Guestbook - 2015

Happy New Year once again to all 'Highway Patrol' fans! 2015 begins our site's 17th year as the preeminent source of information on the classic series...10-4.
Gary    Jan 01/2015 18:08 PST
Enjoy your site. I too like many others was a big fan as a kid. I have been watching the reruns on THIS tv. It sure brings back a lot of good memories and so does your site. Thanks !
Paul    Ohio    Jan 16/2015 11:42 PST
I guess I am one of the few "youngsters" that found out about this show long after it aired originally. Started a new job about 3 years ago that causes me to be awake at odd hours of the night. My local tv provider show HP episodes at 0400. Ever since finding out about it I have talked friends into watching and have something more to talk with my parents about. Absolutely love the show! Favorite episode "Hot Cargo".
wesley     wes.j.guy@gmail.com    Coon Valley wisconsin    Jan 31/2015 18:45 PST
Gary, enjoy your website very much. I must admit I have not read every word of this website, so I might be repeating something. However, I was looking something up in the April 6, 1957 edition of Billboard Magazine on americanradiohistory.com In fact I did not know Billboard Magazine covered television programming quite extensively in the 50's. The first 20 pages or so talk quite a bit about syndicated programming plus lots of tv ratings market by market. You can see Highway Patrol has a 36.3 share on WHIO in Dayton Tuesday at 9 or a 12.9 on KTTV Moday's at 9.

On page 9 of this edition the headline read FEATURE SET FOR "HIGHWAY" the three sentence story HOLLYWOOD--Ziv-TV is reported preparing to produce a feature film version of its top-rated feature film show, "Highway Patrol", staring Broderick Crawford. The movie, according to the rumor, will be in wide screen and in color. This would be the first movie to be produced by Ziv, tho it has been known for some time that the firm was interested in making movie versions of its tv shows.

Monte    Feb 09/2015 16:59 PST
Dan matthews, this for you I have just finished watching an episode. I was very young when highway patrol first came on,now I watch it everyday, I love it I reconcile a lot of the actor's Stuart Whitman, terry frost, and guy Williams among others. (RIP)Dan matthews.
j√≥anna Thomas      jt64236@gmail.com    Richmond, va    Mar 27/2015 04:28 PST
Hi Guys,
After introducing Highway Patrol to my buddy, he has become a bigger fan than I am. He tells me that in episode #77, Hostage Copter, there is a scene of a patrolman in his car chasing the bad guys and he fires over 10 shots at them. From a six shot revolver.
Mike from Jersey    Apr 07/2015 19:48 PDT
Hi Gary. Great site and some amazing history, pictures, information of one of my favorite shows then and now on DVD and You Tube. And I have an idea for you. The first show aired Oct 3, 1955...60 years ago. Not sure if the annual 10-4 day will be on the 3rd, a Saturday, or the 4th, a Sunday, but what about trying to have a reunion party on the 3rd at the Saugus Cafe. Maybe even a bus tour of locations in and around LA, Santa Clarita, the Canyons. And to keep the thought going asking UCLA or a local theater company to put a show on Sat night, maybe the First Episode on a big screen and invite former actors from the show, or their children. For example, Caren Bernson, daughter of Jeanne Cooper, the "Girl Bandit" from Season 1, Episode 15, shot on location at the Saugus Cafe...still in operation. Maybe offer rooms for out of town guests (like me) at a motel from one of the shows. Food for thought! I can offer to help and I am sure others on this site could volunteer as well. Imagine if Clint Eastwood showed up on a Harley Motorcycle?
Nicholas Conger     Nicholasconger@bac.edu    Haymarket, Virginia    Apr 21/2015 22:32 PDT
Hello Gary,
I've also enjoyed my second visit with Highway Patrol. Of course 60 years later you see things in a different light. I retired from the NYPD in 1987 with the rank sergeant, with that in mind it's hard to believe what a simpler time we lived in. I get the impression that while they may have had the technical assistance of the CA HPD it wasn't used very often. They used the clamshell holsters and unfortunately it took two hands to holster the gun. If they had a perp they would stick their service revolver inside their pants in order to have two hands to cuff the prisoner.

About 5 months ago I was having a dinner with friends and I told them about the show and the things I had found interesting. One the guys I worked with said I've got a story for you. In the mid to late 1970's he was in Los Vegas and a man walking in front of him fell. He went over and started to help him up and the next thing the guy takes a swing at him. Well it's Broderick Crawford and to be kind he may have had one to many. Most of us have been their and I would never throw stones. Thanks for the great website and all the information. GOD BLESS
Jack H.    May 26/2015 18:06 PDT
How do I find the Canada Dry commercial with Broderick Crawford ?
MIKE NOVAK-SMITH     novaksmith@charter.net    RIVERSIDE, CA    Jun 03/2015 14:58 PDT
I just discovered this website and wow... great work! I look forward to learning more about the show here. I'm 22 so the show is obviously way before my time, but thanks to THIS TV here in Portland Oregon I've been able to watch it for the past 4 or 5 years now and it's among my favorites.

I was wondering if anyone here knows where "Armored Car" was filmed. There's the Shermart as well as "Paul's Radio Service" and "The Four Star Cafe". Obviously it's California I'm just not sure where. There's alot of great street scenes in this show but I often can't figure what town they are.

Many thanks for keeping up such a great site here!
Best wishes,
Austin Casey     kingoliver45@gmail.com    Portland, Oregon, USA    Nov 13/2015 02:58 PST
Get the new book on Highway Patrol locations which is listed on our site under sources, 10-4!
Gary    Nov 14/2015 23:22 PST
I've missed this site. Glad to have it back, Gary.
Debbie    Nov 21/2015 04:53 PST
Gary and Glenn, I am so glad you guys are back and are out there patrolling the highways and byways with Lieut.Dan . Thanks for all the work that goes into this site.
By the way what do you think of a movie remake of Highway Patrol with the now heftier and older Dan Ackroyd? This would be right up his alley, if he could just restrain himself a tad and not go too far over with the silly buggers stuff he did with Dragnet, the first half of which is very good.

Mike from Jersey    Swamps of Jersey    Nov 30/2015 16:58 PST