Guestbook - 2010

Happy 2010. The 12th year for our site and still going strong. Let's hope the rest of the series gets released this year...10-4!
Gary    Jan 01/2010 01:17 PST
I saw one of Brod's movies called "Scandal Sheet" (1952) a while ago on TCM and think it's pretty good. Brod plays a scandal rag newspaper publisher whose long forgotten wife suddenly comes back to haunt him. The wife is played by character actress Rosemary DeCamp who steals the movie. She and Brod get into a heated argument and she threatens to expose him as a "wife deserter." DeCamp screams at Brod: "When i walk out of here you're gonna die!..." Brod retorts back: "You're a neurotic screwball!" There is an altercation and Brod accidentally kills her. To save his reputation, he tries to make it look like an accident. From then on he tries to cover up his tracks before the clues eventually lead to him. Brod plays the part slyly and almost casually as if nothing has happened, but there is an undercurrent of tension behind his 'business as usual' poker-faced facade. He pretends to go along with an investigation that his own newspaper is conducting, even going so far as to publish DeCamp's photos in his paper, offering a reward for information, and even burying DeCamp, (who was without ID and could not be identified). John Derek (Bo's husband) is good as a young reporter, and Donna Reed also plays a reporter. Overall, I think this is the most interesting and probably the best movie (away from HP) of Brod's that I have seen.
Mike    L.A.    Jan 18/2010 04:35 PST
The location of the opening frame was not in Thousand Oaks. My Father was working for Southern Calif Edision and watched the filming from a power pole.
The location is just 1/2 mile from Magic Mtn Road on old HWY 99 running along side Hwy 5. It is very near the Cal-Trans Office now. There was a resturant there until just a few years ago. The curve in the road will match the opening scene. Thought you'd like to know. Great Fan pages.
wes maroney (ret) Sheriff's Lt.    santa maria, ca, usa    Jan 19/2010 14:56 PST
We've been told the info in our FAQ Section regarding the location of the opening roadblock is correct by several folks including Herb Strock the director and Guy Daniels the CHP's representative who were there, 10-4!
Gary    Jan 20/2010 14:09 PST
Highway Patrol is a long time favorite of mine. Love to see any souvenirs that may be available.
Hugh E. McGee     em141ed@comcast.net    Williamsport, Pennsylvania U.S.A.    Jan 23/2010 14:43 PST
Love it. Sure would like to know where I can get some of those hubcaps and hubcap clips for my '55 Special. Love the look and I'm glad you're having so much fun with it! Great job!
Butch W     nowinchar@msn.com    Maple Valley, WA    Jan 26/2010 05:25 PST
Last night I caught an episode of Get Smart called the Treasure of C. Errol Madre. In it Broderick plays a villain who uses a horses hoof to call in as 2150! We have added to the photos page…FYI, 10-4.
Gary    Feb 10/2010 11:48 PST
my whole family would watch broderick crawford as chief dan mathews on the highway patrol.we all enjoyed it very much.i never knew that i would grow up tb mecome a state highway patrol officer.it was the late jack webb and broderick crawford who showed what real good law enforcement officers should do their sworn duty.as far as i am concerned jack webb and broderick crawford will always be on duty. 10-4.
martin borian     andover,ma.u.s.a.    Mar 02/2010 11:54 PST
I am General Manager of WZMQ TV in Marquette, Mi. We are affiliated with THISTV the MGM product on our primary channel 19.1. Starting in April 2010 you will be able to see Highway Patrol on your local THISTV affiliate at 5am Eastern time. Enjoy!!!

Danny Hood
Danny Hood     gm@wzmqtv.com    Marquette, Mi. USA    Mar 12/2010 06:33 PST
Thanks, Danny, for letting us know! That is great news!
Mike     mikestraton@webtv.net    L.A.    Mar 13/2010 16:46 PST

MGM TV has announced that its MOD (manufactured on demand) division will soon be offering a 10-disc set of the first season of "Highway Patrol". Neither the price nor a release date has been set yet, but it will reportedly be in the very near future. The news item concerning this release can be found at www.tvshowsondvd.com. Great News!
Sam Spear     sspear@carolina.rr.com    Charlotte NC    Mar 26/2010 13:51 PST
used to watch it in my country in spanish; before heading to school; fifty years ago; i still say this the best tv series of all times - thank you tomas
tomas      dlgdo2@sbcglobal.net     cudahy, ca 90201     Mar 26/2010 15:10 PST
I typed in under Google, 1955 CHP Buick. I learned from reading an article on
line, that you were at the CHP open house in El Cajon, California. I wish I
knew about it, I would driven over there. I live near by in La Mesa. El Cajon
is far away from Area 12. This is mentioned in the "Prospector" HIghway Patrol
episode. I loved watching on You Tube, the reanactment done at the Riverside
Geoffrey Shepherd     gshepherd70@yahoo.com    La Mesa, Ca. U.S.    Mar 26/2010 19:04 PST
Hi my name is lynn and i was in the 10-4 day parade with you i was driving the 1955 buick with the dog wearing sunglasses just wanted to say hello we had a wonderfull time and hope to see you again next parade..
lynn menick     lynnstowing@hotmail.com    santa paula ca,     Apr 21/2010 11:46 PDT
if your interested you can see my 1955 buick chp ride on my facebook nam is sergant bono
lynn menick     lynnstowing@hotmail.com    santa paula ca    Apr 21/2010 12:27 PDT
Loving the Highway Patrol episodes on THIS Pittsburgh at 5:00 a.m. weekdays with full credits and no voiceovers! Even though I have a boxed set.

Followed by "Sea Hunt" at 5:30, then the "Patty Duke Show" and "Mister Ed." Lloyd Bridges was driving a great two-tone '58 Pontiac convertible today -- never saw any Pontiacs on Highway Patrol.

After watching HP episodes on the boxed set, I realize now they had a pool of certain cars they used each year, and often shot the same locations, though may have moved around a bit more the first season. No matter, HP still one of my all-time faves!
Rick Xander     maxeffort56@yahoo.com    Pittsburgh, PA, USA    Apr 28/2010 14:22 PDT
Gary, you are a gem! LOVED your YouTube videos. Not all Highway Patrol fans are guys. I have loved this show since I was a little girl of three. I love the look of it, the sound of it, those cars *sigh* and especially the Broderick Crawford of it. Thank you for this fabulous site and I am SO loving HP on THIStv. God bless you and a big 10-4!
BevG    Ohio    May 02/2010 16:46 PDT
Glad I found this website dedicated to HP and Broderick Crawford; being 65, I remember this show when it originally aired and watched it all the time; couldn't wait for it to debut on THISTV. The current day photos of the original filming locations are really cool. Being a filming locations fan I have been watching Sea Hunt also the episodes filmed here in the Tampa area in the late 1950's are of special interest because I remmeber them being filmed here in Central Florida. But Highway Patrol is a great show that I'm really loving again after 50 years. No better a star could have been picked than Broderick Crawford for the series. Talk about perfect casting.
Richard    West Central Florida    May 18/2010 17:37 PDT
Those little known superb character actors who played the bad guys such as brad trumbull, troy melton, jack edwards, george becwar, etc. are the ones who equally deserve credit for making this an outstanding television show. They were the backbone of highway patrol and should be greatfully appreciated!
sol    May 23/2010 07:48 PDT
I forgot to mention Rayford Barnes a splendid little known character who played the villain in three episodes.
sol    May 25/2010 07:23 PDT
2150 to Headquarters - Great website! I am a big fan of the show. They have started putting it on at 5:00 AM followed by Sea Hunt at 5:30 here in our local area so my DVR is always set. I did the Neilson ratings books recently and I can only imagine what they will think when they see that I was watching Highway Patrol!
PS the closing theme makes a great ringtone for the iPhone!
Jim LeMaster     jotemdown@hotmail.com    WV    May 26/2010 07:34 PDT
Well done for this site and Thank you.
Malcolm James    London, England    May 27/2010 03:15 PDT
Just ran across this site a few months ago. Thanks Gary and Glenn for your work. I either watch HP on This Tv or on one of the video sites. What I had noticed...the Sea Hunt theme is very close to the HP theme. Same music composer? I remember watching the show in the fifties in Houston. I don't know what station had the show, but I'm thinking it came on around noon.
Gary Thac    Houston, Tx.    May 29/2010 16:17 PDT
That 55 Buick and the pictures really brings back the memories. The "This" cable network is also now showing HP reruns at 5 AM in the morning. I am actually tempted to look at a 55 Buick that has been converted into a similar HP car at a classic car dealer in Illinois, although from the pictures its a far cry from the beautiful completely restored one by Gary Goltz. Great website! You really brought back a big part of my childhood.
Brian Dixon    Bethel Park, Pa.    May 30/2010 13:10 PDT
I started watching the show on This TV because I loved Dragnet. I loved it from the start. The show's cinematography is outstanding and the cars look great. Broderick Crawford is great as Dan Mathews. This is a early TV gem.
Michael West    Jun 08/2010 10:23 PDT
Loved Highway Patrol with Broderick Crawford. Would like to get a poster of two of Broderick Crawford with a Highway Patrol background to hang on the wall at my office. Anyone who can put me in touch with one, just e-mail me and put "Highway Patrol" in subject line so I don't automatically erase it.
Hugh E. McGee     em141ed@comcast.net    Williamsport, Pennsylvania U.S.A.    Jul 10/2010 19:26 PDT
Anyone know where I can get a "Highway Patrol" T-shirt? Please email me and let me know what it's like. "10-4?"
Rick Xander     maxeffort56@yahoo.com    Pittsburgh, PA, USA    Jul 13/2010 14:28 PDT
Thank you for maintaining this site. When I was 8 or so, all us boys loved Highway Patrol, but I didn't think it would bear up when I started watching reruns recently. Can't believe how much fun these shows are.
Randall    Jul 31/2010 20:03 PDT
I believe you were in the Claremont July 4th parade.

Would like to see if you rent out your police car for a wedding.
My niece works for the West Covina police department her husband to be is a police officer and father SGT for the West Covina police department.

Wanted to go with the theme.

If you dont do you know anyone who does?
Thank you.
Diane Schock

Diane Schock     dschocku@aol.com    La Verne CA     Aug 01/2010 11:03 PDT
This is great and all you'll ever need to know about the "Highway Patrol."
Andy Potter    Dawson, Oklahoma USA    Aug 07/2010 17:08 PDT
Just got a notice from Amazon last night that the first season has been released and it's $59 FYI, 10-4!
Gary    Aug 12/2010 12:00 PDT
Thanks for a great Highway Patrol site! I can remember watching Highway Patrol on our "giant" 16 inch Philco T.V. in my youth. Keep up the great work and please try to get seasons 2 thru 4 on the net!
Doug Robbins     w5dugdoug@gmail.com    Turrell,Arkansas    Aug 13/2010 10:00 PDT
THIS TV is now running Highway Patrol in the wee hours of the morning. I havent seen them since I was a lad in the 1960's. The now classic cars and scenes of Southern California are great fun. I'll bet some of those rural locations are now covered with McMansions and JambaJuice stripmalls! :)
Thanks for creating a website for this classic TV show.
2150 to base, 10-4!!
Mark Jeffries    Northern California, CA.     Aug 19/2010 13:18 PDT
I received my copy of the "official" MGM TV MOD release of Season 1 yesterday and have watched five episodes thus far. The quality is excellent and I would recommend the set unhesitatingly. It includes 10 discs and it features exceptionally good audio and video. The episodes I've watched so far are all uncut, all feature the end-of-show safety messages by Broderick Crawford, and the transitions between segments of each episode are very smooth. I hope there will be sufficient fan interest that Season 2 will be made available soon.
Sam Spear     sspear@carolina.rr.com    Charlotte NC    Aug 19/2010 20:18 PDT
Gary et el~I just watched nitro #64. Please carefully observe the character named "Sam". He is the one who gets beaten and shot by richard goff (john vivyan/mr lucky) Your episode guide states that this was dennis hopper, however, his name isn't listed on the end credits nor mentioned on any research source such as imdb. Was Sam played by dennis hopper???????
lee    Aug 21/2010 13:49 PDT
Lee: With respect to your question concerning the actor who played Sam Barstow in "Nitro", his name was Raymond Guth and he played character parts in a variety of shows. I've seen him in two episodes of "Highway Patrol" and an episode of "The Rifleman". The imdb's page for him indicates that he's still alive at age 86 and that he still does occasional film roles and voice work.
Sam Spear     sspear@carolina.rr.com    Charlotte NC    Aug 23/2010 20:53 PDT
What an awesome website. I just discovered Highway Patrol a few months ago on THIS tv and have been dvr'ing every episode. What a great show this was. Broderick Crawford was perfect as Dan Matthews a tough, no nonsense guy who always got his man (or woman) in the end and escorted them away. The most amazing this is how rural so many places were around Los Angeles 55 years ago. I make note of many of the addresses and compare them to what is there now. I'm glad it's finally getting a dvd release. I'm a big fan of all cop shows like Dragnet, Hawaii Five-O, Ironside, and just about all black and white (real classic) tv in general.
Chad     storrs19@yahoo.com    New Albany, IN USA    Aug 29/2010 08:09 PDT
It's great to see new fans of the show enjoying our site. I do want to note Mathews is spelled with one T. They even got it wrong on the DVDs! We hope to see many fans at this year's 10-4 Day event in Hollywood.
Gary the #1 Fan...10-4!    Aug 30/2010 08:14 PDT
As a fan of dennis hopper, that obviously is not him in Nitro. Why does it say on this web site that he appeared in that episode???
warren siddons    Aug 31/2010 09:25 PDT
I grew up watching Highway Patrol. It was one of the 'inputs' that drove me to law enforcement as a career. Today I serve a small town as a Police Officer.
I am very happy to see it back on the air. I just wish it was not on so late, we see it at 0400 when it's on.
Rick Hochmann    Santa Anna Texas USA    Sep 11/2010 17:26 PDT
I was born in 1959, so I missed out on Highway Patrol, and honestly don't recall seeing it in reruns but reciently discovered H.P. on THIS-TV and really enjoy it (just wish they'd put it on at an earlier or in this case later hour as it comes on at 3am here). Dan always gets his man and/or woman.

Great show, love seeing all the old cars and life in the 50's the backgrounds are awesome in themselves. Broderik was quite the actor, he really became the character that's for sure!
I have to chuckle, there isn't an episode without someone picking up the phone and saying "Get me the Highway Patrol"!

My sincere Thanks goes out to the creator of this WebPage, you did a great job!
Rod Nelson    Ogden, Utah USA-1    Sep 12/2010 02:11 PDT
Olan Soule & Jonathan Hole only appeared in one episode . I continually wonder why the producers never casted other very familiar faces who were veteran character actors/actresses of that era such as peggy webber, herb vigran, stacy harris, peter leeds, etc.

As others have previously stated, Highway Patrol is not a difficult series to obtain on dvds. If the show is broadcast at a time that is not convenient for you, the simple obvious solution is to video tape the program and then view it at your own convenience.
Lee    Sep 12/2010 10:37 PDT
Rediscovered this show on the THIS network, after about 50 years. Fantastic! So well photographed and edited-- the action scenes play out beautifully, with little dialog needed. Very modern camerawork, nicely directed and you can tell they did them on the fly, which makes it even more impressive. It's also nice to see the Valley and Melrose-Downtown L.A. areas the way they used to look.

THIS is using some beautiful transfers, too.
Jim    Oct 02/2010 23:50 PDT
By the way, I think the one commenter is right about the opening scene, where the car pulls out onto the curved road in the background, with the hills behind. It's not the old 101-- the first thing I thought was the old 99 right near Castaic.

There was a restaurant there at one time-- I believe it was the old Tips, the first incarnation before they moved up the road. This would have put it at about the junction of 99 and 126. Tips was there until at least the mid 60s.
Jim    Oct 02/2010 23:57 PDT
Happy 10-4 Day 2010. Good luck to Art in your new well deserved home!
Gary     gary@highwaypatrol.com    Oct 04/2010 07:02 PDT
Art Gilmore, the narrator of "Highway Patrol", passed away Oct. 2 in Los Angeles.
RIP, Art.
Mark Jeffries    Norcal    Oct 09/2010 11:12 PDT
I have spotted a few young actors recently on HP, a very young Leonard Nimoy as a cheap crook and Robert Conrad as a crazed teen.
I'll keep looking for familiar faces!
Mark Jeffries    Northern California, CA.    Oct 09/2010 15:01 PDT
Great site. Thanks!

The episode list states "modern photographs of some locations are available"

Where do I find these?
Richard    Oct 13/2010 22:57 PDT
They are linked in the "Episodes" descriptions...10-4!
Gary    Oct 14/2010 23:21 PDT
I am so glad that Hulu.com has HP Episodes, even though it has commercilas, it's still worth watching, and eliminates VHS & DVD clutter. I was thrilled that the Episode "Taxi" has Joe Flynn, as he was quite comical on McHales Navy. I hope someday Highway Patrol will be on I-Tunes. Dragnet is on I-Tunes, and that was another Cop Show Favorite of mine.
Alan    Nov 16/2010 18:37 PST
Thanks so much for remastering and sharing these fantastic episodes of Highway Patrol
Junious Greene    Nov 21/2010 16:43 PST
You need to thank MGM and let's hope they do the same thing for the other 117 remaining epsiodes soon...10-4!
Gary    Nov 21/2010 23:59 PST
I DVR Record Highway Patrol. Off This TV Please Thank MGM For Airing Highway Patrol.I Watch That Then Sea Hunt And Patty Duke Old TV Airs Highway Patrol. On Weekdays At 3 PM Eastern Noon Pacific. Broderick Crawford Died In 1986. Art Gilmore Died Couple Weeks Ago. Art RIP.
Delbert "Dellie Goose" Hutchinson      DELLIEGOOS@AOL.COM     Tacoma,Washington,USA     Nov 22/2010 09:14 PST
I hope someone tells MGM to release the show in Spanish too...anyone know how many other languages was the show realeased in?
John Perez    Nov 23/2010 22:57 PST
HP was viewed in Cuba my native Country dubed in Spanish I love it in English and hearing Broderick's voice.My dad would love to see it Spanish he calls it 2050 to Headquaters I tell him is 2150 as per the show.
John Perez    Nov 23/2010 23:03 PST
It was 2050 in Spanish! You can hear the Spanish opening under Sounds, 10-4
Gary    Nov 25/2010 01:21 PST
Love the show!! I watch it every morning..Highway Patrol was on tv way befor I was borne Dec 1972. Please do not ever take it off of the air..
Ernie F     rcplaneflyer72@yahoo.com    Thurmont Md.    Dec 07/2010 03:06 PST
Thanks for maintaining (and creating) this great web-site. I'm a nostalgia nut anyway and this web-site is right up my alley. I remember watching this show as a kid in the late 50's and it's hard to explain why it hasn't lost it's appeal....I guess THAT'S what makes it a true classic. I'm retired now and I'll be 62 soon but I keep crazy hours and I'm usually up at 5 in the morning to watch Highway Patrol and Sea Hunt! Some kids never grow up! Thanks Again.
Stu     RHELIARC@AOL.COM    Cherry Hill NJ    Dec 13/2010 18:45 PST
2 words..."Broderick Crawford", 10-4.
Gary    Dec 14/2010 09:26 PST
how do you order dvd's via telephone? a friend wants to know-she has no computer
Ron Reichl     rlreichl@rainierconnect.com    Eatonville, WA 98328    Dec 20/2010 19:08 PST
This is the phone # for Amazon 866-749-7539...10-4!
Gary    Dec 21/2010 09:18 PST
In 'female hitchhiker', the truckers', and 'detour to death', the IDENTICAL TUNE is being played in the cafe/diner in all three episodes. The female criminal is setting up the male to become the victim of a crime. I do hope somebody will know the name of this tune and the artist who recorded it-- thank you!
Lee    Dec 24/2010 18:18 PST
Ray Llewellyn aka David Rose wrote that tune. He's the guy who wrote all the music in HP!

From our FAQ section:

Who composed the title theme music?
Ray Llewellyn, who also wrote the theme music for Sea Hunt and Science Fiction Theater. According to Classic Themes, Ray Llewellyn is a pseudonym for David Rose, when he worked at non-union rates. The Highway Patrol theme is similar to the theme from Men into Space (1959). Rose was married to Judy Garland from 1941-1945.

10-4 and Merry Christmas!

Gary    Dec 25/2010 08:39 PST
I can't beleive I found this site by building a model 1955 buick century. After doing so I thought I wonder if there is anything on the old Highway Patrol show that I watched as kid in L.A. in the 50,s and then at the same time I happened to see the first episode on a late night on a channel out of cleveland Ohio, so I started searching and here I am. After reading some of the input on the show I can see there might be some misinformation on some of the show locations.
Jim Whitlow    Akron Ohio    Dec 25/2010 11:22 PST
West Maroney I sure hate to correct a fellow retired lawenforcemnt officer but your dad was right it wasn't shot in Thousand Oaks but he is wrong its wasn't shot on old Hwy 99 either, it was shot in Old Agoura now Agoura Hills.The conv ertible is traveling westbound on the OLD Ventura Frwy coming around the hill approaching Cheeseboro Rd.where the road block is setup before the bridge was built across the freeway. The whole first episode was shot in old Agoura.
jim Whitlow    Akron Ohio    Dec 25/2010 12:04 PST
I was 10 years old when season one of Highway Patrol went on the air and I faithfully watched each and every episode then me and the kids in the neighborhood would go out and look for the bad guys...I have all 156 episodes on DVD and they never get old. Broderick Crawford is a legend
John Perry     boodie7@yahoo.com    Gambrills Maryland    Dec 27/2010 19:07 PST