Guestbook - 2017

Happy New Year to all Highway Patrol fans. This year we hope to have a book on the show that's been in the works out. Stay tuned and continue to have many happy Highway Patrols...10-4!
Gary    Jan 03/2017 18:08 PST
I just noticed this:
"Years ago I talked to the head of MeTV about doing intros to each episode dressed as Broderick standing by my 55 Buick and they were interested! I'd sure like to see them get the rights to the show.Gary"
Gary,that would be great! Maybe one of the other networks of that ilk might be interested, such as ANTENENA, COZI(which has in the past had a ultra fan introduce Magnum PI marathons)or H & I network. By the way, I always thought running ADAM-12 and Highway Patrol back to back would be a natural.
Mike from Jersey    Mar 20/2017 15:04 PDT
I would really enjoy doing them, Mike. Start a write in campaign...10-4!
Gary    Mar 28/2017 23:37 PDT
Hi Guys,
It appears as of September 5, ME-TV is showing Highway Patrol at 5 am weekdays. Lt. Dan rides again! be sure to go to ME-TV's web site and tell them how glad you are to see Highway Patrol on their network.
By the way the "77 Sunset Strip" series runs right before Highway Patrol. The 1st 5 seasons were fun or as Kookie would say, "the ginchiest", but the 6th season saw it remade as a Cold War spy show with only Efrem Zimbalist Jr. returning from the cast. Just terrible, as was Burke's Law when they also made the lead a secret agent, both series were then canceled.
But I digress.
Crawford is back, baby!

Mike from Jersey    Sep 03/2017 18:11 PDT
Mike by 64 with the cold war in full bloom, Kennedy assassinated, TV turned towards 'The Fugitive' which questioned the very fabric of our institutions.

Hurrah to MeTV...10-4!
Gary    Sep 07/2017 23:28 PDT
Mea Culpa. I had read that the 6th season of 77 Sunset Strip was remade into a crappy "spy" show without having seen those episodes. ME-TV is now running the 6th season and it was turned into a hard nosed PI noir style show, helmed by the actor/director William "Cannon" Conrad and Jack Webb.
The 5 episode arc that opens the new season is terrific with a roster of Hollywood guest stars that would cost untold bucks to replicate today. Zimbalist's new office is the iconic Bradbury Building, a visually fantastic place in LA that memorably featured in one of the 100 greatest episodes in tv history, "Demon with a Glass Hand" from Outer Limits. Plus the movie D.O.A.
This revised series should have been given a new name as it bears no resemblance to 77 Sunset Strip, the light hearted humor and the greatest collection of 1960's uber babe starlets ever assembled all gone.
It's a shame it didn't last because it's terrific in it's new format, going by what I have seen so far. Sorry Misters Webb and Conrad, wherever you boys are, ya done good and I will never disparage a series again without viewing it myself.
I know I'm off the Highway Patrol topic with this subject, but if I'm not mistaken wasn't Mister Crawford on a 77 Sunset Strip episode?
He sure turned up in a lot of shows, of late I have seen him in Burke's Law and Banacek and a Kraft Suspense Theater. There has never been another like him.
Mike from Jersey    Swamps of Jersey    Sep 20/2017 16:59 PDT