Guestbook - 2006

2006 has begun and this Ziv TV smash hit still lives in the heart of many baby boomers like me 56 years after it's debut. I for one will miss talking to Herb Strock who we lost last year and Bill Boyett who we lost the year before. These were great people in the history of Television. It is to their memory that our site is dedicated on behalf of their fans...10-4!
Gary    Jan 01/2006 03:23 PST
What a show.Dan and so many others:Jackie Gleason,Jonathan Winters,James Arness,Jack Benny...Entertained rather than promoting hollywood (HOLLOWOOD) perverted agendas.
BILL    Jan 15/2006 07:42 PST
"Dan" aka Broderick avoided the Hollywood types. He liked being with regular folks is what people who knew him well tell me.
Gary    Jan 15/2006 09:28 PST
I remember some code that Broderick Crawford used. I was something like "62 and even, over and out." The reason I remember is that when I took my first radio class in the Army, the instructor said, "never say over and out in the same transmission." And I thought of the television series "Highway Patrol." Anyone out there remember this?
Thomas R. Hardin    Jan 21/2006 06:19 PST
You've got the wrong show Tom. Brod as Dan Mathews as everyone knows ended every call just like the real CHP with 10-4!
Gary    Jan 21/2006 21:25 PST

I did a hitch in the Army way back when, and Tom is right about U.S. Army radio communication rules.

We were strictly taught that when you finished your transmission, but still wished to hear from the other party you said 'Over.' When you were completely finished and signing off, you said 'Out.' Radio communications were susceptible to eavedropping, so brevity was the key word, and it was painfully drummed in our heads that only a fool answered when signing off, 'Over and out.'

Broderick Crawford on 'Highway patrol' always signed off with '10-4', but every John Wayne and Audie Murphy war movie had our heroes saying 'Over and out'!!!
Ralph Schiller     ralph.schiller@rrb.ov    Winfield, IL USA    Jan 23/2006 05:28 PST
No matter what anyone else says or does, I still enjoy watching Highway Patrol - The VHS of Highway Patrol I had for 20 + years are still good. I transferred them over to DVD, and hopefully they will be good for many more years to come.

Changing the subject: The PORNO & Modern TV Shows that people watch today, they can have them all. I often wonder how many of those people are criminals, or in jail. I have been belittled, humiliated & ridiculed for being an H.P. watcher. But I'm no longer going to let that upset me. I look at it this way: Watching H.P. & other B&W Shows from the 50's & 60's is "Good Clean Fun". I wonder how many of these people are in jail compared to the PORNO & Modern TV Show Viewers?

Wally    Jan 25/2006 11:40 PST
Gary, Thank you so much for sending the photo to me. Bill looks so young and handsome....I love the picture and the memories of the wonderful times we had together before he became so ill. Hope you are well and happily busy. I think about you often and Suzy and/or Keven frequently ask me if I've heard from you. Hugs via email!
Joan Boyett    Jan 30/2006 23:46 PST
Awsome website. I recently retired from the California Highway Patrol after 25 wonderful years. Have always been a BIG Crawford fan. Thanks for the memories!
Bruce Lian     Bruce9503@aol.com    Jan 31/2006 13:05 PST
Good to hear from you Bruce. I've been a fan since I was six and never thought I would live in CA and become a big part of the CHP via the 11-99 Foundation. What office were you out of? I often attend retirees days and many CHP events. Hope to meet you sometime...10-4.

Gary    Jan 31/2006 20:21 PST
This is a great site!
Larry fultz     rudystevens422@hotmail.com    P.A.    Feb 01/2006 19:10 PST
Hi! I was a friend of Herbert Strock too together Herbert and I did his largest interview, that is now in Monster Bash magazine it will be in at least ten issues because of its size. The magazine can be ordered at www.creepyclassics.com thank you Ralph for telling me about this great amazing site!
Larry Fultz     rudystevens422@hotmail.com    Feb 01/2006 19:17 PST
I had been watching some great DVD's of 'The Red Skelton Show' (1951-1971) and of course the staff announcer for the program was Art Gilmore. Sometimes Mr. Gilmore appears on camera just before a commercial looking very tall and broad-shouldered, but that incredibly sharp, clear and versatile voice in unmistakable!

Gary it pays to wander around your website, as I found four beautiful,clear color photos by Frank Runyon taken on the set of 'Highway Patrol'.

I also started reading through the 'Articles' section of the website and located some terrific ones. The first, 'Just call Him Softy' from 'TV Guide' of April 27, 1957 was excellent.

There was also an article from the December 1956 issue of 'Pageant Magazine' with the title 'It's A Helluva Life' that is superb. Author Turnley Walker wrote this insightful portrait of the very complex actor, artist and man that we knew as film star Broderick Crawford.

A later article from 'TV Guide' of March 6-12, 1971 entitled 'I Have A Jaundiced Eye But A Young Mind' by writer Dwight Whitney was less successful. The author, in my opinion took advantage of Mr. Crawford and really missed the boat. However I am grateful to Gary for placing it here for historical purposes. Keep up the great work.

Ralph Schiller     ralph.schiller@rrb.gov    Winfield, IL USA    Feb 07/2006 08:38 PST
I found some similarly good TV shows on the "Federal" level done in the early 50's. They are "Federal Men" Vol 1,2 on bargain DVDs. Bill Boyett does a guest role as a customs agent on one of the shows (Vol 2) about smuggled Mexican parakeets. (Gary, is this on Bill's resume)? These are good dramatic shows, and the print quality is good. These DVDs are on ebay, but for convenience you can go directly to the seller (Marty in Ohio), whose email address (not mine) I have supplied on the blue link below. The DVDs are only $5.95 each, with a small shipping charge. Gary, how about posting the resumes of Crawford and Boyett and possibly others associated with the show (including stage credits) if you can get the resumes from their families? It would be nice to see their full range of work!
Mike     OHExpress@aol.com    Feb 08/2006 03:48 PST

If you click on their names it links you to IMDb or other bios within our site...FYI. Thanks.
Gary    Feb 08/2006 06:02 PST
Great site! One of my all-time favorite 50's series! Please let me know when and if it ever makes it to DVD.
Ron Kane     kane@kpix.cbs.com    San Francisco, CA    Feb 10/2006 13:39 PST
Occasionally , I get USPS mailers from nostalgia type TV show merchants , and they sell shows [HIGHWAY PATROL] ; Are these legit ?
I really dig those shows.

james Hutto     hutt736@bellsouth.net    USA    Feb 15/2006 09:48 PST

Many are...see our Sources section

Gary    Feb 15/2006 12:56 PST
Thank you so much Gary for having me on the talk show i enjoyed it! I want to talk to you, i sent you a email it must not have got to you? Gary email me your phone no. Also i am a big fan of Crawford he was also a close friend to one of my other favorite actors Lon Chaney Jr.! Again thank you so much you are a great person, maybe i can meet you when i next come out to California!
Larry     rudystevens422@hotmail.com    Feb 16/2006 16:41 PST
I was young when it was on Tv. I wish TV Land would have rerun. I do not think this will happen. I will vote for this series be released on DVD.
grandpa     ggrandpa2000@yahoo.com    Newark Ohio Licking    Feb 16/2006 21:16 PST
Hi, what a lovely website the photo's the tunes
loved it all I will be viewing all of the photo's
again and again because this was to me the 1st
american cop show well done to all who set this up
Mike Dennington     mdennington@heathlambert.com    Herne Bay . Kent England    Feb 17/2006 03:17 PST
Great site. Have really enjoyed it.

Through ebay and others, I've been buying copies of old shows. Even found a vendor selling 4 episodes per CD of
Highway Patrol. Bought a couple and damn, I love this show as much as I used to. Started searching and found that
myoldshows.com offers the complete set
for about $80. Please note I am not affiliated with them;
just a satisfied customer.
It's the best price I've found for obtaining this great series.

Anyhow, thanks for putting this web site together.

Best wishes, Hank

Hank Modica    Mass    Feb 17/2006 12:29 PST
On July 22, 2004 I made a posting in the 'Highway Patrol Guest Book' about an obscure feature-length film shot in the Philippines starring Broderick Crawford called 'Maharlika'.

This film had a notorious reputation as it was a World War Two biography of the heroic exploits of Ferdinand Marcos against the Japanese occupation of Manila. Marcos, who at the time of the film's production was the President of the Philippine Republic, financed the motion picture and gave the female starring role to his mistress Dovie Beams. Miss beams was a beautiful and stunning American actress from Hollywood.

IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base) lists 'Maharlika' (1986) as the final film credit for Broderick Crawford, even though the film was produced at least 15 years earlier. At the time some sources in Manila stated that the film was never released, while others said that it was simply unfinished as the First Lady Imelda Marcos got wise to the situation and shut down production.

I was able to track down an obscure, long out-of-print book by author Hermie Rotea, titled "Marcos'Lovey Dovie", which covered the entire affair. 'Maharlika' was filmed between May 09, 1969 through June 01, 1969 in Manila. The character of Marcos, the guerilla fighter was offered first to distinguished actor Stephen Boyd, who had accepted the part, but was forced to drop out when the shooting was delayed. In the end, actor Paul Burke of 'Naked City' fame took the role of the future dictator of the Philippines. Veteran actor and former Sammuel Goldwyn star Farley Granger was also brought over from Hollywood for this vanity production.

There is absolutely no mention at all of Broderick Crawford in Hermie Rotea's book. Mr. Rotea constantly highlights the fact that both Granger and Burke were professional actors imported from Hollywood to give this production some polish. Paul Burke and Farley Granger were both experienced, and popular screen actors, but Broderick Crawford was a much bigger 'star' name than either of them. There is no doubt that if Broderick Crawford traveled to the Philippine Islands to make this film, author Hermie Rotea would have mentioned the addition of the Oscar-winning powerhouse actor to the cast. Rotea writes that Dovie Beams was supposed to share top billing with Paul Burke and Farley Granger for this film but Crawford's name would certainly have been above the title.

Whatever happened to 'Maharlika'? It was completed but Mrs. Marcos took control of the film, and had Dovie Beams' part cut to shreds and removed her billing from above the title. In the end Miss Beams left Manila without even getting paid. 'Maharlika' did play overseas in Germany and in the remotest part of the USA, Guam!

Hermie Rotea's book "Marcos' Lovey Dovey' is a fascinating voulume on the private and public behavior of a twentieth century dictator, but Broderick Crawford has nothing to do with this story. 'Maharlika' should not be listed among Broderick Crawford's 'IMDB.COM' film credits as this was one overseas movie that he managed to miss!

Ralph Schiller     ralph.schiller@rrb.gov    Winfield, IL USA    Feb 21/2006 12:39 PST
Again Gary i want to thank you for getting me on the radio show! I just listen to it i got a copy from the station! The whole show was wonderful! What a great tribute to Herb! I wanted to suggest to you just to consider and talk to Dave about, i have contact with some of the people who Herb directed if Dave would ever like to have some on the radio show to talk to, about working for Herb. I would contact them and ask them if they would do it, i only contacted a few, there are many who i don't have contact with and are still trying to find maybe you could help me find them. I like to talk to as many as i can and ask questions to them about working with Herb and get it all written down! I will also try you email again, and thank you so much for having me on the show! I like to get issues of my interview with Herb to you and Dave it is very thorough and interesting! If Dave wants to find out more about movies like GOG he will like this interview! I will try and have some issues sent to the station. I am sure Herb is looking down from heaven and is happy with all you have done to pay tribute to him!
larry     rudystevens422@hotmail.com    P.A.    Mar 01/2006 14:10 PST
dear sir kelly,sir goltz.
If you it was knowed to some than love high way patrol
like me.y dont'believe because my infannceit was living
looking that beutiful tv serie more,it waslove broderick
still dont be in us,more 20 years and hurst me.but the life remains, must be living.thank you god bless you for ver until for ever good bay
jose luis giambelli     corazonde paz 42@yahoo.com .ar    buenos aires.argentina    Mar 01/2006 17:03 PST
That's down right great page3
Rice,Broderick E.     b.tunnr@chp.net or bt3007xpress@yahoo.com    Mar 02/2006 13:15 PST
Very much to like me your site!
Fokil     dffd@sdah.com    USA    Mar 02/2006 17:29 PST
It was an interesting additon to the site. I look forward to the changes and hope that the good work continues.
Goga     ndf@fdh.com    USA    Mar 02/2006 21:28 PST
I really appreciate your website. All important details are included. Fine design!

Bali     fss@sasdh.com    USA    Mar 05/2006 07:02 PST
I just turned 60 and retired from the CHP (Placerville Office) after almost 39 yrs., 16 as a motor officer at the South LA office. I had the pleasure of meeting you and seeing your HP Buick a few yrs. ago at Frank Runyon's funeral in Inglewood. I worked with Frank in the SLA office until he retired. As you know, Frank was one of the technical advisers for the show. I recently was able to purchase the complete series on DVD as well as those of the Amos and Andy Show. Both were favorites of mine while growing up in the 50's. Keep up your good works with the 11-99 foundation and I hope we can meet again, perhaps at a CHP retirees day at the Academy in Sacto. where they have on display old black and whites like your Buick.
Ron Surber #5660     thezoo@internet49.com    Placerville, Ca.    Mar 14/2006 00:36 PST
Good to hear from you Ron. I miss Frank a lot. Did you see all the pictures from him on the site? Thanks.

Gary    Mar 14/2006 23:02 PST
Was an super fan of the show when i was a kid. Any DVDs out?
Ralph     ralph.casey@mas.vic.gov.au    Australia    Mar 28/2006 03:55 PST
"Liar's Moon" was released in 1982 by Crown International Pictures, a minor distribution company specializing in teenager/horror/drive-in flicks. It is also the final feature film of Broderick Crawford.

"Liar's Moon" was filmed entirely on location in Texas, and was directed by the novice David Fisher. Fisher also wrote the screenplay based on a story by Janice Thomson and the film's producer Billy Hanna, with a running time of 106 minutes. It was sponsored by the Texas Film Commission in an attempt to lure Hollywood money into the Lone Star State.

Set in the rural Texas of 1949, the leads are two very attractive teenagers from opposite sides of the tracks. The town's richest and most beautiful girl is Ginny Peterson, played by the director's sister Cindy Fisher. At the county fair, Ginny meets the town's favorite son Jack Duncan,who works on his father's farm,and is played with great sincerity by rising star Matt Dillon. Although mismatched from different working classes, Jack and Ginny are clearly attracted to each other. In spite of some often hilarious mishaps due to Jack's country pals, the pair start dating each other in earnest.

Ginny's father Alex Peterson (Christopher Connelly) does not approve of Jack, and prefers that she continue dating her rich boyfriend before going back East to exclusive Vasser College, near the old boyfriend's alma mater of Yale University. Enter Broderick Crawford as Colonel Tubman, Alex's Father-In-Law and Ginny's Grandfather, and the domineering ramrod patriarch of this rich clan. When Ginny's Mother, who is also his daughter welcome him by saying that their home is his home, Crawford's Colonel painfully reminds Alex, 'I guess that's right, it is my home too. After all I gave it to you two as a wedding present.'

Jack comes over to play croquet with Ginny and the family, and meets the gruff Colonel Tubman,who takes an instant shine to the hard-working young lad. The Colonel sees a younger version of himself before he became a self-made man,while his Son-In-Law Alex married into money, his money! Broderick Crawford's character can also see that Ginny and this poor farm boy are head-over-heels in love, but with a smile leaves the two alone.

At first we suspect that Alex Peterson is nothing more than a snob, but we later learn that while in high school twenty years earlier, he was romantically and intimately involved with Jack's Mother,'Babs' Duncan (Maggie Blye). Even though Alex loved Babs, he would cruelly dump her to marry the rich daughter of the big Tubman clan. Babs was left high and dry in a "motherly way", and instead married the kind and loving dirt farmer Cecil, well-played by Hoyt Axton. Jack and Ginny don't know it, but they are in fact half-brother and half-sister to each other!

Both Babs and Alex try to break up Ginny and Jack, but when Jack's Father Cecil is tragically killed in a farming accident,the pair decide to elope to Louisiana, where under-age couples can marry legally.

Ginny's parents are distraught,and the Colonel can't understand what Alex had against the boy in the first place other than being born poor. Crawford's Tubman admonishes his silent Son-In-Law with, "If you had given this boy a Chinaman's chance, none of this would have happened!"

After the elopement, Jack and Ginny spend a blissful year together renting a wing of an old decaying antebellum house owned by a Cajun named Jeanene Dubois, played by the still lovely Yvonne De Carlo.

Ginny's Father Alex hires a private detective Roy Logan to track down the couple,and bring her home. In a good performance, Logan is played by the tall Richard Moll of 'Night Court' (1984 - 1992) fame.

Ginny is pregnant and in a local doctor's care. When he obtain's her medical records from her hometown's only doctor, he also discovers their terrible secret.

However ""Liar's Moon" contains another twist, as it seemed that Jack's Mother Babs, had lied to the doctor twenty years earlier out of spite against Alex! Cecil was really Jack's biological father all along, but Alex was made to pay and have regrets lasting a generation from his youthful fling with Babs. In fact the now-widowed Babs tells Alex that she did it because she loved him then, and still loves him now! Alex is loyal to his own wife and repulsed by Babs, and contacts the Louisiana doctor to prevent the young couple from doing anything rash,but he is already too late.

After the doctor informed Ginny, she became distraught and ran off to a back alley abortionist. Jack was completely in the dark about all of this until Miss Dubois told him where Ginny had gone. The abortionist botches Ginny's surgery, and she is bleeding internally when Jack finds her. Jack rushes her back to the doctor for emergency surgery in the nick of time. The doctor saves Ginny, and the young couple look forward to a lifetime together.

"Liar's Moon" (1982) is a handsomely produced, independent feature film that is reminiscent of both 'The Last Picture Show' (1971), and 'American Graffiti' (1973). Film director David Fisher skillfully captures the beautifully green, and lush Texas scenery for his background. His sequences set at the county fair and the big prom dance are both dreamy and are the highlights of the entire film.

Cindy Fisher and Matt Dillon are both excellent as the star-crossed lovers of "Liar's Moon". The talented Fisher slowly faded away in the 1980's, but Matt Dillon was just at the beginning of a long and successful film career. Some of his most popular movies inlude, 'The Flamingo Kid' (1984), and "There's Something About Mary" (1998) with Cameron Diaz and Ben Stiller,which was a huge box office hit. Matt Dillon is still a top star, and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance in "Crash" (2005). He lost the Oscar to Phillip Seymour Hoffman for 'Capote' (2005).

Christopher Connelly was a fine actor,who made his initial fame on the 'Peyton Place' (1964 - 1969) television series playing Ryan O'Neal's brother on that hit show. For the television version of 'Paper Moon'(1974 - 1975),with young Jodie Foster, Christopher Connelly had Ryan O'Neal's role from the feature length film of 'Paper Moon' (1973), as he was a dead ringer for the actor. Connelly would also reprise his other famous part in two television reunion films of his old series, 'Murder At Peyton Place' (1977), and 'Peyton Place: The Next Generation' (1985). Christopher Connelly died in 1988.

Hoyt Axton was a popular country and folk singer,who also worked extensively as a film character actor throughout his entire singing career. Axton gave outstanding performances in such films as the classic 'The Black Stallion' (1979), and the fantastic 'Gremlins' (1984)! The gifted Hoyt Axton left us too soon with his death in 1999.

Yvonne De Carlo was once one of Hollywood's most glamourous and popular stars in the 1940's and 1950's. Among her ninety plus films are 'Song Of Scheherazade' (1947) where she looked gorgeous in Technicolor, the 'film noir' classic 'Criss Cross'(1949) with Burt Lancaster, and the hilarious British comedy "Captain's Paradise" (1954) with Alec Guinness. Thirty-five years before "Liar's Moon", Yvonne DeCarlo and Broderick Crawford had co-starred in another Technicolor epic production 'Slave Girl'(1947). Unfortunately the former Universal Studios contract stars, Broderick Crawford and Yvonne DeCarlo have no scenes together in "Liar's Moon".

"Liar's Moon" is a very good film, and it is also the last movie of Broderick Crawford, ending a film career that began in 1936. Ill health would plague this Academy Award Oscar-winning powerhouse actor, but not before giving this last wonderful performance. In his 93rd film by my count, Mr. Crawford dominates all of his scenes with his co-stars by merely underplaying his character of Colonel Tubman. Billed eighth in the credits, with the twitch of an eyebrow, or a twinkle in his eyes, Crawford gives the audience more than the rest of the cast put together!

Even so "Liar's Moon" was not his final performance on motion picture film! On November 18, 1982, Broderick Crawford ended his career with one final bow as a 'guest star'on the top-rated mystery private eye series, 'Simon And Simon'. In an episode entitled 'The Rough Rider Rides Again', Broderick Crawford was nothing less than terrific as a villainous TV producer who is murdered. No one knew it at the time, but it was the end of an era for a great star.

"Liar's Moon" is available on DVD from both 'WWW.Amazon.com' and 'WWW.barnesandNoble.com'.

Ralph Schiller     ralph.schiller@rrb.gov    Winfield, IL USA    Mar 31/2006 09:46 PST
JEFFREY E. KING     JEFFREY.KING3@MED.VA.GOV    OLD FORT, N.C. 28762    Apr 08/2006 19:21 PDT
This was a great site
Tom     tomslowinski@sbcglobal.net    Chicago, IL    Apr 19/2006 16:48 PDT
Thanks for the opportunity to revist `Highway Patrol'
Regards, Ted Leban
Ted Leban      tleban@comcast.net    6636 S. Western Willowbrook, Ill. 60527    May 03/2006 15:06 PDT
A great website dedicated to a great show.

Thank You!!
Grant Childers     grant_childers@hotmail.com    Hawthorne, CA , USA    May 03/2006 15:48 PDT
I love this. I miss it on the tube, as it used to be called. This came just after the great radio cop shows, which I listened to. "The Highway Patrol" was one of the best of its time. Put it on DVD and share it, but, make money too.
gil     gilart@earthlink.net    May 17/2006 12:49 PDT
Highway Patrol was one of my favorites. I was fortunate enough to transfer some of my VHS's to DVD. I'd really be shocked if TV Land ever aired it! Other shows I liked which I purchased on DVD at Suncoast Video at Brookfield Square in the Milwaukee, WI area were: The Cisco Kid (Infact I learned a little Spanish from that show - Vamanos which means let's go, and Bueno which means go and/or OK) Westerns: Shotgun Slade, Wagon Train, Bat Masterson, The Lone Ranger, & Roy Rogers.
I wish I could purchase Oldies (Music from the 50's & 60's) here in the Milwaukee Area, but I found a website
which is: jimmykpolkas.com
They have a huge selection of Polkas, and Oldies. One Polka I really like is: Mr. Paul by Charm City Sound, and it has the same lyrics (but different words) as Charlie Brown by the Coasters. Another one of my favorites is Q.Y.B. by the Polkadellics, and Further In The Hole by The Polka Country Musicians.
Once again, I got a wealth of information on this website, and please keep this website forever. You made my day many times (more than I can count)
Oldies/Polka Fan    May 26/2006 07:49 PDT
Gary, I was born in Nebraska and grew up watching Dragnet and Highway Patrol. My grandfather was a city police officer for 12 years and a "reserve" deputy sheriff. At 8 yrs of age I was given a deputy sheriff badge by the sheriff. He was sheriff of our county for 28 consecutive yrs. I joined the Navy and stayed in Calif. as my wife was from Torrance. After 5 yrs as a teletype operator for an aerospace firm, I became a radio dispatcher for CHP in LA. I then joined the Palos Verdes Estates Police Dept. and then moved to Texas in 1979. I am still in law enforcement and my career is due to my grandfather, Jack Webb and Broderick Crawford! I can still hear "2150 bye" and "10-4". Yes, they are 10-7, but thanks to syndication they will always be 10-8.
Stan Jaynes     stan728jaynes@hotmail.com    Magnolia, Texas USA    Jun 22/2006 15:39 PDT
This was my first TV series, 1959, many years ago... when dinosaurs and Franco ruled the Earth . I can't forget it (the series, obviously).
Julio l.Bueno     bueno.velasco@gmail.com    Spain    Jun 26/2006 08:44 PDT
'MoviesUnlimited.com' was offering two Broderick Crawford films that are not listed among his film credits.

The first was a 1961 Italian made epic called 'The Last Of The Vikings' co-starring veteran actor Cameron Mitchell. I ordered the tape, and discovered that Broderick Crawford is not in this movie at all. I informed Movies Unlimited, who graciuosly had me return the film for a full refund.

The second film was 'The Adventures Of Xavier Cugat In Madrid' from 1965. This travelogue documentary film was telecast as a CBS television special. Xavier Cugat was back then a famous Hollywood orchestra leader, who made his initial fame in the 1940's, appearing in many MGM movie musicals. Cugat and his band also frequently guested on television.

In 1965, Spain under Generalissimo Franco had fully recovered from the destruction of the Spanish Civil War (1936 - 1939), and was hoping to lure millions of affluent American tourists to its capital. Since Xavier Cugat was one of Madrid's most successful native sons, as well as a popular, familiar face to American audiences, the bandleader was chosen to host this 50 minute, black & white, filmed television special. Cugat tours all of the Spanish captal's most famous sights, including the internationally famous 'El Prado' Art Museum of Madrid, the many festivals, fine restaurants, night clubs, and even the bullfights. The special is narrated by an on-camera Robert Taylor, who was in Spain shooting the Western 'Savage Pampas' (1966). Beautiful Hollywood stars Arlene Dahl and Julie Newmar appear, adding a touch of glamour to the film. Imogene Coca and Phil Silvers (who was in Spain shooting 'A Funny Thing Happened On The way To the Forum' released in 1967) perform some welcome comedy in this special.

Xavier Cugat changes costumes throughout the travelogue, appearing as a custom agent, tour guide, head waiter, and then as a police officer in white uniform and helmet directing traffic in the center of Madrid's busiest downtown traffic circle. A car pulls up against Cugat's traffic stand and we see Broderick Crawford lean out from the passenger side asking, 'Hey officer, is this the way to ....' A surprised Xavier Cugat looks at him and says 'Wait, senor, your face is very common .....' Crawford responds, 'Yeah, but I need to know is this the way to ....' Instead a surprised Cugat exclaims, 'No, your face is not common, its famous! Aren't you ...' Broderick Crawford cuts him off with, 'Yeah, yeah, I'm Dick Tracy.' He turns to his driver and shouts "Let's go Charlie Brown!" Suddenly the car takes off with a siren sounding, and as the camera pulls back we can see that its a squad car with the words 'Highway Patrol' painted on the side!

Broderick Crawford did this funny cameo for Xavier Cugat and CBS, while he was in Spain filming two superior Westerns back-to-back, 'Mutiny At Fort Sharp' (1966) and 'The Texican' (1966) with Audie Murphy.

Ralph Schiller     ralph.schiller@rrb.gov    Winfield, IL, USA    Jul 03/2006 09:50 PDT
Great Site - Great Show - There should be more TV shows like the Highway Patrol.
Terry    Jul 08/2006 20:16 PDT
i remmember watching thid show back in 1968 since got it down here untill then i was 5 years old at the time.
Gene     generobinson@costarricense.cr    san Costa Rica , Central America    Aug 11/2006 21:01 PDT
Sorry i forgot to tell you all that back in those days there was only a few tv's in this city so our entire neighborehood will get together at the house of the richest guy in town.
gene     generobinson@costarricense.cr    san jose Costa Rica Centroamerica    Aug 11/2006 21:05 PDT
Did you see this weird movie on TCM called "Gangster Story" (1960) with Walter Matthau? It was a low budget movie filmed completely on location with the look and feel of the HP "cinema verite" style. Matthau plays a cop killing bank robber, but played in a semi-comic style as in his Oscar Madison ("Odd Couple") role. Like I said it was weird. But it was interesting for comparison to the Patrol shows with the location shots, the old cars, and the Southern California orange groves that don't exist anymore. In some of the scenes the black and white cop cars DID NOT HAVE ANY DECALS ON THEM - THE DOORS WERE COMPLETELY WHITE!
Mike    L.A.    Aug 14/2006 01:37 PDT
I have always been impressed with the Ziv programs--they were real innovators, and had a consistently high level of quality, imagination, and production values. The personnel both in front of and behind the cameras were the very best the industry had to offer. Ziv has always fascinated me! If there were a Ziv TV Channel on cable today playing all of their many great old shows, I'd be watching 24/7!

Like so many other "baby boomers" I grew up watching HP, so many thanks for creating such an enjoyable website.
Kevin D    PHX, AZ    Aug 17/2006 06:19 PDT
You people have inspired me. I've been watching 2 episodes of highway patrol a week and after seeing the items on this site I'm in the beginning stages of creating a Highway Patrol Repli-car. First I will gather all the necessary parts and then make the car. In the future "21-50 to Headquarters" willl bellow out here in Cheektowaga!! And I must say the Highway Patrol Safety Tips are a HUGE hit at local car shows...I played a couple to test response and now its the most requested CD I carry !!!!!!
Ray Heron     dwarfcar9@aol.com    Cheektowaga NY USA    Aug 21/2006 18:06 PDT
Gary, would like to meet up with you and bring my LAPD CAR for the 10-4 DAY 2006. What time do we meet up? Is it at Hollywood division?
Mark CAPRICECARS@comcast.net
Mark     CAPRICECARS@COMCAST.NET    Shadow Hills, CA 91352    Sep 07/2006 16:10 PDT
I agree with Terry who posted a message on this site on July 8th. There should be more shows like that on TV.
I doubt that they will be on TV again, but it appears that there are VHS & DVD's out there. Check E-Bay, or look under "Sources" on this website.
Alan    Sep 13/2006 14:36 PDT
I grew up in a farming community in Saskatchewan. My dad was a Lutheran Pastor at the time highway patrol was aired in the 1950's. We didn't have a TV at home at the time, but as a kid enjoyed watching the show when invited out by members of the congregation Sunday Afternoons.
Great hearing the old themes and messages from the show again.
Winston Markwart     goldletters@gmail.com    Vancouver    Sep 16/2006 12:39 PDT
I Was just looking at the web page for the Highway Patrol and I will be Happy when they will put the shows on DVD, I love the Highway Patrol Shows.
Edward Strickland, Jr     e_stricklandjr@yahoo.com    Rowland , NC 28383    Sep 21/2006 00:59 PDT
It's very interesting site!
John     bill@yahoo.com    London    Oct 02/2006 15:21 PDT
Broderick Crawford Day has always been a major holiday for our family and friends! Glad to find this site.
Ken    Oct 03/2006 12:53 PDT
happy broderick crawford day 10 - 4. this is a great web site.
ron    boston, ma.    Oct 03/2006 22:07 PDT
Yes, Happy 10-4 Day everyone!
Gary    Oct 04/2006 00:31 PDT
Plan to watch a few episodes of H.P. tonight on DVD.

Alan    Oct 04/2006 18:00 PDT
Here is an interesting bit of HP trivia for you all: Some time ago I was watching one of the episodes and one of the female character's names was "Blanche Hudson." Does that name ring a bell? That was the same character name given to Joan Crawford's role in the movie "Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?" I forget which episode this was. (Gary, do you recall which one it was)? At the time, I thought maybe the writer of that episode and the screenwriter of the movie (whose names I don't remember now) might have the same person, and I searched their names, but the names didn't match. I wonder if this same character name could have been just a coincidence, or...?
Mike     mikestraton@webtv.net    Los Angeles    Oct 22/2006 16:46 PDT
Tomarrow Wednesday October 25, 2006, the Encore Starz Western Channel will be presenting Broderick Crawford's guest shot episode on the television series 'Alias Smith And Jones'.

The episode is titled 'The Man Who broke The Bank At Red Gap' (1972) and will be telecast uncut and without commercials at 5:00PM CST. I have never seen this Broderick Crawford performance.

Ralph Schiller    Oct 24/2006 08:10 PDT
I love this sight & return often when I need my Highway Patrol fix! I have a full collection of DVD's to enjoy, too. Just wish they were recorded from better original films, many of my episodes are of poor quality. It's a shame not to preserve this show!..... My first inspiration to law enforcement.
A big Thank You to Gary Goltz! (who by the way could pass for Chief Dan Mathews himself!) I know, I met him. All of us HP fans owe him a great deal of gratatude. 10-4!
Officer Gary K. McNally     Captphoghorn@aol.com    Seekonk, Massachusetts    Oct 31/2006 21:09 PST
Thanks Gary, but I must point out Glenn Davis started the website and how he manages to keeps up with my updates is amazing. He does a great job for all of us fans...10-4
Gary Goltz    Nov 01/2006 23:48 PST
Is there anyone who has good knowledge on DVD Recorders?
I have Highway Patrol on DVD-RW, and want to transfer them
to DVD-R, so they will play on other DVD Players. Would I
need a 2nd DVD Recorder? I tried on my computer which has
a DVD Burner, and no such luck. If you can help, please
write a brief message after mine. The salespeople here who
sell them don't know the answer to this question!
Alan    Nov 04/2006 18:20 PST
Dear Gary
I Got The DVD Of Highway Patrol The TV Series I Got On A Light Pale Blue Dress Shirt With Seven White Clear Buttons On Right Side And One Button Per Cuff On Shirt Size 15 1/2 With A Black Polyester Gabardine Sport Suit Coat With Two Gold Metal Buttons On The Right Side And Black Polyester Gabardine Jeans And A Black Military Style Belt With A Gold Buckle And A Black Necktie And A Fedora I Wore A Combining Of A Broderick Crawford On Highway Patrol,Robert Vaughn On The Man From U.N.C.L.E.,Faye Dunaway,Jean Enersen And Ann Jillian Outfit Please Compliment On It And Please E-Mail Me Tonight Today's Shows Are Nothing But Junk Please Ask MGM Then To Air The Ziv Channel On June 14,2007 And Please E-Mail Me Tonight
Antique TV Viewer
Delbert "Dellie Goose" Hutchinson      DELLIEGOOS@AOL.COM     Tacoma,Washington,USA     Nov 04/2006 20:22 PST
Dear Sirs
Please Ask United Artists Television Distribution Then To Have A Ziv Channel Sometime In 2007 I Used To Watch Highway Patrol Sometimes When I Was A Toddler Broderick Crawford Played Chief Dan Matthews In The Series From The 50's And Please E-Mail Me Today
Delbert "Dellie Goose" Hutchinson      DELLIEGOOS@AOL.COM     Tacoma,Washington,USA     Nov 11/2006 11:29 PST
Love this site. Because of this site I put together all 156 episodes of HP and sell them on my site.thecurtisfiles.com
I am now re-mastering the series, its going to take time, when finish it will consist of 40 discs.
thecurtisfiles.com     curtis@thecurtisfiles.com    Los Angeles California USA    Nov 15/2006 06:04 PST
I really enjoyed the article. It's great that there's a group of
people interested in preserving that one piece of our motoring
past. I have never been fortunate enough, living in the East, to
have driven on Route 66. I know though how much I miss seeing all
of the neon signs that were very much part of the 50's .
Larry W. (Bud) Richmond    Efland, North Carolina 27243    Nov 20/2006 19:59 PST
To all of you with the 'ENCORE STARZ WESTERN CHANNEL', this Saturday November 35, 2006 at 11:00AM CST/12:00PM EST is Broderick Crawford's appearance on 'Cimarron Strip'. This was a 90 minute excellent CBS series (1967 - 1968) starring Stuart Whitman with many top guest stars. Broderick Crawford's guest shot performance in the episode 'The Blue Moon Train' was originally broadcast on February 15, 1968.

I have never seen this one. Happy Thanksgiving to all.
Ralph Schiller     ralph.schiller@rrb.gov    Winfield, IL USA    Nov 22/2006 07:11 PST
As a youth, I grew up watching Highway Patrol. Broderick Crawford was my hero back then, and I will always remember his great talent as an actor. It just seem so real back then, and was great entertainment not like some of the stuff one will see today on television.

We should have stuff like this today, not what is being seen.
Paul W. Wolfe     paulwwolfe@yahoo.com    Carbondale, Pennsylvania USA    Nov 22/2006 13:12 PST
I agree with Paul Wolfe about Highway Patrol. I watched it a lot back in the 50's, & still watch it today on DVD. I simply refuse
to watch many shows today on TV. The only shows I watch today are:
Wheel Of Fortune, & Travel Documentaries. I occasionally watch the
News, but when the commercials appear, I just mute it. With remote
in hand, I see commercials I can't stand!
Alan    Nov 23/2006 12:14 PST
I want to purchase the entire series on DVD. Prices go from around $60 all the way up to over $200! Any suggestions as to the best quality for the money? I understand some have station IDs and commerials (might be kind of interesting) and others only have the shows (probably nicer).

Gomer    Royal Oak, MI    Dec 08/2006 14:29 PST
Our "Sources" sections has this information but understand until such time that Sony releases them we have to no choice but to accept less then pristine quality.
Gary    Dec 09/2006 23:50 PST
Happy Birthday Brod. He would have been 95 today.
Gary    Dec 09/2006 23:53 PST