Escaped Mental Patient
RN 1052

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In this scene we see Dan climb back over the wall to get to the HP car and start his road search for the mental patient.

In this scene we see Dan and the Official from the mental hospital climb over the wall to follow the tracker with the dogs down to the lake.

In this scene the dead body of a man the mental patient hitched a ride with killed him to take his car and assume his identity. And his body was dumped here in the bushes and was discovered by a motorist when the mental patient driving the stolen car leaving the scene cut off a motorist and the motorist went to investigate and found the body. And called Highway Patrol which put them closer to apprehending the mental patient.

In this scene Dan driving with Officer Garvey, Dan spots the car off to the side of the road.

Dan gets out of the car and walks along side of it with Garvey driving past as a way of cover so Dan can sneak up on the man and hopefully the woman is still alive.

In this scene we see Dan leaving the cover off the car with Garvey driving away and Dan climbing over the wall towards the car.

In this the closing scene of this episode we see Dan try to sneak up on the man and surprise him, but he steps on some brush and the man turns around and Dan claims that he has seen him play the violin. The woman is OK and Dan walks the man away as Garvey comes to the woman's aid.

In this scene we see Dan pull up to Dorsey at a roadblock speak with him and then take off again in search for the mental patient with the woman.
Photographs by Ron Hurwitz - the original image files are available.