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To My Fellow Highway Patrol Fans:

Welcome to the Web Page dedicated to the show we grew up watching. If you are like me, I can never get the site of a big black & white Buick zooming down a wide open California freeway out of my system.

Over the years, my love of "Highway Patrol" has led me to collect video copies of the episodes, articles, photos, toys, and finally to build a 55 Buick Highway Patrol replica! I have had the honor of meeting many of the show's stars, advisors, creators, and directors. Along the way I have learned a great deal about 50's TV, Ziv productions, and the real California Highway Patrol.

I commend Glenn Davis for putting together this fine Web Page, so these memories could be shared with other big boys who become mesmerized when they hear that familiar refrain.

Many Happy Highway Patrols,10-4!
Gary Goltz     Upland, CA USA,    Nov/19/1998 22:45 PST
You have found THE Highway Patrol Show site!

For all of you, like me, who have previously failed to find any sites truly dedicated to the preservation of Dan's legacy; this is your chance to come forward and join the premiere group of fans. Sign the guestbook so that the scope of Danism can be seen. This may lead to something big; a movement.
Thanks to Gary for bringing the memory to life and to Glenn for the forum to express it.

Robert Waguespack        Tujunga, CA. USA,    Nov/20/1998 08:34 PST

Yesterday, I learned Robert Waguespack recently passed away. Robert was a big fan of Highway Patrol. He used to come to various car shows where we became friends and he even got to meet Kelly Crawford. I'm grateful for the fact my car and our website added some joy to his final days...10-4! - Gary Goltz Feb 21, 2001

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Happy New Year to all Highway Patrol fans. This year we hope to have a book on the show that's been in the works out. Stay tuned and continue to have many happy Highway Patrols...10-4!
Gary    Jan 03/2017 18:08 PST
I just noticed this:
"Years ago I talked to the head of MeTV about doing intros to each episode dressed as Broderick standing by my 55 Buick and they were interested! I'd sure like to see them get the rights to the show.Gary"
Gary,that would be great! Maybe one of the other networks of that ilk might be interested, such as ANTENENA, COZI(which has in the past had a ultra fan introduce Magnum PI marathons)or H & I network. By the way, I always thought running ADAM-12 and Highway Patrol back to back would be a natural.
Mike from Jersey    Mar 20/2017 15:04 PDT
I would really enjoy doing them, Mike. Start a write in campaign...10-4!
Gary    Mar 28/2017 23:37 PDT
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