Guestbook - 2000

Happy New Year everyone from the #1 fan of Highway Patrol. Thanks for helping to keep the spirit of Dan Mathews, 2150 alive in the new century...10-4!

Gary Goltz     gsgoltz@aol.com    Upland, CA USA    Jan 01/2000 01:29 PST
sure glad i found your sight.
george sheridan     sheridgf@udmercy.edu    detroit michigan usa    Jan 02/2000 15:16 PST
Thank you Glenn Davis for the great "HIGHWAY PATROL website" it is a great fine
victor     vblais@highways.net    wrightwood ca     Jan 02/2000 15:16 PST
BERT     BERTSPEED_US    EDINBURG TX , USA    Jan 05/2000 06:26 PST
Jeff Zimmerman     wqrp@mics.net    West Carrollton, OH., 45449, USA    Jan 06/2000 09:04 PST
Thanks for this wonderful web site! I am a fan of the old Highway Patrol series. I am currently restoring a 1957 ford 4 door to a Highway Patrol car. Its not the right vehicle for the series or the CHP, but close enough for us in the Northwest. Please keep up the good work on your web. I will be visiting often.
Raymond D. Pendell     raypendell@uswest.net    Spokane washington USA    Jan 08/2000 15:53 PST
BOB BRACKEN     CALHOUN82@aol.com    CLIFTON,N.J.    Jan 08/2000 16:19 PST
Highway Patrol was the best show ever on T.V! Nothing since has even come close ....

Joe     healy146@aol.com    Media, PA, USA    Jan 11/2000 16:53 PST
Which state did the HP patrol? CHP?
G. Grey     ggrey@email.msn.com    Baltimore, Maryland USA    Jan 14/2000 06:47 PST
Great Site! Glenn, you have done a fine job! I remember fondly watching reruns of HP in the 60's. Although I grew up in the 60's, I love the 50's. The shows, like my favorite Highway Patrol, the music and the cars (I own a '55 DeSoto - two-tone black & white, of course).
I read your sources page. Occasionally, I've seen videos offering old HP episodes but never bought them. Do you recommend any one supplier over another? As I don't yet own any HP copies, I am interested in quantity first, quality second. Thanks for any help you can provide.

Best regards,

Mark Kubancik
Mark Kubancik     VCESNA.EIAMMFK@memo.volvo.com    Louisville, KY USA    Jan 16/2000 18:38 PST
The guys with the most episodes are T.J. Stran, 413-772-0635 and David Grossman who is re-doing my 155 episodes in order. He can be reached at, 310-276-9094.

Gary Goltz     gsgoltz@aol.com    Upland, CA, USA    Jan 17/2000 00:09 PST
Gary & Glenn
Let's keep up the pressure on TV Land to put Dan the Man back on the air, 10-4?
Keith Nelson
Keith Nelson     kwnelson@milwpc.com    Jan 22/2000 11:33 PST
loved those old hp shows. That opening intro. whenever thelaws of any state...... still run thru my head. I was 12 years old and living in s. calif. Now Im a volunter sheriff deputy so I can live out some of those great memories.
jeff Jacobsen     basalt Colorado    Jan 23/2000 20:53 PST
loved those old hp shows. That opening intro. whenever thelaws of any state...... still run thru my head. I was 12 years old and living in s. calif. Now Im a volunter sheriff deputy so I can live out some of those great memories.
jeff Jacobsen     basalt Colorado    Jan 23/2000 20:54 PST
Great sight. I too would run home after school to see Highway Patrol. I think I have seen each episode at least 5 times!Really enjoyed your sight. I am a native Californian and those were thr good old days!!!!!!
Dave Smith     davsansmith@worldnet.att.net    Houston, Texas    Jan 26/2000 22:13 PST
Grew up watching reruns of Highway Patrol with my senile grandfather who watched religiously in his bathrobe from a huge worn out red leather chair while sipping from a straw out of a 16 ounce can of Brew 102 and smoking Half & Half out of a Dr. Grabow pipe. Was I happy to find your site???
Grant Taylor     Theseamonkeys@cs.com    Pasadena, CA, USA    Jan 30/2000 18:57 PST
I would like to see some of the re-runs.
Larry Stapleton     ljstapleton@coastalnet.com    Havelock, NC    Jan 31/2000 19:20 PST
One of the great shows that I watched when I was a kid of 10 yrs old. Too bad shows like this are history. Too bad that kids today can't enjoy them. Just a nice show with something called "a story" and "character development".
Bill Prince
Bill Prince     gormanwpjr@aol.com    Houston, Texas    Feb 01/2000 20:20 PST
Dear Gary,
Thanks for returning my request for info on the Buick. You must have alot of fun with the car. How much have you been offered for it?
M/SGT. Larry Greer Ms. Hwy. Patrol (ret)     Twitty@ Webtv.net    Jackson,MS.     Feb 03/2000 08:11 PST
Thanks for your great page. Can you tell me what ever became of Broderick Crawford?
John Braun     jayceebee@compuserve.com    Ca.    Feb 03/2000 15:29 PST
Enjoyed Highway Patrol as a child
walter strickland     leeann@intrstar.net    Feb 04/2000 01:52 PST
great website, brings back many childhood memories.. Thanks for your work.
D. Vujovich    Feb 06/2000 23:31 PST
i just love this series --i used to watch this as a kid
glued to the tv --and would stay up late before vcr's to see it plz bring it back -
billy coates     william_coates@fpl.com    miami fl usa    Feb 08/2000 09:21 PST
I remember marching around the room as a little kid as the theme played. Any comments are welcome; there seems to be a drought of late.
Robert Waguespack     RWaguespack@Ultimatte.com    Chatsworth, Ca, USA    Feb 22/2000 11:51 PST
Hi Gary: Thanks for linking me up to your web page. This site is labor intensive. You really know how to build a page! What a moment that was when Neil sang along though your mike!! WOW. He's a real human being. Take Care, see you at a show
Dan Tintior, DC     drtintor@aol.com    redwood city, ca usa    Feb 24/2000 23:45 PST
Dan, the photos and stories are mostly mine. However, the credit for creating this great website goes to Glenn!
Gary Goltz     gsgoltz@aol.com    Feb 27/2000 01:36 PST
Get Dan back on T.V. fast!
BillDing    Feb 28/2000 09:10 PST

My father passed away a few weeks ago. Waxing nostalgic I logged onto “findagrave.com” to look at Broderick Crawford’s tombstone. There were links on the website page. I kept drilling down until I happened upon yours. What a treat!

We saw the article in the 1997 Motor Trend magazine and were thrilled. I’m even happier to have found your website as well. You see I’m married to Kelly Crawford, Broderick’s son. I have often wanted to find copies of the show and have had a hard time locating them. Could you give me the name of some of your sources? We have one episode that came in a boxed set of several other “cop” shows. We love to see Broderick “ … swing into action”! He was amazingly light on his feet. Yes, I too long for those simple days.

As small boy Kelly used to visit his dad on the set. He would get to ride in the car and helicopter with his dad. Of course we would love to see your car. Where and what time is the event being held on May the 21st? Possibly we could make it. It would be a treat. Please let me know.


Jean Crawford          CA    Mar 01/2000 13:49 PST
I remember watching the reruns as akid. This show got me hooked on cop shows.It would be great to see them again.
10-4 ???
coyle atkinson    buffalo,new york usa    Mar 03/2000 19:00 PST
Boy does this page bring back memories, I remember watching
H'way Patrol as akid in the early 60's. My dad was in the
Fla H'way Patrol at that time and the show went right along
with that. GREAT JOB IN RECOVERING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dennis Stevenson     dsteve5343@aol.com    Broken Arrow,Ok. USA    Mar 06/2000 19:59 PST

My wife was keeping me up at trying to find LaBonges on the web and we found your site. Did you get my fax? Hope to see you Thurs. Bring the car if you can.

Tom LaBonge     tlabonge@aol.com    Los Angeles CA USA    Mar 06/2000 22:16 PST
I am 53 years old, a resident of Chester,S.C. and also the
coroner of the county. I grew up with this program and proud to say I was a big fan of Broderick and the program.There will never be another like it.
E. Watson Wright     ewwright@chestertel.com    Chester,S.C. U.S.A.    Mar 07/2000 11:18 PST
this sight sure brings back a lot of great memories of a simpler and better time.
Roger Ashworth     rash80tiger@yahoo.com    DeQuincy La. USA    Mar 07/2000 20:58 PST
In 1958 Brod drove a 1958 Buick Century not special which was listed as cars driven on the show. Both had 364 cid engins but the hp was 300 century 250 special.
jon anderson     jonspock@yahoo.com    colebrook nh usa    Mar 09/2000 15:28 PST

Thanks for the correction!

Gary Goltz     gsgoltz@aol.com    Mar 10/2000 00:10 PST
I loved to watch this show when I was a kid and appreciate your website. Question: was there an episode in which Joe Flynn (Capt. Bingamton of "McHale's Navy" played a villain? I think I remeber one but I'm not sure. He was a nasty snarling hood on the run from the police. Am I all wet on this?

Jim VanderRoest     wiseowl@ameritech.net    Kalamazoo, Michigan    Mar 14/2000 17:15 PST
Jim you are correct. Joe Flynn played a cold blooded hold-up man named Steve Stankey in EP 36, Taxi.
Gary Goltz    Mar 14/2000 22:27 PST
Hi, I'm Barrie from County Durham U.K. and I used to enjoy Highway Patrol many years ago.
By a strange coincidence, H.P. was mentioned in a local newspaper column just a few weeks ago, the writer asked for the name of the cop played by Brderick Crawford, I was able to respond. Now I found your site.
Barrie Green     BarrieGreen@free4all.co.uk    County Durham England    Mar 18/2000 13:35 PST
I could not belive this, a "Highway Patrol" web site. I was thinking about that series not long ago. I hope e-mailing tvland will do some good. I sure would like to see episodes of that show.
Peter Rice     peters.72@gateway.net    Germantown, MD. USA    Mar 23/2000 07:03 PST
i miss this show!! i'd like to find out how i can purchase some episodes or if they are available on vhs?
i'd be interested in finding out more info on this classic show & if TVLAND is considering airing it..i would reallt love to see it again!
DOMENIC COTOIA     dcotoia@mediaone.com    Johnston,R.I. 02919    Apr 14/2000 12:59 PDT
Great site! I'm a Staff Lieutenant with the Ohio State Highway Patrol and loved the show when I was a kid. I've managed to get about 40 episodes on VHS and I found one of the old tin cars from the 50's. Always looking for collectables and photos from the show.
Howard Hudson     hwhudson@msn.com    Columbus, Ohio,USA    Apr 17/2000 16:34 PDT
I got an interesting letter from Susannah Benedetti,
assistant archivist with the Wisconsin Center for Film
and Theater Research. They have 156 epsodes of "Highway
Patrol" problem is, you have to go there to view them.
If the fans of the series really want to see reruns of
of "Highway Patrol" start a letter writing campaign to
MGM who holds the copyrights to the series. Other than
that, I don't see where sending e-messages is TVLAND is
going to do much. That is the only way to do it.
Peter     peters.72@gateway.net    Germantown, MD. USA    Apr 21/2000 05:28 PDT
My name Is Patrick A Dumais and was born In 1951, so I was quite a young fellow when this show aired, but how I loved that show I would sit there with my dad and brother watching Broderick Crawford and how real the show seemed. Can someone please tell me what year did Mr.Crawford pass away?
Patrick A Dumais     patrickdumais@hotmail.com    Toronto,Canada    Apr 21/2000 20:44 PDT
Back in the early 70's, I watched the reruns at 3:00
every day with my cat.
Tim Taylor     sealevel1@webtv.net    Apr 24/2000 01:27 PDT
Keep up the good work and thanks for the memories!
Stephen Knott     srknott@powersystems.rockwell.com    Columbus, Indiana    Apr 28/2000 14:10 PDT
i would like to see highway patrol to. i sent e male to tv land.
john donohue     backflow 52    orlando fla 32806    Apr 29/2000 20:50 PDT
I love this site. 10-4
Chris Chaplin     sexchris50@hotmail.com    Monroe, LA, USA    May 04/2000 22:18 PDT
Nothing blocks a road like a 55 Buick, unless it's two 55 Buicks. Dan rules! I can remember a friend who use to march around the room when the theme came on. See you at Skipper's Cafe. I'll bring the sugar!
Roy Blaylock    Bainbridge Island , Washington    May 08/2000 20:16 PDT
As an ex-police chief who loved this series - this is a great web site! Thanks!
Michael L Maudlin     macchief@earthlink.net    Yarmouth, Maine    May 16/2000 20:58 PDT
I have a question. I was ditching school in about 1968 an met Broderick Crawford at the airport in Phoenix filming what I thought was a movie. I'm trying to find out what movie this could have been as he said we could be in the background of one scene and I would like to see the movie. The clacker thing the camera people use for scenes had the words The Ransom on it. Any help?
Craig Frost     randola@aol.com    May 26/2000 12:48 PDT
I wish they would bring back this Classic for all
Generations to watch!
Bob Cosby     hrdtruk@aol.com    May 26/2000 16:56 PDT
What a great site. I've been a long time HP fan and a fan of Broderick Crawford. Years ago I was a member of the Broderick Crawford Fan Club (this was probably in the mid '70s & BC was still alive). It was run by a HP cast member but his name escapes me. I still have the materials somewhere (a lot of moving since then) including a newsletter where BC answered a lot of questions that I had sent to him through the club. It was a thrill to have him respond to me directly and I only regret that I never got an autograph. Now I've got to find that stuff again. Another thing is that BC is buried in Johnstown, NY and I'm from Johnstown, PA. This is a great site that I've bookmarked and I'll keep coming back to. Thanks for putting it out there & keeping Broderick's name and show alive. 10-4
Schanni99@cs.com    Jun 02/2000 19:31 PDT
Here are answers to the questions: The movie filmed in Arizona was Ransom Money. The fan club was headed by Frank Miller who played Warren.
Gary Goltz     gsgoltz@aol.com    Upland, CA    Jun 03/2000 06:58 PDT
ROY YOUNG     roythetoy@prodigy.net    OOLTEWAH, TENNESSEE -USA !!!    Jun 06/2000 17:02 PDT
I really miss watching Highway Patrol. It was truly fantastic. I was reall disappointed when trying to find information about Broderick Crawford on the Biography web
site....Can you believe....Not A Thing !!!
That's a real tradgedy to such a huge actor. I was shocked.
Roy Lee Young     roythetoy@prodigy.net    Ooltewah, ( Chattanooga Area ) , Tennessee - U.S.A.    Jun 06/2000 17:12 PDT

The answers are all on our site:

WHEN , WHERE AND HOW DID HE DIE ? He died of heart failure in 1986 at 74 years old.


WHEN AND WHERE WAS HE BORN ??? He was born in Phila, PA

Gary Goltz     gsgoltz@aol.com    Jun 07/2000 13:57 PDT
hi dear friends,

wel comme to my world.

kanchana      kanchi2000_in@yahoo.com    kandy,sri lanak    Jun 08/2000 21:20 PDT
Great web site....I wish that highway patrol would come back on...great show..
SGT. Daryl Brewer     daryllawman@aol.com    Clarksville, Tennessee........U.S.A.    Jun 09/2000 16:52 PDT
Thanks for the memories! Great site!
JL Brazil     DanMathews2150@aol.com    California    Jun 10/2000 21:24 PDT
My brothers and I enjoyed Highway Patrol. I can recall that my parents played cards with my relatives when HP was on the air. I believe my Uncle Wally had the same type of Buick that Broderick drove in the series. I also remember a certain commercial " remember the Alamite has CD-2" and the Conoco gasoline commercials.
I've been a cop for 25 years and a detective for almost eleven and I still have fond memories of Highway Patrol...may even be responsible for my profession ! I really have enjoyed this site...thank you all for your contributions.
Detective Dennis Lindeman     tppdcrime@netscape.net    Tinley Park, Illinois, United States    Jun 13/2000 20:40 PDT
c.s.     YARDDOGG1@AOL.COM    Jun 19/2000 14:44 PDT
funny... i always remember broderick crawford driving a 55 desoto... of course, since i'm getting older, my memory is a bit rusty, but i seem to remember riding in his tv show car when he came to my aunt's wedding in shreveport, and he drove one of the several studio cars, and he said they were all the same... and yes,i did get his autograph and a picture of me in the driver's seat with him as passenger.
zach     peaceout@stny.rr.com    Jun 28/2000 02:18 PDT
Great show. One of my favorite actors. I lived in Arizona as a kid. I'm 48 now. Wrote to TV Land, requesting they put on Highway Patrol, which I have not seen since I was a kid -- I don't know why it hasn't been on. It's a great short program. Fast. Good acting. And, of course, Dan Mathews -- I mean, Broderick Crawford!
John Mitten     johnmitten@yahoo.com    Manchester, NH    Jul 05/2000 22:31 PDT
Thanks for a very helpful site. It isn't easy to find a lot
about good old Brod anymore. Keep up the good work.
Charley Sampsell     Chucksam24@netzero.net    Kalamazoo, Mi    Jul 06/2000 06:58 PDT
Thank you for a Wonderful afternoon
I watched Highway Patrol as a young boy, and now 51
Ed Houseman     Mobil8181@CS.Com    Philadelphia,Pa 19136    Jul 09/2000 14:29 PDT
Great site. I was 14 years old when the program first aired and I don't believe I missed an episode. Was watching a re-run of CHiPs the other day and saw the episode with Mr. Crawford. It was great. Thanks for the memories.
Marvin W. Winston     marvin@harb.net    Little Rock, AR USA    Jul 13/2000 13:09 PDT
Spectacular site, for one of the most original period pieces of the Golden age of TV...we used to watch original and re-runs of the show on KPHO-TV in Phoenix, then later in the 60's in L.A. it would pop up on KTLA,KCOP, 7 others ....I wish some cable net would get smart and do what you are doing and dedicate a channel to classics like M-Squad(Lee Marvin) or Naked City,East Side/West Side,San Francisco Beat,77 Sunset Strip, Target, Science Fiction Theatre,PANIC, Medic, Sheriff of Cochise,and the list goes on & on....Congrats on a great site! well done(I am a Voice Over Talent for network & cable...HBO/Cinemax NBC & Fox...I used to be the narrator of Real Stories of the Highway Patrol...but that was pretty cheesey stuff compared to the opening lines of "Art Gilmore"
saying- when the laws of any state are broken, a duly authorized agency swings into ACTION!
John Driscoll     johndriscoll@voiceoveramerica.com    Mill Valley CA USA    Jul 14/2000 12:24 PDT
Thanks for a GREAT site. Really enjoyed it.

Terry Taylor     n6mon@pacbell.net    San Lorenzo, CA    Jul 19/2000 12:41 PDT
very good page
d attinger     dattinger@aol.com    north huntingdon,pa,15642    Jul 21/2000 16:38 PDT
Can you please tell me who played Sargent Whitehead in the episode Taxi.
Thank yhou.
Bob     amtraknet@yahoo.com    Aug 04/2000 15:02 PDT
Ditto on John Driscoll's comments above. All great fun shows. Metro Channel on cable is now running "Car 54, Where Are You?" A great classic comedy still very funny today. I wrote to them and suggested "Naked City"- no reply. Part of the problem with some of these old shows is that they smoked a lot on them- a TV no-no today. "Highway Patrol" was an exception though, I guess because they were always "on duty" on the show. We may not have the show on TV- yet - but at least we have some great sound clips on this excellent web site.
Bruno J. Seliste     bbskip@prodigy.net    Aug 04/2000 22:04 PDT

This site is extraordinary. It was a wonderful time to remember my childhood.
Luis A. Juarbe     ljuarbe@prtc.net    San Juan, Puerto Rico    Aug 05/2000 03:25 PDT
I would love to see the old HIGHWAY PATROL classics again, I watched them as a teenager. good family shows
Barbara    Aug 06/2000 22:48 PDT
I was curious as to the tune of the theme song for this program...apparently I was "humming" the wrong one... I am glad you have this site...

I grew up North of Seattle and remember watching this program with my younger brothers on our "little" black and white t.v.
Diane Walter-Duim     Diane@duim.com    Santa Ana, California    Aug 13/2000 15:15 PDT
Hi, can you tell me where I can find a pic of the guy who plays Eric?
suzy     thinkingwoman7@hotmail.com    Aug 17/2000 09:20 PDT
hi all people :o)
hamad     nokia9800@yahoo.com    kuwait city    Aug 18/2000 18:37 PDT
TOMM MURRAY     tjmurray@uswest.net    Aug 19/2000 20:51 PDT
Well done, and thank you.
Gene Alvarez     jf714@earthlink.net    Byron, GA 31008 USA    Aug 21/2000 17:32 PDT
Well done. Thank you!
Gene Alvarez     jf714@earthlink.net    Byron, GA 31008 USA    Aug 21/2000 17:33 PDT
I used to use sound bytes of the show to air a feature I called "The Adventures Of Dan Matthews: The Nation's Number One Lawman" on my radio show on KGBS in Los Angeles. I would piece together Dan's sentences to come up with the most outrageous scenarios. Everyone loved it. I guess you could say I was stealing Broderick's material, but I was put at ease one night when he called the station. He told me he was laughing so hard, he could hardly dial the phone. I was kind of nervous, but Broderick put me at ease when he said: "it's funny stuff kid. Keep up the good work." I loved that old show, and I commend you Gary, for keeping Broderick Crawford and Highway Patrol alive, and helping us relive some really wonderful memories, when my mom and dad and I would sit around the t.v. watching a true pioneer pave the way to television history.
Bob Morgan (KGBS AM/FM)     KGBSFM97@aol.com    Aug 24/2000 21:18 PDT
This was a geat show. As a young child this was one of my favorite shows. I'd love to see it back on TV again. To me "Highway Patrol" was the start of all these police shows. My son is a Highway Patrolman and I would love to see a few shows with him. I'm sure that would make his day and also mine.

Hal D. Wooten    Aug 30/2000 06:55 PDT
I am really thriled to find this site and to be able to watch a 1/2 hour episode. As far as I am concerned, Broderick Crawford was TVs most hard core lawman, second to none. The 1950s genre and style of the series is tremendous. I used to watch Highway Patrol religiously on KTLA every day at 3:00. I really liked the previous entry describing the grandfather with the straw in the 16 oz can of Brew 102 and smoking 1/2&1/2 in his pipe. What a scene! Channel 5 was such a different station back then. The only thing left is news at 10. Sometimes I have daydreams about channel 5 bringing back Highway Patrol, Father Knows Best and The Rifleman. I also used to dig those commercials for Raliegh Hills Hospital. It all fit. As for Highway Patrol, it is fantastic nostalgia for a vision of California from my early childhood. I don't see it as any accident that Saturday Night Live juxtaposed this vision with that of Kerouac. That also fits. If only we could have Highway Patrol, Sea Hunt, Father Knows Best and Sky King all back on a nostalgia channel. That would really be something. Television now adays is just so much throw away mail.
Mike Jorsan     drymtn@pacbell.net    Los Angeles, CA    Sep 06/2000 13:44 PDT
Great site, very enjoyable.
This is 10/4 HIS day.
Why don't you have the sound clips on WAV files??
So I could play them?
Larry     bradelli@yahoo.com    Oct 04/2000 10:19 PDT
Can you supply any information on TV series O.S.S.
Office of Strategic Services
Jim     scotarvit@aol.com    UK    Oct 04/2000 11:48 PDT
Found your site through a friend. I have always celebrated October 4th (10/4) as Broderick Crawford Day. Also whenever a sporting event reaches a score of 10 to 4 it's called a "Crawford." Happy Crawford day, 1 day late.
Richard Rossiter     rossiters@earthlink.net    Fairfield, CT USA    Oct 05/2000 07:56 PDT
A great site for a great automobile.
Check out our 1955 Buick at, http://www.strangebrewracing.cjb.net There is only one shot of it for now as I'm building a page just for it and it's history.
Delbert Williams     old_daze@yahoo.com    Oct 05/2000 23:25 PDT
I would like to buy some old Highway Patrol videos, are there any available?
Doug Whittle     whittle@fuller.edu    Oct 06/2000 15:41 PDT
This is great, 10-4,I used to watch all of the episodes
h Bass     hbcigar@webtv.net    Blytheville, AR USA    Oct 06/2000 21:38 PDT
OUTSTANDING......When I found this site I could hardly believe my eyes or ears. This brings back so many memories. GREAT JOB.........and thanks
Frank Musitano     fmusitano@dps.state.nm.us    Las Cruces, Dona Ana, New Mexico    Oct 09/2000 04:27 PDT
What a great website. Highway Patrol is one of my favorite all time tv shows. To hear the theme song again was such a kick. I can't wait to tell my brother. Thanks.
John Jacobson     johnmjacobson@earthlink.net    Richmond, VA     Oct 12/2000 17:00 PDT
I work in a small Post Office located in East Rochester, NY
on occasion we (the letter carriers) play T.V. trivia, being that most of us are in our 40's and 50's we'll call out certain old shows. Our stumper was, what rank and televison name was Brodrick Crawford in the teleivison series "The Highway Patrol". We found the answer and think this is the greatest web site, brings back memories. GOOD JOB!!!!
Jeffrey D. Kokinda     klondyke@gateway.net    Macedon, New York, United States    Oct 19/2000 16:59 PDT
..to ANYONE who had ANYTHING to do with establishing
this website- I can only say, "THANKS"! How firmly it has remained etched in my memory after so many years. Thanks guys.
Jewel Davis     jeweldavis@midamer.net    Johnston City, Il. 62951 U.S.A.    Oct 31/2000 20:27 PST
What a great site! My one disappointment was that the motorcycles used in the episodes were not listed in the vehicles section. Otherwise, this is a real treat to be able to re-experience a show that had a big influence on my life.
Gary McLane     GSMC99@aol.com    Nov 11/2000 14:52 PST
This is a GREAT web site! I watched Highway Patrol when I was a kid and was heartbroken when it was taken off the air. I even remember trying to watch it on a Spanish TV station in New York in the early to mid 60's, and I didn't understand one word of dialogue. This show definitely belongs on TVLAND. Let's hope it happens!
Tom Monforte     Hammer8151@AOL.Com    Old Bridge, New Jersey    Nov 18/2000 05:18 PST
"Highway Patrol" was one of the first shows I can remember watching. Thank you for this site.
Brian Davilla     davilbr@yahoo.com    Slidell, La. USA    Nov 21/2000 09:52 PST
Gary, easy to find. Nice site.
Jim Koontz     jimkoontz@pcmagic.net    Diamond Bar, CA    Nov 23/2000 23:32 PST
Great Site! I was wondering if anyone has set up a similar site for The Untouchables TV show. That would be interesting also.
Bob Kinker     bkinker@infi.net    Va Beach, Va USA    Nov 26/2000 04:30 PST
I love that show too. I met Robert Stack a couple years ago and have collected all the episodes including the Return of Eliot Ness movie. Here is the address to "The Untouchables" home page - http://www.timvp.com/untouch.html


Gary Goltz     gsgoltz@aol.com    Upland, CA    Nov 26/2000 10:46 PST

would like to see highway patrol back on tv land the best
john nolan     jnol@eral.com    langhorne pa 19053    Nov 26/2000 17:10 PST
Where can I buy VHS tapes of the "Highway Patrol" starring Broderick Crawford?
Don Joy     joydonald@hotmail.com    Canada    Nov 29/2000 07:57 PST
I sure wish this show would come back like all the other old cop shows did. The highway patrol was my favorite one.
I still have them series in my mind. I just wish we had vcr's to copy back then, I would have had them all.
Roger Beaulieu    Nov 30/2000 08:01 PST
This was the first show I ever seen on TV. I wish we would have had vcr's back then because I would have copied all of the series.
Roger Beaulieu     beaulieu@nasb.navy.mil    Brunswick,Me.04011    Nov 30/2000 08:04 PST
can I get a photo of Brodrick crawford,please?
phil gomez     pmgomez@earthlink.net    fullerton Ca, USA    Dec 01/2000 16:44 PST
Please forgive what you might consider to be a ludicrous question:however,I am just learning how to use a computer...what is the address for this site dealing with the "Highway Patrol" so that I can find it more readily in the future?
Don     joydonald@hotmail.com    Canada    Dec 02/2000 07:34 PST
I stumbled upon your site while researching Bell Helicopters. And like many other messages I just read, it does bring back some favorite childhood memories of times spent with family gathered around the black and white TV. I was just a kid when the show was popular and even then knew I wanted to be a cop, and what fun it would be to fly a helicopter around looking for those bad-guys! I have achieved my dreams and "Dan" is in part responsible. I just wished I could have thanked him in person. Is there any chance you could come up with a screen saver of some of your Highway Patrol pix?
Thanks in advance,
Mixer - Police Helicopter Unit
Mixer     mixer@policeone.com    Dec 02/2000 13:11 PST
If you need a place to chill out, try goneinsixtyseconds.com It's got a cool web driving game...
jerry     jjr545@yahoo.com    LA, CA    Dec 06/2000 23:10 PST
Always loved the program myself, gues it was becasue my birthday is 10-4 (1954) thansk for the memories!
R L Haenel     rlhaenel@compuserve.com    Affton, Mo 63123    Dec 13/2000 07:35 PST
Go get 'em, Broderick! It was definitely a great show, it was my favorite show growing up above all the cowboy shows. I do hope it gets back on TV sometime soon. Please e-mail me if it is reshown on TV. Good luck.
Grant Hagadorn     yankeeveteran@customcpu.com    Nikiski, Alaska, USA    Dec 15/2000 17:34 PST
how can i get copys of the highway patrol
john     jnolan11@msn    Dec 17/2000 13:16 PST
After highschool football and basketball games we used to go to a a place in Syracuse, NY. One night in the late 60's there was Broderick Crawford big as life, at a place called Danzers. He was real heavy and had muttoon chop side burns at the time.

Rumor had it that he had an aunt in Syracuse, and used to visit her frequently. Other rumors about his visits to Syracuse were not so kind.
john     john@yahoo.com    Syracuse, NY    Dec 29/2000 20:01 PST
EMAIL Address should have been

John     john2742@yahoo.com    Syracuse, NY USA    Dec 29/2000 20:03 PST