbery      Writer: Donald A. Brinkley      Director: Felix Feist     Recurring Actors: Stuart Whitman
PN 73B
RN 1071
Gem cutter Dr. Corbett masterminds a jewel robbery. Dan arrests him, but his cohort, George Haley, with the jewels locked in his dog's collar, heads for the railroad depot. Cornered, he orders his ferocious dog to attack Dan, giving him a chance to flee. But he's shot by a patrolman and lies in the web of railroad tracks - and suddenly a train looms around the bend. Dan frees himself from the dog and makes a daring rescue.

Wounded      Writer: Bob Mitchell      Director: Paul Guilfoyle
PN 74B
RN 1072
Playing in a deserted area of woods, eight-year-old Tommy Evans stumbles upon two criminals. He calls the HP but is then caught by the desperate men. Dan poses as Tommy's uncle and gets him released. The fugitives flee. Dan orders a roadblock and opens fire. Wounded, one man fires back; the other slips behind Dan, unnoticed. Suddenly, Tommy springs out of the bushes, aims his slingshot, and saves Dan's life!

Fake Cop      Writer: Lambert Hillyer      Director: Eddie Davis     Recurring Actors: William Boyett
PN 75B
RN 1073
As a young woman stands inside a store window, an armed man bursts in, robs the register, and flees. The woman runs out screaming, and returns with a man in HP uniform, who chases the thief. Thinking the situation under control, the clerk does not call the police. When Dan learns about the phony officer, he alerts businessmen to report any robbery immediately. When a gas station is hit, Dan orders roadblocks at every major intersection, and uses a simple yet clever trick to catch the gang.

Double Cross      Writer: Arthur Weiss      Director: Jack Herzberg     Recurring Actors: Vance Skarstedt, Stuart Whitman
PN 77B
RN 1074
Bonded messenger Henry Wigram plots with John Grolier to take a payroll holdup. But Grolier's a double-crosser and kills him. When HP finds Wigram's body, Dan is suspicious at the widow's calm reaction to the news and has her house watched. When she's seen rushing to meet Grolier, Dan races through town to corner the double-crossing murderer before he kills again.
Modern photographs of some locations are available.
NOTES: Actress Jean Ruth appears as the wife/widow of character Henry Wigram.

Narcotics      Writer: Bob Mitchell      Director: Eddie Davis     Recurring Actors: William Boyett, Stuart Whitman
PN 78B
RN 1075
Sid and Ginny Rawlings kill a highway restaurant's elderly owner and use the place as a front for their narcotics racket. Dan has the restaurant staked-out. When a notorious dope pusher leaves there with a carton of coffee, Dan chases him and finds the carton is full of pure heroin. Dan doubles back to the restaurant, where the couple has taken an old man hostage. He bravely rescues him and smashes the dope ring.
Goofs: Continuity: The old man, friend of the restaurant owner, is first seen driving a 1952 Ford convertible. The right front wheel cover is missing. Later, the old man is forced to drive the car away from the restaurant and the wheel cover is still missing. In some of the very last scenes of the program, the old man and the abductor pull to a stop on a deserted road. As the abductor slugs the old man, we see that the right front now has a wheel cover. [noted by Michael Dixon]

Hired Killer      Writer: William L. Driskell      Director: Jack Herzberg     Recurring Actors: Terry Frost
PN 76B
RN 1076
Set to testify against a big-time racketeer, the Santell brothers flee town. The mobster sends out a hit man, who kills one man and heads for the other, who's picnicking with a girl in a park. When HP finds the first man dead, Dan screeches through traffic to save the other one. But the killer is already there and Dan must think fast.

Hostage Copter      Writer: William L. Driskell      Director: Jack Herzberg     Recurring Actors: Roy Bourgois, Stuart Whitman
PN 72B
RN 1077
Two robbers wound a restaurant owner and flee with his daughter, Kathy. Dan spots them from the air, but hesitates to attack lest Kathy be harmed. Hidden by clouds, he follows them. When they ditch their truck and hijack a convertible, leaving the driver stranded - and hastily leaving Kathy behind - Dan moves in with a surprise snub nose 38 shot from the copter!
NOTES: Barbara Eden plays Kathy

Rabies      Writer: Bob Mitchell      Director: Eddie Davis
PN 54B
RN 1078
When a little girl vacationing with her mother is bitten by a dog at a gas station, no one thinks anything of it - until the attendant learns that the dog has rabies. Dan sets out to find the wandering vacationers in time to begin treatment to save the girl.

Season #3 1957-1958

Hypo Bandit      Writer: Lee Berg      Director: Jack Herzberg
PN 83B
RN 1079
A bandit robs a jewelry store, drugging the owner, and makes a clean getaway. Learning that the drug he used is deadly, Dan lumps into action, with roadblocks at every intersection, and winds up in a pitched battle with the robber.
Modern photographs of some locations are available.

Efficiency Secretary      Writer: Vance Skarstedt      Director: Herbert L. Strock
PN 85B
RN 1080
A ranchers' group boasts of the efficiency of secretary Doris Malden. Abetted by a crop duster pilot, she steals her bosses' profits - $50,000 - and not one of the 3 men suspect the truth. Dan uses one slim clue to expose her in an unusual finale.

Temptation      Writer: Jack Rock      Director: Henry (Hank) S. Kesler
PN 80B
RN 1081
Construction foreman Preston welches on payment to a young employee, who, enraged punches the firm's owner and flees. Finding his boss unconscious, Preston robs the safe, then accuses the employee of the theft. Dan winds up trapping Preston on top of a huge cement mixer, and clears the innocent man.
modern photographs of some locations are available.

Safecracker      Writer: William L. Driskell      Director: Eddie Davis     Recurring Actors: Vance Skarstedt, William Boyett
PN 81B
RN 1082
Knowing that police are watching, safecracker Stanley Wright goes to church. Sneaking out the back, he pulls a job and sneaks back in before the mass ends. When he hits a jewelry store, Dan uses a high school chemistry trick to put him out of action.
modern photographs of some locations are available.

Mistaken Identity      Writer: Arthur Weiss      Director: Sutton Roley
PN 84B
RN 1083
A timid carpenter is mistaken for a diamond merchant and abducted by a hood who demands a fortune in diamonds. Dan quickly deduces the kidnaper's blunder and uses a pretty young policewoman as decoy to lure the hood into a clever trap.
modern photographs of some locations are available.

Hostage Family Copter      Writer: Rik Vollaerts      Director: Herbert L. Strock     Recurring Actors: Wayne Heffley
PN 82B
RN 1084
A fugitive abducts a family of three as they're changing a tire, and holds them in thelr backwoods cabin. Dan locates them, but knowing that the slightest sound may get the family killed, he takes a million-to-one gamble with his own life to free them.

The Sniper      Writer: Bob Mitchell      Director: Jack Herzberg
PN 79B
RN 1085
One driver is killed as cars passing over certain sections of highway are hit by a sniper's bullets. Dan suspects the shootings are a deliberate attempt to frame an innocent man - and he unearths one of the most unusual crimes he's ever encountered.

Hot Dust      Writer: Richard Landall      Director: Lee Berg
PN 91B
RN 1086
A young lab worker accidentally exposes himself to radioactive isotopes. Panicking, he snaps and flees town. News of the freak accident causes hysteria to mount, as Dan hunts the terror-stricken and now homicidal man.
NOTES: Leonard Nimoy plays the young lab worker.

Witness Wife      Writer: David Boehm      Director: Lee Berg
PN 87B
RN 1087
Martin Jensen sees two men bury a body near his farm. Alarmed, he barely has seconds to call the HP before the two trigger-happy men burst into his farmhouse. Dan careens across town to save Jensen and his wife.

Dead Hunter      Writer: Lou Huston      Director: Herbert L. Strock
PN 86B
RN 1088
On a hunting trip, William Foster kills his partner to gain control of their business. Dan detects a false note in his explanation of the "accident"; the crime lab results support his theory. He and his men corner the murderer at the crime scene.

Convicted Innocent      Writer: Jack Rock      Director: Jack Herzberg
PN 88B
RN 1089
Dan discovers that a convicted murderer is Innocent and gets him out. But the exonerated man is bitter; he hunts down the witness whose mistaken testimony got him convicted - and attacks him with intent to kill. Dan fights wildly to avert the murder.

Chain Store      Writer: Don Clark      Director: Herbert L. Strock     Recurring Actors: William Boyett
PN 89B
RN 1090
When a masked gunman holds up three supermarkets in broad daylight, Dan ferrets out his mysterious method of operation and sets a trap to catch him red-handed.

Double Death      Writer: Lee Berg      Director: Jack Herzberg     Recurring Actors: Terry Frost, Ron Foster
PN 92B
RN 1091
Tom Thornton served 13 years for a murder he did not commit. Released on good behavior, he finds the man he was supposed to have killed, and Dan must prevent Thornton from committing cold-blooded murder and walking away scot-free due to the law against being tried twice for the same crime. modern photographs of some locations are available.

Hideout      Writer: Richard Adam      Director: Jack Herzberg     Recurring Actors: William Boyett
PN 94B
RN 1092
A woman calls Dan, hysterical that she has shot a man at her diner. Rushing to the scene, Dan learns that her victim was a wanted thief and killer, and she killed him in self-defense. Then he unearths the thief's loot - and a flaw in the girl's alibi.

Mother's March      Writer: Ellis Marcus      Director: Herbert L. Strock
PN 90B
RN 1093
En route to the bank with $10,000 collected for charity, a hospital committee chairman is mugged. Only two people knew his route: his wife and a local businesswoman. modern photographs of some locations are available.

Slain Cabby      Writer: Bob Mitchell      Director: Jack Herzberg
PN 93B
RN 1094
Two armed men hijack a taxi, stage a series of whirlwind robberies, then ditch the cab and vanish in their own car. Dan rigs an ingenious radio code system with cab drivers in the area to trap the bandits when they strike again.

Insulin      Writer: Lee Berg      Director: Leon Benson
PN 98B
RN 1095
When a diabetic ex-con is kidnaped to keep him from testifying at a government invvestigation, Dan uses a "grain of sand" to build a mountain of trouble for the hoods.

The Seventh Green      Writer: Jack Rock      Director: Otto Lang, Jr.
PN 96B
RN 1096
Bruno Keeley, groundskeeper at an elite country club, shelters notorious criminals for a price. When one of his "tenants" runs out of money, Keeley shoots him down. Dan's playing golf with a judge when he finds that someone's been killed there.
modern photographs of some locations are available.

Foster Child      Writer: Bob Mitchell      Director: Jack Herzberg     Recurring Actors: Ron Foster
PN 99B
RN 1097
Young Danny Sears triggers an "empty" rifle, accidentally wounding his friend Chet Bates, whose father accuses Danny of a deliberate attack. Panicked, Danny grabs the gun and flees, with Bates in angry pursuit. Dan must risk his life to stop another needless shooting.

Lady Bandits      Writer: Rik Vollaerts      Director: Jack Herzberg
PN 97B
RN 1098
Disguised as men, two girls stage a series of armed robberies. After each, they change to normal dress and slip undetected through roadblocks. Dan uses the bandits' biggest asset - their femininity - to snare them into his trap.

Revenge      Writer: William L. Driskell      Director: David Rich     Recurring Actors: William Boyett
PN 95B
RN 1099
Ex-con Gerald Gray swears to kill Dan for sending him to prison. He challenges an innocent farmer to a gunfight to get Dan to step in to stop them.

Tear Gas Copter      Writer: William L. Driskell      Director: Monroe Askins     Recurring Actors: Frank Miller
PN 102B
RN 1100
Three gunmen flee to a sparsely populated farm area, where they slug the HP officer on duty and take a panic-stricken housewife hostage. Dan swoops out of the sky to attack the hoods with tear gas.
Fact added Jan. 2003: Bob Gilbreath is the helicopter pilot.

Deaf Mute      Writer: Lawrence Menkin      Director: Leon Benson
PN 100B
RN 1101
Twelve-year-old Susie Haskell, a deaf-mute, is taken hostage after seeing a couple shoot her father and rob his general store. The petrified girl can't cry for help.

Hit and Run      Writer: Lee Berg      Director: Jack Herzberg     Recurring Actors: William Boyett, Wayne Heffley
PN 104B
RN 1102
Lois Emory flees in panic after running down a man. Conscience-stricken, she calls the HP and returns to the accident site. But the body is gone. Only a few skid marks corroborate her story. Dan and the lab men work to clear up the mystery and find the victim - Lou Parker, who with his brother Mike had just burgled a plastics factory safe.

Fear      Writer: Jack Rock      Director: Eddie Davis     Recurring Actors: Wayne Heffley
PN 101B
RN 1103
When respected family man Keith Tobin is found out to be the Polka Dot Bandit, he panics and flees, with Dan in hot pursuit, neither aware that Tobin's tiny daughter is hidden in the trunk of his car.
NOTES: Keith Tolbin was played by Preston Hanson.

Careless Cop      Writer: Vance Skarstedt      Director: Leon Benson     Recurring Actors: Vance Skarstedt
PN 103B
RN 1104
After five years of flawless service, Officer Wilkie makes a tatal error. Stopping a speeding car, he finds a gun in it, and neglects to frisk the driver - who draws a hidden gun, kills Wilkie, and flees. Enraged, Dan vows to get the murderer
NOTES: Buck Lester was played by Douglas Henderson.

Policewoman      Writer: Richard Adam      Director: Leon Benson     Recurring Actors: Terry Frost, Ron Foster
PN 105B
RN 1105
While Ohio policewoman Martha Cole is posing as a member of a gambling syndicate, a freak accident tips off the mob to her identity. She calls Dan, but is captured before she can give her location. Dan plunges into a life-or-death struggle to free her.
NOTES: with 'Judo' Gene LeBell as the stunt man for Brod in the fight scene !

The Truckers      Writer: Rik Vollaerts      Director: Monroe Askins     Recurring Actors: William Boyett, Ron Foster
PN 106B
RN 1106
Bill and Julie Gibson stage a series of ingenious truck robberies: they follow a pharmacy delivery truck. and when the driver stops to eat, they drug his coffee. When he gets drowsy and pulls off the road, they plunder the truck and flee.

Credit Card      Writer: Jack Rock      Director: Eddie Davis     Recurring Actors: Wayne Heffley, Ron Foster
PN 109B
RN 1107
Two men kidnap Janice Carlyle, hijack her car, and use her credit card to buy auto accessories. Dan cordons off the area with police cars and heads for a showdown.

Psycho Killer      Writer: Lee Berg      Director: Jack Herzberg     Recurring Actors: Vance Skarstedt, Frank Miller
PN 110B
RN 1108
A madman uses "Lonely Hearts" newspaper ads to meet and murder women. Deducing his method of operation, Dan uses a policewoman as bait to nab him.

Suicide      Writer: Rik Vollaerts      Director: Barry Sullivan     Recurring Actors: Ron Foster
PN 113B
RN 1109
Brothers Joe and Pete Curran get out of prison. When Joe goes straight, Pete, a mob hit man, is ordered to kill him for deserting the syndicate.

Phony Cop      Writer: Jack Rock      Director: Monroe Askins     Recurring Actors: Vance Skarstedt, Frank Miller
PN 111B
RN 1110
Pretending to be a hysterical robbery victim, Mae Loman draws the HP away from the area of her husband's robberies Dressed as an officer, Bert Loman gets away before the police realize they've been on a wild goose chase. Dan studies the thieves' method of operation to figure where they'll strike next, and creates his own diversion.

The Judge      Writer: Ellis Marcus      Director: Jack Herzberg     Recurring Actors: Wayne Heffley, Ron Foster
PN 114B
RN 1111
Red Baker escapes from prison with one compelling motive: kill the judge who sent him there. Unperturbed, Judge Crosson refuses police protection or to change his routine, never dreaming that death awaits him at the barber shop.

Dan's Vacation      Writer: Bob Mitchell      Director: William Hole, Jr.     Recurring Actors: William Boyett
PN 115B
RN 1112
Taking a needed vacation at his favorite fishing lodge, Dan finds it under new management, and with some very strange guests. When a wounded stranger arrives, Dan links him to a narcotics ring and suspects the lodge is now a dope distribution center

Explosives      Writer: Richard Adam      Director: Jack Herzberg     Recurring Actors: William Boyett, Ron Foster
PN 116B
RN 1113
After being fired from a chemical firm, Larry Bolton steals a truck full of volatile potassium, takes his wife hostage, and sets out to blow the city sky-high. Dan uses an attractive policewoman as bait to stop the human bomb.
NOTES: Mr. Clay was played by Jeff De Benning .

Hostage Officer      Writer: Jack Rock      Director: Derwin Abbe     Recurring Actors: Vance Skarstedt, Ron Foster
PN 117B
RN 1114
In hot pursuit of two thieves, Officer Hoffman's motorcycle skids. Falling, he's taken hostage by the men. Dan uses his expert skill in radio electronics to locate the fugitives and free his officer, whose depressed microphone helps pinpoint his location.

Double Copter      Writer: Rik Vollaerts      Director: Eddie Davis
PN 112B
RN 1115
A state penitentiary lifer escapes prison with some friends in a stolen helicopter. Dan chases in his own copter and clashes with the fugitives in mid-air.
Fact added Jan. 2003: Bob Gilbreath is the stolen helicopter pilot.

Dan Sick      Writer: Marnie Sloan      Director: Barry Sullivan
PN 108B
RN 1116
Dan arrives at his office in great pain, and the cause of his illness is a mystery.

Reward      Writer: Richard Adam      Director: Jack Herzberg     Recurring Actors: Wayne Heffley
PN 107B
RN 1117
When an armed murderer hides in a farmer's barn, the farmer and his neighbor compete to capture him without police help, to collect the $10,000 reward. Dan learns of the foolhardy plan and charges into town.
modern photographs of some locations are available.

Season #4 1958-1959

Frightened Witness      Writer: Lee Berg      Director: Eddie Davis     Recurring Actors: William Boyett
PN 119B
RN 1118
Joe Norton holds up a roadside cafe, killing the owner. In a weak moment he lets two witnesses - newlyweds - leave. But his brother sets out to silence them.

Hostage      Writer: George & Gertrude Fass      Director: Leon Chooluck     Recurring Actors: William Boyett, Wayne Heffley
PN 127B
RN 1119
A convicted murderer, wounded in the leg, flees police and hides in a stationery store, taking hostage the woman owner and her invalid mother.
NOTES: Rik Vollaerts is a cowriter. Peter Breck plays the character Whitey Sims

Family Affair      Writer: Rik Vollaerts      Director: Jack Herzberg     Recurring Actors: Vance Skarstedt, William Boyett, Ron Foster
PN 118D
RN 1120
Myra Davis and her son spring her husband from a courthouse, killing a policeman. Leaving her husband in a culvert. Myra coolly returns home to head off the HP. Dan sees through her innocent act and uses her to expose her husband.
NOTES: So bad it's good! Les Davis was played by Jeff De Benning.

Transmitter Danger      Writer: Charles B. Smith      Director: John Florea     Recurring Actors: William Boyett, Frank Miller
PN 123B
RN 1121
Only Dan knows that a safe, set by two men who stole TNT to blow it up, is rigged to go off by a radio signal - and the thieves can be blown to bits if a transmitter is turned on within a two-mile radius of the explosive.
modern photographs of some locations are available.

Gambling Story      Writer: L. Wells      Director: Jack Herzberg     Recurring Actors: William Boyett
PN 137B
RN 1122
A gambling czar decides to eliminate his rival's illegal gambling room by staging a murder there. Dan solves the killing and prevents another with just seconds to spare.
modern photographs of some locations are available.
NOTES: Bob Mitchell is cowriter

Train Copter      Writer: Bob Mitchell      Director: Lew Landers     Recurring Actors: William Boyett, Roy Bourgois, Ron Foster
PN 122B
RN 1123
Charlie Holman and Vince Crater rob a bank of $35,000 in new bills. Unknown to Vince, Charlie ships the loot as baggage to another town. Enraged, Vince kills him and holds up the baggage train to regain the spoils. Dan takes to the air to catch him.

Portrait of Death      Writer: M. Braus      Director: John Florea     Recurring Actors: William Boyett
PN 131B
RN 1124
An artist who mysteriously withdrew from society years earlier is found murdered near a mountain resort. Dan exposes the killer's strange motive.
modern photographs of some locations are available.
NOTES: Rik Vollaerts is cowriter

Train Robbery      Writer: Robert Shaw      Director: Jack Herzberg     Recurring Actors: William Boyett
PN 120B
RN 1125
Two gunmen take over an isolated railroad station, planning to kill the crew of an oncoming train and escape with a fortune in loot. Dan discovers the plot and races against time to save the lives of everyone on the train.

Deadly Diamonds      Writer: Lee Berg      Director: Jack Herzberg     Recurring Actors: William Boyett
PN 124B
RN 1126
The disappearance of a diamond firm employee who had just gotten a consignment of precious gems puts her under suspicion. But Dan finds that a co-worker gave inside information to kidnapers, and tricks him into leading Dan to their hideout.

Blood Money      Writer: Lee Berg      Director: Joe Tinney     Recurring Actors: William Boyett
PN 130B
RN 1127
When racketeers kill his brother, a freight yard worker who wouldn't pay protection money, Joe Mason hunts the killers without the HP's help. Dan springs into action to save the foolish amateur detective. (Mike Richards is beaten and dies.)
NOTES: Rik Vollaerts is cowriter. Leonard Nimoy appears as a gang thug

False Confession      Writer: Joel Malcolm Rapp      Director: Lew Landers     Recurring Actors: William Boyett
PN 128B
RN 1128
Jim Rogers sees two men rob a warehouse and kill the watchman. He confesses to the crime, so his needy family can claim the reward. Learning it's not payable until conviction, he escapes into hiding. Realizing the killers will try to murder Rogers, Dan races them to find him before it's too late.
modern photographs of some locations are available.
NOTES: Boring! Rik Vollaerts is cowriter.

Confidence Game      Writer: Stuart Jerome      Director: Walter Doniger     Recurring Actors: William Boyett
PN 132B
RN 1129
After con man Paul Gayle swindles kindly Gus Fields of his hard-earned savings, Gus dies of a heart attack. Dan sends his men to capture Gayle.
NOTES: Violent beating of cute old man. Rik Vollaerts is cowriter

Split Robbery      Writer: Bob Mitchell      Director: Jack Herzberg     Recurring Actors: William Boyett
PN 138B
RN 1130
After two armed criminals hold a supermarket manager's wife hostage until he turns over the store's receipts, Dan sets out to deduce where they'll strike next.

The Trap      Writer: Richard Adam      Director: William Conrad     Recurring Actors: William Boyett, Ron Foster
PN 121B
RN 1131
As Dan takes convicted felon Ted Wilson to prison, members of his gang ambush them. Dan detects the ambush and takes a calculated risk to counter the attack.
modern photographs of some locations are available.

Exposé      Writer: Nathan McGinnis      Director: Jack Herzberg     Recurring Actors: William Boyett, Frank Miller
PN 144B
RN 1132
Crusading reporter Merrill Hartman exposes a protection racket whose victims are afraid to give evidence to police. Racketeers bait a trap for him, but Dan detects it, saves the man's life, and wipes out the mob.
NOTES: Ted Knight played the reporter.

Breath of a Child      Writer: Robert Shaw      Director: Henry (Hank) S. Kesler     Recurring Actors: William Boyett
PN 136B
RN 1133
Unaware that he was exposed to deadly-contagious spinal meningitis in saving a baby's life, a sailor elopes with his girl. They keep fleeing the patrolman trying to catch them, thinking he was sent by the bride's father, who was against the marriage.

Narcotics Racket      Writer: Stuart Jerome      Director: Jack Herzberg     Recurring Actors: William Boyett
PN 135B
RN 1134
One man posing as a narcotics agent, and a woman posing as a dope dealer, work together to dupe people into believing close relatives are members of a dope ring, and get them to offer bribes in order to protect their relatives. Dan uses their greed to get them to make a bad move.
NOTES: Unbelievable !

Copter Cave-in      Writer: Jack Rock      Director: Jack Herzberg     Recurring Actors: William Boyett, Frank Miller
PN 142B
RN 1135
Escaped convict Nolan Wilbur forces a prospector to hide him in an abandoned gold mine. A cave-in pins down the prospector. Spotted by the HP, Wilbur prepares for a shoot-out. Dan uses the copter to free the prospector and outmaneuver the convict.
Fact added Jan. 2003: Bob Gilbreath is the helicopter pilot.

Gem Robbery      Writer: T. Maples      Director: Joe Tinney     Recurring Actors: William Boyett
PN 134B
RN 1136
Pete Madison, an elevator operator in Now York's wholesale diamond center, steals the itineraries of three traveling salesmen and alerts his confederates to rob them. Dan figures out where and when they'll strike and sets out to stop them.
NOTES: Rik Vollaerts is cowriter

Mexican Chase      Writer: Jack Rock      Director: Lew Landers     Recurring Actors: William Boyett
PN 125B
RN 1137
A dashboard cigarette lighter is the key when the Mexican Highway Patrol helps Dan track a gang that alters stolen cars before smuggling them across the border.

Framed Cop      Writer: Nathan McGinnis      Director: Jack Herzberg     Recurring Actors: William Boyett
PN 147B
RN 1138
Paul Carson is out to get HP Sgt. Ken Williams, who got his brother sent to prison. He steals Williams' car, dons an HP cap, and purposely runs down a pedestrian. Dan makes a shrewd deduction and clears Williams of the false hit-and-run charge.
modern photographs of some locations are available.

The Collector      Writer: Rik Vollaerts      Director: Otto Lang, Jr.     Recurring Actors: William Boyett
PN 129B
RN 1139
Nathan Colley blackmalls straight ex-cons whose pasts are unknown to the people in their lives. He pulls a gun on Jerry Singleton, who refuses to pay up. Colley is accidentally killed in a struggle for the gun, and Singleton flees. With Singleton's wife's aid, Dan finds the victimized runaway and convinces him of his innocence.

Revenge      Writer: Richard Benedict      Director: Monroe Askins     Recurring Actors: William Boyett, Frank Miller
PN 146B
RN 1140
Tommy Chugg sets out to get even with Robert Hoffman, who was acquitted of manslaughter in a car accident that killed Tommy's father. He kills Hoffman's son, then heads for Hoffman's mountain retreat, as Dan races time to stop a second murder.
NOTES: Jack Rock wrote the teleplay. Robert Conrad plays Tommy. Dyan Cannon plays the girl. Pretty bad!

Brave Boy      Writer: Ellis Marcus      Director: Jack Herzberg     Recurring Actors: William Boyett
PN 133B
RN 1141
Young Billy Redmond's father is killed by a burglar who thought the family was out of town. With his eyewitness account of the crime, Dan drives the killer into a corner.
NOTES: Another Dumb one.

Diversion Robbery      Writer: Lambert Hillyer      Director: Derwin Abbe     Recurring Actors: William Boyett
PN 139B
RN 1142
Two robbers use a time bomb, exploding harmlessly but with terrifying noise, to divert attention from their getaways. Dan traces a lone fingerprint to one of them, then roars in pursuit along a trail marked by additional robberies.

Cargo Hijack      Writer: Stuart Jerome      Director: Lew Landers     Recurring Actors: William Boyett
PN 141B
RN 1143
Vance and Sheila Nolan elude capture by pulling their hijacking jobs across a large area. But when a truck driver is murdered, they alter their method of operation, giving Dan his first lead.

Hitchiker      Writer: Lee Berg      Director: Jack Herzberg     Recurring Actors: William Boyett
PN 140B
RN 1144
To finance their way from New York to California, Joe Parker thumbs rides, robs the drivers, then meets his wife Dolly at a pre-set spot. When one victim lights back, Joe kills him. Dan uses the latest scientific equipment to catch up with the couple.
NOTES: Brod's real drunk here !

Illegal Entry      Writer: Ellis Marcus      Director: Joe Tinney     Recurring Actors: William Boyett
PN 126B
RN 1145
Ben Douglas smuggles field workers in from Mexico, gets them farm jobs, then extorts money, threatening to report their illegal status. One of them attacks him, drawing HP suspicion. Dan sets an ingenious trap and identifies Douglas as the culprit.

Killer on the Run      Writer: Lambert Hillyer      Director: Joe Parker     Recurring Actors: William Boyett, Frank Miller
PN 149B
RN 1146
Les Curtis double-crosses a counterfeiting gang and flees with $20,000. With one of the hoods in pursuit, he hitches a ride with two middle-aged women. Dan deduces the women's unknown peril and starts an intensive search to save them.
modern photographs of some locations are available.

Prisoner Exchange Copter      Writer: Nathan McGinnis      Director: Jack Herzberg     Recurring Actors: William Boyett
PN 152B
RN 1147
A small town sheriff captures racketeer Jack Avery. When he calls the HP, Avery contacts his henchman, Rick Herron, who abducts the sheriff's wife and demands an exchange of prisoners. Dan takes to the air to find the kidnaper.
Fact added Jan. 2003: Bob Gilbreath is the helicopter pilot.
modern photographs of some locations are available.

Dan Hostage      Writer: Robert Shaw      Director: Leon Chooluck     Recurring Actors: William Boyett, Wayne Heffley, Ron Foster
PN 145B
RN 1148
Amateur gunman Ed Legett bungles a restaurant holdup and wounds the owner, taking his wife hostage in panic when Dan happens on the scene. Dan persuades him to accept himself as a substitute, and with Dan as a shield, Leggett attempts a getaway.
NOTES: Really different.

Women Escapees      Writer: Jack Rock      Director: Jack Herzberg     Recurring Actors: Vance Skarstedt, William Boyett
PN 148B
RN 1149
Lita Morgan and Caroline Craig, serving life for murder, escape from prison, and stop and kill a driver on the highway. Dan cuts off all escape routes, but they hijack a bus at gunpoint and blast through a roadblock - with Dan in hot pursuit.

Auto Press      Writer: Bob Mitchell      Director: Leon Benson     Recurring Actors: William Boyett
PN 143B
RN 1150
A married holdup team bungles a gas station job, killing the owner. Hemmed in by roadblocks, they desperately decide to have their car, which is identifiable, demolished in a junkyard, which brings them out into the open for Dan and his men.
modern photographs of some locations are available.

Express Delivery      Writer: Jack Rock      Director: Eddie Davis     Recurring Actors: William Boyett, Frank Miller
PN 151B
RN 1151
Two men abduct a European courier, thinking he has $200,000 in gems. Learning the jewels are due at the airport later that day, one of them plans to pose as the courier to receive the shipment. Alerted, Dan races there to set a daring trap.

Desperate Men      Writer: Bob Mitchell      Director: Eddie Davis     Recurring Actors: William Boyett
PN 154B
RN 1152
Two criminals flee after a robbery/murder, hiding in a hospital boiler room. Cornered by the HP, they offer a grisly bargain - either they go free or they build the boiler's pressure and demolish the hospital.
NOTES: Billy Halop is one of the "two criminals". This one's a bit odd too.

Confession      Writer: Rik Vollaerts      Director: Jack Herzberg     Recurring Actors: William Boyett
PN 153B
RN 1153
Three bank robbers gun down a fourth, who ran out with their loot. Knowing that the gunplay didn't turn up the money, Dan stakes out the dead man's house, and the hoods close in to wrest the loot from their victim's wife.

Detour to Death      Writer: Joel Riordon      Director: Monroe Askins     Recurring Actors: William Boyett
PN 150B
RN 1154
Two men and a girl use a fake detour sign to misdirect drivers to a lonely road. In a fake police car and uniforms, they stop the drivers and rob them. Dan gets his first solid clue when one of the robberies ends in murder.

Fire      Writer: Jack Rock      Director: Eddie Davis     Recurring Actors: William Boyett, Ron Foster
PN 156B
RN 1155
After fire-bug Joe Patterson sets a warehouse ablaze, an unwitting farmer hires him as a laborer. Overcome with a desire to set another fire, Joe wastes no time before pouring gasoline around the barn. Dan races to the scene to prevent a tragedy.
NOTES: A joke ! Robert Fuller plays the character Joe Patterson.

Bank Messenger      Writer: G. Callahan      Director: Jack Herzberg     Recurring Actors: William Boyett
PN 155B
RN 1156
Sue and Red Hammond pull two robberies in one day. She lures bank messengers to a spot where Red shoots them and grabs the money. When their greed drives them to a third robbery attempt that day, Dan picks up their trail.
NOTES: Jack Rock is cowriter

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