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To My Fellow Highway Patrol Fans:

Welcome to the Web Page dedicated to the show we grew up watching. If you are like me, I can never get the site of a big black & white Buick zooming down a wide open California freeway out of my system.

Over the years, my love of "Highway Patrol" has led me to collect video copies of the episodes, articles, photos, toys, and finally to build a 55 Buick Highway Patrol replica! I have had the honor of meeting many of the show's stars, advisors, creators, and directors. Along the way I have learned a great deal about 50's TV, Ziv productions, and the real California Highway Patrol.

I commend Glenn Davis for putting together this fine Web Page, so these memories could be shared with other big boys who become mesmerized when they hear that familiar refrain.

Many Happy Highway Patrols,10-4!
Gary Goltz     Upland, CA USA,    Nov/19/1998 22:45 PST
You have found THE Highway Patrol Show site!

For all of you, like me, who have previously failed to find any sites truly dedicated to the preservation of Dan's legacy; this is your chance to come forward and join the premiere group of fans. Sign the guestbook so that the scope of Danism can be seen. This may lead to something big; a movement.
Thanks to Gary for bringing the memory to life and to Glenn for the forum to express it.

Robert Waguespack        Tujunga, CA. USA,    Nov/20/1998 08:34 PST

Yesterday, I learned Robert Waguespack recently passed away. Robert was a big fan of Highway Patrol. He used to come to various car shows where we became friends and he even got to meet Kelly Crawford. I'm grateful for the fact my car and our website added some joy to his final days...10-4! - Gary Goltz Feb 21, 2001

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Happy New Year to all fans of "Highway Patrol"
Gary aka 2150    Jan 01/2019 00:17 PST
Wondering Why? Please help me find information on Broderick Crawfords "Dodge Patrol Car" possibly a 1959 Coronet License plate #NPA 324. Everyone has info on the buick but what about the Dodge 2 door coronet? Any info appreciated thank you .
R,Staniszewski    Lockport    Feb 14/2019 06:58 PST
I'll email you the photos I have of 59 Dodges...10-4!
Gary Goltz    Upland    Feb 16/2019 18:46 PST
I remember watching this old show when they'd play it on my local TV station as a filler before sports broadcasts on Saturdays in the 70's. Recently YouTube put these on as suggestions to watch and I've been binge watching since. Really a good show. Also refreshing with it's positive playing of police. The only episodes I don't like are the ones where men want to harm women. But even these are tame compaired to today's shows.
Denita Arnold    May 04/2019 08:08 PDT
Greetings and thank you to this site. I love picking out film location sites from the show. Especially the railroad locations.
Ken Kemzura    Newhall    Jun 12/2019 23:30 PDT
I just saw your movie about the impact that Highway Patrol, and your Grandma, had on your life-- You made an impact, thank you!

My dad and I loved Broderick Crawford and Highway Patrol!
Wendy Kilpatrick    Alexandria, VA USA    Jun 13/2019 11:39 PDT
Thanks Wendy!
Gary 10-4!    Jun 17/2019 06:40 PDT
Hi, loved your video of one of my favorite shows growing up in the 60s. My friend whom I had known then told me that I knew when the show was on and had to go home to watch. I grew up in So. Cal. Oceanside, but now live I Harper, are truly the No.1 fan. Thanks, Ron Stanek p.s. When is your book going to be out?
Ron Stanek    Harper,kansas    Jun 18/2019 18:44 PDT
The book should be out before the end of the year...
Gary 10-4!    Jun 21/2019 08:46 PDT
I understand my Grandpa did some writing and bit parts in HP: Vance Skarstedt. Any info on him?
Lance    SoCal    Jul 27/2019 22:02 PDT
Effective Monday, September 2, MeTV will begin airing Highway Patrol, Monday through Thursday and Sunday at 5 a.m. If you go to MeTV's web site, you'll find the article about the new schedule under Stories.
Debbie    Aug 21/2019 02:28 PDT
Highway Patrol begins airing on MeTV on September 3.
Debbie    Aug 28/2019 04:34 PDT
Happy Ten-4 Day!
Gary Goltz    Upland    Oct 04/2019 07:58 PDT
Just watched "Scared Cop," Season 1, Episode 17 for the umpteenth time. So I now look at these more analytically. Suspect John Bennett, dressed as a sailor, hitchhikes a ride at the corner of Woodlake Avenue and Justice Street. Checked it out on Google Maps and it's a corner in contemporary Los Angeles, now built up with homes. The road bends the same way on Justice Street, so I am certain this is it. Tried to post the link here, but message would not go through. Enter that corner on Google maps and you should be able to find it.
Rick Xander    Moon Township, PA, USA    Oct 08/2019 19:35 PDT
Hi Debbie,
Thanks for the heads up concerning Highway Patrol coming back to Me-TV!
I have to check this site more often.
By the way, HP fans, the most "beloved" crook in Australia, celebrated in books/movies etc, one Chopper Read, loved Highway Patrol and "The Crawfish".
I once talked to a Aussie bartender who had a grudging respect for Read after Chopper stopped a drunk from stabbing him., so as a small gesture he would access this site and print out the content for Read.
So even (very) bad guys love Lt. Dan, even ones 12,000 miles away in foreign climes.
Robert Mitchum gave Mister Crawford the nick name "Crawfish" when they worked on a movie together. I forgot the flick's name, but it was where, between scenes, Sinatra so enraged Crawfish that he tore Frank's toupee off and ate it while Sinatra wisely ran for the hills.

Mike from Jersey    Swamps of Jersey    Oct 10/2019 22:12 PDT
is it 21-50 bye, or 21-50 by as in standing by? i'm 69 yrs. old and have watched it from when I was 5 yrs old. love it as much now as I did then. I lived in southern calif then where it was filmed and it is amazing to see what the locations look like now!! to all the fans "take care,10-4?"
jan f Wilson    Bullhead City    Oct 16/2019 15:00 PDT
just found the answer to my question tonight from The chief. It's not 2150 bye, it's 2150 by!! hmm thought soo! good night, fellow patrollers!!
jan f Wilson    Bullhead City    Oct 16/2019 23:53 PDT
Gary... you and I are kindred spirits with our mutual love of Highway Patrol and The Fugitive and Iím glad Shotgun Tom Kelly got us together!
Mike Seltzer    Franklin    Oct 21/2019 12:28 PDT
Great web site. Saw your You tube video "The Star and The Car" you did an incredible job on the Buick. I was born in 1955 but grew up watching Highway Patrol, Sea Hunt and The Whirly Birds.I'm curious about something maybe you can answer.Why don't you see any episodes of Superman on any of the classic channels.
Your doing a great job with this website, sooooo jealous of your toy collection. Thats great. Thanks for keeping the show live.
Kent Britton    Roy    Nov 03/2019 09:42 PST
Kent Britton,
Superman is on the H & I network on Saturdays and Sundays, 6 AM to 7 AM.
I am amazed at the beautiful and vibrant colors of the later seasons.
The set designers really went to town to impress with the new color look.
I read somewhere that the film stock of the time is actually superior to the modern, far cheaper tech they use today. Ironically it was never shown in color when first run, till some 8 years later in reruns.
The producers had been looking to the future and banking on endless reruns and they were right, at a time when only Desi Arnaz and themselves even thought in those terms.
Desi and Lucy took a pittance to do I Love Lucy in exchange for ownership of the episodes after 2 viewings. CBS and Hollywood thought they were chumps, but the Lucy show and all the later series that sprang from their DESILU studios have made billions of dollars since, all over the world.
How did I get off on this tangent?
Don't forget, Highway Patrol is on every morning at 5 AM on Me-TV.

Mike from Jersey     Swamps of Jersey    Nov 12/2019 23:34 PST
Gary - Congratulations, you do such a good job keeping our HP alive. I frequently watch episodes down here in SW France courtesy of YouTube. Just love "Gem Robbery" where Chief the dog snaps, snarls and growls at Dan Matthews but when he is led off screen WAGS HIS TAIL !!! Great stuff.
Best Wishes, Brian Mayes.
Brian Mayes    Dordogne, France.    Nov 26/2019 08:53 PST

Me-TV is now running Highway Patrol at 5 AM, then 2 episodes of Dragnet. These shows go great together. If only they'd throw in M Squad as well.
Happy New Year to Gary and Glenn, thanks and a tip of the hat - tip, tip - to both for their work in keeping up this site.
I hope some day that Broderick Crawford takes you both for a spin in that big black & white police cruiser in the sky.

Mike from Jersey    Jan 03/2020 22:22 PST
HI broadwick Crawford from wendy sells
wendy sells    california    Jan 15/2020 22:10 PST
hi broadwick Crawford I am a fan of yours AND CATCH THE BAD GUYS OK. 10-4
wendy sells    fortuna calif 95540    Jan 15/2020 22:15 PST
Tune into Stu's Show this Wednesday 4PM PST for a 3 hour live program on Highway Patrol featuring me talking about my book on the series.
Gary Goltz    California    Jan 17/2020 18:06 PST

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