Guestbook - 2011

Happy 2011 our 13th year for this site. Last year's hope was that the series would finally be released by MGM. Well it happened at least for the first season in stunning un cut restored crisp black and white. Let's hope this year the rest of the seasons are also released by MGM...10-4!
Gary    Jan 01/2011 02:03 PST
Voltaire Perkins the original judge in divorce court appeared in 'dead hunter'. I think he was much better than the female judges who did later versions sans political correctness & buffoonery!

When Pierre Watkin got shot in the back in dead hunter, there was no blood nor bullet holes when his killer placed his corpse in the station wagon???

Robert Shield who starred as 'The Judge' appeared in four episodes. If interested you can check IMDB to find out which ones.
Lee    Jan 02/2011 06:50 PST
I just ordered the entire Highway Patrol series and received it...it's great! I remember when I was a kid (I'm 58) ...this was my FAVORITE show but it came on at 11:00 AM and I had to go to school! I used to play hooky so I could stay home and watch it UNTIL my mother got wise!! Whenever I told her I was sick and couldn't go to school she would always say "OK, but NO TV!!" She finally amended the rule and allowed me to watch TV (and especially Highway Patrol) "IF I WAS REALLY SICK!!"
Ken Scarborough     Ken.Scarborough@msn.com    Beaumont, Texas, USA    Jan 03/2011 09:56 PST
Bill Erwin who just passed appeared as Artie in 'phony insurance'. ( episode #12)
Lee    Jan 04/2011 07:02 PST
I had a '54 Oldsmobile Holiday Coupe with a stock stick shift - was my Dad's car (second owner) - Good Lord, I miss that puppy, though there was a lot of "Bondo" in the body areas behind the doors. I upgraded it from a Rochester 2 bbl to a Roch. 4bbl. and then ruined it with solid valve lifters & JC whitney "Gotha" hi-lift rocker arms. Fun to drive. Wish I had a time machine. I sold it in '65 for money for college. My mistake.
Peter     peter_swanson@juno.com    Jan 04/2011 17:08 PST

I was wondering if there were any way to get a photo of Broderick with the mic in hand infront of the driver's side door.

Chief Harold O. Martin III     thesismine@hotmail.com    Pilot Point, Texas 76258    Jan 14/2011 10:57 PST
Greatest cop show ever! This one really brings back the memories (I was a little kid when this show aired back in the day.)
BeeSting    Jan 19/2011 04:53 PST
Hi, I've just finished watching all 39 season 1 episodes in the Warner MOD set.
I've not seen the show since I was a kid in the sixties - I remember liking it then but I'd forgotten just how good it is - this has to be one of the best cop shows ever, B.C. is SUPERB in the role.
I'm now getting severe withdrawal symptoms - does anyone have any idea when and if the rest of the shows are coming to DVD?
PHILIP DAVIES     phantasticphil1@hotmail.com    LIVERPOOL ENGLAND    Jan 20/2011 08:02 PST
MGM is in a financial crisis and not paying attention to the day to day business. They barely decided to do another Bond movie so unfortunately HP I doubt is on their list of priorities. Letters to them may help...10-4.
Gary    Jan 20/2011 08:28 PST
gary can you please call i have a ? 4 you please steve 850 512 4753
steve kiefer     stevec.kiefer@yahoo.com    Jan 31/2011 09:46 PST
Why did the producers use the name "Harry Barlow" in two episodes as entirely different characters??

Mack Williams in Plane Crash (#23) & George Eldredge in Mistaken Identity (#83).
Lee    Feb 08/2011 18:17 PST
Anyone have a copy of the (Hot Rod) episode ? I need a good clear copy of that one. Thank's
Cecil Musick     Dodge34@webtv.net    Dayton Ohio    Feb 11/2011 16:34 PST
I Am In Bed I Really DVR Record Highway Patrol Right Off This TV Old TV A Cable Channel Should Need Highway Patrol Very Bad They Should Have That Commercial Free So That I Can Watch It. I Seen Broderick Crawford In The Private Files Of J.Edgar Hoover. I Am Really A Police Informer Detective. I Am A Groundskeeper In The Morning A Musician In Midday And Afternoon. And Of Course A Pierce Transit Shuttle Driver There Are Some Who Are Part Time Police Officers In The Evening. Mel Hornyak A Pierce Transit Driver Is Also A Part Time Deputy For The Pierce County Sheriff He Hired Me As An Informant Detective Who Would Go After Developmentally Disabled Bad Guys As Well As Criminals Without Disabilities
Too. I Am A Detective I Go After Criminals Without Disabilites Who Hit Neighbors Windows Near Group Homes As Well As Hitting Staff In The Hand And Face At Group Homes And Activity Nights As Well As Hitting Supervisors At Sheltered Workshops,And Group Homes And Blowing Up Institutions And Sheltered Workshops Like They Do On Todays TV Shows Like Those Bizzare Cop Shows I Am A Police Informer Detective I Go After Developmentally Disabled Gangsters Who Shoot People That Live By The Group Homes. I Carry A Mattel Toy Tommy Burst Or A Mattel Toy Dick Tracy Tommy Burst Or A Mattel Thunder Burp And A Mattel Toy Snubnosed 38 Pistol In A Bianchi Clip On Holster Or Belt Holster Or A Johnny Eagle Toy Automatic Pistol In A Bianchi Clip On Holster Or A Toy Automatic Pistol In A Bianchi Clip On Holster I Wear That To Watch Cop And Private Detective Shows. Like Highway Patrol And M Squad As Well As 77 Sunset Strip,Burke's Law,The Detectives,Dragnet,Peter Gunn,Mike Hammer,The FBI,Tightrope,Michael Shayne,Mannix,The Felony Squad,Ironside,The Mod Squad,Hawaiian Eye,Surfside 6,The Roaring Twenties,The New Breed,Police Woman,Columbo,The Untouchables,Kojak,Naked City,Harbor Command,Philo Vance,Spenser For Hire,Hart To Hart,Nero Wolfe,Quincy M.E.,Cannon,Barnaby Jones,Dan August,Matt Houston,Adam 12,O'Hara United States Treasury,Harry O,Richard Diamond,Private Detective,The Fugitive,CSI Shows,Law And Order,Man In A Suitcase,The Man From U.N.C.L.E.,I Spy,Mission:Impossible,The Lone Wolf,The Green Hornet,Dick Tracy,Hawaii Five O,The Rookies,Homicide:Life On The Street,Naked City,Shannon,Bourbon Street Beat,The Asphalt Jungle,Perry Mason,Danger Man,Secret Agent,King Of Diamonds,The Shadow And All Those Crime Shows Including Batman
Delbert "Dellie Goose" Hutchinson      DELLIEGOOS@AOL.COM     Tacoma,Washington,USA     Feb 12/2011 14:18 PST
One question
Were these from true files of CHP?
You know, like Dragent was from true files of LAPD, thanks
B.L.     curious.one56@yahoo.com    Chicago    Feb 17/2011 20:15 PST
I'm sure a few episodes were inspired by the CHP but for the most part just good fiction by some great writers such as Gene Roddenberry...10-4.
Gary    Feb 17/2011 20:34 PST
Well then, that's some damn good fiction. And thanks for the website!
B.L.     curious.one56@yahoo.com    Chciago    Feb 17/2011 21:19 PST
I watched this show a very young boy. It planted the seed for my eventual career with the California Highway Patrol. Every October 4th I'd go in to the office and proclaim to my fellow troops that it was "Broderick Crawford Day." They'd say, "What?" I'd respond, "It's 10-4...Broderick Crawford...Highway Patrol!" Too bad many of them were born way after the show aired and didn't have a clue what I was talking about. Anyway........
Ken Hoyle, 10712, CHP Retired     Cortez, CO    Feb 19/2011 18:10 PST
Just started watching Highway Patrol on THISTV....remember seeing it in the 50's on TV.....I like seeing the old cars and the actors who one day would famous, like Clint Eastwod and Barbara Eden...great seeing it again.
Rudy Pavlic    Wallington, New Jersey, USA    Feb 24/2011 03:23 PST
Hi, Just wanted you to know that the photo used on your home page is being used as an illustration to sell a product on EBAY. The seller indicates nowhere in the listing that permission was given to use this photo. Since your illustration is subject to copyright, to me that is a blatant copyright violation and should be addressed. The listing is under Highway Patrol DVD. The sellers name on Ebay is SPACECATSONMARS.
sal crisanti     crisanti52@netscape.net    Feb 27/2011 05:21 PST
I was also a HP fan way back then & I loved those Buicks. My uncle also had the 2 dr. Century HT in 1955 like Gary's. Iím looking for a good HI-RES shot of the Les Randolph 2dr sedan Buick,(looks good on the screen but doesnít blow up well as a print. Itís on many websites but not Hi-Res. I saw the photos from the Peterson Museum but they are not good enough & would prefer an outside shot. I would really appreciate if someone could help me. I live in the Philadelphia area. Thanks

Harry DeGeorge     harry_degeorge@elwyn.org    Feb 28/2011 10:07 PST
these shows should be on tv now. never seen a show since orignal when i was a kid.
jim moore    Mar 06/2011 06:01 PST
I just noticed that Felix Feist directed the "Gem Robbery" episode. He also directed a terrific movie with Steve Cochran and Ruth Roman called "Tomorrow Is Another Day." That movie is rarely (if ever) shown on TV. But it's available from the Warner Bros. on demand archives. If you like the "film noir" genre, I VERRRRY highly recommend it !
Mike     mikestraton@webtv.net    L.A.    Mar 20/2011 17:51 PST
This has brought back memories! Just bought the Maisto Buick Century HP car and then looked up Broderick Crawford/Highway Patrol and found you.
Great site, great tv!.

Andrew Minney     pontlarge@talk21.com    Twickenham, England    Mar 25/2011 22:23 PST
Love this site. My husband and I watch the reruns all the time! I wish that there was a way to download the theme to my computer. I would love to make it a ringtone!! Keep the good work!! Broderick Crawford made that show great!!
Lisa Jones     boliro@carolina.rr.com    Monroe, NC United States    Mar 29/2011 18:15 PST
tim carlson love lookig at white mane airport
tim carlson    sylmar, ca. usa.    Mar 30/2011 01:12 PST
They are all included under Sounds, 10-4!
Gary    Mar 30/2011 09:27 PST
I used to watch Highway Patrol when I was a kid. Shows like Dragnet were most popular in the 50s, but something about Highway Patrol made me want to grow up to be a policeman. It must have been the cool cars. However, I did not become one. But I would make a cardboard badge, take a toy gun(?!) to school(?), and play cops and robbers with my buddies at recess! My how times have changed. And I drew oodles of highway patrol cars, especially silver and black N.C. cars. Now I can watch every episode on THIS, and deja vu, I'm 7 years old again! I really appreciate the job law enforcement does in today's world. 10-4
Layne B.    Birmingham, Alabama    May 15/2011 12:36 PDT
In the late 1960s, I'd watch Highway Patrol on late afternoon TV here in Buffalo. Afterward, I'd go outside, put my bike across the sidewalk as a road block and yell "21-50, 10-4" into my imaginary microphone. I had forgotten about the show until this past year, when THIS TV was added to the Buffalo market. I DVR each day's show and now my wife and I are big fans. If she's in the other room and hears the opening music, she drops what she's doing to join me. It's funny watching this 1950s cop show from a 2011 perspective. For instance, don't you just love how all the criminals wear jackets and ties? And did you notice that in the 1957 season, there was an unmarked car with the license tag MHP-686 that was consistently used. One week, it was an uncover car for the Highway Patrol. The next week, it was the criminal's getaway car. Then, it would appear as the car of a victim in a later episode. Quite funny. But we love the show! I've been meaning to look for a website, so I'm glad I found one. 10-4!
Mark    Buffalo, NY    May 16/2011 12:40 PDT
Did the show ever make a movie

Brian D Smith     ravens196249@yahoo.com    balltimore md usa     May 23/2011 13:12 PDT
No, but there was one planned written by Broderick Miller the son of Frank Miller who played Officer Simpson in the 3rd and 4th season. He was also a long shoreman and along with Frank Runyon use to go out with Broderick. This lead Miller to name his son after him. The story which was never made was to have a it's main character played by Tom Arnold as the nephew of Dan Mathews. It involved a Highway Patrol adventure that would take place on a cross country trip. There would be flashbacks of from the show of Dan in action and sprouting off his wisdom. It probably was inspired by Tom Hanks in the Dragnet spoof. BTW, Miller told me at Highway Patrol Night back in October 1998 that he had a fedora worn on the show given to him by BrodÖ10-4!
Gary    May 24/2011 18:21 PDT
One more note. Frank Miller went by Frank Warren during the "Highway Patrol" years...FYI, 10-4.
Gary    May 25/2011 07:26 PDT
Do you know or can you find out if frank miller/warren is still amongst the living??
Lee    May 25/2011 14:35 PDT
I love Dan mathew catch phrise

Brian d smith     ravens196249@yahoo.com    Baltimore Maryland usa    May 31/2011 00:42 PDT
Very cool website and nice to see all the cool. "This" the cable network is now showing "Highway Patrol' at 2am and I dvr it each and every morning.....I watched it when I was a kid in Seattle on KTNT-TV Channel 11 and independent station...very rare in the 1960's. Highway Patrol and Sea Hunt were two of the shows that regularly appeared. So watching the show again is like reliving my childhood. Fun to see it again!
J.J. Hemingway     jjhemingway@comcast.net    Spokane, WA USA    Jun 01/2011 20:16 PDT

enjoying the series on THISTV, enjoyed him in j. edgar hoover movie shown recently
hazelita fauntroy      hazelitafhayes@gmail.com     phila.,pa.,usa     Jun 09/2011 02:21 PDT
torturing my kids with 50s goodness, 10-4!
dave bond     bondavebond@gmail.com    chino, ca 91710    Jun 16/2011 03:05 PDT
We all here at the McPherson household all love the tv show, "Highway Patrol" very much. This show not only depicts good drama, but great acting from all angles and in well written scripts. We also love the common-sense and advice that BC gives at the end of each program! The future Driver's Education in the public school system of America could and should benifit from watching HP. Espically the one where a man has to commute quite a few miles but has had his license suspended/revoked for a while but it's up to his wife to drive him to and fro yet he takes over the wheel when he feels that she's driving too slow but then he gets pulled again but this time it's a driver's license check-point. The kid's of America in high schools should be made to watch these as a part of thier own schools' driving program. Dearestly and with great love for America's youth, Jackie McPherson...
Jackie MPpherson     jackie2755@yahoo.com    Charlotte, N.C., USA    Jul 07/2011 02:47 PDT
I found this site a few weeks ago and am thoroughly enjoying it! Highway Patrol is a show that definitely deserves a wonderful tribute site like this. Thank you for all the work you've put into it!

That document about the rules for the writers to follow was particularly interesting. I notice that they didn't follow all of those guidelines; the officers frequently addressed Mathews as "Dan" and he likewise called them by their first names. And even though it was subtle and never flat-out stated, I think it was pretty obvious that Dan and Ken Williams developed a friendship throughout their many adventures together in the later episodes.

I'm highly curious about William Boyett's role(s) on the show. Why was it that they decided to create the Ken Williams character when he was already playing Officer Johnson? Why not just promote Johnson to Sergeant? I love Sgt. Williams and how big a part of Highway Patrol he was, but I'm just curious. Did they think they could do more with a new character instead of keeping an old one? I was thinking Johnson and Williams were similar in personality.
Lucky Ladybug     marik4me at hotmail dot com    Jul 10/2011 08:13 PDT
Just discovered this excellent & very informative website, found out many facts I did not know about the show. I was able to purchase the series some time ago & have the 1st season MOD set which is great quality.

HP used to be shown here in the UK on Saturday or Sunday evenings.In the late 80's a few episodes turned up in a late night slot on ITV which I taped. This was the last I saw of it until recently. Glad it is getting something of a revival.
Chris Street    UK    Jul 19/2011 06:07 PDT
Gary~ what is your opinion of the yahoo group:fans_of_highway_patrol??

Do you know who the groups owner is??
warren siddons    Jul 28/2011 14:47 PDT
I just joined...10-4!
Gary    Jul 29/2011 06:15 PDT
Great web-site.what a wonderful era....Paul
Paul K.    Jul 29/2011 13:06 PDT
I just saw 'hit and run' episode # 20. The character Helen Barton played by Eleanore Tanin had a resemblance to Judy Garland. Does anybody know the year and make of the coupe she crashed into the telephone pole where it sustained major front end damage. Where was the bridge geographically located that she threatened to jump off near the end.
Lee    Aug 11/2011 18:42 PDT
I love this old show! I'm 22 and i would rather watch Highway Patrol than anything!!!! Is there a way to Buy all episodes??? If there is please email me at mikekandf@yahoo.com TY!!!!!!!
Mike     mikekandf@yahoo.com    springfield, ohio, usa    Aug 12/2011 02:35 PDT
I note that THIS will be rerunning the Barbara Eden "Hostage Copter" episode this saturday, September 24, 2011 at 5 am. If you look closely, the actor dragging her to a car is groping her big time till she smacks his hand away.
ZIV productions also produced the infamous Sea Hunt episode "The Woman",where
the underwater double for Lloyd Bridges gropes a actress so many times over 5 or 6 minutes that it's amazing no one noticed in post production, or since in reruns.
Now I have a high regard for both series, but it seems like they had some real idiots working for ZIV. Or was this par for the course for women in the 1950's?
Mike from Jersey     BrassRazoo@aol.com    New Jersey    Sep 22/2011 18:47 PDT

Brad Trumbull was not 'groping' barbara eden--he was holding on to her so she couldn't escape. Zero sexual connotations nor sexist attitudes in this episode! ( Stuart Whitman was great as officer walters)

In 'female hostage' an attractive blond murdered doyle houston (george eldredge) . This episode used two curvy sexy babes who robbed men at gun point after meeting them at a diner. No doubt this episode heavily played on the sexy good looks of the female criminals to lure and trap their male victims.
warren siddons    Sep 23/2011 19:15 PDT
female hitch hiker(not hostage) #63
warren siddons    Sep 23/2011 19:30 PDT
Hi Guys,
Warren wrote,
"Brad Trumbull was not 'groping' barbara eden--he was holding on to her so she couldn't escape. Zero sexual connotations nor sexist attitudes in this episode!"
Warren, on behalf of me and the 11 people over my house for a sunday BBQ who just viewed this scene,you could not be more wrong. My observation was valid and was in no way meant as a knock to a series I esteem, Highway Patrol, rather a knock at Trumball, and ZIV for not being on guard for such antics that were repeated later on Sea Hunt.
Brad Trumball was a slob for grabbing Barbara Eden's breast. That she was a great beauty and one of the sexiest women in tv history doesnt excuse his being a rutting swine and acting like a 13 year old.
With all due respect, take off your blinders. Mike
Mike from Jersey     BrassRazoo@aol.com    New Jersey    Sep 25/2011 17:55 PDT
That could be my favorite episode which I watched bazillion times and never noticed that.
Gary    Sep 26/2011 02:43 PDT
Hi Guys,
Gary wrote,
That could be my favorite episode which I watched bazillion times and never noticed that.Gary
Gary, In the episode shown on THIS, counting commercials, at the 5 minute 40 second mark, Brad Trumball - wearing a hat - puts his gun in his pocket,and along with his partner grabs Eden. He then turns toward the camera and with his left hand pinchs/grabs her left breast, she then smacking his hand away. If Tony Nelson had been there he would have shot Trumball to the moon ala Ralph Kramden.
Case closed, to quote the great A.Bunker.

Mike from Jersey     BrassRazoo@aol.com    NJ(by the way, Snooki and her ilk are from NY)    Sep 27/2011 14:37 PDT
Mike~you are correct in your observation! Ray Quinn played Ted Ellis in episode #77, he was the one who did briefly grab ms. eden. Brad Trumbull (not trumball) played Ed Kane, he was the huskier of the two who grabbed her left hand trying to keep her from escaping but did not engage in inappropriate behavior.

Interesting observation on your part that most viewers would never even have noticed.

Did you like the way ms eden sang 'o my darling clementine'???

warren siddons    Sep 27/2011 15:21 PDT
Hi Warren,
Thanks for taking another look see, I was begining to doubt myself. So Ray Quinn is the groper, I'm glad you cleared that up. As for Barbara's singing voice, she is good, I recall her singing in several Bob Hope shows and doing USO shows when she was in her 50's, doing skits in harem type costumes, she was still a ten. As for catching Quinn's antics, the Eden episode on THIS had followed the Sea Hunt episode with the groping by about a week,so I was sort of on alert for it.
Could you or one of the other posters help clear up something that is driving me nuts? When Matthews or HQ's officers first contact someone, the contactee , say it's Dan, will respond by saying, "this is 2150", then end with a word I can't understand. Is it "five", or "Bi" or "high"? Thank you.
Mike from Jersey     BrassRazoo@aol.com    The Garden State    Sep 28/2011 19:16 PDT
I saw it, however I'm not sure it was intentional. Ziv was pretty conservative as indicated in the Writers Guidelines.
Gary    Oct 03/2011 07:45 PDT
Happy 10-4 Day 2011!
Gary    Oct 04/2011 00:16 PDT
I grew up with Highway Patrol as a youth, and learned what real entertainment was early in my life. They just don't make television, like this anymore. I wonder just why they spend so much money on new tv shows, when all they have to do is show some of these early television shows.
Paul William Wolfe     paulwwolfe@yahoo.com    Carbondale, Pennsylvania USA    Oct 14/2011 11:21 PDT
They do not make great television like this anymore, they can spend millions on re-makes of old time television. But they won't look back in great television entertainment.

There are superstars today, that need to take some lessons from the old stars of early television as well radio! These were the real superstars, not those that think that they are as good as these great actors and actresses!
Caroline Ellen Bauman     carolinebauman@yahoo.com    Matawan, New Jersey USA    Oct 14/2011 11:27 PDT
Loved the show and it would sure be nice if TV Shows were that great today!
Rolland GENE Watson     watsonrg@windstream.net    Broken Arrow, Ok. USA    Oct 26/2011 20:56 PDT
I forgot to mention, check out the Highway Patrol page on Facebook. Also I enjoyed the show as a teenager and as a senior still enjoy watching online
Rolland GENE Watson     watsonrg@windstream.net    Broken Arrow, Ok. USA    Oct 26/2011 20:59 PDT
Hi , just wanted to say what a great site. Having been a fan of cop shows for years I recently discovered Highway Patrol on THiS and HULU. WOW! I never saw the show before and now love it. Broderick is great and HP ranks up there with Dragnet. Your site is a great hommage to a great show.
Shaun O'Donnell    Nov 05/2011 18:59 PST
Judy Lewis (daughter of Loretta Young & Clark Gable) has just passed from cancer. She appeared in 'narcotics racket' #134 as honey.
warren siddons    Dec 01/2011 06:31 PST
Happy 100th Birthday to Brod. Watch TCM today starting at 5PM PST for 3 of his movies...10-4!
Gary    Dec 09/2011 09:25 PST
I Used To Watch Highway Patrol With My Mom And Dad When I Was A Kid In The 1960's At 7 PM On Wednesday December 15,1965 On KTNT-TV Channel 11 Growing Up In Washington State I'm A Part Time Police Informer Detective On Wednesday,Thursday And Friday On Wednesdays I Carry A 32 Colt Detective Special J Frame Snubnosed Revolver In A Bianchi Right Hand Suede Clip On 6 Waistband Holster Outside The Pant Holster On Left Hip On Thursday I Carry A 38 Smith And Wesson Model 10 J Frame Snubnosed Revolver In A Bianchi Right Hand Suede Clip On 6 Waistband Holster Outside The Pant Holster On Left Hip On Friday I Carry A 32 Colt Cobra J Frame Snubnosed Revolver In Bianchi Right Hand Suede Clip On 6 Waistband Holster Outside The Pant Holster On Left Hip With A 45 Remington Derringer In Bianchi Right Hand Clip On Derringer Holster I Carry A 38 Smith And Wesson Model 36 Chiefs Special In Bianchi Right Hand Clip On 6 Waistband Holster Outside The Pant Holster On Left Hip When I Wear My Fedora And Trenchcoat As Well As My Dress Clothes I Carry My Handcuffs And Keys I Didn't Like Kojak I Don't Like Cop Shows I Like Some Like The FBI,Hawaii Five O 1968-80 Version,Columbo,The Rockford Files,Naked City,McCloud,M Squad,Checkmate,The New Breed,Banyon,The Streets Of San Francisco,NYPD Blue,Law And Order,Dragnet The 1950's Version,The Mod Squad,The Fugitive,Dragnet The 1960's Version,The Felony Squad,Perry Mason,Richard Diamond,Private Detective,Peter Gunn,Mike Hammer 1950's Version,McMillan And Wife,The D.A.,Adam 12,Banacek,CSI Franchise,Burke's Law 1963-66 Version,Man In A Suitcase,Batman,The Green Hornet,The Thin Man,The Man From U.N.C.L.E.,77 Sunset Strip,Hawaiian Eye,Surfside 6 Highway Patrol And Sea Hunt Were On KTNT TV Channel 11 Back In The 1960's I DVR Record It Off This TV When I Am In Bed. There Should Be A Cable Channel That Will Begin January 1,2013 Called Old TV.Happy 100th Birthday Broderick Crawford
Delbert "Dellie Goose" Hutchinson      DELLIEGOOS@AOL.COM     Tacoma,Washington,USA     Dec 09/2011 18:58 PST
If anyone has seasons 2 to 4 off THIS TV on DVDs please let me know. I've been waiting for MGM to put them out for 3 years...10-4!
Gary     g.goltz@verizon.net    Dec 23/2011 10:23 PST
One of the GREAT shows of the late 50's. I wish I could find reruns!
J. Nicks     Jnicks57@gmail.com    East Texas    Dec 25/2011 12:15 PST