10-4 Day   October 4, 2013

return to Fans

Painting by Len Nordmann
(prints available for purchase http://www.800autoart.com/)

Opening of 10-4 Day

Gary's Buick takes the lead position

BMW Mimi police car!

Fred Dryer from Hunter

Gina Elise with 2014 Pin-Ups for Vets Calendar with Gary's Car and Playboy model/sportscaster Leenann Tweeden
Calendar can be purchased at (http://www.pinupsforvets.com/)

Gary, Tom LaBonge, & Shotgun Tom Kelly

Larry Wilcox and Starsky & Hutch car owner Louis Cicciari

Hollywood Blvd.

Larry Wilcox on motor unit!

Brod's Star parking

Hollywood Blvd.

Jimmy Kimmel's studio

Proclamation to Florrie Shaen who was in Phony Cop & Gem Robbery

Fred Dryer

CHP leader addresses crowd
original image files are available.