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Happy New Year to all Highway Patrol Fans worldwide...10-4!
Gary    Jan 01/2012 00:02 PST
I was very sad to learn that conservative commentator tony blankley has just passed from stomache cancer at the age of 63. He appeared in 'harbor story' # 19 as kenny, the young boy in the sand who was sifting for coinage. Stuart Whitman also was in this episode as a skin diver.
warren siddons    Jan 08/2012 14:28 PST
Source AJC "Ex Gingrich Aide Dies" Tony Blankley died Saturday night (1/7/12)at Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington. He had been suffering from stomach cancer and was 63. Blankley was born in London, moved to California with his parents as a child and became a naturalized American citizen. He worked as a child actor in the 1950s, appearing in such TV shows "Lassie", "Highway Patrol" and playing Rod Steiger's son in the movie "The Harder They Fall".
mike mixon    Jan 08/2012 15:36 PST
Among my favorite lines is in that episode. It's when Brod walks up to the him and his sister playing on the beach and says "well hi kids what are you doing baking a cake?" I used that line whenever I'm in the Buick and see kids at a lemon-aid stand!
Gary     Jan 08/2012 23:38 PST
Season 1, Episode 9, Reformed Criminal, appears to have been filmed somewhere along Soledad Canyon Road. The Soledad Hotel amd Cafe and a Real Estate sign referring to the Solamint Store appear in some scenes.
Bob    Jan 28/2012 08:02 PST
Great site. Dan. Was s Hero of mine.
I have an undercover 1975 Cadillac EldoDorado
That must have been on undercover in
The St Louis Mo area. It is white with

Tough red leather and little Caddy bling.

Alan Richard Post     arposf1@Juno.com    Chatham IL USA     Feb 07/2012 15:14 PST
Peter Breck just passed from an undisclosed illness at the age of 82. He played Whitey Sims in 'Hostage' #119.
warren siddons    Feb 12/2012 06:12 PST
Barbara Eden appeared in 'hostage copter'#77 as kathy o'shea.
warren siddons    Feb 12/2012 08:59 PST
I also just saw in the la times obituary that morgan jones recently passed. He played sgt corey in at least eight early episodes. An outstanding character actor that most of you would recognize but probably never knew his name.
warren siddons    Feb 12/2012 16:12 PST
HP has become a memorial to many fallen stars, cool cars, and away to remember a time when things were black & white...10-4!
Gary    Feb 12/2012 21:53 PST
Great site you have here. I didn't discover this show until 2010. I'm 33 years old and love classic TV. I recently acquired the entire series on DVD and use the website daily to read about each episode. Thanks for creating such a useful website for what is clearly one of the finest shows ever made!
James     lastexit78@yahoo.com    California    Mar 06/2012 19:26 PST
This was and in my opinion still is one of the best tv shows showing how and the why of what a state police officer duties were .I watched this show ,while i was growing up. i never taught that when i grew up i would become a ma.state commission patrol officer.Mr. CRAWFORD DISPLAYED THE QUALITIES THAT MOST LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS HAVE AND THE SUPREME SACRIFICES MADE EVERY DAY BY TOO MANY LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS.i SAY WE HAVE EARNED THE RIGHT TO BE CALLED POLICE OFFICERS ,NOT COPS.gOD BLESS Mr.Crawford and all police officers.-10-4
Martin Borian    State of ma.-U.S.A,    Mar 07/2012 12:01 PST
Enjoy watching the shows
Lawrence Dupke     Xohioan@aol.com    Knightstown, Indiana,USA    Mar 09/2012 10:08 PST
Thanks for a great site. I'm watching Highway Patrol reruns regularly in Boston and enjoying it hugely. The series was uniformly good, often excellent. The semi-doc approach was the right one for the show. I've yet to watch an episode that was an absolute dog or that failed to draw me in at some level. A series from the same era and production company, Sea Hunt, was at its best just as good but sometimes I pass, as the subject matter turns me off or something just doesn't click with me. This never happens with Highway Patrol. Broderick Crawford sells it, but it would have been outstanding whoever played the lead.

FWIW: when I was growing up (in New England) many of the small towns and cities we used to drive through to visit friends, relatives or just go to the beach resembled similar places in the California filmed Highway Patrol. I'm reminded of this every time I watch the series. Cali has changed a lot in the last fifty years, and the show is worth watching for if nothing else to catch a glimpse of the state before it went to the 'burbs. It's much the same in eastern Massachusetts. I remember those gas stations, drugstores, banks, the back roads, the shrubbery, the hills and the trees like it was yesterday,--whenever I watch Highway Patrol. America is a big country and yet in some ways strangely small.

Aside from being an excellent series, Highway Patrol offers the more perceptive and history conscious viewer a marvelous glimpse of a bygone era, of farm stands, back roads and country villages, when men as often as not carried tools around with them,--hammers, chisels, nails, screwdrivers with not a cell phones or a lap in sight.
John B.    Massachusetts, USA    Apr 12/2012 22:13 PDT
I just got back from a week in Cuba. Like Highway Patrol it was a trip back to a bygone era with 50's cars everywhere. I showed several cab drivers my card with my Buick on it and they felt it would be a great addition to the streets of Havana...10-4!
Gary    Apr 13/2012 17:44 PDT
I have watched Highway Patrol since I was 12 years old. I am 70 now and I still like watching them.
Stephen Browning     homechief42@aol.com    Denver, Colorado USA 80236    Apr 19/2012 21:59 PDT
Love this site! Thank you!
Dave Ashe     triumf67@hotmail.com    Utica, New York, USA    Apr 22/2012 09:08 PDT
Thanks for the response, Gary. I'm enjoying the Highway Patrol reruns more and more and have reviewed a few on the IMDB in the hope of generating some new enthusiasm for a great old series.
John (aka Telegonus)    Apr 24/2012 03:14 PDT
I work nights, and next door to the California Highway Patrol, but when I come home, I get ready and snuggled in for the night with my favorite alltime Highway Patrol...I just LOVE the episodes; they're hysterical, since every episode nearly takes place out in the middle of nowhere, and Broderick is always at a pace, not in a hurry, with full suit on and the crime is solved in approximately 26 minutes...it's just great! A forever fan...
Julie     Ghiwawa@gmail.com    Sacramento, CA USA    May 07/2012 13:16 PDT
Was Highway Patrol ever filmed in Color? What Color were there uniforms and why didn't Broderick Crawford wear a Uniform, instead of a Business Suit?
Douglas L. Cotant    May 09/2012 20:52 PDT
Julie: the middle of nowhere part is one of the reasons I find Highway Patrol so fun to watch: that's the way it was back then. There was a lot of "nowhere" in Southern Cal back more than fifty years ago.

Apparently Brod Crawford's suit and tie represent his rank. I believe he's either head of the highway patrol of himself (though I doubt it since he'd be too busy to solve all those crimes) or a division chief of a country or region, more likely. He seems to be a detective of some kind, a plainclothesman.

Douglas: I'm pretty sure there were no episodes of HP in color. It was a modestly budgeted series, syndicated, which is to say not aired on a major network, sold to individual stations or broadcast groups. It may have been colorized at some point but I've never seen an HP ep that wasn't black and white.
John B.    Massachusetts    May 09/2012 23:35 PDT
Ziv did some shows in color such as Cisco Kid but not Highway Patrol. In our Articles and FAQ sections you will find some good insights to all of these questions...10-4!
Gary    May 10/2012 02:26 PDT
If Broderick Crawford were still here, he would be over 100 years old. He is still a hard act to follow. I have a growing collection of his films and have never once been disappointed in any characters he has done. We all know that there can only ever be ONE Dan Matthews; however, Broderick Crawford was a very talented actor. In anything I have ever seen him in, I have never once detected him 'acting'. His characters seem to just flow from his very soul to the point that one can sense his thoughts. Some of my favorites are Willie Stark, Dr. Stefan Bernardi, J. Edgar Hoover, and who couldn't help but love that crusty old lovable soul, Gregorio. That is just to name a few. And, most importantly of all, Broderick Crawford served in WWII. That makes him a real life hero. Thank you making this website possible.
Susan M Bowers     kc4sqw@tampabay.rr.com    LAKELAND    May 23/2012 08:00 PDT
This may have already been asked and answered, but I will ask it anyways. I know that Gary has done a great job with his recreated car but I am just curious as to know what may have happened to the original 55 Buick Patrol car. Also, I know that many of the original roads used in the series are probably super muli-lane highways now, but do any of those old back roads still exist? It would be a fun trip to travel down some of them and perhaps catch an imaginary glimpse of an old 55 Buick Patrol car with a man wearing a fadora hat in the driver's seat.
Susan M Bowers     kc4sqw@tampabay.rr.com    LAKELAND    May 23/2012 09:02 PDT
The original 55 Buicks were on loan to Ziv and like all retired CHP cars sold at auctions or salvaged. There are many roads still in existence out here where I have driven my Buick and in photos still look like right out of the show. In our Fans section many are displayed along with me in my Dan Mathews fedora...10-4!
Gary    May 24/2012 02:57 PDT
I am 61 years old it is a great pleasure to see hghway patrol again
thank you so very much
JON HARWOOD     ejonsh@cableone.net    Ingleside, Texas usa 78362    May 25/2012 09:21 PDT
I too am a fan of Broderick Crawford, Susan, and he sells the show. I read somewhere that in its early planning stages, when producer Ziv saw some of the rushes, Crawford's acting style, he decided, his manner of speaking, his personlity, were so overwhelming and charismatic that he decided to mold the show to Crawford's acting. As the auther of fine, well written book Syndicated Television wrote, "Broderick Crawford didn't act on Highway Patrol, Highway Patrol acted like Broderick Crawford".

Actually, Crawford did act on the show, in his own unique style (truly nonpareil), could show concern, empathy and humor, all within a very short time span. And he was the consummate professional. Although he can show feeling for individuals in danger he does not draw attention to himself, as if to say "I'm the star and look what a great guy I am". No. That wasn't Crawford's way. He, or rather his character, Dan Mathews, was doing his job. He wasn't a glory hound, would defer to others if needed. His eye was always on the prize: to catch the bad guys, see justice done.

I find it a pleasure to watch him in action.
John B.    Massachusetts    May 27/2012 03:06 PDT
Hi John, I think you were addressing me. What I meant by not detecting Mr. Crawford ďacting,Ē is that his character was so perfectly natural that Mr. Crawford actually became Dan Matthews when he was on Highway Patrol. I have watched other actors, some famous, who came across a bit stagy and shallow. When Broderick Crawford took on a character, that character was a whole character with a soul of his own. I too find him a great pleasure to watch. And you are so right is saying that he didnít draw attention to himself. He didnít have to be in every scene. He was clearly the star. There were many actors on his show who went on to become stars in their own right. Even the children who appeared on the show were given their special moments. Broderick was a true star in every sense of the word. I wish there were more actors like him, but we all know there can only ever be one Broderick Crawford. Thatís a big 10-4. :)
Susan Bowers     kc4sqw@tampabay.rr.com    LAKELAND    Jun 08/2012 22:36 PDT
Thanks for the excellent site! I've been watching HIGHWAY PATROL on MeTV lately, and it's like looking through a window in time to mid 50's Southern California! Broderick Crawford is great! Thanks again.
Mark Howell    Jun 09/2012 10:43 PDT
I loved this site, and I watch Highway Patrol 6 nites a week @3a.m. Apache Junction, Az.
rebecca Hackett     balisticaz1@gmail.com    mesa,az.united states    Jun 26/2012 02:18 PDT
It came to me in a dream! Broderick Crawford is God!
Jack Sullivan    Boston, MA    Jun 30/2012 06:39 PDT
This was a great show! "Remember to leave your blood with the Red Cross, and NOT on the Highways"...
Pastor Mark Wilkinson     Pastor@SalvationFirst.Org    Whitehall    Jul 01/2012 19:56 PDT
i just recently discovered this show. i love these old shows way cool
tamelabaas    Jul 08/2012 16:36 PDT
This question may be too personal to ask and my feelings will NOT be hurt if you choose not to answer.

My question is this. Mr. Crawford has a rather profound indentation on his forehead. I noticed it in many of the Highway Patrol Episodes, but it was very noticeable in other character roles that he did. Does anyone now how he got it? It almost looks like an old bullet wound or like he got hit really hard with something.
Susan Bowers     kc4sqw@tampabay.rr.com    Lakeland    Jul 09/2012 16:55 PDT
I rember watching H.P on Saturday mornings in 1958 when I was 6 and we only got 3 channels in Saugus from Los Angeles, KCBS, KNBC, and KABC. I think H.P. was on KNBC channel 4. My father was a LA County Deputy Sheriff for 31 years. Seems like Dan Mathews was a serial killer since he shot someone dead, or two, in nearly every episode with his snub nosed revolver, efffective range 50ft. Even if he killed in every other episode that's 78 notches on his gun. I know they're supposed to represent all H.P. Officers but I mean really? Still love watching them on THIS TV. Real fan of one of the hardest working actors in Hollywood, William Boyett. He was in nearly every kind of TV series in the 50' through the 70's. Appreciate his work.
Christopher Smith    Big Bear Lake, CA    Jul 22/2012 19:10 PDT
Oh come on...a serial killer? that's a little (VERY) extreme It was just a TV show and one of the best in it's day....by today's standard's almost a comedy.....LOL......but STILL one of the best!

Stu Cherry Hill NJ
Stu    Jul 24/2012 19:47 PDT
There's nothing better than catching up on the classic Highway Patrol now appearing everyday on This TV and on Hulu. Great memories of a great show!
Michael Seltzer     mike@skmmarketing.com    Franklin, MIch USA    Aug 06/2012 13:16 PDT
This show made me what I generally am. I was not in law enforcement, but the cars of the time forever cemented my interest in them (I have 3 including a Ford panel truck, many that were featured on Highway Patrol) As I grew older I found that life in the large city was clearly not for me & I credit Highway Patrol almost entirely for this. Everything is so real about this show. You can hear that outdoor sound, the cars, tires rolling on the pavenment, so awesome! Plus I will anyday keep watching my episodes culled from old 16 mm film prints aired on TV than any remastered junk anyday.

This show also proved one very realistic point--all the modern forensics, technology, DNA, & expensive equipment does not substitute for good old fashioned police work!
Mark      gas_eater@yahoo.com    Kingman, AZ    Aug 09/2012 17:56 PDT
I watch Highway Patrol in the morning and usually go to IMDb to check out the guest stars and other things they may have done.

At IMDb, I happened to click on Ron Foster (I) (who played Officer Garvey) and the information displayed is for an African American actor who appeared on the Cosby show. Ron Foster (VII) appeared on a 1963 series called Arrest and Trial. He may have played Officer Garvey.

Thanks for this site. Enjoy it very much.
Debbie    Aug 11/2012 03:00 PDT
Happy 10-4 Day, 2012!
Gary    Oct 04/2012 01:50 PDT
HEY!-HEY! Today is the DAY! Happy 10-4 to everyone like me that still remembers this classic. Gary - thanks for keeping it alive........I will raise my coffee mug this morning at 10:04 AM and look to the west and salute all of the American Heros who SERVE & PROTECT. Today when you see a Police Officer - TELL THEM THANKS!!
TOM MCDERMOTT     ufgtom@yahoo.com    MILTON, WI    Oct 04/2012 06:16 PDT
Broderick was one of my favorite actors.
Lawrence L. Boileau     Lboileau@tacomaslandmark.com    Seattle, Washington    Nov 04/2012 03:02 PST