Guestbook - 2009

Happy 2009 everyone as our site goes into its 11th year! Those who remember the show during its first run are now at least in their 60ís. The rest who saw the re-runs during the 60ís and 70ís are well into their 50ís. Heck even the CHiPs fans are now in their 40ís! Itís hard to believe the series still hasnít been re-mastered and released on DVD by MGM yet. We keep hoping this happens sometime in our lifetimes. The CHP 11-99 Foundation now even has a Broderick Crawford Benefits Program to help fallen officers and their families thanks to Kellyís generous donation. So the legend of Dan Mathews and 2150 lives on. I hope to see many of you at our 10-4 Day celebration later this year in Hollywood. It will be a blastÖ10-4.
Gary    Jan 01/2009 00:28 PST

Jeanne cooper was only in one episode. (girl bandit)
Actors that are still living who appeared in at least two episodes are leonard nimoy, ed nelson, stuart whitman, richard bull, brett halsey and ronald foster. Hopefully, gary will be able to contact them so they can share some of their memories and perhaps they will have some nice photographs to add to his web site.
sol roberts     solroberts@newyork.com    new york    Jan 13/2009 22:25 PST
What about the kid actors? Are any of them still around? Like the blind girl, or the precocious kid with the black & yellow (I think) T-shirt? lol. Or any of the others? I wonder where they are now.
Mike    L.A.    Jan 15/2009 05:48 PST
I can't remember Ed Nelson in any of the shows. Which episodes was he in?
Mike     mikestraton@webtv.net    L.A.    Jan 18/2009 02:26 PST
The three episodes ed nelson appeared in were (1) wounded #72 (2)truckers#106 (3)diversion robbery#142. The imdb(internet movie data base) is a great source for learning what episodes of a given television show an actor/actress appeared in.

Rhodes Reason is another still living great character actor who appeared in two episodes. Gary's friend Wayne Heffley akso can be included in the list.
sol roberts    Jan 18/2009 09:25 PST
Gary and to other Broderick Crawford fans:

I was able to purchase a copy of "Express To Terror" (1979) an NBC movie pilot for the series "Supertrain" which is listed in several sources as being one of Broderick Crawford's 90 plus films.

The excellent bioagraphy linked to this website also lists the film but fails to list the Phillipine film "Maharlika" (1969) which does star Broderick Crawford. At first I was convinced that he was not in this film until I located a copy from a European source. "Maharlika" (AKA "Guerilla Strike Force" was finished and played overseas. I had the pleasure of speaking to the gracious and lovely leading lady of the film Dovie Beams who spoke very kindly of Broderick Crawford.

Can anyone else here locate Broderick Crawford anywhere in "Express To Terror" (1979)? I suspect this may be an error.

Ralph Schiller     ralph.schiller@rrb.gov    Winfield, IL USA    Jan 20/2009 12:02 PST
rumor has it that some or all episodes where shot in color other ziv shows were in color ie cisco kid and i led three lives and sf theater
c reinitz    phila pa    Feb 01/2009 13:52 PST
True for Cisco Kid, I think I've seen a SFT too, but not Highway Patrol. However, you never know what may turn up in the MGM storage vaults. 10-4!
Gary    Feb 01/2009 22:32 PST
Bobbie Collentine aka Barbara (Richard Bull's wife of sixty years) is another still living actress that appeared in two episodes.

Lorraine Del Wood appeared in five episodes and has no other acting credits according to IMDB. Michael Garth and Susan Dorn also appeared in at least three episodes. Richard Vath appeared in two. There is no death date listed for these fine character actors/actresses. Does anybody have any information regarding their status??

Sol     Feb 08/2009 08:26 PST
I am Argentinen, thank you, I love Broderick Crawford, Highway patrol, sorry I not speack inghis.
Alberto     agudino@mutualmas.org    Argentina    Feb 10/2009 02:50 PST
I first watched Highway Patrol reruns in the 60's. All these years later I have a DVD set of all the shows, most are in fair to good viewing condition. The quality of these shows holds up very well, and I enjoy them even more today. Being a big fan of Chrysler products, I particularly enjoy seeing the Dodge patrol cars and the many other period MoPars used in the episodes. And I own 2 1957 Dodges, one a 2 door sedan, it was tempting to make it a black and white. But both remain in stock condition. Who do we lobby to get a proper DVD set released, or even some new airings on a network like TV Land?
Richard     rajohn@hometownu.com    Pennsylvania    Feb 12/2009 20:07 PST
Great Web Page!Very Informal with a lot of facts....
Dave Leverton    Valencia, Ca 91355    Feb 24/2009 15:39 PST
Highway Patrol can be bought by going to www.highwaypatroltv.com/sources.shtml
I found this on the internet, hope it's of some help.
Mick Austin, England    Feb 25/2009 12:09 PST
We've listed that one from time to time Mick. We also have several others posted under Sources. I just saw one on eBay for $29! The unfortunate truth is these are copies of VHS tapes and while watchable certainly could be a lot better if MGM would release them. It also would mean Broderick's son would get residuals a portion of which I'm sure would go towards the CHP 11-99 Foundationís Broderick Crawford Benefit Program to help fallen officers and their families, which he helped establish. I urge all fans to write MGM.

Gary    Feb 26/2009 10:03 PST

Do you (or does anyone else out there) happen to know the names of the actresses who played the protagonists in the HP episode "Lady Bandits"? Unfortunately, my copy of that particular episode is missing part of the closing credits. I THINK Sally Warren is played by Leatrice Leigh (a character actress who did a few other TV roles, including an episode of "Bat Masterson"), but I haven't had any luck at all in identifying the actress who played Peggy Banning. Thanks very much for any info you could provide!
Sam Spear     sspear@carolina.rr.com    Charlotte, North Carolina     Mar 02/2009 19:03 PST
From the Ziv Production Report for #97 filmed 10/16 & 10/17 1957 it shows Sally Warren is played by Emmaline Henry and Peggy Banning is played by Dayle Rodney...10-4.
Gary    Mar 03/2009 11:51 PST
Have you seen on you tube the commercial for tareyton cigarettes that bill boyett appeared in for a few seconds. He appears with several other men supposedly playing poker sitting behind a round table. He mutters the phrase 'hey hank what gives'. For bill boyett fans this is a must to see!
sol     Mar 03/2009 17:36 PST
Little known, but interesting, Kim Novak appeared in a segment of "Highway Patrol" with Broderick Crawford in about 1954, shortly after she arrived in Hollywood.
David Ladely     daveladely@aol.com    Seattle, Washington USA    Mar 13/2009 23:37 PST
As the #1 fan and expert on the series I never saw her in any of the episodes....10-4
Gary    Mar 17/2009 05:51 PST
Ruta Lee and Barbara Eden each appeared in one episode. Any chance mr ladely is confusing one of them with kim novak.
sol     Mar 25/2009 20:48 PST
As was Dyan Cannon, Jeanne Cooper, Helene Stanton, and many other great looking babes! BTW, Helene Stanton is the mother of Dr. Drew Pinsky. 10-4
Gary    Mar 26/2009 00:15 PST
Please also add Lynn Cartwright to the list of super good looking babes who appeared in three episodes.
sol     Mar 26/2009 19:13 PST
I recently watched a copy of "Submarine D-1" which was taped right off of Turner Classic Movies. Many film sources list this film among Broderick Crawford's film credits but they are incorrect.

"Submarine D-1" is a great Warner Brothers pre-war U.S. Navy story starring Pat O'Brien, George Brent, and Wayne Mooris but Broderick Crawford does not appear in the film at all.

Somewhere along the line someone possibly mistook Dick Wessel for Crawford, and that error was copied from film source to film source.

Pat O'Brien and Broderick Crawford made three other good films together that are available.
Ralph Schiller     ralph.schiller@rrb.gov    Winfield, IL USA    Mar 30/2009 08:24 PST

I love your 55 Broderick Crawford Special, having just run into it on-line today, and I wanted to tell you a brief Broderick Crawford story.

I'm a retired Santa Monica cop. I used to work with an old timer, now gone, officer Ward C. "Ding-Dong" Bell. Ward was one of the old timers, along with Wilmer C. "Doc" Moorman, who showed me the ropes back in the early '70's. And his mom was a great friend of Broderick's and used to have him over to Ward's house to play cards from time to time, after dinner.

And that's where I met Broderick. Yep, the old duffer used to show up there ocassionally, play cards, toss back bourbon and scotch, and have a blast in the Bell bungalow. He had many Hollywood stories, er, fables to expand on, and was a grand outgoing man.

Sadly, as is the way of the world, Mrs. Bell went, then Ward came down with the Big C, I retired on disability after nearly getting killed while being dragged eleven blocks by a car down Wilshire Blvd., Ward called for me on his death bed, I couldn't get there in time from Boston, Broderick's gone, and I'm the lone witness to those games of poker on the old maple table in that kitchen frozen in time, with its furniture outfitted from the 50's, lit by the sepia toned over head light.

But those days were grand.

Ward also introduced me to my boyhood hero, Jimmy Doolittle, when we worked the police desk together, before General Doolittle moved to Carmel.

In closing, I hope that your school is going well for you and that when you drive your CHP Buick, you think of us all playing cards together under Ward's kitchen lamp.
John Burtis    Apr 13/2009 05:47 PDT
I promise to do that John, 10-4!
Gary    Apr 13/2009 05:50 PDT
E K     edwardc1@charter.net    May 03/2009 12:36 PDT
i grew up watching highway patrol and dragnet.they were good clean shows.they portrayed police officers in a positive and professional manner. it was unbelieveable that the low budget shows that they were ,that they were so enteraining.i never dreamed that when i grew up i would become a mass.state commisssion highway patrol officer. i always tried to be an honest and brave and the type of police officer who believed in the motto of to serve and to protect. all police officers are a member of the thin blue line.god bless the thin blue line.semper fi.
martin borian    andover,mass.01810-u.s.a.    May 04/2009 10:58 PDT
Keep in mind that the producers & distributors of dvds are targeting the 18-49 year age range. Highway Patrol hasn't been seen in many cities for nearly forty years. MGM entertainment must feel there is not enough demand to justify bringing this show out on dvds.

DVDS of the aforementioned trashy shows appeal to the desired age range and will easily sell.

I would love to purchase 'the millionaire' with marvin miller. I know a few episodes are available but not the entire series. The same crappy excuses/reasons for not bringing this show out on dvd are the same ones being used for highway patrol.

As previously stated by others all 156 episodes of highway patrol are available on dvds in viewable condition. Some episodes have station identification, the end credits deleted or you hear an announcer stating what show is coming on next.
sol     May 04/2009 20:24 PDT
If you have episode # 16 (mountain copter) of highway patrol--does your copy have commercials for ballantine beer??
sol     May 05/2009 07:35 PDT
It seems they used the same shooting locations many times over: the dirt or rural road that forks right and goes up a hill; the old diner across from the small country store- both of those places were used in several eposides. Any idea where they were/are? And, why did the actors insist on opening the passenger side door and sliding across to the steering wheel vs just walking around to the driver's door. Did anyone ever explain that? Great Website.
Tom Clark     shoredriver@aol.com    Myrtle Beach, SC USA    May 07/2009 09:59 PDT
Yesterday I was home and watched a Frankie Laine musical "Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder" from 1952 which was released by Columbia studios. The entire film is set in Hollywood and Columbia had their top stars do cameos at the very beginning of the film. We see Broderick Crawford, Donna Reed, Barbara Hale, John Derek, and Gene Autry drive through the studio gates in glorious Technicolor! Beleive me I discovered this purely by accident!

"Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder" is missing from all listings of Broderick Crawford's film credits including IMDb.com. Previously we saw both "Submarine D-1" (1938) and "Express To Terror" (1979) removed from his credits as he appears in neither film. I have submitted a correction to IMDb.com to add "Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder" to his credits. Previously "Ransom Demand" was missing from Broderick Crawford's credits but is listed today.
Ralph Schiller     ralph.schiller@rrb.gov    Winfield, IL USA    May 12/2009 08:37 PDT
Lovely site...the memories came to my mind...days of yore...they are always the best times yet...
Jomar Machado     jomarmachado@hotmail.com    Rio de Janeiro, Brasil    May 26/2009 06:10 PDT
Hi!!! Looking for DVDs
Joe Interlande     jowe@crocker.com    Greenfield Ma, USA    May 30/2009 10:10 PDT
Joyce Meadows in the "Suspected Cop" episode played the lead in a '59 movie called "The Girl In Lovers Lane." I got it from Marty in Ohio (my #1 source for old movies): OHExpress at aol dot com for $9 inc shipping. I have ordered a lot of movies from Marty. He is very friendly and ALWAYS answers inquiries the next day. BTW, I think Joyce Meadows is still alive.
Mike     mikestraton@webtv.net    L.A.    Jun 12/2009 16:53 PDT
Has anybody noticed in the "Women Escapees" episode how when the bad girls go into the cleaners shop to steal some clothes for their getaway they leave the door WIDE OPEN and don't bother to turn the "Open/Closed" sign around so the "Closed" side is facing outward!? lol. Although I think this is one of the best eps, that was a big oversight, imo. Has anybody noticed any other big boo-boos in any of the other episodes?
Mike    L.A.    Jul 05/2009 00:39 PDT
Dear Gary Please Write A Letter And E-Mail MGM And Ask Them To Keep MGM Going So They Can Get The Pre-1986 Library To Revert Back To MGM Television Please Ask MGM Then To Have A Huge Library Of Movies Including The Pre-1986 MGM Library. I Used To Watch Highway Patrol In Reruns As A Little Boy. On Channel 11 In The Seattle-Tacoma Area Please Ask MGM-Fox Then To Release Highway Patrol And Other Ziv-United Artists TV Shows On DVD Sometime This Year Please Have The ZIV-UA Shows Uncut,Newly Restored,Fully Digitally Remastered And In Their Original Broadcast Order On DVD Including Sea Hunt,Man And The Challenge,King Of Diamonds,Ripcord,Keyhole,The Everglades,And United Artists TV Shows Like The Troubleshooters,The Dennis O'Keefe Show,My Mother The Car,The Patty Duke Show,Stoney Burke,The Story Of,Bat Masterson,Thirtysomething,Paper Dolls,The Mothers-In-Law,Hey Landlord,And All The MGM Shows Including Dr.Kildare,Flipper,The Man From U.N.C.L.E.,Many Happy Returns,The Thin Man,Daktari,Chips,And All The Other MGM-UA Shows On DVD From MGM Fox DVD Garbage Shows Like CSI,The Sopranos,Law And Order,Boston Legal,Despearate Housewives,Cold Case And So On We Need Vintage TV On DVD Please Write The Americanlife TV Network And Ask Them To Write A Letter To MGM About Having The Rat Patrol And The Man From U.N.C.L.E. As Well As Then Came Bronson,Chips And Highway Patrol And Sea Hunt And Ripcord And The Everglades And Please E-Mail Me Tonight Vintage TV Fan Dellie
Delbert "Dellie Goose" Hutchinson      DELLIEGOOS@AOL.COM     Tacoma,Washington,USA     Jul 30/2009 19:14 PDT
I Seen Broderick Crawford As FBI Director J.Edgar Hoover In 1977 Movie That's Titled The Private Files Of J Edgar Hoover. I See That On One Of The Cable Channels. I Had Seen It On TBS Back In 1992.
Delbert "Dellie Goose" Hutchinson      DELLIEGOOS@AOL.COM     Tacoma,Washington,USA     Jul 31/2009 09:48 PDT
Broderick Crawford Was On The Cover Of TV Guide Of The Interns.
Delbert "Dellie Goose" Hutchinson      DELLIEGOOS@AOL.COM     Tacoma,Washington,USA     Jul 31/2009 09:50 PDT
MGM Is A High Functioning Studio. Highway Patrol That I Had Watched As A Kid Long Time Ago. Today's TV Is Garbage We Need Vintage TV Shows On DVD Anytime.Broderick Crawford Played J.Edgar Hoover In The Movie The Private Files Of J.Edgar Hoover A Movie From 1977
Delbert "Dellie Goose" Hutchinson      DELLIEGOOS@AOL.COM     Tacoma,Washington,USA     Jul 31/2009 09:54 PDT
I'd like to know which 'two' episodes of highway patrol you dislike the most. 'Psycho Killer' starring jack edwards & 'escaped mental patient' (not 'mental patient') have the worst plot & story lines however, the acting was excellent. It seems like the writers were trying to inject a hitchcock flavor dealing with insanity.

I just saw several episodes of the original 50's dragnet co-starring ben alexander. Highway Patrol is substantially better written, actually showing the crimes being committed. Dragnet wasted too much time interviewing silly witnesses and interrogating suspects lacking any real law enforcment action.

sol     Aug 16/2009 08:51 PDT
Comparing Highway Patrol and Dragnet is like apple to oranges. Jack Webb sought to showcase the the day to day life of a real LAPD detective. Ziv focused on action and adventure series. The real CHP would have been far to boring so they took lots of liberties with their storylines. This explains why it did so well in reruns which were shown mostly around 5:30PM weekdays when kids would come home from school. Also when you compare Jack Webb to Broderick Crawford, he was an Academy Award Best Actor who could bring life to any script, director, co star, or scene. There was no competition here...10-4!
Gary    Aug 16/2009 23:53 PDT
I wanted to say hello to my old dear friend Kelly Crawford..We went to school together in Coronado..His Mom and Dad had a house on first street not far from my aunt's house..It's nice to see pictures of him again after all these years!!
Kenneth Mann     measeldog@yahoo.com    Coronado, CA 92118    Aug 22/2009 19:24 PDT
I eat, sleep and LIVE for Highway Patrol. He reminds me of my dad, a real police Officer, who has all 156 episodes and threatens to give them to us as gifts. We love the show.
Sarah E. Hostetler     SEHostetler@Yahoo.com    USA    Aug 30/2009 15:56 PDT
Do you know what kind of mechanical siren the CHP used in the 50's,60's and 70's before switiching to elecetronic sirens? I've heard some were Federal model 28 and also CAM. Thanks
Chuck Humphrey     sargech@yahoo.com    Kansas City, Missouri USA    Sep 07/2009 14:09 PDT
I just sent you an e-mail with a picture I took at CHP Motor Transport of a display of old sirens...10-4.
Gary    Sep 07/2009 21:51 PDT
Hi Gary,
I just found your website, it's great. My dad & I used to watch it when I was about 7 or 8 years old, Now I'm a Police Dispatcher, Georgia P.O.S.T. Certified probably because of Highway Patrol and M-Squad.
I would love to get copies of Highway Patrol on dvd but I don't know who has them Can you help?
Cliff Bell     bell_cliff@yahoo.com    Juliette, Georgia 31046    Sep 16/2009 07:32 PDT
HP on DVD is widely available on eBay and other sites. We don't endorse any of them as the show is owned by MGM who we wish would release them re-mastered professionally...10-4.
Gary    Sep 16/2009 22:08 PDT
I enjoyed watching Broderick Crawford in Highway Patrol. It's to bad that they don't make programs like this anymore, but for some of us watching these old episodes remember how it was back than and really great T.V. was
Tom O'Connor     tommyo225@aol.com    Weehawken , N.J.     Sep 22/2009 17:27 PDT
From today's LA Times - John Hart dies at 91; the other 'Lone Ranger' who took over the TV role for 52 episodes after Clayton Moore walked out in a reported pay dispute. John Hart appeared in two early HP episodes (Hitchhiker and Harbor Story)...10-4
Gary    Sep 22/2009 21:49 PDT
Add to the list of "Late" actors Paul Burke star of Naked City who was in the HP Pilot as Halsey. Herb Strock once told me Ziv wanted him to be a regular...10-4!
Gary    Sep 23/2009 07:48 PDT
DOUGLAS CURTIS     curtisfiles@msn.com    Sep 23/2009 15:48 PDT
Happy 10-4 Day everyone!
Gary    Oct 04/2009 00:40 PDT
I was a faithful viewer of Highway Patrol for years. Became a police officer
mysself. This is a great website.
Bill Buckingham    Oct 23/2009 14:01 PDT
Oh my gosh!. I sure hope that they release the old Highway Patrol shows again. I love them.
Sarah Hostetler     SE Hostetler@yahoo.com    Tigard, Oregon.    Nov 04/2009 13:33 PST
It is great to be able to watch the Highway Patrol on the internet on sling,
hulu,and fancast. Greater yet, was to get Erik Estrada's autograph. Wow! That
was the day that Erik Estrada recieved a star on the Hollywood walk of fame.
Geoffrey Shepherd     g-shepherd@hotmail.com    La Mesa, California, United States.    Nov 04/2009 22:15 PST
Erik is a really great guy and so are Larry Wilcox, Robert Pine, Paul Linke, and Lou Wagner...10-4!
Gary    Nov 05/2009 08:46 PST
I watched Re-runs of Highway Patrol in the Sixties on KTTV Ch-11 in Los Angeles. I really enjoy seeing them again on Hulu. I hope Sea 2, 3, 4 will be released. I would like to know if the Car a Buick Special or Century? I have seen some in wreaking yards around New Mexico. We had a 57 Buick Special when I was a child.

Charles Gatchell     gatchell@golobos.org    Albuquerque, New Mexico USA    Nov 09/2009 13:04 PST
The 55 was a Century on loan from the CHP. The rest of the Buicks were done by Ziv and were Specials except for a couple times in the 1st season where they used a 4 door Super. Check the FAQs and Articles sections of the site for more details...10-4.
Gary    Nov 17/2009 04:31 PST
Don't forget the 1955 mercury that brod drove in some of the early episodes.
sol    Nov 19/2009 18:54 PST
It was a 56...10-4
Gary    Nov 20/2009 00:56 PST
splendid a website for Highway Patrol. I was about 10 when it was on tv .who can ever forget 10-4,

john goss    london uk    Dec 10/2009 07:06 PST
Broderick Crawford may have been a homosexual...so I've heard.
Harry Hostetler     HarryHoss@aol.com    Tigard, OR    Dec 13/2009 18:05 PST
He once appeared in drag for a fund raiser for a local hospital with a couple of other well known actors. This photo shows up on eBay from time to time and has led to this rumor. It was all for charity and Brod was not gay (not that there's anything wrong with that)...10-4!
Gary    Dec 14/2009 23:15 PST
Thank you so very much for this website, this brings back a lot of memoreys of the days back in the late 60's and early 70's when this great show was showen at 3:00 P.M. on KTLA here in Los Angeles... When I got out of school, I had to rush home every day just so I could watch it, and I am glad to see that MGM has finley released all of the shows from the first season, and that they can be seen on sling, and I hope that at some point in the future they will release seasons 2 3 and 4 too!.
Bob Northan     atsfbobhouse@aol.com    California.    Dec 15/2009 17:26 PST
Brod in drag? I haven't seen the photo, but Yikes! that must have been a bizarre sight to behold, lol.
Mike    L.A.    Dec 21/2009 02:28 PST
Gary are you aware that wayne heffley passed of kidney failure in nov 2008.

sol    Dec 21/2009 14:51 PST
I'm sorry to hear that. I knew when I met him he had ESRD. Glad I got to meet him and reconnect him with Bill Boyett. Thanks for telling me...10-4.
Gary    Dec 21/2009 21:56 PST