Guestbook - 2022

I just watched the star and the car. What a great tribute to a great show, and a great man. I love the show. I am 61 years old. I truly enjoyed watching all the wonderful things you have been able to do. I think those were better times in our country when people actually respected and looked up to the police. Thanks for all you do... Jimmy Dietrich
jimmy Dietrich     jimd10941@yahoo.com    soddy daisy Tennessee    Feb 17/2022 08:22 PST
MeTV is not showing three episodes from season 2: Psycho, Motorcycle B, and Stripped Cars. I have asked them why but have gotten no response. Someone on IMDb wrote that two episodes have been withdrawn from syndication: Psycho and Motorcycle B. I don't think so. I think it's just that MeTV isn't airing them. I loved watching Highway Patrol when it was on ThisTV. They showed all the episodes, as well as the closing remarks by Broderick Crawford.
Debbie    Apr 04/2022 07:51 PDT
I believe there was another saying. “It’s better to arrive late, than died on time”.
Keith     Klawer@q.com    Denver, colorado    Jul 19/2022 14:32 PDT
Hoping you are still around, noticed there has been nothing since 1998.
Hope you are OK
Tony     alsiah@swbell.net    Houston, TX    Aug 15/2022 18:28 PDT
Did Dan Mathews really talk that fast?
Charles Jones     charles7608@att.net    Plainville    Oct 19/2022 12:03 PDT

This weekend the DECADES network is running 48 hours of Highway Patrol.
November 19 and 20, 2022. Be there or be square. 10-4
Jersey Mike    Swamps of Jersey    Nov 14/2022 21:44 PST
Hey spammer scum "semihcanphp@protonmail.com",
I hope Lt. Dan pulls you over and puts you in the same cell with Big Bubba
in Sing Sing.
Who after he finishes making sweet love to you, uses you as currency
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Though that's probably a step up for a loser reduced to making chump
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Jersey Mike    Swamps of Jersey    Nov 14/2022 21:56 PST
My big brother Bob and my younger brother Tom ... we are 75,73 and 72 years old. We grew up on highway patrol! Great show. great memories. thanks. I like all the neat old cars.
JIM LEE    SPRINGFIELD    Nov 25/2022 08:21 PST