Guestbook - 2002

They did it again! My Buick #2150 is featured on the Salute to Route 66, 2002 Classic Car Calendar. Order by calling 800-637-6653 or 909-388-5777 outside of CA. They are being distributed by a group know as TURN (Tobacco Use Reduction Now) which is part of the San Bernardino County Public Health Department.
Happy New Year, 10-4!

Gary Goltz    Jan/01/2002 00:01 PST
to all those looking for Highway Patrol tapes, and also related Broderick Crawford items, films, memorabilia, just go to Ebay and search | Broderick Crawford. There is usually a selection of merchandise available. I have purchaced several tapes, and found it a good source.

Bruce White     twenty150bye@aol.com    kirkland, wa.    Jan 09/2002 18:26 PST
Great web site. It continues to amaze me the amount of information available on the web. The amount of work to compile and present the informaton is impressive, too. I've been a Highway Patrol fan since the show originally aired. It had a part in my eventual decision to go into law enforcement. Art Gilmore is a family friend so it was especially interesting to hear the sound clips related to his work.
Dan Tomlinson     dtomlinson@socal.rr.com    Northridge, California    Jan 25/2002 08:24 PST
I was privileged to narrate 156 episodes of Highway Patrol.
People often ask how was it working with Broderick Crawford.
My answer was - my only meeting was once in the men's room
at the studio! You see, I did all my narration "wild" - they put it all together some time later! It was a good program
and I have hear they may use some of them in training but
of that I am not sure.
Art Gilmore     gab4pay@bigplanet.com    Jan 25/2002 17:51 PST
Art Gilmore!

What can I say, this is a real privilege. Your narration is an important part of "Highway Patrol." On behalf of the millions of fans of the show, we thank you. 10-4!
Gary Goltz    Jan 26/2002 07:43 PST
Great site !

Tom Warder     tawarder@ix.netcom.com    Kirtland, OHIO    Feb 03/2002 08:48 PST
I would like to know in which episode is Britt Lomond.

Thanks a lot.

Gabin Marie-Agnès     marie-agnes.gabin@piher.fr    France    Feb 11/2002 04:36 PST
Britt played Patrolman Melton in EP-16 Mountain Copter.
Gary Goltz    Feb 11/2002 11:32 PST
Ron     zuklv@lvcm.com    Las Vegas, NV    Feb 13/2002 20:09 PST
Would I ever like to see reruns of this famous show I loved
it when it was on and still have so many memories of the episodes.
J.L. Terry     Zipcode@charter.net    Jackson, TN 38301    Feb 19/2002 15:24 PST
Great website! Howdy out there to all the "old timers"!
Cliff Williams, CHP Captain     CLWilliams@chp.ca.gov    CHP South Los Angeles Area    Feb 20/2002 22:07 PST
hi good buddies just dropping you a line from the little biddy island of the coast of europe called england
kathy    Mar 05/2002 15:13 PST
And don't forget...a clown in the circus is fun....a clown on the road is murder...Broderick, thanks for all the great black and white times way back when...when the cop cars were Oldsmobile 88s
Mike Abbott     mikeabbott00@hotmail.com    London, England    Mar 08/2002 06:30 PST
Three short questions...

1) What is the location of the opening shot of the auto driving around a curve?
2) What is the location of the "roadblock" shot?
3) What is the location of director Strock's famous turnout sequence? This is later used at end of the standard opening sequence.

Thanks from a big fan for any information!

Don in Dallas

Don Reasons    Dallas, Tx    Mar 09/2002 01:54 PST

All the shots were taken on the unfinished freeway from Hollywood to Ventura. It was closed and therefore we could have full control of it.
Herb Strock    Mar 09/2002 11:49 PST
If Nick or TV Land would bring back Highway Patrol with
Broderick Crawford and Sea Hunt with Lloyd Bridges I would
resubscribe to cable in a heartbeat! I know plenty of other
people who feel the same way.
Steve Young    Mar 19/2002 17:48 PST
Great site!
Rhonda Delucas Henry     reh810@yahoo.com    Chalfont, PA, USA    Mar 21/2002 19:44 PST
Are we having any success at all in encouraging tvland to run the Old Highway Patrol series at any time in the near future? A response from any fan would be appreciated.

Thanks, Deven King

deven king     dkvoh2o@aol.com    Apr 01/2002 20:32 PST
If you go to NRBQ.com the bands latest record has a song called "21-50 to headqaurters" and on the 2nd pressing has Matthews voice! I remember in 72 at the wiskey the band actualy played the theme! I here there huge patrol fans!
bill dooley    Apr 02/2002 14:58 PST
Hi Gary,
Great Website..Our company DMC Distribution and our website http://www.route66products.com is working with Martin Milner Star of Route 66 and Adam-12. We are also working with Chris at the Route 66 patrol. We are trying to organize a parade for the Route 66 patrol in conjunction with the Route 66 rendevous and wanted to know if you would be interested in being involved? Please let us know, you can post a message in my guestbook or give me a call. Oh by the way, I've been contacting TVland as well to show Route 66 reruns, but to no avail.

don berizko     info@route66products.com    San Bernardino, CA.    Apr 17/2002 17:38 PDT
I contacted Tim who sent me all the series he had with Britt Lomond, but I am in search of the series "Simon & Simon" (1981) episode "Murders between the lines" where Britt plays "Jerry Gelson"(episode 2.11), "Mission impossible (1966) episode "The widow" where he plays "Thornton" (episode 2.1) and too "The Virginian" episode "If you have teras" where Britt plays "Kyle Lawson" (episode 1.20). Could you help me ?
Thank you very much.
Marie-Agnès Gabin     marie-agnes.gabin@piher.fr    France    Apr 18/2002 00:54 PDT
i love this show and have written to tv land and asked them to run it
steve rudnick     serudnick@aol.com    bellmore ny 11710    Apr 21/2002 08:23 PDT
Would it be possible to obtain a cd of the sound bits you have. As in the opening Art Gilmore theme and the safety tips. Thanks
Mike Love     mlove326@aol.com    Topeka, KS     Apr 24/2002 19:50 PDT
In the Sounds section are MP-3 files that include the theme. In the FAQ section is the name of the CD you can buy which has the theme...FYI. 10-4.
Gary    Apr 24/2002 23:27 PDT
i love the show have not seen them in years do not get good life network on my dish network so i cannot see the show have already written to tv land and asked them to have highway patrol on have not received any response
steve rudnick     serudnick@aol.com    n bellmore ny 11710    May 03/2002 21:42 PDT
From the Claremont, CA car show the second Sat of the month from March through Oct. Great to see you guys at the show with the Patrol Car!!!!
Bill & Linda Young     mrbill13@earthlink.net    May 13/2002 21:09 PDT
Nice site.
Kim Harris     Bluekuhn50@aol.com    S.E. Idaho    May 15/2002 17:04 PDT
One Of The Best Websites! For Videos Of: Highway Patrol, State Trooper, Sky King, Whirlybirds & Many More Rare TV Classics, just go to ebay.com
Paul B.    Muskego, WI    May 21/2002 21:12 PDT
I am just amazed that someone else took one of my favorite TV shows as a small kid and turned it into a "hobby" I begged my parents to let me stay up late on Friday nights to see Highway Patrol here in San Diego...at least I think it was Friday night!? Also around that time another cop show, The Lineup, later became San Francisco Beat was also on. Thanks for all of the memories. Too bad I hadn't discovered all of this when I lived in La Verne.
Larry Rossi     lorenzougo@hotmail.com    San Diego, CA    May 27/2002 16:52 PDT
In the opening scene of all episodes, the Convertible driving towards the roadblock appears to be a 1955 Mercury, not sure. Only the rear is shown here. Was wondering if this opening scene was taken from an episode of HP. I have several tapes and would like to add more to my collection.
Brian     Roadtrac@aol.com    Jul 01/2002 22:21 PDT

From our FAQ Section...What are the locations of the opening shot of the auto driving around a curve, and the "roadblock" shot?

Both locations were on the 101 freeway before it was finished; it was closed and therefore they could have full control of it. The precise locations are still unknown, but probably near Thousand Oaks. Driving his car going up to the roadblock was Babe Unger with Guy Daniels as passenger [according to Guy]. Guy also swears it was a Chrysler, but I believe it is a '55 Merc myself. 10-4!
Gary Goltz    Jul 02/2002 21:06 PDT
Hi, my name is Broderick Mason, my mum really liked Broderick Crawfords name. I know his birth name was William Broderick Crawford, and his mother was Leslie Broderick, but can any one shed any light on how Broderick Crawford became his 'stage name'? 10-4 Brod
Brod Mason     brod@brodmason.co.uk    Jul 03/2002 04:41 PDT
I know his mother was Helen Broderick, brain came out of gear for a second. Brod
Brod Mason     brod@brodmason.co.uk    Jul 03/2002 04:59 PDT
Great site
Sgt. Ken Aguiar     MassSheriff@cops.com    Providence, RI USA    Jul 03/2002 19:58 PDT
It was really fine to visit your page.Folks over 40´ and 50´ will never forget this woonderful TV series.Every thing is fine, music and all, very complete.
jose valdes     www.berriganmx@yahoo.mx    puebla,mexico    Jul 09/2002 12:30 PDT
To Brod Mason:
My good friend Gary Goltz forwarded you letter and, sorry to say, I’m just getting around to answering.

Lester Pendergast changed his name to Lester Crawford before he married Helen Broderick. I guess he thought Crawford would look better on marquees. Crawford and Broderick were apparently a rather famous vaudeville team, the first to do a world tour, but Helen was the star and Lester just sort of gave up when Helen went into film. Helen was also one of the first Ziegfeld Girls, by the way.

When our man Bill came along, he got his mother’s maiden name and his father’s last name and, following the family I-Hate-My-Name tradition, used Broderick Crawford as his stage name.

Writing this makes me wonder why I don’t follow the family tradition and change MY first name. Jeez! What were they thinking? Name the boy Kelly. He’ll never have a problem with THAT. No, I won’t choose Leslie Broderick Crawford.

At any rate, I hope this answers your question. Thanks for asking.

Best Regards
Kelly Crawford    Jul 10/2002 21:44 PDT
When I see a site like this I know I'm in the right place. Incredible detail, incredible work.
Alcus     alcus2@yahoo.com    Jul 15/2002 00:20 PDT
10-4 good buddy from US Oncology
Jeff Colvin     jtcolvin.attbi.com    Jul 17/2002 18:24 PDT
The opening shot was a 1955 Merc for sure. A monteray convertable.
Dr Jon RG Anderson     jonspock@yahoo.com    Northampton Ma 01060 USA    Jul 18/2002 21:47 PDT
Kelly Crawford your dad was a hero to a 10 year old boy with Polio as my parents got a tv for me to watch as I recovered. I always wanted to thank him but never got the chance. So I am doing the next best thing and telling his son. I have every show on tape but one and not a week goes by that I don't view a few. He was to me a great man.
Dr Jon RG Anderson     jonspock@yahoo.com    Northampton Ma 01060 USA    Jul 18/2002 22:01 PDT
Great Site bring you back to those times I recall very much!
Bobby E.Earls     Lawman5602@aol.com    Massachusetts    Jul 24/2002 06:30 PDT
"HP" was my favorite all-time TV show and I was always aware that the cars were always medium-priced 2-drs unlike the Ford, Chev and Plymouth 4-drs used in PA at the time. It's iteresting to see the different patrol cars used from year to year. However, it appears that after sometime in 1956, standard civilian 2-drs were simply painted as HP units.
Dick Copello     copellorj@aol.com    York, PA USA    Aug 10/2002 19:48 PDT
OH, yes the car in the opening scene is a 55 Merc (I just checked). Why was it wandering across the highway centerline???
Dick Copello    Aug 10/2002 19:51 PDT
I remember watching these episodes on black and white television when they first aired. I remember Crawford's driving a black and white '55 Buick, because we had one, too.
John Penhallegon     gzork2@yahoo.com    Aug 24/2002 02:53 PDT
Are you aware that Shokus Video in California is currently selling at least two cassettes (6-7 episodes) of "Highway Patrol" at modest prices?
David Klinger     jacksonnewf@aol.com    Aug 25/2002 18:40 PDT
The 'Highway Patrol' website contuinues to improve and expand with the years, and is a great place for fans of the series and Broderick Crawford to hang their hats. That 'Mad Magazine' parody of 'Highway Patrol' is absolutely hilarious! Even so, one can tell that even 'Mad Magazine' secretly liked the series, because Broderick Crawford is drawn in such a flattering style!
Keep up the great work!

Ralph Schiller     schilrm@rrb.gov    Chicago, Illinois    Aug 27/2002 11:59 PDT
Great website, fun to check out. I was member of The California State Police,1973-1983, now called, The California Highway Patrol. Currently I am a 14 year veteran, Private Investigator @ East Bay Detective Agency, Oakland, CA.
My website, http://www.eastbaypi.com
Best regards to everyone, espsecially the old 21-50's!
Richard Harris     harrispi12900@cs.com    Oakland, CA., USA    Sep 08/2002 11:23 PDT
Hi..............great site...very informative.
Steve #8834-retired chp
Steve Bell     handszup@aol.com    Aliso Viejo, CA, USA    Sep 13/2002 16:14 PDT
It would be an honor to see just one episode of HIGHWAY
PATROL "10-4!"
brian hughes     buffy1901@yahoo.com    Easton,Pa.    Oct 02/2002 15:35 PDT
Happy 10-4 Day!
Gary Goltz     g.goltz@verizon.net    Oct 03/2002 23:10 PDT
M&D MARLOWE     rmmarlowe1@mchsi.com    clinton ia. u.s.a.    Oct 04/2002 05:04 PDT
I'm still trying to find "Ruby Lips" Rick Smith, to wish him a Happy Broderick Crawford Day . . . 10 - 4
Harold Crockett     harold.crockett@exeloncorp.com    Oct 04/2002 11:05 PDT
could you guys please send me a video of the chp if you guys have one
martin    po box 06 newman ca 95360    Oct 04/2002 14:43 PDT
I have been celebrating " Broderick Crawford Day " since 1974 by bringing in a Milky Way Cake in to work to celebrate "The Day" 10 - 4. I even managed to retire on 10 - 4 -1998.
So have a big 10 4 today !!!!!!!!
Dick Baillargeon     rbaillargeon@qwest.net    Tucson, AZ USA    Oct 04/2002 16:59 PDT
Happy Broderick Crawford Day!!! Great site! My family has been celebrating this great holiday since before I was born.
Andrea McClintic    Austin, Tx USA    Oct 04/2002 17:10 PDT
In 1978 someone in our office asked what the date was.
Someone called out "10-4" (October 4th).
Someone else said "Broderick Crawford said that a lot!"
We started joking about it being "Broderick Crawford Day".
It was silly at the time but here's what happened....
Whenever someone left the company, they would still call
back on 10-4 to wish everyone a happy BC Day.
It became our means of staying in touch with each other.
Next year will be the silver anniversary of BC Day!
Dick Milewski    Lancaster, NY    Oct 05/2002 04:10 PDT
I'm not certain which episode it was, but I'll never forget the scene where Lt. Dan's black and white Buick roars around a corner and one of the hubcaps goes flying off! But they kept the shot in anyway. It was great TV... 10-4!
Richard Burton     rnburton@earthlink.net    Harbor City, CA    Oct 08/2002 17:57 PDT

Try Lady Bandits EP #98.

Gary Goltz    Oct 10/2002 07:09 PDT
Great web site! I used to watch the old Highway Patrol series in my youth, and now am approaching retirement after 30 years as a police officer. Waxing nostalgic...

Thanks, Gary

Russ Brown, Captain
Claremont Police Department
Russ Brown     rbrown1948@aol.com    Claremont, CA 91711    Oct 14/2002 20:42 PDT

Let me know the date so I can be there with my Buick!

Gary Goltz    Oct 15/2002 00:48 PDT
great show...wathced reruns in Boston when I was in college
in the early 70s on channel 38...have friend from college who calls me every 10/4 to talk about highway patrol. would love to see an episode.
DON DEBIASE     DOND532001@yahoo.com    Oct 19/2002 11:18 PDT
Great site. Recently started watching episodes courtesy of Eddie Brandts. The show still holds up after all these years. As good as I remember it as a kid in the 60's. Still packs a punch. I actually saw Broderick Crawford walking down Hollywood Boulevard (by himself) once in the 70's. He was going into a bookstore. I didn't think to say anything to him. Dumb. I'm interested in corresponding with other fans of the show. I'm rather interested in the actors/esses who played secondary roles and what other shows/movies they were in. For example: The guy who was in the armored car heist episode disguised at the beginning of the show as an ice cream vendor outside of the bank ALSO had a supporting role in the 1955 movie "Marty." He played the guy at the dance hall who tried to unload his blind date onto Ernest Borgnine. I STILL haven't looked up this guy's name. (I thought he gave a very good performance in the movie). So, I'm interested in trivia like that. (But I'm not a car buff and not into the classiccar aspect of the show). Send me your comments, folks. 10-4. Mike
Mike Straton     mikestraton@webtv.net    Los Angeles    Oct 20/2002 02:58 PDT
The show isn't "dated." Yes, the technology has changed but the dramatic interest still holds up. The black & white "Noirish" tone of the show is also part of the appeal, I believe. Especially interesting to me are the episodes in which the characters (usually the the bad guys) are going through an inner struggle involving their conflict. Such as when the wife of a robber has a premonition that "THINGS WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN"! One of my favorite episodes is the escaped mental patient episode in which the farm woman seems to take on the role (in her mind) of the mother of the guy although she knows it can't go on. (It seems that maybe she had lost a son of her own and was trying to recapture her past, perhaps?). Shows such as those with LOTS of scenes of helicopters flying around and are of less interest (in my opinion). I would be interested to know which episode/s are YOUR favorite/s and WHY. Send your comments. Mike.
Mike Straton      mikestraton@webtv.net    Los Angeles    Oct 20/2002 04:05 PDT

Narcotics, Hideout, and Auto Press come to mind. Checkout the The Highway Patrol Chatroom too. 10-4!
Gary    Oct 20/2002 08:27 PDT
Great site. Been looking for this for a long time. Thanks!
Tom Barnes    Highland, California, USA    Oct 20/2002 12:01 PDT

FILMFAX magazine reviews a new book on the history syndicated television. The review mentions how Mr. Ziv had a syndicated season of shows lined up all set in 1955, but there was a major gap in the program. The independent channels demanded that Ziv create a show to fill the programming hole, and he came up with 'Highway Patrol' strictly on the fly! Mr. Ziv is quoted as saying 'every expense was spared in putting the show together' on the cheap. However to everyone's surprise, the TV audiences were thrilled with Broderick Crawford's gruff but with a heart of gold portrayal of Dan Matthews and Art Gilmore's crsip narration. 'Highway Patrol' became a 'sleeper' runaway hit for ZIV TV, more popular than anything else on their schedule! Only Lloyd Bridges' adventure show 'Sea Hunt' came close to matching 'Highway Patrol' in populatity and longevity!
Sorry I missed '10-4 Broderick Crawford' day, but I'll remember it next year!

Ralph Schiller     schilrm@rrb.gov    Chicago, Illinois    Oct 24/2002 11:55 PDT
RUTA LEE played the hostage wife of the guard in the armored car heist episode. Often seeing her on TV during the 70's I have always thought that she was one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Really. An 11 on a 1-10 scale. I just found out that there is a website all about her: www.rutalee.com She has had quite a prolific career on stage, screen, and TV. Most of her credits are listed, (but I didn't see the HP episode listed as of this date - maybe I missed it). Check out this babe!!! Mike
Mike     mikestraton@webtv.net    Oct 26/2002 05:45 PDT
Definitely my favorite TV show when I was a kid. Haven't seen it since the early sixties, but still have the theme song in my head.
David Burkhart     burkhartdj@aol.com    Nov 02/2002 05:50 PST
I remember that show
Arthur Gilmore,Jr     Art3carfan@aol.com    Poland Maine USA    Nov 05/2002 17:38 PST
Is this series available to buy on DVD?
shannon    Nov 08/2002 23:18 PST
Shannon, I just got the pilot episode on a DVD with 5 other great cop shows from the 50's off eBay. The company that made the DVD labeled Volume 10, is Navarre Home Entertainment/Reel Values/RPH Productions. They are located at 7400 49th Ave. North, New Hope, MN 55428. Hope this helps
Gary Goltz    Nov 13/2002 09:44 PST
I thought I recognized a famiiar face when watching the "Expose" episode. It's Ted Knight, I believe. The credits are missing from my tape, but I am sure it is him. He plays a reporter dong a story about a protection racket involving a motel. Ted Knight later became famous playing the role of "Ted Baxter," the bombastic news anchorman in "The Mary Tyler Moore show." Film at 11.
Mike     mikestraton@webtv.net    Los Angeles    Nov 14/2002 01:13 PST
I remembered it when I was a kid. Something about it has alway stuck with me, and always will. Wish i could see some reruns, and maybe someday a new remake of the show
Jim Phillips     jdp-1    Nov 21/2002 01:09 PST
The Starz Encore Mystery Channel ran one of Broderick Crawford's best films recently. 'Scandal Sheet' (1953), Columbia studios,also starring Donna Reed, John Derek, and Henry O'Neil. This is a real nail-biting, suspenseful thriller, starring Crawford as the ruthless, ambitious, and greedy managing editor of a New York daily newspaper. He's on his way to the top over the lurid scandals of others, until he accidently kills his blackmailing ex-wife, well played by Rosemary DeCamp. Derek is his star crime reporter,who doesn't realize he's on the trail of his own boss until it's too late. Crawford's character is so corrupt and evil, he commits premediated murder to cover up his original crime! Even so, Crawford is able to generate some degree of pity for this trapped killer! As always, Broderick Crawford is the best, giving a spell-binding, and riveting performance. We love 'Highway Patrol' because that powerhouse talent is firmly on the right side of the law.
When 'Scandal Sheet' plays again, get plenty of popcorn, and sit back to a mystery classic.
Ralph Schiller     ralph.schiller@rrb.gov    Chicago, IL    Nov 25/2002 09:20 PST
A great site which I've really enjoyed. I was eleven when the series hit the UK TV Channel,and, as an American Car enthusiast, loved every minute of it. Only one series had more car interest and that was a "short" shown at my local cinema in 1956/7? The title was "Pirates of the High Seas", (with hardly any coastal action!), but oh those cars! Dirt back roads, fights on the back of stake trucks, and plenty of 1940's sedans - bliss! Anyone remember it?, or know if it ever re-ran?
Ian Neden     ian.neden@btopenworld.com    Hyde, Cheshire, U.K.    Nov 26/2002 04:45 PST
There are a lot of us babyboomers who were glued to the television saying 21-50 to headquarters. A lot of us dreamed of joining the CHP or fixing their car up to look like the Buick. I'm glad that you were successful in achieving that dream. Thanks for the website. I really enjoyed it.
Jim Phillips     N303WR@aol.com    Savannah, Georgia (formerly of Westchester, CA)    Dec 04/2002 12:39 PST
I remember 2 episodes. In one, a man was held inside his car and flashed his headlights in morsed code to attract attention. In the other, a kid remembers the colors of a license plate because they were his team's colors (black and yellow)
Fond memories of my youth.
Now working for the Arizona Dept of Public Safety which incorporates the "Highway Patrol".
Walter     walterh@aztec.asu.edu    Phoneix, AZ    Dec 09/2002 11:59 PST

The second episode is License Plates #29 and the first one I think you mean is Hostage Officer #114. In this one an officer and his motorcycle are put in the back of a large panel truck and he uses the mike to send out a signal for help.
Gary Goltz    Dec 09/2002 21:36 PST
I have found a partial answer to my own question in my previous post of 10-20-02. The name of the actor who was disguised as the ice cream vendor in the armored car heist episode was Alan Wells. But he did not use this name in the Patrol episode. Apparently some actors used different names for films and TV in the old days. Alan Wells had a small but very memorable role in the 1955 movie "Marty," (a GREAT movie if you've never seen it - FIVE Academy Awards)! You'd never know it from the routine role he had in the Patrol episode, but when watching "Marty," one can appreciate what a talented actor Alan Wells really was!
Mike     mikestraton@webtv.net    Los Angeles    Dec 20/2002 02:00 PST
Really enjoyed the Highway Patrol with Broderick Crawford.
This series brings back many happy memories when it was first shown on British Television. I think I watched every episode. Wished the whole series could be shown again.
Congratulations on a first class Website.
D.T. Wagland     Donaldwagland @aol.com    Tonbridge,Kent,England.    Dec 21/2002 09:40 PST
Hi, What a great site!!! you really brought back good memorys of a great tv show.. to bad todays police shows are all about who's the best looking crimefighter, instead of presenting great drama stories.. please keep up the great work ...thank you
John Flaherty     jtfst@aol.com    enfield ,ct    Dec 22/2002 14:35 PST
Excellent website- thanks for all your work setting it up.
I remember the series well and thought it was wonderful!
James McVie     James. McVie@btinternet.co.uk    England    Dec 28/2002 13:37 PST
Been going over the entire web site and find it most fascinating. Entered law enforcement in 1962........Pasadena PD and the CHP....retired in '99 and work for the Kern County Rangers. Never looked back.....enjoyed every minute but wouldn't repeat it in the present times. I'm sure the Highway Patrol TV series influenced my career choice. I, like Gary, am restoring a '57 Merc. Monterey 2dr sedan as a "period" CHP car. Jerr Boyle (CHP 5395-retired) ls4@lakeisabella.net
Jerry Boyle     ls4@lakeisabella.net    Lake Isabella, CA USA    Dec 28/2002 15:42 PST
I look at this website and usually find what I'm looking for. Can anyone tell me who portrayed who in the "Motorcycle A" Episode? Who played Bernie Sills, Ralph Hogan, Clint Eastwoods Motorcycle Pal Nick, the Patrolman disguised as a motorcylist toward the end of the program? Happy New Year to the people who created this website. Keep up the good work.
Paul B.    Muskego, WI U.S.A.    Dec 28/2002 19:24 PST
Bernie Sills was Jack Edwards, Nick was John Compton, and Jay Douglas played the recurring part of Officer Dorsey. 10-4!
Gary    Dec 29/2002 00:06 PST
PS - Ralph Hogan was played by Steve Masino. The episode was filmed on 12/7 & 8 1955...
Gary    Dec 29/2002 00:10 PST
I have been a great fan of the highways patrol series. I would like to be advised on how to go about getting hold of the full TV run of episodes that are either DVD or VHS version that are capable of running in the UK.
NATHAN SUPPIAH     sshas2000@yahoo.co.uk    7,JOSSELIN COURT, WOLLASTON IND EST, BURNT MILLS , BASLIDON , ESSEX, , UK. SS13 1QE    Dec 29/2002 15:36 PST