Guestbook - 2001

2150 to all Highway Patrol Fans. Call for your Free Salute to Route 66, 2001 Classic Car Calendar featuring my 1955 Brod Crawford Buick, by calling 800-637-6653 or 909-388-5777 outside of CA. They are being distributed by a group know as TURN (Tobacco Use Reduction Now) which is part of the San Bernardino County Public Health Department.
Happy New Year, 10-4!

Gary Goltz     gsgoltz@aol.com    Upland, CA, USA    Jan 01/2001 12:08 PST
My boyfriend tries to sing me the theme song from this show. I am glad I finally got to hear it. Now I can go on with that "lovely" song in my head.
Nina Licudine    Jan 01/2001 15:05 PST
I remember the show in original run and reruns. Once when I was in LA I had to go up on Mulholland Drive as I think a lot of it was shot up there.I could just see BC, parked on the roadside, barking on the radio. Great, fun site. Thanks.
Robert Smith     robsmi@starpower.net    Germantown Maryland USA    Jan 03/2001 19:11 PST
Someone, somewhere has GOT TO put Highway Patrol back on tv--I haven't seen it in decades. I lived in AZ as a boy and am now 49. Great show. Great actor.
John Mitten     johnmitten@yahoo.com    Manchester, NH, USA    Jan 04/2001 08:09 PST
A great site. A great show. ZIV produced some excellent gritty stuff and their programs should be aired on some station somewhere, right? It's a joke--there are a million channels out there now, many showing what might as well be dead air. Why not one dedicated to old cop shows, or maybe 1/2 hour black and white action stuff, including Highway Patrol, Rescue 8, Whirlybirds, Everglades--hey, they're not lacking for content (though I realize prints of something like Rescue 8 might be damn hard to come by). Right now TV Land and the Mystery Channel are the most likely candidates to run HP. Hey, while we're wanting out loud here, why not a Highway Patrol book?
Larry Blamire     lblamire@mediaone.net    Los Angeles, CA    Jan 06/2001 13:09 PST
great! would like to see reruns.
mike beltrani     beltrani@cswnet.com    Winthrop,Arkansas    Jan 07/2001 17:29 PST
What was the first year automatic transmissions became standard?
Thank you.
Tom Casey
Tom Casey     Olive542@aol.com    Morro Bay, California, USA    Jan 12/2001 10:59 PST

The 54 Olds was standard. The 55 CHP Buick fleet were half and half. I think a few were standard on the Pilot. But after that they were all automatics.
Gary     gsgoltz@aol.com    Jan 12/2001 18:36 PST
I just can't believe what a great job you did on this web-site. I never thought I'd find anything like this about the great Highway Patrol TV show. I was only six years old when it origianlly aired, and it was really nice to hear the sounds and see the sites from BC and his fellow officers. I hope someday we'll see this great show on TV Land.
Ray Tejral     cvsions@pionet.net    Jan 15/2001 09:42 PST
As a kid I never missed an episode of Highway Patrol. Perusing your site brought back some great memories.I never thought I would wind up being a law enforcement officer, I guess this show contributed to it. Thanks for the memories!
Mike Exposito    Miami,Florida    Jan 16/2001 06:36 PST

I Have recently restored an original 1958 Texas Highway Patrol car. One of the displays I use when showing it in car shows is a TV/VCR in the trunk showing 4 segments from our favorite vintage TV show. I get a lot of favorable comments about the series, especially from fans from that period. I would like to communicate with other vintage police car "junkies".
Tommy Taylor     t-mtaylor@home.com    Colleyville,Tx. 76034 USA    Jan 17/2001 20:09 PST
please give me some information on califoria highway patrol.
It's for my 8th grade progect.
laura huber    Jan 18/2001 08:22 PST
I was also a big fan of Highway Patrol.... My first new car was a `55 Century. Looking back the TV may had something to with me buying it.
After many years, I have now purchased another `55 identical to the first.
Great site.
Bob Coker     cokeresq@aol.com    Winston Salem, NC    Jan 18/2001 10:53 PST
Enjoyed your site. When I was a kid, I had the opening words to each episode memorized.

Anyone out there have any info on the 1956 TV series "West Point?" Any reruns lately or videos for sale?
Steve Barneby     blise@hotmail.com    Jan 21/2001 06:40 PST
This show was part of the Ziv Collection in the WI Film Archives. You may want to contact T.J. Strahn, (TStra35675@aol.com) and Ron Evans Ron Evans Web Page, (http://www.cjnetworks.com/~tuckers/epPartners.htm...10-4!

Gary Goltz     gsgoltz@aol.com    Jan 21/2001 19:54 PST
I was only a kid when the show aired, but I still can remember it like it was yesterday. I want to thank you for a great web-site. Thank you very much
Joe Lundy     TLEURNRDY    Riverside, CA    Jan 22/2001 11:22 PST
I'd like to buy copies of Highway Patrol episodes with Dan Mathews.
Joseph T. Pomar     Rhinos2001@webtv.net    Buffalo, New York, USA    Jan 22/2001 22:21 PST
Anyone know of any M-Squad videos for sale?
Joseph T. Pomar     Rhinos2001@webtv.net    Buffalo, New York, USA    Jan 22/2001 22:50 PST
Hi all you fans of Highway Patrol, any links to additional stills or associated archive material would be appreciated from the fans here in the UK. European distributors of film or video VHS format would be most welcome, and any local contacts in Scotland Ireland, Wales,and England, the four nations that make up our little old island.
Thanks for a very well laid out web site and the quality is excellant. We look forward to any additions. We are alos interested in Sea hunt series and the O.S.S tv series of 1956~57 does anyone out have any archive material of any sort your help would be appreciated
James Lacey     scottarvit@aol.com    England UK    Jan 26/2001 14:19 PST
21-50 to headquarters! Where is Dan? I would like to buy some episodes of the Hiway Patrol.
Stephen Brazil 10-4 !     StephenRebecca@peoplepc.com    Everett, WA USA    Jan 26/2001 20:56 PST
Cheers mate,you've just answered a quiz question
f t m john t
john taylor    Jan 28/2001 16:02 PST
Thank you,a quiz question has been answered
john taylor     redjonty@seghill32.fsnet.co.uk    northumberland,england    Jan 28/2001 16:05 PST
I was browsing the web looking for 3 old shows. "Highway Patrol", "Sea Hunt", and "The Whirlybirds" which I grew up with and have never seen in syndication. Do you know if there are videos of any of the above available, and were they ever in syndication?
Doug Nyholm     dnyholm@netscape.com    SF Bay Area, California    Jan 31/2001 15:38 PST
Gary and Crew...Fantastic web site! This is a fitting honor to the show that is a fond memory of my youth. I would have loved to have a commanding officer like Dan Mathews (Broderick The Main Man). I tried to get our agency to go to black and white Buick slick tops. I enjoyed the CNN segment on you a few years back. If I ever seize a 1955 Buick Century Special...Long Live ZIV!
Gregory Saffady     MIBailiff@webtv.net    St. Clair Shores, Michigan    Feb 02/2001 19:21 PST
I grew up watching highway patrol, a TV Icon! I Wish
other TV dramas of today were half as great as Highway
Patrol! Lets bring it back!!!
Bob Cosby     hrdtruk@aol.com    Lancaster, Ca USA    Feb 02/2001 20:31 PST
Great site. I hope to get to see the car sometime. Ole Broderick was one of the people responsible for the fact I became a police officer!
Armando Lopez
Santa Monica PD Ret.

Armando Lopez     al90064@earthlink.net    Los Angeles, CA 90064    Feb 13/2001 12:05 PST
CECIL MUSICK      DODGE34@ WEBTV.NET    DAYTON OHIO    Feb 14/2001 23:31 PST
Yesterday I learned Robert Waguespack recently passed away. Robert was a big fan of Highway Patrol. He used to come to various car shows where we became friends and he even got to meet Kelly Crawford. I'm grateful for the fact my car and our website added some join to his final days...10-4!

Here are some of Robert's own thoughts: "For all of you, like me, who have previously failed to find any sites truly dedicated to the preservation of Dan's legacy; this is your chance to come forward and join the premiere group of fans. Sign the guestbook so that the scope of Danism can be seen." Robert Waguespack, Tujunga, CA. USA, Nov/20/1998
Gary Goltz     gsgoltz@aol.com    Feb 21/2001 11:08 PST
This brings back such great memories.....I still love hearing the theme song.

R. Heber, #84
Costa Mesa (Calif.) Police Dept.
Bob Heber     hmeimprvmt@aol.com    Feb 26/2001 21:34 PST
hi i am twelve and looking for a part in a show/comercial/etc
if you have advice or a part please e-mail me @ Nicksgurl58@aol.com! thank you!
Ally Rabini     nicksgurl58 @aol.com    Mar 19/2001 15:15 PST
Hello Gary....

I am a 51 year old from Canada and love the old Highway Patrol TV series. It was great looking at your page!!!
Love your ol' Buick as well!
I like to watch almost all the old TV series'.
Westerns, State Trooper (Rod Cameron), Cannonball (the trucking drama), and Alfred Hitchcock Presents.
All of 'em! I guess it's the appeal of nostalgia.
Compared to today, they really were better days,
methinks. (?) Even with all the cold war paranoia. LOL
Thanks for putting this page together. It was super looking at all the info.
Eric Roth. "Ten-Four" :-)
Eric Roth     Canadasouthern@hotmail.com    Minden, Ontario, Canada    Apr 01/2001 17:26 PDT
Really enjoyed this site. I have also been a fan of HP since I was a child. Matter of fact it was because of this program that I have made a career in law enforcement for 26 years. Do you know of anyone who has copies of videos for sale of this program.

Many thanks
Steven Parker     parkers@burlington.dst.ia.us    Burlington, IA    Apr 04/2001 11:09 PDT
i'm a big highway patrol fan. me and joe. best of luck broderick crawford in the new millenium
kim walker     lefty1905@aol.com    denver, colorado    Apr 09/2001 18:39 PDT
Great site, always loved this show, as you probably know we supplied the helicopters for the show, along with Whirlybirds. Our website is www.nationalhelicopter.com
Richard Hart     rhart@nationalhelicopter.com    Van Nuys, CA    Apr 18/2001 07:38 PDT

I love your site and have visited it often. In fact, I made a Whirlybirds baseball cap with the patch you sell. I understand that Roy Bourgois worked for National. Many people don't realize that Highway Patrol featured the Bell 47 several years before Whirlybirds. I hope to meet you at one of the Helicopter events I often bring my Buick to soon. 10-4!
Gary Goltz     gsgoltz@aol.com    Apr 18/2001 21:35 PDT
Very good, and very interesting. I have watch this show a lot of times. Captain William Jones Mississippi Highway Patrol (Retired)
William M. Jones     mhpa8@aol.com    Jackson, Mississsippi     Apr 22/2001 16:39 PDT
I was a fan from when I was four and five years old. Whenever the show came on I had to put on my sportcoat, shirt, tie, hat and a cap gun in my inside pocket of my sportcoat. My career was decided back then. I went on to become a police chief, retiring after 24 years and now serve as a Chief County Detective in Pennsylvania.
Tom DUBAS     sabudmot@AOL.com    Peckville, PA    Apr 22/2001 17:59 PDT
The site looks great Gary. I wish I had the time to attend some of the events planed for this summer.
Jon RG Anderson     jonspock@yahoo.com    Pittsburg NH    Apr 24/2001 12:51 PDT
Even after 35 years in police work, I still love watching HP
Jerry Ryen     ryencrest@amexol.net    San Bernardino, CA    May 05/2001 07:04 PDT
As a young lad in the 1950's, grew up with Highway Patrol..Our family remembers it well....Dan Matthews and that Buick, with the familiar [one and only] automatic transmission sound....good memories.... As crazy kids did, in those days, we played 'cops and robbers', and there was always a Dan Matthews 'wanna be'....Good site.
Bob Genova     bjpj@earthlink.net    Palmdale, Ca, USA    May 12/2001 17:33 PDT
I really liked the show and i was wondering if anyone knew when the car two way radios came into use?
Bill    Terrace, B.C.    May 15/2001 22:19 PDT
Radios were first used by the CHP in 1936 when transmitter KAPI was constructed in Grass Valley, CA. The funds were provided by the President of Idaho and Maryland Mining Corporation as a thank you for patroling the firm's gold shipments. Motorcycles were the first units equipped with experimental receivers. 10-4!
Gary Goltz    May 16/2001 00:32 PDT
Randy Starr     randy.starr@worldnet.att.net    USA    May 27/2001 08:59 PDT
JOHN A. OLIVER     pepper3@execulink.com    london ontario canada    May 27/2001 12:49 PDT
Wow - What a great site. I too remember growing up with and watching "Highway Patrol". Been cruising the highways for the past 28 years in my black and white patrol cars. I just purchased over 100 episodes of "Highway Patrol" on VHS Tapes. Now with your episode list, I can number them and put them in order by episode. Thanks for the great memories of "Highway Patrol".
Cpl. Ward 6804     ward17219468@aol.com    Montgomery County, Pennsylvania    May 31/2001 20:52 PDT
Thanks for the memorable website!
T. J. Rivard     tjrivard1@home.com    Waterford, MI 48327 - USA    Jun 02/2001 12:35 PDT
I loved this show! As kids we all saw cops as the good guys.
Ol' Dan Matthews was the man! The old iron they drove was a
kick too! (Of course it was new then...) Anyway, I sent
TV land an e-mail...hope it works. By the way, I represent
a ham radio group some 40 or so strong, and to the man, we'd
all like to see it back on the air.
Dave Petersen     kc7ttd@juno.com    Seattle    Jun 03/2001 01:57 PDT
I am Frank Runyon's Daughter. I am really enjoying your web site. Thank you for all the kind words about my Dad.

Sally Pearce     snowfun@aol.com    Medford, OR    Jun 17/2001 18:14 PDT
Hi gary....awesome
Arnie Willis     powerajw@aol.com    Jun 21/2001 07:55 PDT
To all cops/firemen active and retired across this nation..HELP the old has beens of NYCPD/NYCFD...:


joe valachi     brotherhood@webet.com    East new york brooklyn    Jun 27/2001 09:45 PDT
2150 to all units:

I learned Frank Runyon passed away today. He wasn't doing well when I saw him last month. He will be missed. I hope he is having a drink with Brod right now, 10-4!
Gary Goltz    Jun 28/2001 23:38 PDT
CHP officer assigned as adviser to the show.
Sorry to hear that one of the CHP'S finest had made his last patrol. I talked to Frank a few times on the phone about Brod and the HIGHWAY PATROL show over the years. He was a great help to me. I know him and Brod are talking over the good old days about being on the set now. I know the CHP will give him a proper send off to his next patrol beat on the highways in heaven.
It's a sad day for all of us who love the show.
2150 bye,
Bob Speed     lidar2020@aol.com    monkton, Md.    Jun 29/2001 11:28 PDT
wow, love the site. how can i see the series again?? what a classic!!
steve     sazarro@yahoo.com    las vegas, nv    Jul 04/2001 21:14 PDT
I sure would love to see some of the highway patrol shows
I grew-up watching them.
DON HADDOCK     dwhaddock@surewest.net    CITRUS HEIGHTS,CA /Sacramento County    Jul 08/2001 11:07 PDT
I remember it well in the U.K. when I was just a boy!Especially that beautiful black and white BUICK ! and the theme tune. and Broderick Crawford. 10-4
Bill Trowbridge     w_trowbridge@hotmail.com    Somerset , England    Jul 11/2001 06:20 PDT
Set Up Roadblocks!!

-Broderick Crawford
Bill Nelson     william.s.nelson@att.net    Baltimore, Md. USA    Jul 29/2001 12:44 PDT
Finding this site makes miss the show more than ever.
Great website for us older guys.

Frank Runyon "be safe"

Gene Rosenberg     gcr33@adelphia.net    Boca Raton, FL    Jul 31/2001 06:10 PDT
I was wondering if you could send me some information on how to become a Mississippi Highway Patrol Officer. Also, I was wondering how much a degree in college would benefit me. How is the pay of you go to college? Thank you.
Nicky Marshall     nicky_marshall_2000@yahoo.com    Tishomingo MS United States    Aug 01/2001 22:18 PDT
It was wonderful to find a web site and information devoted to this fine series and wonderful actor Broderick Crawford. The series was very good, and featured many scenes shot north of Los Angeles in the Thousand Oaks area, before it was so built up. Broderick Crawford was one of the all time great "lush" actors, he always seemed to have had four drinks with lunch just before appearing.

"...whenever the laws of any state are broken, a duly-authorized... etc. etc."
David Woerner     daw@inddata.com    Kingwood, Texas    Aug 03/2001 08:30 PDT
Exactly what does "2150 bye" mean?
Whence is it derived?
I searched the FAQs, but did not find a reference.....

Keith Cullen     ksc@nsccux.sccd.ctc.edu    Seattle    Aug 03/2001 16:30 PDT
"I am Mathews of the Patrol". I repeat this phrase every day.
Freddy Castillo      frecastle@hotmail.com    Barquisimeto Lara Venezuela    Aug 04/2001 17:34 PDT
Very interesting, and it sure brings back alot of old memories of times gone by. Thanks for all that you do. 2LT Danny Morris #98 OKLAHOMA HIGHWAY PATROL TROOP F> E-Mail Address ohp98_2000@yahoo.com
2LT DANNY MORRIS #98 OK.HWY.PATROL     ohp98_2000@yahoo.com    Ardmore,Oklahoma U.S.A.    Aug 05/2001 10:19 PDT

2150 by was the same as "stand-by" I believe...10-4.
Gary Goltz    Aug 06/2001 07:05 PDT
RAUL VICTORICA      tazio_nuvolari90260@yahoo.com     15302 EASTWOOD AVE.LAWNDALE CALIF. 90260    Aug 10/2001 13:58 PDT
Hey Gary, Great site and it was a pleasure meeting you and Kelly in Gallup at the El Rancho Motel last week. Guess you made it to Santa Monica alright. I'll get those patches to ya'll soon. Again great meeting ya'll.

Jim Bleything     bley@nortexinfo.net         Aug 13/2001 12:05 PDT
CLYDE LOYD    Aug 19/2001 12:03 PDT
great site,keep it up!!!
gary hughes     james.g.hughes@att.net    Oak Grove,LA    Aug 20/2001 14:03 PDT
U R right it was a great show
George Dreher     ghd23@aol    Detroit Michigan,48228    Aug 20/2001 20:43 PDT
Glenn, way to go. --sa ps10-4
Scott Atcheson     satcheso@intel.com | satcheso@yahoo.com    Folsom, CA, USA    Aug 21/2001 14:01 PDT
Great site!!! Thanks for all the work on it.
Cliff (Wilkie) Wilkerson     wilkie@thegrid.net    Aug 25/2001 17:52 PDT
It was a pleasure meeting you at the Cops 4 Tots show yesterday, I was driving the Toyota Fire Truck parked next to you. Great site and I love your car!
Steve     owensexport@hotmail.com    Aug 27/2001 10:12 PDT
My name is Pamela Gravel and my Grandfather was Mike O'Leary(retired Chief, Los Angeles) and I grew up around the Highway Patrol.
My Grandmother Faith O'Leary still has lots of contact with many of the men my Grandfather worked with.
She gave me this website to look up and I can't wait to show it to her.
Thanks for creating this site and bringing up lots of great memories for many people.

Pamela Gravel     Pamelabillyzr121@aol.com    Aug 28/2001 08:35 PDT
This website is great.Over the years, Ihave had a lot of fun with my name because of this show.
Dan Mathews     mal_ibu@hotmail.com    Central Square,NY USA    Aug 29/2001 05:19 PDT
It was a great show and this is a great website honoring that show.
Mike Giannetti     Michaelbos45@aol.com    Boston, mass    Aug 29/2001 14:53 PDT
Just discovered this site and love it! I sent an email to TV Land and urge everyone else to do so and maybe we can get TV Land to bring back Highway Patrol!
Bob Doerrer    Charlotte, NC    Sep 01/2001 08:17 PDT
2150 to all units:

Put out an APB on bin Laden. He's 6'5", brown on brown,mid-forties,thin build. Let's give this punk. Move, move, move!

Dan Mathews    Sep 29/2001 16:13 PDT
2150 to headqtrs...Headqtrs by.
Another Dan Matthews fan speeding down the internet in a black sedan has been stopped at this great site roadblock.
APB has been issued to TVLand webmaster.
Bob Anderson     kramden@pconline.com    MN USA    Oct 03/2001 23:27 PDT
Happy 10-4 Day, 2001!

Gary Goltz     gsgoltz@aol.com    Oct 04/2001 07:57 PDT
I always thought I was the only person who observed Oct 4th as "Broderick Crawford Day". I went into the computer and was delighted to find others with my same warped sense of humor! The one thing that stayed in my memory was having him say "10-4" and then he'd THROW the mic down or into the car. He NEVER hung up the mic!
Now then, is there any BC fans that also observe "FESTIVUS"?
(for the rest of us)

Mac McGraw     mcfender@yahoo.com    Milton, Wisconsin    Oct 05/2001 20:16 PDT
Reading deeper thru your site and i am amazed how good it really is. Sent an inquiry to National Helecopter to see if the BeLL 47 might also be involved somehow in the scene where Lucy Ricardo is lowered aboard the SS Constitution on their way to Europe. The side shot(maybe in studio) seems to carry the same number N975B. Also love your pix of BC star on Hollywood Walk of Fame. I have one from 1969. Will return to site often.
Bob Anderson     kramden@pconline.com    MN USA    Oct 06/2001 18:08 PDT
For many, many years my husband and his best friend have had a running joke on October 4th - always calling it Broderick Crawford Day. They play pranks on each other using toy police cars and always saying "10-4" in some ingenious way. A few weeks ago my husband discovered this website and sent it to his friend on Oct 4th - he truly "one-upped" him this year.
Suzanne Paul     suzannepaul@ameritech.net    Farmington, Michigan, US    Oct 12/2001 07:03 PDT
I loved Highway Patrol as a child. I still have one or two episodes on tape from a local TV station in the 80s. I still use a few Dan Matthews phrases in my work as cop here in Toronto.
Paul Griffin     ussimpalancc6508@hotmail.com    Toronto Ontario Canada    Oct 13/2001 16:41 PDT
Great Site
I remember watching this show in the early and middle sixties, probably the first rerun phase. I loved the police cars. If I remember right, they had different makes for different seasons. I remember Buicks, Dodges, and I think some Ford products. Maybe some one has info on the types of cars they used, and what seasons.
Anyway, great site.
Ron     cazualty@yahoo.com    Michigan    Oct 16/2001 15:57 PDT
A moment of silence with the passing of Frederick W. Ziv at the age of 96 over the weekend. It it wasn't for Mr. Ziv and his great marketing skills in syndicated television I doubt the show would have sustained for four years....thanks Mr. Ziv for giving us one of the greatest shows of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ed Hider    Oct 16/2001 18:17 PDT
The show was a little corny at times, but in its day, it was great. It was so hard to understand Broderick except when he said 10-4. The kid next door and I would watch Highway Patrol, then go play it on our tricycles on the sidewalk. Too bad we did not have a helicopter. I would love to see reruns perhaps on TV Land.
Jerry Swift    Oct 16/2001 22:59 PDT
Caros Amigos.

Passei minha infância assistindo a Highway Patrol e sempre fui um fanático pela série. Porém o tempo passou e fiquei algumas décadas sem assistir a nenhum episódio. Finalmente na Directv foi possível novamente rever essa série fantástica.
Gostaria de saber o endereço de algum fã clube da série Highway Patrol.

Um grande abraço aqui do Brazil.

Dalia, Arnaldo Sérgio     serg@linkway.com.br    Rio Claro, São Paulo, Brazil    Oct 17/2001 18:29 PDT
Good to be back at this great site after a hard drive crash. Gary, any chance to get an MP3 clip of that great dramatic march used within the show as background music? I think you know the piece I mean--since it was the predominant music next to the title march. It's GREAT music, right up there with the incredible Harbor Command title march. Which reminds me, rest in peace and thank you, Fred Ziv.
Larry Blamire     lblamire@home.com    Sherman Oaks, CA    Oct 25/2001 23:02 PDT
It's on there already. See Sounds "The helicopter buzzed" & "In its day to day" FYI.

10-4, Gary    Oct 26/2001 05:08 PDT
I just discovered your site. I was a fan of the show when I was a kid. Watching the show and also Dragnet made me wanted to be a policeman when I was younger. I love your car looks like you are having alot of fun , tell your wife to hang in there. I remember on an old Saturday Night Live show when Broderick Crawford was on , they did a takeoff on Highway Patrol it was great to see him again. Is there any where I can find any tapes of the old show if so please let me know if possible. Gotta go now , have fun.
Robert Aaron     robertAaron@webtv.net    Tulsa, Oklahoma    Nov 01/2001 08:21 PST
Thanks You !
Dave Pulcini     DePooch@AOL.com    La Habra,CA. 90631    Nov 04/2001 14:07 PST
COOL,I am glad I found this site.It brings back great memories of black and white tv.GOOD JOB.
Greg Cunningham     singlewheel1@msn.com    paris,tn    Nov 04/2001 14:19 PST
21-50 by..........oh man, what a blast to have found your site. I have the best memories of this program and all the lingo, the patrol cars, actors,etc. THANK YOU !
Dave Pulcini     DePooch@AOL.com    La Habra,CA. 90631    Nov 04/2001 14:33 PST
Congratulations on a brilliant site .It brought back lots of happy memories.The series so impressed me as a child that it encouraged me to become a police officer here in the U.K. when I grew up .Is there a U.K. fan club that might assist in obtaining videos of the series? .Keep up the good work anyway its a great tribute to a great series .
HARRY MOFFATT     harrymoffatt@yahoo.com    Stockport Cheshire England    Nov 04/2001 18:11 PST
I'm a good friend of Gary Goltz and truly enjoy this site. It's quite obvious to me that a great deal of time and effort went in to it. I take issue with one thing on this website; Dan Mathews was never called the Chief of the H.P. he was always referred to as "The Head of the Highway Patrol." Although it's safe to say he was the Chief, I don't recall any episodes where they refer to him as such. In any event we need to negotiate a deal with the program manager at TV Land to have it returned to the air waves or have a H.P Fandamonium Weekend or two so we can get high quality video tapes of the show. Maybe TV Land could have a salute to COPS and do that for us!

Good job!
Jake Magan    Nov 04/2001 20:22 PST
I think I was addicted to Highway Patrol almost as much as you. I don't know why, it just captured my sense of drama, and exemplified in simple terms the virtue of right triumphing over evil. I am old enough to say that I watched it when it was primetime TV on Saturday night.
Great sight! Thanks.
Phil Kinsey     PFKLPL@aol.com    Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A.    Nov 05/2001 04:41 PST

Garvey calls him Chief in EP #6 Hitchiker. Under the CHP to be the Head he would have been the Commissioner starting in the mid 50's. Before then Chief was the top position. Many think he was a Captain since he worked out of a field office. I will have to re-watch my episodes to find othe references on his title. This will be a labor of love!
Gary Goltz    Nov 05/2001 09:14 PST
I Used To Watch Highway Patrol When I Was A Todler On January 3,1966 When I Was Three Weeks Old On KTNT TV Channel 11 Now KSTW Nowadays KSTW Is A UPN Affiliate Broderick Crawford Starred As Dan Matthews He Starred In King Of Diamonds And The Interns Broderick Crawford Starred In All The King's Men He Won An Oscar For It I Was Born December 12,1965 Me And My Mom Used To Watch Highway Patrol On Channel 11 In Reruns When I Was A Toddler I Like Some Cop Shows Dragnet,Highway Patrol,M Squad,Naked City,The Detectives,The F.B.I.,The Felony Squad,Ironside,The Mod Squad,Kojak,The Rockford Files,Baretta,Hill Street Blues,Burke's Law,C.S.I.,Hawaii Five-O,Adam 12,McCloud,Dan August,Starsky And Hutch And Cop Movies Like Dirty Harry And MCQ I Like Cops And America's Most Wanted I Seen Broderick Crawford On Saturday Night Live In The Late 70s When I Was Only 13 After Graduating From The Seventh Grade Back In 1979
Delbert "Dellie Goose" Hutchinson      Delliegoos@AOL.COM    Tacoma Washington USA    Nov 06/2001 19:25 PST
Just want to thank Gary Goltz for all his efforts on behalf of Highway Patrol. Being the director of the pilot film, I appreciate his on going concern for the show and its intent
Herbert L. Strock     herbstrock@earthlink,net    Los Angeles, Ca, USA    Nov 07/2001 10:00 PST
Thanks so much for this great site. Many times I've thought back to the sound of the squealing tires and siren, with Dan barking orders into his radio. Your site has brought back great memories. Thanks for the hard work, it's really apprecaited.
JH     GymSrqFL@cs.com    Sarasota, FL    Nov 17/2001 18:25 PST
i wish i could see reruns of h/w patrol..are there any tapes of it??
joe     joedice711@aol.com    rhode i    Nov 29/2001 12:58 PST
please i am looking for someone who can sponsor me with some fund for my college fees.
NANCY MWAMBUI     mwambuinancy@yahoo.com    kenya    Dec 05/2001 00:41 PST
Great site! Highway Patrol is fantastic. I remember my childood and my tv set DuMont, in B&W.
Giovanni "John" Capozzi    Dec 05/2001 13:20 PST
I am the star of Whirlybirds, but my friend Broderick is the super-star of Higway Patrol. God bless us and Usa.
Ken Tobey     whirlybirds@deejaymail.it    Longwood Field - California    Dec 07/2001 11:45 PST
Mr. Tobey, AKA "Chuck", thanks for your entry in our guestbook. Whirlybirds was great show, one of my favorites. I love Bell 47s and wish I could have one to park by my Buick! Please stay in touch...10-4.

Gary Goltz    Dec 09/2001 08:42 PST
90 years ago on December 9, William Broderick Crawford was born. Happy Birthday & 10-4!

From the Highway Patrol Website.
Gary Goltz    Dec 09/2001 22:01 PST
put highway patrol back on tv or on dvd so we can see how cops shows are very good
jonn    Dec 12/2001 13:28 PST
I would like to know if there are any photos of Broderick Crawford in Highway Patrol available for purchase.
Debbie Heil     dmheil@sysmatrix.net    Waldorf, Maryland, USA    Dec 12/2001 15:20 PST
In light of what is transpiring in our beloved and by far the greatest nation that ever existed not only on Earth but The U.S.A. is very probably the most wonderful government that ever existed in the entire 12-14 billion years old universe! The point I am making is,"Highway Patrol",the real state troopers of the 50's would have no problem defeating islamic terrorists of today!
Joseph Protti Jr.     jprotti@adelphia.net    Ford City,Pa.U.S.A.!!!!    Dec 15/2001 00:10 PST