Guestbook - 2004

Best wishes in 2004 to fans worldwide. Many Happy Highway Patrols!!! 10-4.
Gary Goltz    Jan 01/2004 00:30 PST
Your site was most informative. I enjoyed this series immensely almost fifty years ago. I wish someone would produce high quality DVDs from the original 16mm films. Some DVDs that I have viewed had commercials in them with really poor picture quality. They were probably dubbed from an older analog videotape several times.
John Aegerter    Jan 03/2004 15:38 PST
Great Site. The show was one of my favorites in the 50's. I enjoyed the themes, photos, and everything about this site. Nice going Gary. A big 10-4 goes out to you.
Tony    U. S. A.    Jan 05/2004 17:55 PST
JEFF    Jan 06/2004 13:09 PST
I do have some episodes on VHS, and got most of them from E-Bay, & are fair/good quality. Eventually, I'll be looking for DVD's of Highway Patrol that are reasonably priced, have good quality, and are uncut (around 25 - 26 minutes each). I do want to buy a DVD Recorder, but feel I should wait at
least another year, as prices will come down even more.
PAUL     Jan 06/2004 17:50 PST
I enjoyed looking at your site.

Steven Dickerson     stevendickerson@yahoo.com    Tijuana, BC, Mexico    Jan 21/2004 04:30 PST
Great website! As a kid, I very much enjoyed watching this TV program...thanks for keeping it alive!
Don McLeod     donmcleod@earthlink.net    Jan 21/2004 20:37 PST
This website is one of the best I've ever seen! I used to love the "Highway Patrol" episodes as a child. Back in those days, it was SO exciting to watch those roadblocks set up to catch the crooks. When I heard the theme song on the Homepage, it immediately took me back in time 45 years. Great job! Great memories!
Hudson Alexander    Franklin, Tennessee (USA)    Jan 26/2004 17:58 PST
If it wasn't for "Highway Patrol" my son Gary would have never stayed home! 10-4...
Julius Goltz    Feb 10/2004 10:12 PST
Highway Patrol was one of my all time favorites. Broderick was a tough guy and I always thought he was cool. I loved these old series when I was a kid.
Ray Lindsay     rlindsay49@alltel.net    Atlanta, Ga    Mar 04/2004 17:15 PST
This was one of the best shows of all time. I used to live for it to come on. Please, show it in re-runs as soon as possible!!
Harold Y. Grooms     groomshd@knology.net    Prattville, AL, USA    Mar 08/2004 18:43 PST
Thanks for the information you have on your website. I am glad to see there are others who are interested in this historical television program. Of all the things I remember as a kid I will never forget the part Mr. Crawford played. Its funny how things like this stay with you after all these years.
Larry     LARCIN@worldnet.att.net    Mar 11/2004 07:37 PST
JOSE A. VALDES.     berriganmx@yahoo.com    Mar 12/2004 13:47 PST
I watched this show in Canada on cable tv when it was first aired. I would really enjoy seeing it again.
Ron    Kitchener, Ontario, Canada    Mar 14/2004 17:15 PST
I have a question, just one question how come HIGHWAY PATROL is not on DVD it is as simple as that after reading some of the articles is seems to me is seems on only right to put the show on DVD and release it at the video store. after watching one episode of it on the net i'am a fan and hearing the sound clips of the show it seems only right to give the public what it wants "PUT HIGHWAY PATROL ON DVD" seeing what other shows are on dvd it seems only right to put it on dvd and release it to the pulblic.
Ben Valdez     Mar 14/2004 23:33 PST
Ben, look under our "Sources" section. We have 2 people listed that sell DVDs of the show...10-4.
Gary    Mar 15/2004 04:42 PST
I was able to track down one of Broderick Crawford's most obscure films, 'Mutiny At Fort Sharp' (1966), which was an Italian-Spanish co-production filmed in picturesque Spain. Mr.Crawford is the only Hollywood star in this pretty lavish, 90 minute widescreen Spaghetti western.

Set in 1864 Texas during the Civil War, Broderick Crawford is Colonel J.W. Lennox, commander of the Confederate cavalry outpust on the Rio Grande, Fort Sharp. Fort Sharp is under siege by 3000 Navaho warriors, and is all that stands between north Texas and the Indians. Within the stockade walls of the fort, the steadfast Broderick Crawford orders the evacuation of the fort's women and children on a wagon train escorted by only a mere handful of soldiers. None of the dependents, including the Colonel's own wife, wish to leave the security of the fort. Never the less, Col. Lennox insists that the Navajos are only interested in attacking the fort, and will not be bothered by the small band of civilians and soldiers. The garrison troops of Fort Sharp are also afraid for their love ones, but none dare to defy the otherwise unquestionable leadership of Broderick Crawford's Col. Lennox, a true 'blood and guts' officer.

A large troop of French Dragoons stationed with Emperor Maximillian's forces in Mexico, accidently stray across the Rio Grande, and and are shocked to discover the massacre of Fort Sharp's women and children. The Indians attack the outnumbered French troops, who retreat to Fort Sharp for protection. The French Captain informs Colonel Lennox that his troop's families and the Colonel's wife have been wiped out in an ambush. The grieving Colonel orders the French to remain silent about the soldiers' women and children. However, purely by accident the word gets out, and the Confederate soldiers mutiny when the duty bound Colonel, well-played by Crawford, stubbornly refuses them the right to leave the fort so they can bury their love ones.

Broderick Crawfrod gives a riveting performance as a great commander, and soldier, who is torn between his duty and his love for his family and his troops. The burden becomes too great for the Colonel who slowly slips into madness seeing imaginary dead soldiers and non-existant Indians!

'Mutiny At Fort Sharp' is a rugged, two-fisted action picture filled with 'cavalry versus Indian' battles, as well as deep moral questions on courage, honor, and cowardice. The fort and town sets built for this film are very elaborate and impressive, with a cast including several hundreds of soldiers and Indians.

In the mid-1960's many Hollywood actors traved to Spain to star in Italian produced westerns, including Charles Bronson, Audie Murphy, Henry Fonda, Van Johnson, Clint Eastwood, Yul Brynner, Anthony Quinn, Robert Taylor, and James Mason. Broderick Crawford's 'Mutiny At Fort Sharp' is a forgotten treasure that was relegated to the 'Late Show' or 'Afternoon Movie' slots, but deserves better. It's easily one of the best Broderick Crawford films as he entered the twilight of his film career. Thankfully, Broderick Crawford's distinctive and trademark voice is his very own in this film, which makes all the difference in the world!

'Mutiny At Fort Sharp' is available from 'Video Search Of Miami' on both DVD and VHS. Go to 'WWW.VSOM.COM'.

Ralph Schiller     ralph.schiller@rrb.gov    Chicago, Illinois     Mar 15/2004 05:52 PST
I loved this show as a kid. I wish Hallmark, TVLand or some cable channel would consider reruning the series again. This time I'll tape every one of them.
Richard W. Rice    Mar 25/2004 19:22 PST
I loved this show as a kid. I wish Hallmark, TVLand or some cable channel would consider reruning it again. This time I'll tape every one of them.
Richard W. Rice     rwrice@hotmail.com    San Diego, California    Mar 25/2004 19:24 PST
I liked watching the reruns when I was 8-10 years old (1970). Then in, I believe, 1974, I noticed the show was running on KTLA channel 5 at the same time of day as "Days of Our Lives." My mother always stopped whatever she was doing to watch DOOL, and school was about to let out for the summer. I planned to go watch HP in my room every day while she watched DOOL. The last day of school was Wednesday, I watched HP Thursday and Friday, and Monday they changed to something else! So it's coming up on 30 years since I've seen one.

Scott P.    Southern California    Apr 11/2004 00:29 PDT
We play this weekend in the world's largest trivia contest in stevens point wisconsin -part of the contest is to identify pictures without hints - did broderick crawford ever wear a helmet instead of a fedora in the tv series. i'd love to send you a copy of the photo if that's possible
bonnie groshek     bgroshek2@charter.net    Apr 12/2004 18:52 PDT
Hi Bonnie:

As any fan of the show can tell you, Brod never wore anything on his head but a fedora...10-4.
Gary Goltz    Apr 13/2004 00:08 PDT
What a find! I loved this show as a kid. Thank you so much for the memories. 10-4 and clear.
Pete     Hardcharger249@aol.com    Apr 14/2004 09:34 PDT
Great info! I didn't realize that there was anyone out there that was still interested in those old Highway Patrol shows, I thought that I was living to much in the past. Thanks,,
Gary W. Mayberry     gwmayberry@hotmail.com    Wampum,Pa. USA    May 07/2004 20:53 PDT
Hey Gary great site.You Da Man!!!!!!!!!!
steve nutt     oldbarber@msn.com    May 09/2004 09:10 PDT
We've enjoyed looking at this website, thanks
Brenda    USA    May 20/2004 17:40 PDT
GOOD SITE indeed, brings back pleasant memories. well thought out, to be applauded
DUDLEY JONEs     zalocdude@aol.com    WALES, United Kingdom    May 20/2004 17:42 PDT
I was one of the original segment producers on the 93-97 Real Stories of The Highway Patrol series and remember watching the original 50's series during the 60's growing up in LA. I too loved the cars and I applaud your restoration and goodwill appearances. I enjoyed my time on RSOTHP and met a lot of CHP officers in the process. If you see the first two seasons of the show, my specialty was recreating the helicopter persuits. You haven't lived until you've gone down the 405 at a 100 mes an hour in a CHP car! Anyway, keep up the appearances and the chrome polished!
Michael Killen     mkillentv@aol.com    Jun 07/2004 10:02 PDT
I really enjoyed your show. I have most of the early ones on tape. I always tried to get them to do something with my car but got turned down. Did you see the picture of Hannigan with me and my Buick? Thanks for your comments.


Gary    Jun 07/2004 10:39 PDT
i'am 23 years old seeing the old chevy's and dodgers is cool to see. i had got some episodes for my dad for fathers day, hearing Broderick cawrford on the mic while driving that 55 buick is cool to see with the srein blaring, i got a question , what network carried HIGHWAY PATROL when it came on in 55' was it NBC.
over and out 10-4
Ben Valdez     so.sf, ca    Jun 21/2004 22:02 PDT
Ben the show was syndicated which means it was carried by any station that bought it from Ziv and later UA. Look it the Articles section to learn more. Thanks.
10-4, Gary    Jun 21/2004 23:27 PDT
I ran on to this site by accident, and was thrilled to have found it. As many fans as a young boy I never missed and episode. As an adult I became a police officer in Houston, Texas, and now am retired. I miss the old show. Will e-mail TV land
Archbishop M B Smith     bishop1nw@aol.com    Portlandd Oregon USA    Jul 02/2004 09:04 PDT
Wow! Great site. I didn't know anyone had this much info about one of my favorite shows. A while back I ran across a site on the web where you can download some of the programs but I don't remember where it was. I guess that's what happens when you're old enough to remember Highway Patrol.
Thank you very much. I'll be back.
Louis Bagwell     blouis144@aol.com    Easley,SC USA    Jul 10/2004 20:33 PDT
Larry K    Jul 12/2004 16:47 PDT
Please release the highway patrol series on dvd!
Steven Parrott     hbparrott@aol.com    Clive, Iowa 50325    Jul 16/2004 11:41 PDT
The IMDB or Internet Movie Data Base is always updating the film and television appearances of Broderick Crawford. They recently added a feature length title 'Maharlika' (1985), which would make it his last movie!

'Maharlika' was a film biography of Ferdinand Marcos, who was originaly elected President of the Philippines twice before declaring martial law and setting himself up as President-For-Life.

President Marcos enjoyed a well-publicized relationship with a beautiful American actress by the name of Dovie Beams. Marcos himself financed the making of 'Maharlika' as a starring vehicle for his own mistress. 'Maharlika' was the name of Marcos' band of guerilla fighters against the Japanese occupation of World War 2 and the film was intended as film biography of the great man.

Noted film and television actor Paul Burke was brought over from Hollywood to play the role of Marcos, and both veteran actors Farley Granger, and Broderick Crawford were also imported for the cast. I read a Chicago Tribune Sunday Magazine interview with Dovie Beams in 1972, in which she mentions making the then-unreleased 'Maharlika' with Broderick Crawford and the rest of the cast. It seems that President Marcos fancied himself another William Randolph Hearst, trying to make the love of his life a star.

According to other sources, 'Maharlika' was never finished and remained uncompleted as Mrs.Isabel Marcos got wind of the movie production, and was instrumental in getting the film's financing shut down. That would have been sometime in the early 1970's, and not 1985 as 'IMDB.COM' lists.

Therefore Broderick Crawford's final film performance was the little seen, but underrated 'Liar's Moon' (1981), with Matt Dillon, ending a long and distinguished career in motion pictures. Broderick Crawford did return for a final bow in a terrific 1982 episode of 'Simon And Simon', as an evil television producer who is found murdered.

Has anyone any further information on Broderick Crawford's Philippine movie 'Maharlika'?

Ralph Schiller     ralph.schiller@rrb.gov    Winfield, Il,USA    Jul 22/2004 13:17 PDT
I loved the TV show and would like to see them shown again even as just a TV Special.
Richard K. Powers     ramlpowers@bellsouth.net    Gastonia, NC    Aug 14/2004 10:59 PDT
Dear Mr.Gary My Mom Was A 50's Teen I Was Born December 12,1965 I Used To Watch Highway Patrol In Reruns With My Mom And Dad On KTNT TV Channel 11 Now KSTW TV When I Was A Toddler I Used To Watch King Of Diamonds On KING TV Channel 5 Highway Patrol Had Used To Be On KOMO TV Channel 4 As An ABC Affilliate 1957 To 1959 It Was On KTNT TV Channel 11 In 1959 It Has Been On Channel 11 For 25 Years Until September 1984 At 12 Noon At One Time My Dad Was Then At Work I Got The Television's Greatest Hits CD And Cassette With The Theme Song On It I Watched 50's TV In Reruns I Will Write A Letter To Nick At Nite,TV Land,Hallmark,MTV,Goodlife TV Network,Turner Dynasty,Encore's Mystery Channel,Encore's Action Channel,CBN Cable Network,A&E Cable Network,The Spike Network,The Crime Network,Or Any Cable Channel Should Air Highway Patrol One Of The Cable Channels Should Air Highway Patrol,Sea Hunt,King Of Diamonds,Ripcord,Bat Masterson,Stoney Burke,Target,Whirlybirds,Zorro,Sergeant Preston Of The Yukon Or Any Show Could Air On TV Land,Hallmark Or Goodlife TV Network Should Air Highway Patrol I Should Write TV Land,Hallmark,Or Maybe The Goodlife TV Network Should Air Highway Patrol On Any Of The Channels And Please Write Me A Letter Delbert "Dellie Goose" Hutchinson
Delbert "Dellie Goose" Hutchinson      DELLIEGOOS@AOL.COM     Tacoma,Washington,USA     Aug 20/2004 21:06 PDT

You have great taste in TV shows for such a young fan!

Gary    Aug 21/2004 04:44 PDT
Dear Mr.Gary Please Write A Letter To One Of The Cable Channels Such As TV Land,Hallmark,Goodlife TV Network,Encore's Action Channel Or Any Cable Channel About Reruning Highway Patrol On Their Schedule Today's Shows Got All That Garbage And The Nonsense Such As Language,Sex And Nudity On Today's Shows TV Land Should Rerun Highway Patrol Or Maybe Hallmark Should Air It Or Maybe The Goodlife TV Network Should Air The Highway Patrol Series It Had No Language Or Sex Or No Nudity On That Show It Was Rated TV-G Then For General Audiences Please Ask TV Land About Airing Highway Patrol Or Maybe Hallmark,Goodlife TV Network Or Maybe Encore's Action Channel Please Ask MGM/UA/WB To Remaster Highway Patrol,Sea Hunt,King Of Diamonds,Keyhole A Documentary Series With Jack Douglas And Ripcord Or Maybe The Everglades A Color Series Please Ask MGM/UA/WB To Remaster Those TV Shows And Please Write Me A Letter Delbert "Dellie Goose" Hutchinson 4202 South 64th Tacoma,Washington,98409
Delbert "Dellie Goose" Hutchinson      DELLIEGOOS@AOL.COM     Tacoma,Washington,USA     Aug 21/2004 11:56 PDT
Dear Mr.Gary Please Write A Letter To One Of The Cable Channels Such As TV Land,Hallmark,Goodlife TV Network,Encore's Action Channel Or Any Cable Channel About Reruning Highway Patrol On Their Schedule Today's Shows Got All That Garbage And The Nonsense Such As Language,Sex And Nudity On Today's Shows TV Land Should Rerun Highway Patrol Or Maybe Hallmark Should Air It Or Maybe The Goodlife TV Network Should Air The Highway Patrol Series It Had No Language Or Sex Or No Nudity On That Show It Was Rated TV-G Then For General Audiences Please Ask TV Land About Airing Highway Patrol Or Maybe Hallmark,Goodlife TV Network Or Maybe Encore's Action Channel Please Ask MGM/UA/WB To Remaster Highway Patrol,Sea Hunt,King Of Diamonds,Keyhole A Documentary Series With Jack Douglas And Ripcord Or Maybe The Everglades A Color Series Please Ask MGM/UA/WB To Remaster Those TV Shows And Please Write Me A Letter Delbert "Dellie Goose" Hutchinson 4202 South 64th Tacoma,Washington,98409
Delbert "Dellie Goose" Hutchinson      DELLIEGOOS@AOL.COM     Tacoma,Washington,USA     Aug 21/2004 11:56 PDT
Dear Mr.Gary I Used To Watch Highway Patrol With My Mom On KTNT TV Channel 11 When I Was A Toddler I Was Born On Sunday December 12,1965 Any Of You Who Grew Up In The Northwest In Washington State What TV Station Was Highway Patrol On In The 50's And 60's And In The 70's Until 1980 Or Maybe In June Of 1981 I Seen Broderick Crawford In A 1960's TV Show King Of Diamonds In Reruns On KING TV Channel 5 On Thursdays At 7 PM Before Daniel Boone I Used To Watch The Interns Starring Broderick Crawford On CBS TV And On KIRO TV Channel 7 On Friday Night At 7:30 PM The Highway Patrol In A Hospital What Broderick Crawford Had Described It I Seen Broderick Crawford As J.Edgar Hoover In The Private Files Of J.Edgar Hoover On TBS Way Back In 1992 Almost 15 Years Ago In 1992 I Watched Broderick Crawford On Saturday Night Live In The Late 70's Or Early 80's I Seen Broderick Crawford Do A Saturday Night Live I Watched It On E Couple Of Years Ago Broderick Crawford Had Died In 1986 I Was Only 20 Years Old Regina Petrich's Sister Who Is My Wife And Her Name Is Pam She Was Born January 2,1966 She Is A Friend Of Nancy Klein's Her And I Were Married At Age 19 We Were Both 19 We Were Married After I Left Tahoma House Me And Joe's Sister Were Married July 27,1985 We Were 19 My Wife's Brother Was Born On October 10,1967 Then Her Sister After Him Born January 11,1970 And The Youngest Sister Of Hers Was Born On October 28,1971 She Had Married Carol Sexton's Son He Was Born October 2,1971 Ann Is My Sister In Law Joe Is My Brother In Law George Petrich Is A Pierce Transit Shuttle Driver And Part Time Policeman For The Tacoma Police Department Sherrie Anderson Works At Goodwill She Is Also A Part Time Police Detective For The Tacoma Police Department She Watched Highway Patrol As A Kid I Used To Watch Highway Patrol Michelle Klein's My Sister In Law I Wear A Fedora Like Broderick Crawford On The Highway Patrol Series Channel 11 Here In The Seattle-Tacoma Area Showed Reruns Of Highway Patrol A Long Time Ago Please Write TV Land A Letter About Having Highway Patrol On Their Schedule Next Year And Please Write Me A Letter Delbert "Dellie Goose" Hutchinson 4202 South 64th Tacoma,Washington,98409
Delbert "Dellie Goose" Hutchinson      DELLIEGOOS@AOL.COM     Tacoma,Washington,USA     Aug 21/2004 12:37 PDT
Dear Mr.Gary I Will Be Having A DVD/VCR Recorder So That I Can Have Two DVD/VCR's So I Would Have To Wait Another Year In 2005 So That I Can DVD Record Highway Patrol Off TV Land Hallmark Should Be In The Process Of Having Old Highway Patrol Reruns Goodlife TV Network Should Be In The Process Of Having Highway Patrol Sherrie Anderson Who Is A Rehab Administrative Assastant By Day She Is Also A Part Time Police Officer In The Tacoma Police Department She Is A Detective Part Time In The Evenings She Watched Highway Patrol As A Kid Today's TV Shows Are Nothing But Garbage Such As Nudity And Language Also Even Sex Like They Do Now Highway Patrol Had Nothing Either I Watched Old Stuff On TV I Wear A Fedora Sometimes Like Broderick Crawford On The Show Did And Please E-Mail Me Today Delbert "Dellie Goose" Hutchinson
Delbert "Dellie Goose" Hutchinson      DELLIEGOOS@AOL.COM     Tacoma,Washington,USA     Aug 21/2004 21:12 PDT
I just found this site..... It's great.
Watching the clips, brought back fond memories of the show.
Thank's for a great job on the site.
Randy Hauck     rhpvideo@juno.com    Sylmar, CA U.S.A.    Aug 23/2004 01:56 PDT
Remember it like it was yesterday.
Great site!!!!!
Paul Willcoxon    Fallon, Nevada U.S.A.    Aug 29/2004 16:36 PDT
The ownership and control of the "Highway Patrol" library could very well change hands in the next few days with the sale of MGM. With Time-Warner and Sony the final two bidders, it could be good news as both companies are very much into re-releasing evergreen product on DVD in the marketplace.
Monte    Sep 04/2004 04:59 PDT
I doubt that TV Land will air Highway Patrol. The next best
thing is to purchase VHS's or DVD's from E-Bay, or other sources. That's the only way to go. I look at it this way,
if you want it bad enough, you'll pay the price.
Paul    Oct 01/2004 14:00 PDT
Gary    Oct 03/2004 23:13 PDT
I am a fan of Mr Crawford and I use to watch his Highway Patrol series, I wonder do they have it on VHS or DVD and if they do how can I get them.
Jimmy L .Mitchell     jimbo46_2002@yahoo.com    Monroe, LA 71202    Oct 09/2004 18:09 PDT
So it's Maharlika! - Gotta look this one up!
Cindy     cindy@crawfords.net    Idaho    Oct 13/2004 19:47 PDT
Brod has all his movie stuff listed at http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0002024/ ... try clicking on it! Or cut & paste it into yoer browzer.
Cindy     cindy@crawford.net    Idaho    Oct 13/2004 19:54 PDT
"2150 to Headquarters"
Terry    Oct 18/2004 13:06 PDT
have been searching for call numbers thanks to 21-50 for all the enjoyment growing up. 10-4
legendre    Nov 19/2004 21:48 PST
Hello! I am a Highway patrol and Broderick Crawford fan from the fiftys, I always enjoyed the show so much, And haven't had the chance to see reruns of the series, Is there any way I can purchase DVD's Or VHS tapes of the shows.I would love to hear from fellow fans. Sam Sheehan
Sam Sheehan     sammar61@ineffingham.com    Shumway, Illinois 62461    Nov 20/2004 13:26 PST
The 'Encore Starz Western Channel' is running throughout December one of Broderick Crawford's all-time best films, 'The Last Of The Comanches'! It was released in 1952 by Columbia Pictures, Crawford's home studio and was handsomely produced on a big budget in gorgious Technicolor! Shot almost entirely outdoors, director Andre De Toth films some absolutely breath-taking scenery taking advantage of the three-strip color process.

Broderick Crawford stars at Sergeant Matt Trainor, leader of a small band of troopers, who survived the massacre of the Arizona town of Dry Buttes, at the hands of a huge army of Comanches under the leadership of renegade Chief Blackcloud.

The troopers then encounter a stagecoach full of civilians unknowingly on their way to the ashes of Dry Buttes. Crawford's character commands the coach and his 5 troopers to make the desert journey to Fort Macklin. Sgt. Trainor insists that only army discipline will give these stragglers a slim chance of surviving the journey to the fort. He immediately rations the water ordering, 'Everybody gets two swallows, and two swallows only. Any more and I'll show you what real thirst is! Is that understood?' They understand.

The cast of 'Last Of The Commanches' backing up Broderick Crawford, is nothing less than first-rate. Barbara Hale of later 'Perry Mason' fame is a coach passenfger on her way to stay with her brother, who is the commanding Major of the fort. Playing fellow troopers are the future ZIV TV star Lloyd Bridges, a young Martin Millner of 'Adam-12' as a baby-faced bugle boy, and the delightful comic actor Mickey Shaughnessy as an Irish corporal!

A Kiowa Indian boy, well played by Johnny Stewart, dying of thirst in the desert is rescued by Sgt. Trainor, and he leads the coach to water in the abandoned ruins of an old Spanish mission, with a well! Crawford's men locate the well, and fill all their barrels and canteens just before it dries up completely.

In the meantime, Chief Blackcloud's warriors are on their way to the mission, as the Comanches are also out of water! With sheer grit, determination, and Army spit and polish, Broderick Crawford's Sgt Trainor decides to make a stand at the mission, and give the cavalry a chance to catch up with Blackcloud and to destroy him. Everyone agrees to stand and fight to prevent future Dry Buttes, and the sergeant puts the Indian boy Little Knife on a horse to go to Fort Macklin and summon the U.S. Cavalry!

For days, the Comanches attack again and again, but Sgt. Trainor's troopers and civilians hold firm, while they run out of water and ammunition. Some of them have also been killed, including the characters of Lloyd Bridges and the likable Mickey Shaughnessey. A cowardly Whiskey salesman suddenly turns valorous giving his life to save an Indian scout from an ambush! Even Barbara Hale's character picks up a rifle, and adds a few knotches to her belt!

The Comanches, who are now dying of thirst, make a final charge on the surviving handful of troopers and civilians, and all appears lost. Suddenly the sound of a bugle pierces the air, and the U.S. Cavalry charges over the hill, lead by both the Major and Little Knife! The troopers on horseback with sabers, cut the Comanches to pieces and Blackcloud is killed!

Broderick Crawford as Sgt. Trainor then orders his few defenders to get in line and stand attention for the Major. He even barks out, 'That includes you Little Knife! You belong in this line too!', as the Indian boy proudly joins the ranks! The Major salutes Sgt. Trainor for a job well-done, but the sergeant says most of the credit belongs to the people of Dry Buttes, and a platoon of dead troopers, as the music swells and the fades to the closing credits.

'Last Of The Comanches' is an exciting, gun-blazing, rip-snorting cavalry versus Indians western, but it's also a study in courage, discipline and character. Andre De Toth is best known for directing 'The House Of Wax' with Vincent Price a year later, but he was certainly a great western film director. De Toth directed superb westerns with Joel MacCrea, Gary Cooper, Kirk Douglas, and Randolph Scott, but 'The Last Of The Comanches' with Broderick Crawford is one of his best.

For Broderick Crawford, the character of the veteran cavalry Sergeant Trainor was truly a part he was born to play.

Ralph Schiller     ralph.schiller@rrb.gov    Winfield, Il,USA    Nov 22/2004 09:00 PST
Wow Gary-great sight. I have to keep coming back just to take it all in. Keep up the good work.
Fred Jorgensen     fjorgensen@aol.com    Henderson, NV    Dec 05/2004 16:50 PST
Outstanding site that brings back memories of repeats from the '60's & probably inspired my law enforcement career, tho not w/a Highway Patrol agency. Thanks!
Guy    Las Vegas, NV USA    Dec 05/2004 22:15 PST
Which advertisers/products sponsored the show during the original run? Were there different sponsors in different areas of the country since the show was syndicated?
Mike     mikestraton@webtv.net    L.A.    Dec 08/2004 04:23 PST
This week I happened upon one of Crawford's early films on Turner Classic Movies. "Night Unto Night" made in the late 40's starred Ronald Reagan. A thinner Crawford in a supporting role plays Reagan's neighbor and friend, and gives gives a good performance, as usual. It's a strange, eerie movie dealing with the subject of epilepsy, which at that time must have seemed like a forbidden, almost taboo topic. For a while I almost it was a horror movie, but I knew that couldn't be, because I knew Reagan didn't make any horror films. The leading woman was a Swedish actress by the name of Viveca Lindfors, who seemed like a clone of Ingrid Bergman, but better looking than Bergman. Most interesting to me was the background music by Franz Waxman, which was reminiscent of John Barry's music (James Bond films, "Body Heat," among many others). The movie gets progessively better as it goes along, and has an upbeat ending, which was changed from the ending of the novel on which it was based, I'm told. If you are interested in one of Crawford's earlier and lesser known films, keep an eye on TCM.
Mike     mikestraton@webtv.net    L.A.    Dec 11/2004 03:26 PST
My dad was a kid when the HIGHWAY PATROL was on the air i had asked what channel here in San Francisco would broadcast the show, KPIX ran the show every friday if i'm not mistaken. It's good to see that the old black and white shows are being released on dvd like COMBAT with vic morrow and RICK JASON hopefully soon highway patrol will be released on DVD some time soon. 10-4 over and out
Ben Valdez     Dec 11/2004 22:28 PST
I enjoyed Mike Straton's review of Broderick Crawford's 1949 film, 'Night Unto Night' with Ronald Reagan. Mike's review is right on the money, and the film is fascinating to watch.

By my last count, Broderick Crawford made 93 feature films in Hollywood and all over the globe, but never really made a bad one! I hope more fans of 'Highway Patrol' and Broderick Crawford continue to honor and review more of his films, and his extensive television work.

Thanks Mike.
Ralph Schiller     ralph.schiller@rrb.gov    Winfield, Il,USA    Dec 13/2004 08:27 PST
I was just wondering if there was any Highway Patrol shows out there? If there is please let me know, and if there are dvd's, becasue I really miss those shows. I have been trying to get a hold of tv land, but they didn't email me back. So whoever gets this letter, please email me back.
Harold Birch     hibby1555@yahoo.com    Dubuque, IA    Dec 15/2004 12:42 PST
This show made me want to become a State Trooper. The theme song is the best!
Tony     ard543@aol.com    Newark, DE    Dec 23/2004 09:34 PST
G'Day from Downunder,New Zealand.As a boy I loved the series in UK.I have not been able to see the reruns in the States obviously.I have been told there are dvd's of the series is there a person who could help and that you would recommend .Many thanks.Incidently my brother in law lives in Upland.Thank you for any help.Richard Brands,Auckland NZ
Richard Brands     px200vespa@gmail.com    New Zealand    Dec 29/2004 00:05 PST
Sad to say that I just learned today that Bill Boyett has passed away. His funeral will be early next week in Studio City. We will miss the co-star of "Highway Patrol" and later "Adam-12". 3016 goodbye!!!

Gary Goltz    Dec 29/2004 19:37 PST