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Season 2 "Amnesia" cracks me up toward the end. Dan is with the amnesiac when he is close to finding her husband. He points his revolver in the air then POW! The poor woman starts screaming her lungs out and Dan seems to look at her and think "oh crap, maybe is shouldn't have done that".
Michael Bonacio     mastercylinder@charter.net    Hesperia, CA    Jan 21/2021 19:15 PST
Thank you Gary, for the memories of my childhood, watching Highway Patrol!.
I enjoy your videos, and memories of my favorite male actors.
Denis Kacy    Feb 11/2021 08:05 PST
Dan Matthews: Friendly Neighborhood Killing Machine

Assumin' like m'sself, most of the fans of Crawford Patrol have watched all episodes several times since the overwhelming availability of digital gorging. Leading perhaps, for one to ponder how many corpses are counted as pistol notches on some ACTUAL highway patrolmen's grips?

According to the four seasons of the highway patrol television series(now this is just a rough guess you see), it seems to me like Dan Matthews Highway Patrolman killed at least 196 people in 4 years of simply showing-up for work at the highway patrol. Doesn't that make him one of the greatest highway patrolman mass-murderers in the history of the highway patrol anywhere? Or for that matter, Interpol, Navy seals, Texas rangers secret service, etc. etc?

The Canadian mounties always get their man? Ol' 502 got at LEAST one every week....with his service revolver
Flint     flintdinkersnatch@gmail.com    Mar 02/2021 16:55 PST
I just watched the video on YouTube. It was really enjoyable and brought back lots of old memories. If I may be permitted one comment one the car itself and I certainly don't intend to rain on Gary's parade. Nowhere in talking about the car and it being converted to "HP" species is this one aspect mentioned.
The actual TV car was a '55 Century 2-door sedan; that is with a center post as opposed to a pillarless "hardtop", which is what Gary's car is. The Century is often considered a precursor to the "Muscle cars" that were so popular in the 60's, that is, the engine of a larger, more prestigious model in a smaller, lighter body style. But the the "two door sedan with post" body style was only available as a "Special" (model 48) and the only 2 door Century (other than convertible) was the "hardtop" (model 66R). That the show car is a Century is shown by the "Century" script behind the doors and that it has 4 "Ventiports" (holes) in the front fenders. So, it appears that Buick made Century 2 door sedans especially for the CHP or for the show. Or they modified Special 2 drs into Centuries by adding a 'port and changing the script. I didn't read through all of the other comments to see if someone has beaten me to it, so I may be late to game.

Paul Dietzel     pauldietzel@verizon.net    Clearfield PA, USA    Mar 03/2021 09:51 PST
I wake up at 4:00 AM to watch Highway Patrol on MeTv. What a great series. No nonsense plots and acting, the scenery is great and I love the cars!
Rick Josel Morris     azmor99@yahoo.com    Bailey, Colorado    Mar 09/2021 10:14 PST
Broderick Crawford guest starred in a 5th season 1969 episode of Get Smart titled "The Treasure of C. Errol Madre".
In this The Treasure of the Sierra Madre satire, Maxwell Smart travels to the Mexican Outback to track down prospector C. Errol Madre(Crawford).
Similar to Max's shoe phone, Madre's donkey has a hoof phone which he
uses to call KAOS headquarters -

"2150 to headquarters. KAOS? Madre...yeah yeah I know what to do. Soon as we find the gold kill him. Yeah I'll be in touch. 10-4."

The in joke here(as you know) is that Crawford uses his Highway Patrol designation "2150" when he was Lt. Dan Mathews to sign on, and acknowledgement code "10-4" to sign off.
Except for a little paunch, I don't think I have seen The Crawfish (Mitchum's nickname for him) look in better shape post Highway Patrol.
He must have dropped 40 pounds.
Mike from Jersey    Mar 27/2021 20:56 PDT
Regarding the slob cluttering up the Guestbook with his/her crap:

"Hello YOU NEED QUALITY VISITORS FOR YOUR: highwaypatroltv.com ?

Why don't you get stuffed, you sad waste of space who is reduced to trying to "earn" money this way, at the expense of the fans who read this page.
In the words of my Aussie pal, "I'd rather be pissed on by a koala drunk
on gum leafs" than have to wade thru any more of your loser pleas.
Too bad Lt. Dan isn't around to give you a old fashion tune up behind
the station house.
Mike from Jersey    Swamps of Jersey    Mar 27/2021 21:09 PDT
Thanks, Mariana Luster for highwaypatroltv.com
Mariana Luster     mariana.luster@gmail.com    Santa CaterinaItaly    Jun 04/2021 16:33 PDT
Hey Gary, I dropped you an email about twenty or so years ago. I was a BIG fan of Broderick Crawford during the run of Highway Patrol. I used to come home from school and my Grandfather would be watching Highway patrol and it instantly captivated me. When I was 5-6 years old, I would ride my bike to the corner of Norwalk blvd. and Saragosa St. in Santa Fe Springs and watch the two C.H.P. Motor officers work "Deadman's curve" for speed violations. Then with Dragnet and especially Adam-12, I began my long trek to become a Law Enforcement Officer. Now, many years later, I have retired from Law Enforcement. A career that spanned 34 years and two agencies. I would like to meet you in person sometime over a cup o' joe. Let me know.
Daniel Miller     P31n2417@gmail.com    La Habra, Ca. 90631 U.S.A.    Jul 19/2021 23:18 PDT