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Prison Break (aka Roadblock) (pilot episode #1)

Click on any small image to see the full-size version. Images with red frame have associated sound files.

Mountain Copter
with original Ballantine Beer commercials

Reckless Driving (episode #3)

As broadcast on KTLA TV - Nov 2007

Motel Robbery (episode #53)

Features Broderick Crawford and Bill Boyett


Female Hitchhiker (episode #63)

This short scene shows the meaning of the code 11-99.

Officer's Wife (episode #66)

closeup photos of the prop badge used in this episode are available

Hostage Copter (episode #77)

As broadcast on KTLA TV - Nov 2007

Gem Robbery (episode #71)

featuring Florence Shaen

Mary's site has some vidcaps (all featuring Guy Williams) from 4 other episodes:

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