Guestbook - 1999

I was a BIG fan of HP when I was growing up. I was very happy to find your site today. It brought back some great memories....especially the audio clips. Thanks for all of your work in making this site.
David Roth     droth@anent.com    Ashburn, VA, USA    Jan 01/1999 09:11 PST
I've been looking for these old TV series for a while. Thanks this will help me get a couple of episodes.
Bob Johnson     rsj215@tdi.net    Jan 06/1999 14:55 PST
great job
Chuck Steele Jr     mo_cop1872@hotmail.com    Walker Missouri Police Dept.    Jan 10/1999 15:27 PST
Dear Gary,

Thanks for doing such an awesome job in clollecting all the memoribilla of the old Highway Patrol Series. I too have many fond memories of my childhood watching it on our television set. I have played Art Gilmore's opening monolouge from your web page about 20 times. It borught back many wonderful thoughts.

Thank you for setting up this web page.
Gary March     GCMARCH@AOL.COM    Newport Beach, California, USA    Jan 16/1999 18:44 PST
TOMM MURRAY     tjmurray @uswest.net    RENTON WA.    Jan 19/1999 21:29 PST
Broderick Crawford was and is the standard by which all other actors playing police officers have and will be judged. As long as there are television police stories actors and actresses will owe this Oscar winning, yet under appreciated, star a debt of gratitude.
H Hoyt    Jan 22/1999 20:22 PST
As a kid I enjoyed watching this show, I wish they would run these shows again on TV. It worked for Any Griffieth.
Ted S. Mercer     tedm@coax.net    Troy, Ohio 45373    Jan 26/1999 14:20 PST
Just like you, I used to anticipate Highway Patrol every evening. This site rekindled the memories. When I was a kid I thought Broderick Crawford looked like my grandfather. My mom thought I was silly, but one day grandpa came home from the post office with a story that while picking up his mail, a little girl began screaming, "look mom! It's Broderick Crawford!" He got a kick out of that, He always wore the "hat" and did resemble Crawford. I like old Buicks too and a friend who grew up in the 50's says the "three hole" Buicks were faster than the "four hole". He claims the more expensive cars were heavier with more chrome and that friends he knew paid more for a four hole but couldn't figure out why the less expensive 3 hole car was faster. Wow! Talk about a super fan!
Kevin    Jan 28/1999 20:26 PST
Really would like to see reruns, I don't care which tv station, as I grew up with this show. It was one hell of a lot better than CHiPs. Probably because this was before all of the "Political Correctness" bullshit.
1SG (Ret) Michael Gallegos     MJG1SGRet@aol.com    Phoenix Az USA    Jan 29/1999 10:38 PST
HP was one of my favorite programs to watch while I was growing up. The site is great. It is obvious and apparent a lot of time and love and effort went into creating it. Congratulations! And Thank you, too! I WILL be back......Code 3.....
Carole     CBinAruba@aol.com    Morristown, NJ    Jan 29/1999 14:24 PST
Fantastic! What nostalgia! Very well done. I love
B. Crawford and HIGHWAY PATROL. I want to secure some
Berry Driver     berrydriver@yahoo.com    Fort Worth, Texas    Jan 30/1999 17:29 PST
I remember "Highway Patrol" showing on British TV in the mid-Fifties. I live in the UK, and I recently bought - from Scorched Earth Productions in Denver, CO - an NTSC video of one HP episode (which you list as "Prospector" - PN38 in the 55-56 Season).

I thought the picture quality was a bit disappointing. Perhaps it's understandable. But, do you know of any source of higher quality video copies?
David Blake     David.Blake@tesco.net    Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK    Feb 01/1999 11:04 PST
that's a 10-4 good buddy. Satin Doll here, reminiscing.

Chief Dan Matthews for President!

10-4 out!
M. J. Barczak     jbarczak@cq.com    Washington, D.C.    Feb 02/1999 13:41 PST
When I was 8, and lived in Portugal I used to watch H.P.
at the television. Now I'm 47 and looked for something concerning those films...for my great surprise, I found this
website!!!! Great...congratulations!! Good times...
My best regds for you all from Rio.
Marcio E, Cumplido     juliana_cumplido@uol.com.br    Rio de Janeiro-BRAZIL    Feb 02/1999 20:41 PST
Really enjoy your site! Brings back a lot of memories. Thanks for the excellent job!
Larry     larryf01@caltel.com    Valley Springs, California, USA    Feb 02/1999 21:12 PST
Great site! It brings back wonderful memories of Broderick Crawford and Fred Ziv's great cop show, Highway Patrol.

By the way, Ziv Studios was where the Adventures of Superman was filmed for its last two or three seasons (although Superman was not a Ziv production).
Richard Mamches     d022364c@dcfreenet.seflin.lib.fl.us    Miami Beach, FL, USA    Feb 10/1999 13:12 PST
Great Sight! I was surfing for a place where I could find old Highway Patrol episodes. Do you know of any?

Thanks for the entertainment. It brought back some very happy memories.

Doug Dahlgren     dougsplace@aol.com    Portland, Oregon    Feb 15/1999 10:48 PST
This was a great show!
Gary Muskat     gmuskat@mail.state.wi.us    Feb 16/1999 07:42 PST
I'm a high school student wondering what I should do to get onto law enforcment.
Josh Jelleschitz     bluebaja1@yahoo.com    Tehachapi Ca    Feb 16/1999 10:45 PST
A great site devoted to a great series!! They don't make
'em like that anymore, and all's the pity. Watching the
show as a kid in the 50's was pure delight.
By the way the theme was recorded by Cyril Stapleton & his
orchestra and released on the London Records label back in
1956. The record release number was 1697. The writer was
credited as "Llewellyn" and the whole composition ran near
3 minutes. I found a copy of it in an old record store some
years ago and proudly added it to my collection. 10-4!!!!

Chris Quinn     cquinn@3dws.net    Lakewood, Ohio, USA    Feb 17/1999 23:48 PST
Dear Gary - keep it coming- 10-4
George Narzinsky     g.narzinsky@worldnet.att.net    Lavallette,N.J.,USA    Feb 24/1999 11:19 PST
i cant believe it somebody else as a youngster love this show. the buicks the dodges the burnout and dan matthews a great sight thanks for the memories
walter josephs     ta301    l i new york    Feb 27/1999 19:00 PST
thanks for the memories i cant believe it , the buicks the dodges the burnouts and broderick at his best
walter joseph     tta 301    Feb 27/1999 19:03 PST




I have been trying to get copies of Highway Patrol with Broderick Crawford for many years. I did purchase the episode with the escaped convict on the school bus through Movies Unlimited. This is the only episode I have been able to get. I enjoyed this show as a child and would like to see more, where is TV Land when you need them? I just found your web site and I am bookmarking it. Also, I am going to touch base with some of the sources you mention. Thanks and 10-4. 2150 Out.
Al Leone     a.leone@njbmagazine.com    Fairfield, NJ USA    Mar 03/1999 13:28 PST
Congratulations on this site! It was this tv show that inspired me to become a member of the Illinois State Police.
Sgt. Michael Jenkins, Illinois State Police District 2.
Michael Jenkins     Jenkinsm@ameritech.net    Mar 07/1999 16:16 PST
I have been looking for this information for years. Thanks goodness for highway61.com. Broderick Crawford was my favorite actor. Especially in HIGHWAY PATROL. He started it all. 21..50 BYE!
Dan Bernhardt    Mar 15/1999 17:32 PST
brod has always been one of my heroes!
John G     ccgrifs@aol.com    Mar 18/1999 15:55 PST
Great Website! I remember Highway Patrol when I was a kid and when I found a few videos, I became a kid again. I first became re-aware of this great program from an article in the "Buick Bugle" magazine where a great car hobbyist recreated the '55 Buick. Now I'm trying to find the espisodes and I'm hungry for Broderick Crawford. Thanks for putting this web site together. I'd like to share what I have (only 10 episodes) and secure more. Thanks again.
Bill Henderson     billh@dvnc.net    Vineland, New Jersey, USA    Mar 22/1999 12:35 PST
My uncle was in an episode of highway patrol & i can't remember which...he was a truck dirver & was knocked out & i think his truck was stolen...it might have been 'The Hitchhiker' in the 4th season..his screen name at the time was Lee Krosskove
louis krosskove     lkrosskove@eps.com    Mar 23/1999 10:45 PST
i would like to know what episode Lee Krosskove was in...
louis krosskove     lkrosskove@neteps.com    Mar 23/1999 10:47 PST
Great site! My grand father knew and went to school with Broderick Crawford according to my mother. My dad and I have restored his 1954 Buick Century that his aunt bought new in 1954. Recently the car was used to take my sister and her husband from their wedding to the recption. We got lots of looks.
Ray Goodrow     rgmg9190@aol.com    Sunderland, MA    Mar 26/1999 17:52 PST
Outstanding job! As a kid I remember enjoying watching this on the old black and white. Not too many remember this program today. Thanks for remembering and creating such a great site.
Dave Paris     d.paris@worldnet.att.net    Clovis, CA    Mar 29/1999 23:38 PST
What a cool site. I'm 46 this week, and have wonderful memories of the show. I even wanted to be a policeman when I was growing up. Ended up being an underwriter.
Michael Norton     norton@ntslink.net    Pekin, Illinois USA    Mar 31/1999 16:13 PST
How cool to find the website. I have been trying to remember Matthews call number (21-50) and have asked alot of friends, the site brought it all back
G.Kier     gckier@ix.netcom.com    Santa Barbara CA    Apr 06/1999 15:35 PDT
Found another recording of the theme consisting of the opening theme; the music that accompanies the opening narration for the week's show; and the closing theme. It's a 12" LP from Japan- TV THEMES-WESTERN FILMS, SONGS OF THE GUNFIGHTERS, Columbia ZL-1139 (seems to be dated 8/60). No individual artist is listed.
Bruno     bbskip@prodigy.net    Brooklyn, NY    Apr 16/1999 23:25 PDT
Fabulous website, what memories it brought back to me! Highway Patrol was my favourite TV show, I wish it was still on TV so I could see it. Thanks
Paul    Sarnia, Ontario    Apr 25/1999 18:17 PDT
broderick crawford was my childhood hero!!
Thomas K Dubas     sabudmot@aol.com    peckville    May 01/1999 17:00 PDT
Way to go! I remember watching "Highway Patrol" back in the 50's, and I particularly liked some of the goofs--pursuits starting with Dan in an Olds, switching to a Buick mid-pursuit, and ending in a Dodge--even a youngster could notice, but somehow they didn't really distract from the show. I wish someone would do a show about a modern state trooper using the same quality of production and story-telling used in "NYPD Blue" and "Homicide" coupled with the tongue-in-cheek sense of humor they had in the original "Highway Patrol."
Frank Silfies     vtcism1@sover.net    Windsor, VT, USA    May 02/1999 18:25 PDT
This is one of the finest websites on the Net!!

You have done a fantastic job!!
Michael Haag     khufu19@mail.idt.net    Fremont, CA U.S.A.    May 16/1999 15:32 PDT
GREAT Site and thanks for linking the "Official Directory of State Patrol & State Police Sites!" In that your site is one of those "must see" type of sites, I have reciprocated with a special link to the "Highway Patrol" at the top of the Directory. Take Care, Terry, Senior Sergeant (Retired), Vermont State Police
Terrance D. Martin     tmartin@sover.net    Brattleboro, VT    May 16/1999 17:25 PDT
I am a State Trooper with the Tennessee Highway Patrol. This show is one of the oldest memories I have of the Highway Patrol and one that actually started me down the road to a Career that I have loved and enjoyed. This is a great thing you have done, I have never enjoyed a web site so much as seeing this one. THANK YOU
"Highway Hypnosis"...The one I remember from childhood, did not see in the EG's(?)...Gotta' have it!...http://SEPnet.com has a few episodes, but really want the aforementioned one if possible(I can still see those logs pumping out of the trunk, screwin' up the motorcycle officers)...Any help is appreciated!!!
BlaqueAdder     blacksnake@lover-boy.com    May 18/1999 01:59 PDT
I had been looking for a "Highway Patrol" site--this is outstanding.

Thanks for bringing back some good memories of early television that many of us (boomers) grew up with.
Wayne     wm7349@aol.com    New Jersey    May 18/1999 20:16 PDT
I was a Highway Patrol fan from the 50's when it originally aired. This car is really cool. It puts my '55 M52 to shame. I haven't been very active with BCA lately, but I'm working on cleaning up my car and getting out more. This website takes me right back to when my Grandad had a '56 Century, and all I wanted was a Buick. Now I have four. Keep up the good work! "21-50 by "......"10-4"
Keith Nelson     kwnelson@milwpc.com    West Allis, WI, USA    May 19/1999 07:02 PDT
As I get more into this web site, the more it brings me back what I was was back in 1959! This is more than just the cars, but of a whole way of living, where there were no shades of grey! May the spirit of Dan Mathews and Broderick Crawford live on in our hearts, and may we always be the Troopers working for Dan, and standing up with, and for, the good guys!
Keith Nelson     kwnelson@milw.pc.com    West Allis, WI USA    May 21/1999 17:06 PDT
Boy this brings back real memories.
Louie Jeune     LJeune@aol.com    Peoria Az    May 22/1999 15:58 PDT
Hey great job! I love the site 21-50 bye
Jon Paulus     Jon_Paulus@hmis.org    Cleveland OH    May 27/1999 18:00 PDT
Just discovered your web page. I, too, enjoyed watching Highway Patrol when I was a kid. I guess I couldn't get enough. I became a California Highway Patrolman in 1964 and retired 27 1/2 years later. It really was fun going to work. All sorts of neat people and interesting experiences.
John Anderson     Aretchp@aol.com    Riverside, CA    Jun 03/1999 18:04 PDT
You're a hot shot Gary!!!! Love the car.
Julie Decker and David Chook     latteman5@aol.com    Jun 04/1999 11:01 PDT
I remember watching Highway patrol in syndication during the early 1960's when growing up in Westchester Cty New York. I really loved that show ..... especially the realismm. I vaguely recollect an episode where the patrol was in pursuit of a guy that was using a bazooka. I would like to see Highway Patrol as part of the Nick at NITE lineup.
Tom Scimia      TMSCIMMER@aol.com      Belpre, OHIO     Jun 04/1999 18:19 PDT
As I told Gary and Glenn, the only way to get somebody to do something is to bug them about it! So here's the e-mail address for Nick at Nite's TV Land: "postmaster@TVLand.com"
Maybe if we all bug them enough, they'll get the message and put "Dan the Man" back on for all of us Troopers! So send your request for "Highway Patrol" ASAP! 10-4?
Keith Nelson     kwnelson@milwpc.com    West Allis, WI USA    Jun 07/1999 08:31 PDT
My brother and I grew up watching the Highway Patrol. It had an impact on us, he became a Delaware State Police Trooper, and I became a Federal Police Officer. My brother has 21 years of service with D.S.P and is still investigating crimes as a state Police Detective at troop 2, I joined the law enforcemment community back in 1977 as a city Police Officer, State Police were not hiring at the time. Later on, I went with the Federal gov. I liked those Buicks. My father sold Buicks for twenty years. We own all of the models over the years. Even the Buick Century. The Century had the big Roadmaster V8 engine. This car would turn over the 120 mph speedometer with no problem. We had a 1954 Buick four door special with the 264 V8 engine. Even with the small engine, this car would run over 100 mph. Yes, I like those Buicks. They seem to fit old Broderick perfectly. Yes, that show sure did have an effect on us.
Glenn E. Kresge     GLENN.KRESGE@MED.VA.GOV    Perry Point, Maryland    Jun 11/1999 08:32 PDT
As a retired Texas Highwat Patrol Lieutenant I get a kick out of this.
Dan W. Duggan     dwduggan@acnet.net    Henderson, Tx. USA    Jun 12/1999 13:06 PDT
This is fantastic. I thought I was the only Highway patrol fan around.
Steve Knott     srknott@iquest.net    Columbus, Indiana USA    Jun 13/1999 20:17 PDT
Remember me Gary? I sent you once that copy of Sat. Night Live with Broderick Crawford. I would love to see every episode of Hiway Patrol and will send off a message to TV Land right now. Take care. Tom.
Tom Chenevert     MarkViiLin@aol.com    Dunstable, Ma    Jun 14/1999 05:19 PDT
hey brother, this is wild! and neil young of all people! i cannot believe it! you are a piece of work my friend! hope to see you soon! you are one hell of a judo man as well!
Terry Kelly     wdx6tjk @aol.com    Santa Rosa Ca.     Jun 17/1999 19:51 PDT
Boy, does this bring back memories of being a kid in the fifties.
Louis Jeune    Peoria Az    Jun 18/1999 10:01 PDT
This is so great I had to come back again and relive all of the episodes. I was a Sheriff's Officer for a while and just can't get it out of my system.
Louie Jeune     LJeune2aol.com    Peoria Az    Jun 19/1999 12:00 PDT
I started looking for Broderick Crawford web sites last year. I am really pleased to find that one of my favorite shows has not been forgoten. My father let me grow up with "Highway Patrol", Robert Stack in the "Untouchables" and Efrim Zimbalist Jr. in the "FBI". We need more shows like these today. Thanks for the great memories.
Major Mark S. Brackney, MPC     MBrackney@Worldnet.ATT.Net    Columbus, Ohio    Jun 20/1999 13:35 PDT

We can't rest until we're able to get all the old episodes rerun again not only for the benefit of old fans, but for the many, many new fans that will develop as a result.
Dave Kneer     DKVOH2O@aol.com    Jun 23/1999 12:02 PDT
Awesome site....great work.
We have all the episodes except Female Hitchhiker and Confidence Game (PN132)....would really like to find those.

I'm going to add this as a related link on our webpage...
Our url is http://www.cjnetworks.com/~tuckers/epPartners.htm

Ron Evans
Dr. Ron Evans     caseyguy@networksplus.net    Topeka, KS    Jul 04/1999 13:26 PDT
B.F. HARNEY     Longarm0@aol.com    KENTUCKY, USA    Jul 12/1999 07:37 PDT
I did not think this web site would ever be here. Thank you! Old TV cop shows there the best!!!!
John S. Goy     J_yog@yahoo. com    Nashua NH    Jul 12/1999 17:06 PDT
Wow - what a masterful job to put this site together. Brings back wonderful memories of watching the reruns after school at 3:00, which is when they ran in the L.A. area during the early sixties, if I remember correctly. What a great tribute to a true classic.
Sandy Warren    Jul 13/1999 12:42 PDT
This is cool, that I found this page. The Highway Patrol series one was of the leaders in Police drama. This set the stage for police series to stay with real police methods and how they really were in real life. Great page
Michael Giannetti     michaelbos@aol.com    Boston, Mass    Jul 15/1999 17:21 PDT
Loved the show when I was a kid! Would love to see it back on TV.
Tony Dankowski     dankowski_t@a1.cps.k12.tn.us    Chattanooga, TN    Jul 17/1999 02:32 PDT
Excellent page.It brings to my mind when I was 5 years old
and saw the episodes in my B&W TV set.Time passed and in the sixties I met Broderick Crawford in person here in Argentina.He was here for a benefit tv program.I also remembered that he has a problem in his wrist so he used a
leather strap wrist around it.
JosÚ Feijoˇ     josefeijoo@infovia.com.ar    Buenos Aires (ARGENTINA)    Jul 18/1999 15:23 PDT
Very Nostalgic, does bring back memories of early Black and White TV. These shows on TV today, in no way compare to what we used to see on TV.
Bob Giffin     bgiffin@uswest.net    Glendale, Arizona, USA    Aug 04/1999 16:28 PDT
Highway Patrol was one of my personal favorites. I have forwarded a message to TVLAND requesting it be run.

Richard Mey     meynot@uswest.net    Glendale Arizona U.S.A    Aug 05/1999 01:34 PDT
Gary, Glenn, and fellow fans:

I'd love to see Highway Patrol back on TV. I sent my vote to postmaster@tvland.com and encourage everyone else to do the same.

I've got a special desire to see the show on TV one more time, since my Dad is William Boyett. He's alive and well and living in Southern Cal. It would be a real kick for him (and the fans) to get Highway Patrol back! Let's get those TV land folks interested!

Keven Boyett     keven001@aol.com    Portland, Oregon, USA    Aug 06/1999 15:54 PDT
A really interesting site,I lived for Highway Patrol growing up and lived it when I did. I am a retired Oklahoma Highway Patrolman and think it is great that someone keeps the past alive.
LeRoy Jacks     idgas@pldi.net    Woodward, OK.    Aug 07/1999 07:47 PDT
This show largely inspired me for what I am-I collect '50's cars, live in a rural area & nostalgia rules here. I watch my 30 or so episodes(some not so good quality) quite regularly that I obtained from another buff back in '88.

Mark Fensler     fbm@tcac.net    Pea Ridge, Arkansas    Aug 07/1999 18:29 PDT

I have a Highway Patrol toy car made in tin plate - I think. It's like the one featured on the web site. It's in very good condition but no box. Would this web site be a good place to sell it? I have had it since I was a kid!

Many thanks

Colin Day     Colinday@btinternet.com    Aug 09/1999 06:50 PDT
Thanks so much for a truly enjoyable web site. Like so many of your guestbook contributors I have been looking for video copies of the HP series. I doubt there's any available in the UK - although the series did air over here; and it featured in a series of re-runs not too many years back - but I have had no success in locating videos when I have been on holiday (sorry, 'vacation', in the US. I woulod really be grateful if anyone caould advise me of where I can get tapes of the shows.

Once again, thanks so much for a really enjoyable sight. It is terriffic.

John Marshall, Sunningdale, Berkshire, England.
john Marshall     john.marshall@btinternet.com    Sunningdale, Berkshire, England    Aug 09/1999 14:10 PDT
Can anyone help me identify a particular episode? While the setting was usually in Centerville or some other equally generic town, I remember one episode that actually referred to being in Chatsworth (where it was filmed). It starts and ends at the SP depot with someone (Dan? my memory is hazy here) getting on and off a train.

This is a great site, brings back a lot of good memories.
Bruce Fingerhood     brucef51@email.com    Springfield, OR    Aug 10/1999 20:20 PDT
Wonderful site. I watched every one of the HP shows. Later I went into law enforcement - was there 31 years, and I'm now retired. Thanks for the memories.
Jerry Ryen     jer@inreach.com    San Bernardino, CA    Aug 12/1999 13:09 PDT

Anthony D. Bulygo     adbmlb@excite.com    San Jose, CA    Aug 12/1999 21:00 PDT
I have great memories from the time of this program. I hope I can find most of the episodes for my collection.
david nelsen     dknelsen@webtv.net    montgomery il usa    Aug 13/1999 09:06 PDT
I was a big fan of the show when I was a little kid. Does anyone know if you can buy any of these of video?
Tony Dankowski     dankowski_t@a1.cps.k12.tn.us    Chattanooga, TN    Aug 13/1999 20:05 PDT
I like that too. I liked Broderick Crawford.
De Wappa of San Napoli    Aug 16/1999 10:26 PDT
Fellow Highway Patrol Fans:

Many of you ask about buying episodes. I would like to remind everyone to check the "Sources" section of this website.

Gary Goltz     gsgoltz@aol.com    Upland, CA, USA    Aug 16/1999 22:46 PDT
I was about 9 years old, when Highway Patrol first started on television. My family never missed an episode on our new Raytheon television! Now that was television! I thought everyone had forgotten this show. It brought back a lot of
exciting memories. We don't see many "Chief Mathews"s anymore. I wish to thank you for your excellent job, and wonderful pictures, and well organized site.

Someone once said and sang, "....thanks for the memories.....", and I wish to thank you.
Vonnye Rice-Gardner     vone@swbell.net    Austin, Texas USA    Aug 21/1999 13:15 PDT
I love the Highway Patrol series and I think this is a terrific website! In addition to requesting TV Land to show the Highway Patrol series, I think everyone should also suggest the same to the A & E network. After all, they have shown the Fugitive, Police Story and the Avengers in the past and continue to show other dramas. They might be more amenable to showing the Highway Patrol than TV Land which prefers sitcoms. A & E's suggestion form can be found at: http://www.aande.com/feedback/other.feedback.html
Matt Cohen     mc931@earthlink.net    Goleta, California    Aug 22/1999 12:08 PDT
A great site. Haven't has so much fun in a long time. Have been wanting to see this show again for years.
Jim Lee     jim0225@hotmail.com    Salem, OR USA    Aug 22/1999 14:31 PDT
nice to see you again. jerry from rodworks,(59 highway patrol servi-car)didnt see trike in photos, doesnt stop me from changing history . nice to have a poster, maybe to sell! talk to you soon,need more time to spend on your site.
jerry lechich     rodworks@pacbel.net    venice,ca    Aug 22/1999 19:31 PDT
BUCK MURPHY    AKRON, INDIANA U.S.A.    Aug 27/1999 12:08 PDT
Thank you all for giving so much of your time and effort in protecting all of us from harm. You are all very much appreciated and we thank God everyday for you and pray that you are kept safe and are brought home safely to your family and friends. God Bless You All!!!
Jane E. Becker    Decatur, Indiana    Aug 27/1999 13:27 PDT
Michigan State Police 1972-98. Retired Det/Sgt.
Dana M. Averill     mudman@mpinet.net    Orlando FL    Sep 02/1999 10:28 PDT
Just found the Highway Patrol website,thanks for an excellent visit.I remember the series in the U.K. in the
195O's and these pages have brought it all back.
I shall visit again and certainly purchase some of the videos.
Am visiting the U.S.A.this month and hope to visit the C.H.P
Academy.I am an ardent fan of CHP and subscribe to The California Highway Patrolman,plus I am a member of the Police Car Owners Of America.
Thanks once again for the pure nostalgia
David Jenkins     jenkins911@yahoo.com    Haverhill,Suffolk,England    Sep 02/1999 12:57 PDT
Gary, I have been looking for a HP site for years now, and tonight I found it. Incredible! I thank you for putting this together, and I plan on contacting some of the "sources" for videotapes of episodes. I grew up with this series too, and I can never forget old Brod 2150 Dan Matthews. I would be in hog heaven if any of those worthless cable stations would show these episodes.
Don Shepherd     shepherd@iglou.com    Louisville, KY, USA    Sep 04/1999 21:14 PDT
i am looking for 2 chp officers, william thomas webster and randall webster.they are or were chp officers at one point.they are 2 half brothers. we have the same father(james monroe webster). would appreciate any help in finding them. they can contact me or anyone that has any info@(918)358-5574. or email melissacarroll@netscape.net.thank you for any assistanc.
melissa carroll     melissacarroll@netscape.net    cleveland,Oklahoma. United States    Sep 07/1999 12:37 PDT
Play reruns of the show. We need quality tv
Sgt. Patrick Davis     patrick.davis@wright.edu    Fairborn, Ohio USA    Sep 08/1999 14:29 PDT
this is the first time i saw something about the show anywhere. this web page is amazing and great. thanks, and good job.
bucky     bucky 31950 @ aol.com    langhorne, PA.    Sep 15/1999 16:46 PDT
This show aired when I was of pre-school age. It came on shortly after my bedtime. Much to my chagrin,my parents would never let me stay up to watch it. I would hear it on the TV and would sneak into the hall to watch it,but would always get caught & sent to bed after getting only a fleeting glimpse of the show. It was one of the great frust-rations of my youth. 40-some years later,I still get frustr-ated when I think of it!! Needless to say,this web site is much welcomed. Now for my e-mail to TV Land......
Gregory SR Menton     mentoni@msn.com    Fairfax, VA USA (I think)    Sep 21/1999 00:30 PDT
This show aired when I was of pre-school age. It came on shortly after my bedtime. Much to my chagrin,my parents would never let me stay up to watch it. I would hear it on the TV & sneak into the hall to watch it,but would always get caught & sent back to bed after getting only a fleeting glimpse of the show. It was one of the great frustrations of my youth. 40-some years later, I still get frustrated when I think of it. Needless to say,your website if much welcomed. Now for my e-mail to TV Land......
Gregory SR Menton     mentoni@msn.com    Fairfax, VA USA (sorta)    Sep 21/1999 00:51 PDT
What can I say....I thought te 1st e-mail didn't go through. I could say that I'm a perfectionist,but I'm actually just Internet-callenged.
GSR Menton     mentoni@msn.com     still here     Sep 21/1999 01:02 PDT
Great site. My all time favoirite show. I hope to see it on tv agin.
jon anderson     jonspock@yahoo.com    pittsburg nh 03592 usa    Sep 21/1999 12:00 PDT
Great site.It brings back great memories of a great childhood I had and the best TV had to offer us.
Charles Weber     VonWeberjr@aol.com    Northfield,NJ USA    Sep 28/1999 23:08 PDT
I am disapointed that I can find no reference to a great American holiday -- Brodick Crawford Day -- October 4 -- 10 -4.
Many of us have been celebrating this day for years. It has become an annual event in many of our lives. The biggest problem we have is finding cards to send our friends on this day but now that I have found your site my card worries are over. Love the site thanks for the work.

Happy Brodick Crawford day to all -- over
Ken Plants     kjpjr@aol.com    Murrells Inlet,SC    Oct 04/1999 07:11 PDT
I always think of October 4 as "Broderick Crawford Day" thanks to a "Funky Winkerbean" comic strip of a few years back.
Anonymous    Oct 04/1999 13:59 PDT
I agree! Happy 10-4 Day to everyone.
Gary Goltz     gsgoltz@aol.com    Upland, CA USA    Oct 04/1999 16:50 PDT
Wow! What a great site.
Ken Layton     projector@wa.freei.net    Olympia, Wash. USA    Oct 05/1999 15:30 PDT
I have been a highway patrol fan since I was a kid. I would love to see some reruns or get my hands on a tape.
Charles     Smoky1121@AOL.COM    Rockwood, Tn.    Oct 07/1999 22:53 PDT
Gary, I enjoyed seeing your website! Also, nice seeing you
at the ABL meeting in San Francisco. Hope to see you and
your car at one of the roundtables! Ed Kramer
Ed Kramer     edjk@earthlink.net    Santa Monica, CA USA    Oct 10/1999 09:51 PDT
Happy 1st Anniversary to the Greatest Website on the Internet! 10-4
Gary Goltz     gsgoltz@aol.com    Upland, CA USA    Oct 11/1999 07:00 PDT
A great site--I am enjoying it very much. Brings back a lot of memories. Thank you for your trouble.

Cliff     polky@snowcrest.net    Weed, Calif.     Oct 12/1999 17:53 PDT
Each year, on October 4, friends of mine who work for the University of California Police Department and I celebrate "Brodrick Crawford Day" why? because it's 10/4! On that date we each take turns reminiscing of our favorite episodes and most memorable film moments. we're excited to discover this website!
Blythe Spirit    USA    Oct 15/1999 15:29 PDT
Nice job. I remember this show vividly as a kid. Later became a cop myself and retired after 26 years. Now I teach criminal justice to high school kids - who knows maybe one of them will become a police officer.
Doug Houstoun (Det.Lt., ret.)     Houstoun@pdq.net    The Woodlands, TX USA    Oct 19/1999 17:10 PDT
I remember watching the series.
Now look at me , Oklahoma State Trooper, assinged to the Aircraft Unit........I would really like to see the series return to TV LAND !
Roy Anderson     falcon@nwoknet.net    Woodward, OK    Oct 22/1999 16:55 PDT
Good question! Why haven't there been re-runs of Highway Patrol? It was a great show.
Gary     gernert@greenepa.net    Keystone State    Oct 24/1999 15:41 PDT
I just found our website and it's a beauty!
Carl Rees     Seercr@aol.com    Grove City Ohio    Oct 24/1999 19:43 PDT
Hello to all the other fans of this great show. I was born in 1953 and grew up in Orlando Fl. after college i served 6 years in the U.S.M.C. as a O-3 CAPITAIN, SPECIAL INVESTIGATOR with the MPs. My decision to become a police officer was because of this show. I am looking for a 1954 Olds 88 or any of the other cars used in the show to restore. I left law enforcement after a short stint with the U.S. TREASURY DEPT.
Rob     BUBBABRAM@aol.com    Langhorne PA    Oct 25/1999 16:12 PDT
On the Highway Patrol episodes Prison Break Who played Officer Peterson? In Taxi who played Sargent Whitehead? And Officers Wife who played Jerry March? They all look familiar.

Bob     amtraknet@yahoo.com    San Juan Capistrano, CA USA    Oct 26/1999 20:45 PDT
Highway Patrol and Broderick Crawford are still the standard used to measure cop shows. I'm a Lt (isn't that what Dan started out as in the series?) in criminal investigations, and all the detectives know HP-isms. William Boyett was my favorite, and if memory serves, he classed up Adam-12 as well. (Keven, please give my regards to your dad!)
Dave Hall     dhall058@aol.com    Tacoma, Washington State    Oct 30/1999 01:14 PDT
What a fun site! It brings back great memories...
Dennis Gray     dgrayhouse@aol.com    Fullerton, CA, USA    Nov 01/1999 12:21 PST
I am a Chief of Police of a Borough in Southern New Jersey. I grew up with this show. I love the show and love this website!
Larry Winters     PRSL6015@aol.com    Nov 05/1999 20:17 PST
i love your homepage and it brought back a lot of memmories
thanks for the journey back.

are you ever coming to michigan with 21-50
Harry Patton ( Michigan State Police)     hdp6094@aol.com    Southgate, Michigan     Nov 18/1999 02:39 PST
I would like to get all TV Highway Patrol episodes(any format).
Carlos A. Sister     carsis@sinectis.com.ar    Buenos Aires,BA,Argentina    Nov 22/1999 18:42 PST
I would like to get all Highway Patrol episodes(any format).
Carlos A. Sister     carsis@sinectis.com.ar    Buenos Aires,BA,Argentina    Nov 22/1999 18:47 PST
Wonderful website! My stepson is a CHP officer, and was fascinated to find out that there was a Highwway Patrol series older than CHPs!
Bob Abrams     bobabr@hotmail.com    L.A., CA, USA    Nov 27/1999 13:30 PST
Wow, this is a great web site and I miss these episodes!
Alan Littlejohn     Jonlittle@aol.com    Hollister, CA. San Benito County    Dec 10/1999 20:54 PST
A great site!!! As a 8 year old Californian in 1955, Highway Patrol was more than just a TV show. We never missed a show.
Clifford Prather    Orange, Ca.    Dec 11/1999 17:04 PST
Great Site! I enjoyed watching the show when it was on originally and was unaware that it ran until 1959. I am writing TV Land to encourage reruns of this show. I have been looking off and on for several years for a place to get tape copies and maybe you have just shown me the way.
Thanks and good luck with your site,
Fred Ballard [fredsclassics@hotmail.com]
2150 Bye!
Fred Ballard     fredsclassics@hotmail.com    Canyon Country, Ca. 91351-1801    Dec 18/1999 16:08 PST
I have been waiting for info on Highway Patrol for amny years.I'm in heaven!
William Wyman     wmwyman@msn.com    Suffern, N.Y. 10901-7312    Dec 18/1999 19:53 PST
Hi, I am really surprised to find a websight about one of my all time favorite police shows. I am really a big fan of Mr. Crawfords, and was a big fan of HIGHWAY PATROL. If the powers that be, I ALONG with the many,many other fans would really appreciate it if Highway Patrol could possibly be shown on the T.V.LAND channel. JOHN T. FLYNN-PT. PLEASANT NJ
JOHN T. FLYNN     JFLYNN 1212 @AOL.COM    1212 BEAVER DAM RD. PT. PLEASANT NJ 08742    Dec 26/1999 22:34 PST
Clayton Moore who, along with John Hart, played the LONE RANGER on TV in the 1950's died today at age 85 of a heart attack.

I grew up with the good guys in the white hats. While they were simpler times, nonetheless, they were an inspiration to those who believed in goodness and doing the right thing. I am sure that many a career in law enforcement began with the Lone Ranger, Highway Patrol, Rescue 8 and others.

This is a repost from the Reuters news agency:

"Years later he would say it was the only job he had ever wanted. "I wanted to be a either a cowboy or a policeman. As the Lone Ranger, I got to be both," he told the Los Angeles Times. His autobiography was titled "I Was That Masked Man."


"I like playing the good guy. I'll wear the white hat for the rest of my life. The Lone Ranger is a great character, a great American. Playing him made me a better person," he added in the Times interview."

Amen and Rest in Peace.

Bruno    Dec 28/1999 17:45 PST