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Happy New Year to all 'Highway Patrol' fans! 2013 begins our site's 15th year as the preeminent source of information on the classic series. Mark your calendars and plan to attend our Annual 10-4 Day. This will be the 10th one held and sure to be a blow-out celebration in Hollywood.
Gary    Jan 01/2013 01:49 PST
Does anyone know if the THIS or it's sister COZI network have any plans to start rerunning Highway Patrol again? I don't know how these new "networks" are defined, they at times will flash the WPIX logo, which is a NYC station.
Do the large stations sport many little such offshoots? I would assume that would be good, as it is then more likely they will show older shows such as Highway Patrol. Heck, COZI shows Hopalong Cassidy.
Mike from Jersey     brassrazoo@aol.com    New Jersey    Jan 31/2013 17:47 PST
I suspect they are giving the show a rest and will bring it back in the future. I have also contacted the founder of MeTV and to see if they would be interested in running the series and they are. However he told me because the show is owned by MGM it's probably going to remain on THIS...10-4!
Gary    Feb 01/2013 08:54 PST
DVD news - tvshowsondvd.com is reporting that TGG Direct (an official licensee of MGM-TV properties) will make seasons 2, 3, and 4 of Highway Patrol available on DVD on April 2. The price will reportedly be $24.95 per season. I have purchased TGG Direct's offerings of "Bat Masterson" and "Sea Hunt" and have found the quality to be excellent and the releases a terrific value for the price. The only caveat I'd offer is that their initially stated release dates are sometimes a bit optimistic. If you're watching for the DVDs and they aren't yet available by April 2, don't panic.
Sam Spear     sspear@carolina.rr.com    Charlotte NC USA    Feb 13/2013 17:07 PST
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long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Glad I'm doing what I'm doing at this time!
Anti H.S. Reunion    Feb 19/2013 09:19 PST
I just pre-ordered the newly released seasons 2,3, and 4 thru Amazon. I have two complete sets from other companies already but the quality in some episodes isn't the greatest and some of Mr. Crawford's tips at the end are missing in some episodes.

I am hoping these will have the same quality as the MGM Season 1 has.

Susan Bowers     kc4sqw@tampabay.rr.com    Lakeland    Feb 19/2013 14:09 PST
Susan: With regard to the quality of the DVDs, I'm optimistic based on my experience thus far with TGG Direct's releases from its MGM-TV licensing agreement. I noticed that "Highway Patrol" is at a higher price point per season ($24.96) than either "Bat Masterson" or "Sea Hunt," but assuming the quality is similar, I would still regard the price as VERY reasonable.
Sam Spear     sspear@carolina.rr.com    Charlotte NC USA    Feb 23/2013 11:19 PST
Is 'mountain cabin' #16 (blatz beer) the only episode that has the original commercials??
cory    Feb 23/2013 14:17 PST
That bootleg copy is as far as I know the only one with vintage commercials, 10-4!
Gary    Feb 24/2013 18:46 PST
Hi All
Early last year I bought the entire set for 100 and some dollars....$125 or something like that. These discs were shipped from China and have a greenish label with a picture of "Dan" holding a mic. The quality is FAIR to POOR and they do,indeed have the original commercials. The MGM version is probably MUCH better quality and I would assume that they are probably about the same as what they put on TV.
Stu    Cherry Hill NJ    Feb 27/2013 07:55 PST
DVD Update: Box art for TGG Direct's releases of Seasons 2, 3, and 4 of Highway Patrol has been posted at amazon.com. I could SWEAR that Gary's Buick is the one pictured on the front of all three boxes! (But it's also possible that someone just did an exemplary job of colorizing an original production still.) I'm also pleased to note that the price per season has been lowered to $21.97.
Sam Spear     sspear@carolina.rr.com    Charlotte NC USA    Feb 28/2013 13:01 PST
Here is what THIS TV told me re Highway Patrol in Nov. 2012:
As you know, most of our series are older programs. Many of them are not closed captioned and the FCC gave us a grace period to get all programming 100% closed captioned and we are nearing the end of that grace period.

In order to comply with the FCC regulations for closed captioning, we had to switch out a few programs while we go through the process of closed captioning them. The replacement programs are already closed captioned so they are allowing us to strategically get it all done in a reasonable amount of time. Once our library is 100% in compliance, those programs will return to the schedule.

Debbie    Mar 02/2013 05:56 PST
DVD Update: Not unexpectedly (to me anyway) there has apparently been a delay in the shipment of the TGG Direct DVDs for Season 2 and Season 3. As of today (April 3), only a few sets of the Season 4 DVDs from TGG Direct have shipped from Amazon.com. I received one of the Season 4 sets and can confirm that the shows look very good (if anything, the quality is better than the Season 1 DVDs from MGM MoD). As I posted earlier, TGG Direct's product is high quality and good value, but the company's initially stated release dates often prove to be too optimistic. We'll have to wait a little longer for the remaining seasons, but early returns indicate that the product will be worth the wait.
Sam Spear     sspear@carolina.rr.com    Charlotte NC    Apr 03/2013 19:18 PST
Just checked This TV schedule: Highway Patrol is back beginning tomorrow (4/30/13) at 4 a.m. (ET).
Debbie    Apr 29/2013 17:32 PDT
Thank you so much for posting about the return of Highway Patrol on THIS! Plus Sea Hunt is on right after. I am so happy, you can paint me yellow and call me a cab. Mike from Jersey

Mike from Jersey     brassrazoo@AOL.com    New Jersey     Apr 29/2013 21:11 PDT
Yes, thanks for posting this info. We will get it listed on the main page of the site, 10-4!
Gary    Apr 30/2013 04:27 PDT
Hi Gary,
I'm curious, after reading about your mostly CF public appearances, is Highway Patrol still popular and a part of the CF culture? Perhaps because of the location filming, that it captured a CF that no longer exists, it has greater appeal for the natives there than say on the east coast,as I feel like the lone fan here in Jersey.
Mike     brassrazoo@aol.com    Swamps of Jersey    May 01/2013 20:03 PDT
Hi Mike
Your not the ONLY fan in NJ. I'm in Cherry Hill (near Phila.) and was very dissapointed when THIS in Philadelphia stopped showing HP. Even though I have the complete series on DVD's I still watched them on TV if I was up. I called the station in Phila. and they told me that they will NOT be returning the show. I guess the network doesn't require all stations to carry the same programing.
Stu    May 04/2013 12:41 PDT
I did receive Seasons 2,3, and 4. They are all clear and easy to watch. There are two episodes that have slight flaws: Slain Cabby and Hostage Officer. There are a few places where the sound cuts out for a second or two.

Also, the episode lists are not correct for Season 3. But, then you have probably already noticed that. :) All they really need to do is reprint the cover and lists.

I am seriously thinking about getting different disc holders so that each disc has its own holder. When 2 and 3 came, some of the discs were not seated properly and were free-floating, causing some scuffing. They still play good though.

I am just glad to have a good set to watch. :)
Susan Bowers     kc4sqw@tampabay.rr.com    Lakeland    May 04/2013 23:25 PDT
ThisTV isn't showing Highway Patrol every day. The schedule shows only six airings in May. I don't really mind. I'll take what I can get. I don't like the 4 a.m. time slot though. Wish ThisTV would move Highway Patrol back to 5 a.m.
Debbie    May 08/2013 07:22 PDT
Sadly, I just read that jeanne cooper has just passed from an undisclosed illness at the age of 84. She appeared in 'girl bandit' #15 as Louise Douglas. She looked very sexy in this episode driving a 1952 ford confortable (star shaped parking lights) her hair blowing in the wind while smoking a cigarette. I loved the way she drove off in guy prescott's mercury convertible while he was in the gas station.

Warren Siddons    May 08/2013 13:07 PDT
Very sad news about Jeanne Cooper. I watched her on Young and the Restless for many years. "Girl Bandit" episode airs tomorrow at 4 a.m.
Debbie    May 08/2013 18:39 PDT
I Heard That Jeanne Cooper Died She Did A Highway Patrol Episode I Wear My Fedora Just Like Broderick Crawford Does On Highway Patrol.
Delbert "Dellie Goose" Hutchinson      DELLIEGOOS@AOL.COM     Tacoma,Washington,USA     May 10/2013 14:44 PDT
Absolutely LOVE this show! As a retired cop I really enjoy watching Highway Patrol on thistv. But, got a question: In the fourth season an older man, often with wire-rimmed glasses, is often seen in uniform...either in the office, driving, etc. This man NEVER speaks or says a word. I doubt he had a stroke, etc., as he moves pretty well. Can anyone tell me who this is and what is his story? Thanks
Scott Robinson     sgtscott93@comcast.net    Nashville, Tennessee    May 13/2013 19:09 PDT
Ziv was known for being frugale and used employees to fill in place of actors, 10-4...
Gary    May 20/2013 04:05 PDT
Gary~could you please mention the names of ZIV employees who were used as actors/actresses?? 10-4
Lee    May 20/2013 08:17 PDT
Did Medford Road become Las Virgenes Road? Thanks
Doug Wagner     carldw@aol.com    Bakersfield, CA, USA    May 28/2013 22:17 PDT
Ron Hurwitz our expert on HP locations said; Las Virgenes Road has always been its name and Medford Road was the name only used for the episode Prison Break, 10-4!
Gary    May 29/2013 15:16 PDT
Hi Guys,
According to a friend William Boyett appeared on two Star Trek TNG episodes, she presuming Roddenberry's writing for ZIV shows and Leonard Nimoy's acting on those series resulted in both knowing him well. She said his cop character was even called Lt. Dan something in tribute to Broderick Crawford's character.
Does anyone know if this was the case?

Mike from Jersey     Brassrazoo@aol.com    Jun 22/2013 17:44 PDT
Boyett was in an STNG episode but not sure of the HP tie in. He did lot's of guest roles and was such a great guy as were all of them...Gilmore, Strock, Heffley, Runyon, Daniels, and more. I was blessed to get to know them and miss them dearly...10-4!
Gary    Jun 22/2013 21:54 PDT
Beginning July 1, This TV will air Highway Patrol at 5 a.m. (ET) Monday through Friday (with Sea Hunt following at 5:30 a.m.).
Debbie    Jun 27/2013 17:06 PDT
Just saw "Highway Patrol" actor Michael Garth ("Lookout" and three other episodes) portraying a Scoutmaster on the "Young Fliers" episode of "Timmy and Lassie." One of the neat things about watching these old shows is seeing the actors on different shows, including some on the then unknowns(i.e. Clint Eastwood) that went on to bigger and better things. "Lookout" was probably Garth's best HP role.
Rick Xander     maxefforft56@yahoo.com    Moon Township, PA , USA    Jul 14/2013 07:46 PDT
i love highway patrol
neil     neil1949fastback@yahoo.com    Jul 20/2013 08:00 PDT
Sadly, Gail Kobe just passed at the age of 84, (some sources say 82). She played the secretary, Susan Keefe in 'the search' #40. Richard Vath did an outstanding job playing Irv Desmond in this episode.
warren siddons    Aug 03/2013 20:50 PDT
i love hwypatrol i rember it when i was a kid i love thecars i watch it all time now that its on my tv but you always see a reflection on the sides of the cars on every show i wonder why they never saw it on filming thanks neil
neil     neil1949fastback@yahoo.com    Aug 06/2013 12:41 PDT
If you look closely at those reflections sometimes you can see members of the crew or large lighting fixtures...I look for things lke that! LOL Glad to see that the THIS Network station in Philadelphia has resumed showing HP at 5:00AM
Stu    Cherry Hill NJ    Aug 06/2013 14:17 PDT
Watched this show back in the 50's and caught it on THIS-TV vacationing upstate NY.Absolute classic in every respect especially the street scenes of cars in the 50's.The Patrol Cars are amazing especially those '55 Buicks in the early eps.Watching the first season eps available online the last few days and really enjoying them. 10-4
Carl Martucci    Mahwah NJ    Aug 18/2013 09:43 PDT
I always remember Highway Patrol and have visited Broderick Crawford's grave. Please continue to post 10-4 day videos. Also love the cars. Shows like that were really great and I am usually awake to see Highway Patrol on THIS TV
Rick Fallis     rhfallis@gmail.com    Broadalbin New York USA    Aug 24/2013 19:39 PDT
I grew up with the show and loved it then as now. I own the entire series on DVD and watch frequently. They just dont make shows like this anymore
steve marshall    Tempe Arizona USA    Aug 29/2013 23:18 PDT
tom shields     shieldstom42@yahoo.com    clearwater fl. usa    Sep 06/2013 03:14 PDT
Happy 10-4 Day!
Gary Goltz    Oct 04/2013 02:10 PDT
I still like watching Highway Patrol, and today I will watch as many episodes as I can.
It's one of my favorites today as it was back then. As my VHS Tapes were getting
worn out 5 years ago, I made the effort to transfer them to DVD, and it was well
worth it. I hope I-Tunes will eventually get them, so I can have them on my I-Pod.
I did send in a request to I-Tunes for them, and hope some others will do the same.

Alan    Oct 04/2013 05:36 PDT
Hi Guys,
Has anyone noticed that in some episodes Broderick Crawford's face looks like he went 10 rounds with the entire USMC? Actor Ed Asner said Broderick belonged to the "Kick and Slap Club", an informal group of hard drinking actors
who would kick or slap each other when they first met up, often leading to fisticuffs. Lon Cheney once ran into Broderick in a bar and the next thing he knows he's waking up on the floor hours later after Lon had slapped Crawford too hard in greeting. Asner says that in a movie that was an early version of North to Alaska, the initial fight scene in the surf- Cheney claimed Wayne
stole itframe for frame in his version - quickly became real and he actually knocked out Crawford, dropping him into the surf,which they kept in the movie.
Sounds childish today, but I gather back when it was still part of the old brawling Irish American culture you can see in old John Ford movies or
the Bowery Boys. Regardless, I still think Mister Crawford is aces in Highway Patrol.
Mike from Jersey    Oct 07/2013 18:40 PDT
Jon Locke has died from complications from a stroke @ the age of 86. He played Patrolman Garvey in at least five early episodes. (ron foster also played Garvey in later episodes)

In 'hitch hiker' # 6, can you remember the puzzled look on his face when he asked the doctor how to spell "occipital" fracture. He also did a great job in 'kidnap copter' # 41 co-starring with jay douglas who played Len Dorsey.

Warren Siddons    Oct 23/2013 07:44 PDT
Jon Locke was a really nice guy who I got to meet on several occasions. He loved talking about working with Broderick and was proud to have been in some of the great early episodes that really establish the show. 10-4 Jon!
Gary    Oct 24/2013 03:59 PDT
I noticed that THIS network is running Addams Family reruns tonite at 5 am instead of Highway Patrol and Sea Hunt. Maybe it's just for the Halloween weekend, hopefully they haven't replaced Highway Patrol again.
Mike from Jersey    Nov 01/2013 17:54 PST
ThisTV appears to be under new ownership (Tribune instead of Weigel). On Friday, 11/1, I turned on Highway Patrol at 5 a.m. only to see a test pattern. Outer Limits had aired at 4 a.m. but after that nothing for hours.

The TV schedule says Highway Patrol will air 3 back-to-back episodes on Monday, 11/4. That would be nice if they would air all the episodes. For months, ThisTV has only been showing about 10 episodes out of 40 per season. When I contacted them back in July, they told me they were working to gain the rights to air all of the episodes. I guess I need to buy the DVDs.
Debbie    Nov 02/2013 05:58 PST
Hi Gary,
Last night THIS ran an episode I don't think I recall having seen before,"Taxi" starring a young Joe Flynn(McHales Navy)as a killer. For my money this is one of the best in the series, Flynn's acting is outstanding as a nasty killer, the kid whose sports car( a beaut, does anyone know what model it is?)he swipes is good too. The directing has interesting shots such as when Dan and an aide are talking in a moving car, this in the days before Adam-12 famously innovated the car the actors are in being actually attached to the filming vehicle in front. The background footage is also more interesting than in the all rural episodes, stores/houses/cars/people a slice of life from that time.
Though a small man, Flynn's hood is truely scary and has you worrying what he will do next. Flynn creepily chucking the old house wife under the chin also conveys a sexual menace,a nice understated example of a good actor's "bit of business".
Just an aside, at about the 12 minute mark after exiting a shack and as he nears his car's front fender,Broderick gestures and says something obviously directed to the camera crew to his right.
Gary, have you ever listed your 10 favorite episodes, I'd be curious as to your choices.
Mike From Jersey    Nov 04/2013 17:16 PST
The ones I gave 5 stars are my favorites. Most of the early ones with the 55 Buicks, any directed by Herb Strock, and many copter ones rate high on my list...10-4.
Gary    Nov 04/2013 22:43 PST
Hi Gary,
Boy am I dumb, of course I should have thought of your star system and seen what episodes you like best. Doh! As for the copter episodes, I enjoy them too, they were a big reason I watched the show back in 1964 in Chicago when I was five. I didnt get to see the series again till THIS started up with them a few years ago, but all thru growing up my idea of a police officer was Dan in his Buick.
Thank you again Gary for all the work you do here with your site.
Mike from Jersey    Nov 05/2013 12:32 PST
My taste actually changed with age. The early episodes tended to have better stories and acting with a little less action. Writing and directing was key and more along the lines of the real CHP. When I watched them in Pittsburgh in the early 60's these use to bore me a bit and I favored the 4th season...10-4.
Gary    Nov 05/2013 18:49 PST
mike from jersey~ you are obviously not a joe flynn fan or you would have known that he played the cabbie driving a 1956 chev 210 in 'taxi' #36. Byron Kane gave an outstanding performance as steve stankie the bad guy.

IMDB made some errors pertaining to the cast members and the characters they played.
warren    Nov 06/2013 15:14 PST
Of course I knew that. It's just not up there in terms of the writing as some of the others
Gary    Nov 07/2013 08:08 PST
So glad to found this site. Recently rediscovered HIGHWAY PATROL. I remember as a kid we loved the show. Found all seasons avail at Barnes & Noble web site, reasonably priced and good dolby quality. All good quality shows with backdrops of the REAL America days when everyone drove an American car. Love episode DAN HOSTAGE --at the end of his hostage ordeal BC asks Officer Johnson:
"got a cigarette?, got a light?, will you have one with me? Nice night tonight.." Acting like just another day at the office. HIGHWAY PATROL is American television at it's best. This is good stuff!!

Steve      z_steve72@yahoo.com    St. Paul, Minn    Nov 12/2013 11:35 PST
Hi Warren,
Are you positive a actor called Byron Kane played the bad guy in "Taxi", not Joe Flynn? As a kid I saw every episode of McHales Navy 10 times at least, got every in joke such as PT 109 in one show and Parker/McHale doing a "Marty" take off in another, and loathed Flynn's Lead Bottom character, which along with the series may have been low brow but in my opinion Flynn created a unique character that I daresay was brilliant and the actual focus of the series. This Kane would have to be Flynn's double almost to fool me. I respect your opinion, but I guess I'll have to wait 10 months till THIS runs the episode again to see if I agree with you.
Mike from Jersey    Nov 12/2013 19:55 PST