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Happy New Year once again to all 'Highway Patrol' fans! 2014 begins our site's 16th year as the preeminent source of information on the classic series. Mark your calendars and plan to attend our 11th Annual 10-4 Day in Hollywood.

Gary    Jan 01/2014 02:03 PST
"Until then remember: the clowns at the circus they're real funny. But on the highway they're murder"

Hi Gary,
I enjoy the work you have done at this site. If you were to do a Highway Patrol book, you have already made a great start. Bear Manor publishes niche media books, maybe they would be interested in a H.P. effort from you.
Just a thought.
I note that THIS tv is editing out Lt. Dan's driving safety tips at episodes' end. Plus they edited out Mike Nelson's tips about sea diving in Sea Hunt.
Happy New Year. Mike
Mike from Jersey    Jan 07/2014 17:30 PST
Dan was Chief, or simply the head of the Highway Patrol, 10-4!
Gary    Jan 08/2014 09:31 PST
"Until then remember - reckless driving doesn't determine who's right, only who's left"...Lt.Dan Matthews

This morning THIS ran episode 89,Convicted Innocent. A woman calls the Highway Patrol, tells the dispatcher Carson's Filling Station is being held up.
He pauses her, goes on the radio net and alerts the HP that a robbery is in progress at Carsons. The dispatcher then hangs up on her,goes back on the radio and relays a description of the getaway car, it's license number and that it's heading out on Highway 118. Since he's not in on the heist, how does the dispatcher know this?
Once you have seen an episode more than once you start noticing cameras reflected in store glass or in a cars paint job. My brother Greg enjoyed pointing out that in Dragnet, Joe Friday would be on the phone for 10 seconds then relay 2 minutes of information. Or that on the NYC set McCloud one could at times spot palm trees in the background.
So Gary,did you happen to notice some instance on Highway Patrol of an obvious production mistake? Actually I think its a credit to the producers that for a location bound series there are so few errors.
Mike from Jersey    Jan 14/2014 13:38 PST
Herb Strock told me many stories of instances like that due to Ziv being on a very tight budget. Look how many times they use the same footage of a 54 Olds, or 55 Buick, or 56 Merc going code 3 only to have a different unit show up at the crime scene. Herb often would fight with them to increase the artistic integrity of the production and eventually parted ways with them...10-4.
Gary    Jan 14/2014 18:00 PST
Gary, I have an Andy Griffith show Mayberry sheriffs car. It is a 63 ford galaxie correct down to the door decalBOB.I would like to be in your 10-4 parade for 2014, if you are going to have one. I am a retired cop ,32 years on the job. Please send me details about the parade.
BOB NEELY     suendbob@netzero.com    Helendlale, Ca. USA    Mar 09/2014 19:33 PST

We would love to have your car in it. All details are posted on our site, 10-4.
Gary    Mar 14/2014 01:08 PST
One of the greatest shows ever made. I used to watch it with my Dad when I was 5 years old. He bought me the friction car. Wish I still had it and him. Thanks for a great website, 10-4!
Ernie Clark    Battle Creek, Michian USA    Apr 13/2014 03:10 PDT
As of 5/8/14, Highay Patrol is no longer on THIS TV.
Tuxx Deluxx    May 08/2014 08:02 PDT
Highway Patrol back on ThisTV as of 5/9/14.
Tuxx Deluxx    May 11/2014 06:51 PDT
THIS-TV it appears never kill off Highway Patrol! If they ever do then Me-TV is waiting in the wings. I did a screen test for them a few years ago in which I introduced an episode in front of my 55 Buick as Dan Mathews. Me-TVs founder like it and said he use me if they ever got the show from MGM owner THIS-TV...10-4.
Gary    May 11/2014 07:41 PDT
Has anyone seen the episode titled careless cop? Dan Mathews appears to be wearing slippers and no socks!
crawfordfan    Jun 10/2014 13:10 PDT

That has to be you in the photo on Page 2 of the current issue of National Examiner dated June 16, 2014! You are wearing your trademark fedora and sunglasses and using the Highway Patrol car radio. There is a stunning model leaning against the highly-waxed front hood of the squad. The article is about the 'Pin-Ups For Veterans' where models dressed like 1940's starlets cheer up the vets!
Ralph Schiller     ralph.schiller@rrb.gov    Winfield, IL USA    Jun 11/2014 11:46 PDT
Hi Guys,
Crawfordfan wrote:

Has anyone seen the episode titled careless cop? Dan Mathews appears to be wearing slippers and no socks!

That's a big 10-4 Crawdaddy! I thought I was seeing things, after all how could that get by the producers? Given Broaderick's love of the grape, it might have been one of those times they were lucky to get the scene filmed on a "morning after". It was a different era then, Lee Marvin once drank the entire cast of Combat in to a stupor in a all night bout at their private on set bar in the MGM French village, all the actors except Lee were MIA when 7 am came and filming was to start.
Mike from Jersey    Jun 12/2014 15:19 PDT
In many episodes he wears tennis shoes, 10-4!
Gary    Jun 13/2014 03:40 PDT
Hi Gary and Guys,
Last November 4th I posted and detailed why, that Joe Flynn in the episode "Taxi" did the finest acting in the entire run of Highway Patrol as the protagonist bad guy. Another poster insisted it wasn't Flynn but some one named Bryon Kane. It may be small beer but it irked me so I just looked up Kane's photo and there is no way in heck he is the "bad guy" in Taxi, no way Jose. Give Joe "Captain Wally Binghampton" Flynn his due, the man could do both drama and comedy, and he was downright scary at times in Taxi. I can't think of any other episode where a guest star so dominated and down right stole the whole show.

Mike from Jersey    Swamps of Jersey    Jun 24/2014 21:13 PDT
I've really been enjoying reading about Highway Patrol on your site. I've just started watching it on THIS TV. Probably haven't seen it since the early sixties. As someone who enjoys looking for old movie/TV locations, I especially enjoy looking at your now photos of locations (How about adding a new section!). They sure did a lot of extensive on-location filming. I was just watching the "False Confession" episode and found the area fascinating; it seemedto be a somewhat rundown area. Using your one now photo of 934 N. Centennial St, I think I may have found the warehouse that was robbed by "driving" thru the area using Google. Take a look at 860 Figueroa Terrace. They took out the ivy by the sidewalk and it looks like another buildng was built that blocks the view up the street but I think this might be it. Thanks for the great site! 2152 10-4!
MikeD    Long Island NY    Jul 01/2014 09:06 PDT
Hi Guys, One of the more exciting episodes is #8 Radioactive(1955) wherein radioactive material in a casing is stolen and Lt. Matthews has to recover it before it's opened and fatally poisons someone. Fast forward 59 years and today the AP ran a story out of Mexico City. Someone robbed a truck and stole a casing that contains radioactive iridium and the police are trying to find it before it fatally kills the person who opens it.
Its kind of a odd twist on the ending of Dragnet episodes,"the story you have seen is true", in this case the ZIV people could have posted "the story you have seen will be true in 59 years".
Mike from Jersey    Jul 05/2014 18:58 PDT
Hi there. I just started watching this show on THIS TV. It comes on pretty early in the morning so I DVR each episode. I've always liked Broderick Crawford, older TV shows in general and especially like all the location shots of this show, which I understand was not the norm back in the 50's. I don't remember watching this show in reruns as a kid growing up in the 60's, so now each episode is brand new to me! I find the era, the then rural settings (in many cases) and the cast very interesting! I am so happy this is being shown again. I don't watch very much network TV shows, mostly classic TV and movie channels.
Sil Adkins    Jul 23/2014 05:41 PDT
One of the all time great T.V. series and one of the greatest starring performances in television history.
Vaughn Banks     DLoGoToP83@GMail.Com    Eastpointe, MI, U.S.A.    Jul 27/2014 19:13 PDT
Awesome show.Dan Matthews lives on.10-4.
Dane Brandy    Aug 04/2014 08:30 PDT
Hi Gary,
I was wondering if you ever hear from the families of the Highway Patrol production crew(I assume most all of the crew have passed on)who might share some stories of the filming and of the Great Crawford. Might they share with you some on set photos you havent run across before? I am still hoping you may one day write a Highway Patrol book. Until then remember,
"if you care to drive, drive with care".
Mike from Jersey    Support Your Local Sheriff(RIP James Garner)    Aug 04/2014 17:20 PDT
in the mid 1950's i watched it at 4 PM , now at 64 i watch it at 4 AM at wuoa in bhm,al

.. used to practice with my imaginary 38spl snub nose , now i do with the real ones ...
billy spruiell     billyspruiell@gmail.com    leeds,al USA    Aug 19/2014 00:15 PDT
Thanks to THIS tv, for airing HighWay Patrol, and other great Classic TV shows, from an era way before Communism got ahold of our once great country. If only one person gets a "changed" mind from being too far left to just Right, from watching how good our country was, it will be worth it!
Robert Steele     rnlsteele@comcast.net    Rochester    Sep 15/2014 00:43 PDT
Happy 10-4 Day!
Gary    Oct 04/2014 04:39 PDT
Happy Broderick Crawford Day !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jupiter Dave     Jupiter, Florida USA    Oct 04/2014 14:59 PDT
"Episodes" has an error. Deadly Diamonds and Gem Robbery are tranposed.
Brian Mayes     b.mayes@orange.fr    France    Oct 08/2014 20:08 PDT
Robert Steele wrote:
"Thanks to THIS tv, for airing HighWay Patrol, and other great Classic TV shows, from an era way before Communism got ahold of our once great country. If only one person gets a "changed" mind from being too far left to just Right, from watching how good our country was, it will be worth it!"

Hi Bobby,
You might get a kick out of THIS now running the 'lost' episodes of Highway Patrol. Take yesterdays episode. Ironically - as he later portrayed Hoover in a movie - Crawford's Lt. Dan comes across J. Edgar Hoover (on vacation from looking for commies)in a highway rest room, in a dress, with his 'friend' Clyde Tolson. Though Lt. Dan takes the duo to the nearest jail, they are bailed out by Corporal Klinger, back home from the Korean War but still able to appreciate women's fashions, especially on a clothes horse like Edgar.
Disgusted, Dan drives over to The Real McCoys farm to drink moonshine with Granpaw McCoy and lament the good old days of the 1910's when the country was still great and oddballs like Hoover werent fliting about.

Mike from Jersey    Swamps of Jersey    Oct 16/2014 17:47 PDT
I really enjoyed the Highway Patrol Series, and it, as well as Broderick Crawford, playing Dan Mathews, was the best of the best. We got our first TV in late summer of 1955, and Highway Patrol was one of the very first shows I ever watched. Having watched all 156 episodes, I still never tire of watching the shows. Thank You for this website, and I will tell others of it.


Craig G Smith     cr9smi@yaho.com    Sacramento CA USA    Dec 11/2014 15:18 PST