Guestbook - 2003

Happy New Year to all you "Highway Patrol" fans like me! Our site continues to be the most outstanding source of information related to our favorite TV show. We have recently added lots of details on Ziv Productions, which indicates just how much influence "Highway Patrol" had on television.

Many thanks to Glenn Davis who is indeed the greatest Webmaster and designer on the Internet! Hope you enjoy this site, 10-4

Gary Goltz, The Number 1 Fan of "Highway Patrol"     g.goltz@verizon.net    Upland, CA    Jan 01/2003 15:16 PST
Love to see Highway Patrol somewhere on Tv again.
Ed Stuart     blackblinkster@aol.com    Jan 04/2003 16:45 PST
Keep up the good work...10-4
Ray Federico     Rayfederico@juno.com    Jan 10/2003 18:19 PST
I remember looking at "Highway Patrol" back in the 50s and enjoyed every episode. And, as they say, they don't make movies like that any more. Great show!
Normand H. Carleton    Bristol, CT USA    Jan 30/2003 12:10 PST
Hi Gary, I have been a Highway Patrol TV show fan since the beginning. My dad had a 1954 Olds S-88, in which I drove for my first driving test in 1958, and I loved the cool '54 Olds Dan Mathews drove in some of the early episodes. I remember one in particular where Mathews jumped in the Olds and burned rubber down the highway. I soon learned that dad's Olds would do the same thing! I have 17 episodes on VHS and one of them, "Escaped Convict" has lots of great footage of Mathews driving a '54 Olds S-88 patrol car. In fact this is the episode that has the scene taken from it that is used in the leader of each episode where the '54 Olds is pulling out from under the shade tree and going down the road. I love the Buicks and the other cars too, but being an Olds guy that owns a '54 Olds, I am naturally partial to the Oldmobiles in the programs. I am disappointed that Olds wasn't given due credit in the articles I have read about the show. The Olds was a 1954 and I believe the first Buicks were 1955 models. I have a great picture in my collection of about 24 black/white 1954 Oldsmobiles at the Olds dealership in Los Angeles getting the Highway Patrol packages and trim put on them. They are all lined up at the curb around the dealership building. I have wanted to make a '54 Olds 2 door post CHP car for a long time. I still may do it someday. Keep up the good work with the show history.
10-4 Bob Campbell
Bob Campbell     juliecampbel@earthlink.net    Arvada, CO USA    Jan 31/2003 14:07 PST
Great site. I just discovered today after reading the article in Car and Parts magazine on the beautiful original 1955 Buick patrol car of Les Randolph.
Phil Frank    Feb 03/2003 19:12 PST
My friend Eleanor Tannin whom I graduated with from Amundsen High School in Chicago played in several episodes of Highway Patrol. Could you please tell me what episodes she played in? And is she still in good health.
Wayne Smith     winosm@aol.com    walnut, ca    Feb 04/2003 08:43 PST
She played the lead role, Helen Barton in Hit and Run episode #20. This was a great one! 10-4.
Gary    Feb 04/2003 17:09 PST
Highway Patrol was one of my childhood favorite shows! How great to know someone has put together a website!!!!!! I hope TV Land will show some episodes, and maybe other shows by ZIV Productions....such as Rescue 8, etc.
Dan Brintlinger     decaturdan1@aol.com    Feb 05/2003 14:39 PST
Rescue was a great show too. However, it was done by Screen Gems not Ziv...FYI. 10-4!
Gary    Feb 06/2003 01:41 PST
Great site. I'd love to have a recording of Broderick saying " Out of the car ...get your hands on the hood".

Paul Cesak     pcesak@mindspring.com    Houston, Texas 77079    Feb 06/2003 14:09 PST
my name is Ewadrd Beck my snail mail address is 2709 14th st Northport Alabama [home of the Alabama Crimson Tide football team]. My email address is eobeck@juno.com. I am 56 years old and this tv show stands out in my mind like no other.I can remember the sound echo when he would fire his pistol.[Whenever the laws of any state are broken a newly organized organization swings into action it may be called the state police state troopera malitia the rangers or the highway patrol These are the stories of the men whose training skill and courage have enforced and presearved our state laws]. I can still recall watching it on the old black and white tv with the antenna on top pf the house. Who would I get in touch with to see about getting reruns of this show on tv?
Edward Odis Beck     eobeck@juno.com    Northport Alabama Tuscaloosa    Feb 07/2003 07:55 PST
I remember this tv show very well. It was one of the best. I can still hear the echo of the sound of his pistol and his gruff voice over the radio and the 2150 to headquarters. Who would I get in contact with to get reruns of this show on tv today? I can still see me watching on the old black and white tv with the antenna sticking up on top of the house.[Whenever the laws of any state are broken a newly authorised organization swings into action it may be called the state police state troopers militia the rangers or the highway patrol These are the stories of the men whose training skill and courage have enforced and presearved our state laws.]That may be a little off but I think it is close.I just happened up on this on my computer and thought I would say a few words about it.There are other shows that were good also. Like Amos and andy Fibber Mcgee and molly Our Miss Brooks The Life of Riley The Gunslinger Maverick Sugarfoot Yancey Derringer anted dead or alive m squad mod squad Death valley days Zane grey theather Car 54 where are you Whirlly birds Sea hunt and on and on.
Edward Odis Beck     eobeck@juno.com    Northport Alabama Tuscaloosa    Feb 07/2003 08:12 PST
Found your site from Cars&Parts article. Glad to see the Buick & old memories, fantasic collection. Barely remember show about supercharged 'hot rod' hit'n run of woman along the highway & the clues,chase, & of course capture of the bad boys. I'll be back often.
John Carlson     ajcarlson73@hotmail.com    Gibson City,IL    Feb 07/2003 18:49 PST
Found your site from Cars&Parts mag. Earliest memory i'hots rod'hit'n run of woman Great Buick and memories!Be back often!
John Carlson      ajcarlson73@hotmail.com    gibson City,IL    Feb 07/2003 18:56 PST
Great website! I found out about it in Cars & Parts magazine. I e-mailed TV land to ask them to air the show. I hope to see it again sometime. I've often wondered if it and other 1950's TV shows (besides I Love Lucy) would ever air again. I was at the Museum of Television in Beverly Hills, CA, and although Highway Patrol comes up on their computer, they didn't have any episodes (as of 3 years ago). Please let me know if it is on in the Southern California area if you can. Thanks Again!
Mark Gannett     mgannett@attbi.com    Los Angeles,CA USA    Feb 07/2003 21:04 PST
I am a big fan of Highway Patrol (the show) since high school in L.A. in the late sixties. Every day we'd come home and watch Father Knows Best, Highway Patrol and Rifleman. On my Grad Nite, rather than going with the rest of the class to Dizzyland, we went to see the Persuasions and Lightnin' Hopkins at the Ash Grove in L.A. After the show we went to Canter's Deli on Fairfax. It must have been 2 am by then and we looked over and in another booth was Broderick! We were flabergasted. All of us were huge fans without enough nerve to approach him. Then when he rose to depart we noticed the Broderick walk that we'd seen so often on TV...with one exception...maybe not such an exception really,...Broderick was drunk...I mean plastered! That night meant more to me than all the high school shenanigans for graduating in 71...I'll never forget.
2150 bye...
Callahan     eltiberius@yahoo.com    Feb 12/2003 13:07 PST
just found the site. very very cool, remember many of the shows, loved those big old buick's. hope they bring back the old shows to tv.

alan paulhamus     buickgs@velocity.net    penna. U.S.A.    Feb 13/2003 20:29 PST
Gary: It was a pleasure meeting you today and viewing your excellent web site. When I was a young boy, I watched "Highway Patrol" every chance I got and dreamed of one day being a real CHP officer - my dream came true in 1971. I used to work on the old CHiPs TV show on days off in the early 1970's, but (frankly) it was not as good as "Highway Patrol" had been. The first car I ever owned was a 1956 Buick - coincidence? I wish I still had that car! It had an automatic transmission, so it was slow "off the line" but once it got going, it would leave most other cars in the dust! Although I am now retired from the CHP, I am still an avid collector of state police/highway patrol/state patrol memorabilia (badges, hat badges, patches, old photos - even patrol car license plates); I have enjoyed this hobby for 32 years and show no sign of slowing down! Thanks for a great site; I'm glad that someone is preserving these old memories.
Officer John E. M. Yeaw, CHP (Ret.)     JohnYeaw@MSN.com    Laguna Niguel, CA     Feb 19/2003 13:49 PST
Excellent site. You Buick is in the March '03 "Cars & Parts" magazine. Worth reading. Thanks!!!!
Steven Woodbury     jrwoody@oregoncoast.com    Beaver/Oregon/USA    Feb 22/2003 19:38 PST
Steven...It's actually Les Randolph's Buick this time! The article is also on the website. Thanks.
Gary    Feb 23/2003 07:26 PST
ROBERT KEARNEY     dillinger34us@yahoo.com    Phila Pa    Feb 24/2003 16:40 PST
thanx for this site. wonder if you've ever come across pictures of zivs lot? Seeing the address I assume it was next to the goldwyn/warner studios on formosa where now there was a shopping center. am i right and do you know if there are any pics of it /Thanx
mike diamond     2783@postmark.net    Feb 24/2003 22:31 PST
Yes, it's the old Eagle Lion Studio near the Formosa. I've search for pictures to no avail.
Gary    Feb 25/2003 01:06 PST
Look on the net for
'employees.oxy.edu/jerry/grandnat.htm' or '...jerry/homestud.htm' for the home page. Go down the list of motion picture studios and look for Grand National which bought the lot from Educational Studios. Later it became 'PRC' for Producers Releasing Corp., and then in attempt to improve it's image they renamed the studio
Eagle-Lion Studios, and later Mr. Ziv bought the lot for ZIV Studios for his TV empire.
In the episode of the two brothers who were armed robbers, and one was accidently run over by a witness, all of you know the title, you can see part of the ZIV lot's western town. In fact what is supposed to be a road in front of the factory being robbed by the brothers, is simply a lane on the studio lot. Look closely, the factory is some office builing on the lot, right next to the western town and you can even see a glimpse of a coral next to a barn!

In anycase, there is a great photo of the ZIV lot when the studio was Grand National Pictures at the website!
Keep up the great work for Broderick Crawford.

Ralph Schiller     ralph.schiller@rrb.gov    Chicago, Il USA    Feb 27/2003 11:54 PST
I love your web site. I have long desired that Highway Patrol episodes surface on TVLand or other channels. Thank you
Dr. David M. Butimore, Sr.     brob@bigvalley.net    Fresno, CA , USA    Mar 04/2003 16:14 PST
I thoroughly enjoyed browsing your website on Highway Patrol! It remains my all time favorite TV series, and I am always looking for episodes I do not have! Absolutely great site!! Thank You
Pete Solitro     solpete@aol.com    Warren, Michigan    Mar 05/2003 11:51 PST
The Encore Starz Western Channel has been frequently showing the rugged horse opera 'The Texican' (1966) starring the underated Audie Murphy and our hero Broderick Crawford. This is a fairly elaborate, well-produced western shot in Spain with Crawford playing the menacing villain. As Luke Starr, Broderick controls an entire border town, with all the corrupt businesses like the town's saloon/casino/dance hall girls. Starr bullies everyone and throws his considerable weight around. His one mistake is to have the town's reform minded newspaper editor murdered. This brings his former lawman brother, played by Audie Murphy, out of exile from across the Rio Grande. Murphy slaps on his six gun and sets out to find the killer of his brother. A worried Crawford then has a couple of his bully boys attempt to ambush Murphy on the trail. He warns his arrogant gunmen not to underestimate Murphy and that 'it's best to take him from behind.' Of course they refuse to take his advice and both wind up in boot hill.
A beautiful daughter of Starr's former partner comes to town to collect her late father's share, and Luke makes a blatant romantic play for her. She rejects Broderick Crawford, because she only has eyes for the quiet and noble gunman Murphy. This gives Luke Starr another reason to have Murphy murdered. In the end, Audie Murphy wipes out Luke Starr's gang, and shoots Broderick Crawford off the second floor balcony of the saloon! Then, he wistfully says good-bye to the anxious lady and walks away while he unholsters his six-gun!
Audie Murphy was unfairly labeled a bad actor by the critics, but 'The Texican' proves them wrong. Murphy and the Oscar winning Broderick Crawford are superb playing opposite each other, perfectly personifying 'good vs evil'!
By all means saddle up and enjoy 'The Texican'!
Ralph Schiller     ralph.schiller@rrb.gov    Chicago, Il USA    Mar 11/2003 05:54 PST
this show brings back fond memories of childhood. i remember the safety of the family room, where my parents sat, keeping my small world save together.
linda varvel     yjjmom1@aol.com    wilmington, ohio, clinton     Mar 11/2003 08:08 PST
great and simple memories
eladio p gonzalez     papogonzalez@hotmail.com    Mar 20/2003 08:11 PST
Joseph     chojun649@comcast.net    usa    Mar 22/2003 00:42 PST
Saw you and your vehicle at 2001 Hollywood Xmas parade and you were kind enough to hit the P.A. system with the theme for me.......whoa ! I was in heaven.

Thanks a million !!!!!!!
Dave"Pooch" Pulcini     DePooch@AOL.com    Mar 23/2003 08:20 PST
To Mike Straton:
As the world's greatest expert on this show I'm pleased to finally respond to your 10/26/02 inquiry that I just found the episode with Ruta Lee. It's #53 Armored Car, in which she plays the wife of the guard being held hostage inside the truck...10-4!
Gary    Mar 30/2003 10:35 PST
There is an episode of where a man in a cowboy hat disputes paying $800 for a car in a wrecking yard. I would like to know who this person is, and the entire cast in this episode.
Wally    Mar 31/2003 08:28 PST
The episode is #22B Car Theft. The cast is Byron Keith as Officer Dillon, Bill Hunt as Le Roy Edwards, Guy Rennie at Charley Giddings, Alan Aric as Jimmy Higgins, and Granville Dixon as Virgil Forrest.
Gary    Mar 31/2003 21:37 PST
Hi Gary,
Just spent the evening going through the site after seeing it mentioned in Cars and Parts for this March. I've never seen the show in reruns but hope someone will pick it up. One question: Was there much actual car stunt work (crash-and-burn, rollover, etc.) used in the show? Who were the stunt drivers? Also: Did the actor Raymond Hatton ever appear on the show? He did a lot of TV work in the 1950s. Thanks for a great site!
Chris Brame    L.A., CA    Apr 02/2003 21:40 PST
As far as I know there were no car stunts ever done. Unlike CHiPs, this show's action was based more on drama. A couple of times they did have actors do the stunts. In Train Copter, Bill Boyett told me he actually climbs out of the helicopter. He also jumped from one horse to another in the Cisco Kid episode Indian Uprising. In Desert Copter, pilot Bob Gilbreath did the same stunt only this time into the back of a moving truck. Ziv would often hire actors that were young and in good shape. Clint Eastwood got the part in Motorcycle because he could handle a bike. As far as actor Hatton goes, I don't find him listed on the Episodes section. Please e-mail me a picture of him and I should be able to tell you for sure. 10-4!
Gary    Apr 03/2003 05:23 PST
While watching the "Reward" episode I immediately recognized an actor who was also in the Woody Allen movie "Take The Money And Run." In the Patrol episode he plays one of the gun toting stooges trying to get the 'reward' for capturing the convict hiding in the barn. In the Woody Allen film He has a small but memorable role as the "chain gang warden." His name was James Anderson. Recently I found an old movie magazine from 1953 that profiled up and coming actors of the time. It gives a short bio of his career at that time. The magazine entitled: "Who's Who In Holywood - 1953" states: "James Anderson came to Hollywood from his home in Wetunpka, Alabama. In 1950, he made his film debut in "Seven Witnesses," promptly won a lead in "Five." Jim is now 32, has good roles in "The Last Musketeer," "The Duel At Silver Creek." He spends his spare time away from acting writing plays and songs." Who knew. A lot of these actors that nobody ever heard of actually had long Hollywood careers. James Anderson wasn't a big star, but now that we know who he was he won't be forgotten.
Mike     mikestraton@webtv.net    Los Angeles    Apr 04/2003 03:16 PST
That was a great part involving all the elements of emotion greed vs. risk. Dan has one of his best fights with the exception of Policewoman in that episode
Gary    Apr 04/2003 20:24 PST
Does anybody want to share a favorite episode? Of those that I've seen recently, mine is the "Explosives" episode. A guy is very 'upset' (to say the LEAST) at his wife and employer so he tethers himself and his wife to some explosives in the back of a truck. Then he goes on a rampage determined to take everybody with him. It's really a wild ride. This guy is crazier acting than Sean Penn. What's YOUR favorite episode? My enquiring mind wants to know!
Mike     mikestraton@webtv.net    Los Angeles    Apr 12/2003 03:40 PDT
Many Thanks indeed, for this web site. My sister and I were talking about Highway Patrol the other day on what a great show it was. Since you have Neil young on your "fans" link, I thought that was very cool! Young's song "Mideast Vacation" talks about him "watchin' Highway Patrol whittlin' with my knife." Great cars and great theme music. Thanks for all the sound and vid clips.
David Stevenson     Steveson77@msn.com    Madison, WI.    Apr 19/2003 04:11 PDT
What is the license plate number on the front of the highway patrol car? I am an automotive artist (www.junkyardartist.com) and completing a watercolor painting of a donut shop surrounded by 50's police cruisers. The car in front is the 55 buick used in highway patrol and Brodwick Crawford is talking on the mike. It's a small detail but though the correct license plate number would be a nice detail!

Thank You

Bill      bill@junkyardartist.com    johnston, ri, usa    Apr 30/2003 14:07 PDT
Thanks for the great memories. This was my favorite program as a child!
Fr. Frank Tinajero    Las Vegas, Nevada     Apr 30/2003 17:23 PDT
Last Sunday on TVLAND, I saw an episode of 'Leave It To Beaver', which dealt with troublemaker Eddie Haskell and his girlfriend.
Eddie visited Wally and Beaver in their room to announce that he was going steady with a girl named Brenda. Beaver said 'Gee, Eddie are you really going steady with a real live girl?' Eddie sneered 'Why, do you think I'd be going steady with some owl?'
Wally said 'Hey Eddie, that Brenda ______ is a pretty good looking girl. This wouldn't be another one of your phony stories, would it? The last time, you told us you saw Broderick Crawford on a bus!'

This episode was filmed during the height of 'Highway Patrol's popularity in the late 1950's. When I heard that I fell off the couch laughing!
Ralph Schiller     ralph.schiller@rrb.gov    Chicago, Il USA    May 20/2003 10:38 PDT
Yesterday I heard a clip on Howard Stern of one of his stooges interviewing Matthew Broderick, in which his response was, "no, my dad was not in Highway Patrol!"
Gary Goltz    May 31/2003 12:00 PDT
What a great website! I spent a couple of hours... remembering. Surprising how much I actually DID remember, too. Congratulations on your efforts. I sent links to several friends who'll enjoy it as much as I did.
John Howard    Carlinville, IL USA    Jun 04/2003 21:15 PDT
Can you tell me who portrayed who in the episodes of "Ranch Copter" & "Motel Robbery"
WALLY    Jun 11/2003 07:50 PDT
Motel Robbery features Bill Boyett, Vance Skarstedt with Rhodes Reason, Marilyn Buferd, Lyn Bernay, Matt Winston, and Grant Davis.

Ranch Copter features Roy Bourgois with Ted Johnson and Kevin Hagen
Gary    Jun 11/2003 22:27 PDT
There was a really good old movie shown tonight on TCM called "The Killing" done in the Highway Patrol style. A lot of familiar faces were in it, such as weirdo Elisha Cook Jr. This was a Stanley Kubrick film no less, made in 1956. I'll bet anything that Kubrick COPIED the style of the series! Art Gilmore was the narrator as well!! I felt like I was watching the 157th episode. Maybe they'll show it again. You gotta see this!
Mike     mikestraton@webtv.net    Los Angeles    Jun 15/2003 00:35 PDT
I was simply surfing the Net and punched in Broderick Crawford's name. The "Highway Patrol" website came up and all those memories of watching the show came rushing back. I loved Broderick and the show. What a fabulous tribute! Simply terrific! I would love to know the story of how the car was put together. Who did the paint, etc.

Love your site!
Jim Lekas     jstlekas@aol.com    Pacific Palisades, CA    Jun 17/2003 01:17 PDT
The story is all here on the site! Thanks.
Gary    Jun 17/2003 08:16 PDT
Gary, I enjoyed the new addition to the photo gallery of that 1950's poster from Argentina. The title translates simply into 'Highway Patrol'.
My hunch is that episodes of the television series (two or three) were stitched together into a feature film, and sold abroad as a 2nd feature in Latin America.

I had read that many classic western series like
'The Cisco Kid' and 'Wild Bill Hickock' were sold as compilation features in Latin America!

Keep finding those lost treasures for us!

Ralph Schiller     Ralph.Schiller@rrb.gov    Chicago, Il USA    Jun 19/2003 11:26 PDT
The "Highway Patrol" series was actually shown as "Patrulla de Caminos" dubbed in Spanish on a Spanish UHF in the NYC area in the 60's.
Bruno    Jun 21/2003 22:28 PDT
Do you remember the English actor Robert Shaw who played the sea captain in "Jaws" and also the blond villain in "From Russia With Love"? (Yes, that was the same guy). According to the IMDB database Shaw was also a writer with HP as one of his credits. The Episodes page lists Robert Shaw as having written these three episodes: Train Robbery, Breath Of A Child and Dan Hostage.
Mike     mikestraton@webtv.net    Los Angeles    Jun 25/2003 01:27 PDT
My first memories of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, I thought came from Highway Patrol. Perhaps my memory is wrong as there is no attention to HD and police motorcycle on this site. I enjoyed the site, however. Can someone correct my memory for me ????
Ron      para@megalink.net    Jun 26/2003 09:25 PDT
Ron...they used Harley's all right. See the Ad close-up under Publicity on the Photos page
Gary    Jun 28/2003 04:23 PDT

ROBERTA C. FOX     draco113    DAYTONA BEACH, FL    Jul 06/2003 21:54 PDT
I watched Highway Patrol when I was young. Thanks for the positive memories!
Cynthia Hayes     cyndi_hayes_2001@yahoo.com    Wodbridge, VA, USA    Jul 24/2003 20:14 PDT
I just saw one of Broderick Crawford's best films on Turner Classic Movies, the 1952 western 'Lone Star'. This big, budget MGM film is full of guns-blazing, rip-snorting action! Crawford in his Oscar heyday, shares top billing with Clark Gable and Ava Gardner. 'Lone Star' is about the battle for the annexation of Texas to the United Staes after it's independence from Mexico.

Gable is sent by President Andrew Jackson (well played by Lionel Barrymore in his last film) to expedite statehood for Texas. Broderick wants to push out Sam Houston, grab the western half of the American continent and declare an Empire! This would leave the USA strictly East of the Mississippi!

Gable and Crawford battle against Apaches, and against each other for both Texas and the heart of Ava Gardner! Crawford leads an army of outriders to attack the capitol and prevent a vote on joining the union, but Gable thwarts his plans in a big battle. Gable and Crawford finally duke it out, and end up shaking hands as pals. Houston shows up and declares Texas the 29th state in the USA, and that the U.S. Army is on the way. Crawford and Gable lead Texas volunteers to defend the border with Mexico until the Federal boys arrive.

'Lone Star' is a real gem, and Clark Gable and Broderick Crawford work well together. Saddle up with this one when it appears on TCM next time.
Ralph Schiller     ralph.schiller@rrb.gov    Chicago, Illinois, USA    Aug 05/2003 11:25 PDT
I was wondering if you knew where I can get a hold of the series The King of Diamonds starring Broderick Crawford?
Andre Boyd     andreboyd@sbcglobal.net     Aurora,IL,USA    Aug 08/2003 10:18 PDT
TJ Strahn has a few KoD episodes. See our Sources section. 10-4!

Gary    Aug 17/2003 09:08 PDT
One of my favorite childhood programs.

Roy Martin     roydenmartin2@comcast.net    Cicero, IL, USA    Aug 19/2003 21:15 PDT
My fiancee and I like to watch old TV shows and Movies. It suddenly hit me last night that I hadn't seen Highway patrol in decades. I made mention of this and she, being born in 1957 wasn't familiar with it at all. Now.....I've sent her the URL for you sight.....wait till she hears the them song! Good site.
Wallace      http://www.biggoldddog.com    Midland, Texas     Aug 21/2003 22:16 PDT
Dear Gary,

I read the L.A. Times article about your trip to Musso and Franks. Sorry I missed it! Maybe you'll appear at a TV Land convention in the future.

Highway Patrol has always been a favorite of mine. Your site is very well done and a fitting tribute to the show. I'll check back once in a while to see if you added anything.

One piece of information would be nice to add: HP's cameraman, Richard L. Rawlings, later was the Director of PHotography for Gilligan's Island, The Wild, Wild West, and Dynasty!

Mike Clark

2150 Out!
Mike Clark     mec50@comcast.net    Los Angeles    Aug 30/2003 00:35 PDT

Great to hear from you. Richard L. Rawlings, like Quinn Martin, Gene Rodenberry, Barbara Eden, Clint Eastwood, and many more are all Highway Patrol/ Ziv alumni. Thanks.

Gary    Aug 30/2003 01:42 PDT
Just read the Bob Pool article in The LA Times and it made my day! Brought back many happy remembrances. I was the propmaster on Highway Patrol. It was a pleasure to go to work in the morning. Brod was a man who was loved by the entire crew. He was very generous, had a heart of gold. His driver had a few children and told me Brod showered his kids with toys and clothes. Herb Strock was a pleasure to work for. Thanx again for great memories.
Vic Petrotta    Sep 05/2003 19:10 PDT
Thanks for the nice note Vic. It's good to hear from you. 10-4!
Gary    Sep 05/2003 19:18 PDT
Can anyone tell me what Mr. Kelly Crawfords' E-mail
address is. My mother used to be his nanny, and I would like to know if he has any recollection of her. She was
French and travelled with Broderick to Cannes. Thanks, Yves
YVes Nakahama     knachama@hotmail.com    Sep 07/2003 04:15 PDT
Yves, I e-mailed it to you directly.
Gary    Sep 07/2003 06:30 PDT
During the run of "Highway Patrol" in the mid 50's another very popular show was also running called "Your Hit Parade." I was very saddened to learn of the passing earlier this month of one of the cast members of that show - Gisele MacKenzie, a magnificent singer whom I knew personally. Tim Strahn on the sources page of this website also has Hit Parade shows available. Buy them. You won't be sorry.
Mike      mikestraton@webtv.net    Los Angeles    Sep 30/2003 01:04 PDT
HAPPY 10-4 DAY 2003!

Gary Goltz    Oct 04/2003 00:00 PDT
I enjoy the H.P. Website. IT'S AWESOME
Yesterday (Oct. 4th), I watched 7 episodes of Highway Patrol, and enjoyed them. One of my favorite episodes is:
"WOUNDED" where a kid captures a criminal with a slingshot, and it saved Dan Mathews' life. Another favorite episode is: "MOTORCYCLE A" w/Clint Eastwood In the beginning of this episode, I thought Clint was the bad guy, but in the end, he turned out to be the good guy.
Paul B.    Muskego, WI    Oct 05/2003 08:54 PDT
Great classic show. I really miss it. Will E-mail TV Land. Don't forget, leave your blood at the Red Cross, not on the highway!!
Bob Siemion     Mohican33@aol.com    Southfield, Michigan    Oct 05/2003 16:00 PDT
I just watched a DVD titled CRIME STORIES featuring HIGHWAY PATROL. The cover featured a photo of "Dan Matthews" in the door of a Highway Patrol car. Hmmm, that face is familiar, now who could it be?

Gary, this may be old news but it's the first time I noticed it. The DVD contains the pilot "Prison Break" and I just noticed that the door shields on the cars were different- they read "STATE PATROL" and the background of the emblem is solid color, without the sunburst pattern. Was that just in the pilot episode?
Bruno     bbskip@netzero.net    Brooklyn, NY    Oct 11/2003 21:25 PDT
Yes, it was the pilot. See the "Vidcaps" section.
Gary    Oct 12/2003 15:50 PDT
i loved watching HP when growing up.... wish nick at night or tv land would show the reruns.... i'm sure the new generation would get a kick out of this program....
jere gentry     jergent3@aol.com    Oct 19/2003 08:49 PDT
Great site. I stumbled on it from a refermnce from the 1955 Buick site. Was amazed that the theme song was a full musical piece. Can one get the full piece on cassette or CD?

Regards, Jim Evans
Jim Evans     user344653@aol.com    Burlingame, California    Oct 21/2003 20:05 PDT
Hello, Thanks for the memories!! What a terrific site this is.My older brothers and I grew up with Highway Patrol ( I'm 46 )and it is hands down my favorite cop show.This program got me going .... to this day I collect police shoulder patches and take photos of police officers and their cruisers as well as collect die cast models.Watching Broderick Crawford speaking in to that microphone "21-50 to headquarters" will be forever in my mind.Lets hope TVLAND does the right thing and brings back Highway Patrol for all to enjoy. Thank You 10-4 !
Byron G. Hurst     BGH66@aol.com    Walpole, Massachusetts    Oct 21/2003 21:48 PDT
I remember coming home from school in Topeka KS back in 1961, and sitting on the floor of our living room to watch Highway Patrol on our black and white. That memory still stands out in my memory some 42 years later! Wonderful show, awesome cars, and a great website. Thanks so much. You've helped fill a void. SGS
Stephen G Schieres    Gastonia, NC    Oct 26/2003 10:26 PST
Gary- Just checked out the "Newest Additions"- GREAT! Thanks.
Bruno    Oct 26/2003 20:37 PST
Is there any way to find out who was cast in each episode? My grandfather Dan White was in at least one, if not more, episodes. I remember watching an episode about 30-years ago with him in it. He was a man sitting on the side of the road eating a sandwich (or something). Dan White was in over 300 movies and 100 television appearances. I'm trying to create a detailed listing of all of his appearances.
John White     fun4evrusa@hotmail.com    Canyon Country, CA    Nov 11/2003 09:21 PST
Thanks for having a link to my Sea Hunt website on your website. http://home.houston.rr.com/thescubaguy/

I have spent many hours of reseach to create my site and understand the effort that you have clearly made for your site.

Any information about Sea Hunt, Ziv, U. A., actors, studios, locations, etc. that you may have found in your research as it relates to Sea Hunt that you may have or information on how to find it would be greatly appreciated.

Where did you find the HP Writer's Guide? I've tried to find a Sea Hunt writer's guide.

Great site,

Bill Jones, The Scuba Guy     TheScubaGuy@go.com    Houston, TX    Nov 11/2003 18:52 PST
Dear Gary and Kelly: Please dont let anyone minimize the great entertainment thrill that comes to us who remember the shows. The car came first but Brod was yhe real thrill. I remember the fastest accelerating 1955 American Buick Century. When a Century rolled in town the fast cars made like the had to leave as not to get embarrased. Yes it was the fastest Amer Car 0-60 in 9.8 secs in 1954 as a 55 Model. Keep Kelly in your plans and what a way to have fun and LIVE.
bernie Golick     askberniemmff@aol.com    1157 wash ave Twsp of Washington, N.J. 07676    Nov 11/2003 21:06 PST
Dear Gary
Just to say hello.The only show I am missing is Female H/H 1956. Did you ever get it? Hope to get out to Calf one day for a visit. Take care. Jon
Jon RG Anderson     jonspock@yahoo.com    Florence Ma USA    Nov 18/2003 08:50 PST
I did get it a couple of years ago at the University of Madison. While watching it, I recorded off the monitor with my little VCR hand camera. The quality is pretty poor but it is watchable. I even got some of the monitor in the film at times to show what pains I went through to get it.

Gary    Nov 18/2003 20:38 PST
Today Nov. 22 I was listening to a talk radio program about the 40th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination. The talk show host made an analogy about the way the cop in Dealey Plaza talked into his microphone "the same way Broderick Crawford used to do on that old show Highway Patrol."!
Mike    L.A.    Nov 22/2003 21:34 PST
Great site about a great show! Site is much improved since the last time I was here. Thanks for keeping the memory of HP alive!!
Mark Kubancik     mark.kubancik@volvo.com    Louisville, KY    Nov 30/2003 11:55 PST
Great show and website, brought back a lot of memories. Thanks
john polly     jcp54@webtv.net    redding,ca,usa    Dec 26/2003 22:34 PST