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Broderick Crawford and ZIV Television attempted to repeat the success of Highway Patrol without much luck. King of Diamonds ran for 1 season [1961-1962] and 39 episodes. Broderick played John King, international diamond theft investigator [specifically Chief of Security for Continental Diamonds Industries] with a young side kick Al Casey, played by Ray Hamilton. John King's recurring enemy was the Illicit Diamond Buyers (IDB) syndicate. In the the show Brod tried to be debonair. He always worn a trench coat, with lots of night shots in bars, jazz music, mean mob-like crooks, lots of murders, and shifty dames of course! King met the the thieves, smugglers and fences with a great deal of violence, even beating up some of the shadier women (while making passes at the others). In later episodes of KOD, the closing theme song (written by Ziv executive Maurice Unger) includes the line "When Johnny King breaks the door down, he's not saying 10-4 now!". For the complete lyrics, see below. Art Gilmore narrated the show.

Theme Song and Trailer

Theme Song

Look for the night people roamin'
When the good folks are home in
And you'll find Johnny King

Where there is music of diamonds
He will be where there's diamonds
And of diamonds he's king

His majesty is a travesty to every other crown
Romantically he's as solid as steel, like Achille's heel

When Johnny King breaks a door down
He's not saying 10-4 now
He's romancing a queen - he's the king !

some video captures

A rare PR shot

A rare PR shot
From Baltimore - 1962
From Baltimore - 1962

One episode on 16mm film