Guestbook - 2008

Happy New Year to all you aging Highway Patrol Fans like me!

Gary    Jan 01/2008 00:31 PST
Great web site!!!!!!!! I was influenced by the show in my youth. HP and Dragnet influenced me to seek a career in law enforcement. I retired from the California Highway Patrol after 29 1/2 years. It went by too fast.
Clif Gray     cliff24g@yahoo.com    San Bruno, CA, USA    Jan 12/2008 14:12 PST
Great site. It is my understanding Mr. Ziv and his production company had offices in Cincinnati. A museum to Cincinnati radio and TV pioneers is being planned here at the former Voice of America station north of the city in West Chester. Mr. Ziv's work and memorabilia will be part of this museum. More information available at Media Heritage, VOA Museum, 8070 Tylersville Road, West Chester, Ohio 45069.
Dave Gibson    Cincinnati    Jan 12/2008 17:35 PST
Read note that no episodes ever released, same experience UNTIL Dec. 2007. KTLA/Ch. 5 in L.A. aired 2 complete episodes as a "24 hr holiday marithon" of classics, now have the 2 aired episodes on tape. Never seen before or after, even gone to Museum of TV/Film and not found. A treat in many ways.
Sue Katreeb     Sakatreeb@aol.com    Downey, CA (USA)    Jan 15/2008 07:39 PST
Sue, that's not true however, they were very clean, up to digital standards. A good glimpse of what they would look like if MGM ever got smart enough to release them!
Gary    Jan 15/2008 09:09 PST
I think it's fun to match the character actors on the Patrol shows with other roles they have played in other movies or TV shows. MADGE BLAKE played Robert Conrad's aunt (?) in the "Revenge" episode. Madge Blake was a chubby character actress in the 50's and 60's. She also played "Aunt Harriet" in the "Batman" TV show, and was one of the other kids' mothers on "Leave It To Beaver." :)
Mike     mikestraton@webtv.net    L.A.    Feb 22/2008 02:00 PST
She played Larry Mondello's mom on Beaver!

Gary    Feb 22/2008 23:33 PST
Gary, Great site! Thanks for keeping the show alive for those of us who are old enough to remember.
Alain Wilkinson     Encino Judo Club    Thousand Oaks, CA    Mar 21/2008 12:55 PST
Highway Patrol was one good show! As a child I watched it everyday on a channel out of Pittsburgh Pa. I've looked for it on reruns but have never found it.. A FREIND .,DAVE
David Walter Lazzell     dwl1230@hotmail.com    Morgantown,West Virginia,Monongalia Co.    Apr 16/2008 05:29 PDT
I watched the Highway Patrol on TV when I was a kid. The shows and the actors are still vividly with me.I loved the show and wished they would have them (reruns) back on again! I was a Highway Patrolman in Texas until I retired in 1997. I am touched to the heart with the TV series. May God Bless all of wonderful police officers! 10-4 , Pat.
Pat Alexander    Snyder, Texas USA !!!!!!!!!    Apr 19/2008 17:26 PDT
is the area by the hp school named after brodrick ? how about a 2150 by
bob    Apr 23/2008 20:24 PDT
ELENA     EFERRUCCI@AOL.COM    Apr 24/2008 18:05 PDT
Hi Gary
Just a quick note to say hi. Haven't made it out to calf yet but hope to one day and meet you in person and see that great car of yours. Take care.
Jon Anderson
Jon Anderson     jonspock@yahoo.com    Florence Ma 01062    May 04/2008 22:25 PDT
Hi Gary,
In 1957 my father brought home our first television set, plugged it in, turned it on, and there was Highway Patrol! It became a family favorite.
Thanks for the memories!

Mike B.    Lake Forest, CA, USA    May 07/2008 15:52 PDT
Great Site. I never get tired of listening.
Ralph    Ocala, Florida    May 26/2008 16:25 PDT
brings back a lot of memories. one of the reasons i became involved in law enforcementjohn
john berger    Jun 07/2008 09:01 PDT
Hi, I hope you will get my message and questions. It's great to have a site devoted to Highway Patrol which I watched faithfully as a teenager and came to love Broderick Crawford's manner, voice and "authority" delivering the most impossible lines. Now my questions.
1 I lived in Chicago and noticed after a time that Highway Patrol episodes not appearing in the prime-time slot had an opening title card that emblazoned the show's as "10-4". Do you have any info on this?
2nd question: I recently saw a clip of a film noir-ish movie on one of the satellite channels in which a character advises the character played by Broderick Crawford [who is about to go to a dangerous meet-up of some sort] to Be Careful. The Broderick Crawford character replies: "Thanks. I'll put your bullets in my gun". I almost died with joy over that great line! BUT, there is NOWHERE at Imdb, Turner Classics, OR Google that I can find the title of the movie or any details. Please, please! Do you know anything about it? Thanks, Jefferson Linck jlinck@jefferson-linck.net
Jefferson Linck      jlinck@jefferson-linck.net    Princeton NJ    Jun 15/2008 04:46 PDT
Jefferson on question #1 Ten-4 was Economee Films (a division of Ziv) version which was distributed while the show was still in first run so the re runs could generate income. Read more about this under our FAQs section, the Article section Hal Erickson, see the Ten-4 PR Kit on the Photos section. Question 2 - Not sure but sounds like it could have been from Down 3 Dark Streets.

Gary    Jun 15/2008 14:30 PDT
Jeff, in answer to your question.

Gary is very close with "Down Three Dark Streets" (1954) as the film you were looking for because in that film Marisa Pavan's blind girl character warns Crawford's FBI agent of possible danger, but in response he only smiles and thanks her.

The line in question is from "The Mob" (1951) and is a funny comeback line to his police boss who is the one sending him out on a dangerous undercover assignment!

Both of these are great films to watch and are among Broderick Crawford's best in his long career.

Ralph Schiller     ralph.schiller@rrb.gov    Winfield, IL USA    Jun 16/2008 08:34 PDT
You can get "The Mob" and "Down 3 Dark Streets" and many others on DVD from Rob in TN who has a giant list of noir films for only $9 + free shipping :) Email Rob directly at the blue lnk below (not mine) and tell him Mike in L.A. sent you, lol.
Mike     filmnoirfilms@hotmail.com    Los Angeles    Jun 22/2008 18:34 PDT
I saw "Down Three Dark Streets" myself just recently, and it's a good one. Crawford is an F.B.I. agent working on the case of a woman (Ruth Roman) who is the victim of an extortion plot. I didn't know anything about Ruth Roman before, but she was a very classy woman and a good actress. I also saw her in another movie called "Tomorrow Is Another Day" co-starring Steve Cochran, which is an excellent movie, one of the best I've ever seen, that is also available from Rob's list.
Mike     mikestraton@webtv.net    Los Angeles    Jun 22/2008 19:06 PDT
I think it was Down 3 Dark Streets that sparked the idea for Ziv to cast Broderick as a lawman.
Gary    Jun 23/2008 04:53 PDT
I was thinking the same thing myself!
Mike    L.A.    Jun 23/2008 06:11 PDT
There is a new book about the history of the CHP, with many, many photos from the early days and onward. The book is available at Barnes & Noble bookstores in California, but I don't know if it's sold in stores in other parts of the country. The book is published by arcadiapublishing.com. [more info on the sources page - webmaster].
Mike     L.A.    Jul 05/2008 17:49 PDT
I have looked for Highway Patrol in reruns for many years. I loved the show as a kid. I told my wife about the show many years ago she had never seen it. She got me a tape a few years ago that has two Highway Patrol shows along with a bunch of other shows on it. I have watched them over and over again. It was a great show sure wish they would make the seasons of it like they are of so many other shows.
George Hampson     gjh527@aol.com    Marion,Iowa    Jul 17/2008 12:18 PDT
There was/is an actress by the name of Jeanne Cooper who did several guest shots on the Patrol shows, the most memorable one being "Girl Bandit," in which she plays a very evil, conniving wife. But I know I have seen her in at least one or two of the other episodes also, (can't recall exactly which ones, and those episodes are not currently listed on her IMDB page). And I recently saw her in the 1957 thriller "Five Steps To Danger," in which she had a fairly decent role. That movie has been shown on TCM, and might turn up again sometime. I had assumed this actress was dead, but I looked up her name on IMDB, and guess what, she's still alive! She has a long list of credits on her IMDB page, up to and including 2008! Apparently she has been a regular on TV soap operas for years! According to IMDB, she is the mother of Corbin Bernsen and also has a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Who Knew! lol.
Mike    L.A.    Jul 20/2008 17:03 PDT
Mike, I enjoyed your post on Jeanne Cooper and that she is still with us. Turner Classic Movies is about to run another one of her early films "The Naked Street" (1955) on August 06, 2008. Her co-stars are Anthony Quinn, Anne Bancroft, and Farley Granger in a 'film noir' classic. I am going to watch it again thanks to you.
Ralph Schiller     ralph.schiller@rrb.gov    Winfield, IL USA    Jul 21/2008 06:47 PDT
and her picture from the episode can me found under Photos, 10-4!
Gary    Jul 21/2008 19:23 PDT
I was 12 Years old when this Great Show came on TV. In '55 The CHP used '55 Buicks The only year they drove them. My Dad also bought a Brand New '55 Century 4 4oor Riviera. That car was Fast my Older Brother would Blow Chevies Off with it (Of course Dad never knew!). No wonder CHP had them. The Show was interesting because TV was still in it's infancy and we Got to see some of the workings pf real Law enforcement back then. Broderick Crawford will always be remembered as Chief Dan Matthews with that HAT (Like Dad wore!)and his Advice at the end of each episode..And then "See you next week". What Great Memories!!
Rick     ric1b@hotmail.com    Pensacola Florida USA    Jul 27/2008 14:31 PDT
I have just written a book titled "Havana Before Castro: When Cuba Was a Tropical Playground" that is about the decades before 1959 when Havana was one of the liveliest holiday destinations on earth. It contains over 500 images in 256 pages and covers bars, restaurants, nightclubs, casinos, music and much more. It also includes photos from January 1, 1959 when Cuban police fired on looters fleeing from a casino that they were pillaging. The photo shows the officer standing behind the door of his Cuban police car. Please see my website: www.HavanaBeforeCastro.com My book launch party is being held in Los Angeles on Sept. 20 and I wanted to invite the owner of the 1957 Cuban police car (is it Jim or Gary?) to park in front of the venue to add authenticity to the event. Can you forward this email to him? Thanks
Peter Moruzzi     pmoruzzi@earthlink.net    Los Angeles    Jul 29/2008 14:40 PDT
Hello everybody,

I'm working on my master thesis about police movies. Due to the dazzling impact of television during the 1950s, I'm now writing a few pages on Highway Patrol. The articles I've found on this website have been very helpful, but if I want to reference to them correctly, I need their page numbers. Can anyone help me out here by sending me the page numbers of the following articles?
- Highway Patrol Review from TV Guide, January 14 1956
- TV's Newest Crimebuster from TV Stage, February 1957
- Frederic Ziv, 96, Pioneer in Television Show Syndication from Los Angeles Times, October 18, 2001
- Highway Patrol (1955-1959) from Syndicated Television, 2001
- Just Call Him Softy from TV-Guide, April 27 1957
- TV's Original "Highway Patrol" from The California Highway Patrolman, August 1992
- Highway Patrol: The Series from The Buick Bugle, November 1997
- Real Tales of the "Highway Patrol", October, 2002
(Scans in PDF of the original articles would even be better, but I realise that that may be too much to ask.)

Thanks a million!

Marijke     marijke.geysen@student.kuleuven.be    Belgium    Jul 31/2008 07:00 PDT
Peter - it is indeed Jim Martinez. Marijke - I just sent you the page #s.

Gary    Aug 01/2008 19:21 PDT
Hi Gary,

Thank you very much for helping me out.
I consider myself very lucky; since you were willing to put in a lot of time and effort in order to look up those page numbers for me.

Big "thank you"-kiss!


P.S.: Keep up the good work!
Marijke     marijke.geysen@student.kuleuven.be    Belgium    Aug 02/2008 09:10 PDT

Where can I find information about dodge d-500 2d sedan Highway patrol car (1956), 315 v8 super power red ram (hemi) state of eura California?

Emmi Schavikin     emmi1234@hotmail.com    Sep 01/2008 05:14 PDT
Check out Jim Martinez on the Fans page to see the 56 Dodge he restored...10-4!
Gary    Sep 02/2008 04:57 PDT
Well Jumpin' Jehosaphat - Another year has gone by & it's time to watch Highway Patrol again today on 10-4-08. My wife thinks I'm playing with half a deck watching H.P., but since I have to work today, I decided to watch one or two episodes at the wee hours of the morning while she's sleeping. This way she won't rock my boat - Everytime she rocks my boat, it takes the wind out of my sails - Not the first time it happened & it won't be the last.
ALAN    Oct 04/2008 03:04 PDT
Happy 10-4 Day 2008!
Gary    Oct 04/2008 03:44 PDT

This is a terrific website - thanks so much for putting it together so that those of us with such fond memories of this series can enjoy all this great "behind the scenes" material. PLEASE keep it going! Thanks again!

BTW: Back in February there was a post to the effect that Madge Blake (who played Larry Mondello's mom) had played Tommy Chugg's aunt in the 1959 HP episode "Revenge". The aunt was actually played by Lillian Culver, who also played Lucy Briscoe in the 1958 HP episode "Mother's March". Ms. Culver's appearance, voice, and mannerisms were very similar to those of Ms. Blake and I also thought that Ms. Blake had played both parts until I viewed the closing credits for the episodes.
Sam Spear     sspear@carolina.rr.com    Charlotte NC    Oct 13/2008 13:17 PDT
Thanks for the correction Sam!
Gary    Oct 15/2008 02:44 PDT
This was, like many of you, a show I grew up watching. It was on near supper time every day for years when I was probably 10 or so.

Fortunately, a local TV station ran episodes about 25 years ago. Though they are poor prints, they are complete and run around 25.5 minutes. They're fun to watch, and see some good guest stars including Robert Conrad.

It's interesting that Art Gilmore (the narrator) and William Boyett (Dan's often assistant) were both on ADAM-12 on a regular basis.
Christopher Brown     chrisandjoyce@rogers.com    Canada    Oct 25/2008 06:48 PDT
I grew up with watching this show it was the best. I still clearly remember it was on Ch. 5 at 3:00 PM.
I never missed a show
Glen S     Porschecab930@yahoo.com    Oct 29/2008 21:54 PST
Hi Gary, I'm here at Police headquarters baby sitting a prisoner and passing the time enjoying this great websight! You have added some neat stuff.
It was great seeing you in Boston this summer, my best to you & the family. Keep 21-50 rolling! You are a fine ambassador for the law enforcement community. GKM
Gary K. McNally    Seekonk, MA     Nov 05/2008 16:48 PST
One of the GREAT television series of the 60s along with all other WB and Ziv products. Thank you for what you gave us.
Malcolm James     malcolmjames@london.com    London, England    Nov 08/2008 09:00 PST
You do not use "contemporary" correctly on your site. It means "at the same time." A contemporary photograph, in the contect of this site, would be one taken around the same time as HP was filmed. A photograph taken in the present time would be a moderm photograph.
Dora    Nov 13/2008 21:31 PST
Thanks Dora. We will make corrections...10-4!
Gary    Nov 14/2008 08:32 PST
Regarding Jeanne Cooper ("Girl Bandit" ep), I saw her picture on the cover of one of those little soap opera digest magazines today while I was in the supermarket checkout line. I was in a hurry and didn't buy it. I guess she's one of the last living HP veterans around. Gary, have you tried to get an interview with her?
Mike    L.A.    Nov 17/2008 01:20 PST
She was great in "Girl Bandit" Mike. I will try to locate her...10-4!
Gary    Nov 20/2008 05:33 PST
Highway Patrol was one of my favorites growing up. I ended up becoming a cop for 15 years as a result of the show.Hope they will put the shows on DVD in the future.
Fritz Franz     frtzfrnz@yahoo.com    Athens, Alabama, USA    Nov 29/2008 00:08 PST
Absolutely great!!!! Just what I've been looking for all these years since 1959. Still wish all shows were available on DVD. Thanks!
Robert McGugin    Cookeville, Tn    Dec 11/2008 15:56 PST
I'm looking for the episode that shows Dan in a bar wuth a suspect "jimmy" who has been drinking. When Dan tries to get Jimmy to go with him, Jimmy flies into a rage and shouts "Jimmy wants another beer" several times.
Martha     marfslittlewillie@yahooo.com    Dec 30/2008 07:50 PST
I think you got the wrong show Martha. This sounds more like something from King of Diamonds.
Gary    Dec 31/2008 01:30 PST