Stolen Car Ring
RN 1051

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in this scene: they pull into the 3rd parking space on the left and Dan gets out and walks down the front of the motel to meet the suspect and look at the stolen car

in this scene: Dan and Dorsey drive west on Santa Monica Blvd.. to 10740 Santa Monica Blvd. the site of the motel to look at the stolen car and they take a left turn and pull into the parking lot

in this scene: Dan goes to room 25 on the first floor 2nd door on the right to meet the suspect

Dan uses the phone at the foot of the stairs, to the right in this picture. also this is where he walks thru the front of the motel to meet the suspect

Dan walks to the front of the hotel to go to room #25 to meet the female suspect

Dan is waiting in front of the Lakewood National Bank which is at 11944 San Vicente Blvd. Brentwood.

Is where Blonde female suspect parks stolen car

Is where Dan yells to Dorsey "BLOCK THE ALLEY"

Is where female suspect walks to meet Dan at the bank but turns back when she finds out from male suspect that he is a cop.

Is the scene of arrest of all suspects being arrested by Dan and Dorsey.

Dorsey comes around corner and spots stolen car, this is La Mesa Dr. in Santa Monica.

Dorsey gives chase of stolen car westbound on San Vicente Blvd. in Santa Monica
Photographs by Ron Hurwitz - the original image files are available.