Guestbook - 1998

To My Fellow Highway Patrol Fans:

Welcome to the Web Page dedicated to the show we grew up watching. If you are like me, I can never get the site of a big black & white Buick zooming down a wide open California freeway out of my system.

Over the years, my love of "Highway Patrol" has led me to collect video copies of the episodes, articles, photos, toys, and finally to build a 55 Buick Highway Patrol replica! I have had the honor of meeting many of the show's stars, advisors, creators, and directors. Along the way I have learned a great deal about 50's TV, Ziv productions, and the real California Highway Patrol.

I commend Glenn Davis for putting together this fine Web Page, so these memories could be shared with other big boys who become mesmerized when they hear that familiar refrain.

Many Happy Highway Patrols,10-4!
Gary Goltz     gsgoltz@aol.com    Upland, CA USA,    Nov/19/1998 22:45 PST
You have found THE Highway Patrol Show site!

For all of you, like me, who have previously failed to find any sites truly dedicated to the preservation of Dan's legacy; this is your chance to come forward and join the premiere group of fans. Sign the guestbook so that the scope of Danism can be seen. This may lead to something big; a movement.
Thanks to Gary for bringing the memory to life and to Glenn for the forum to express it.

Robert Waguespack     rwaguespack@ultimatte.com    Tujunga, CA. USA,    Nov/20/1998 08:34 PST
I am an insufferable nostalgic. I have been spent days looking for this site only to find I had it right under my nose. I've been in law enforcement for over 30 years and my son is a CHP officer. I plan to put together a package of all this info for him. Thanks to all who had a part in this sites making. An absolutely superb job!!!!
Ray Bosnich     wndncrk9@inforum.net    Placerville, Ca.,    Nov/23/1998 10:44 PST
This site

David Nadler     dnadler@pacbell.net    San Leandro, CA USA,    Nov/27/1998 18:41 PST
Finding this web site is incredible. Highway Patrol was probably one of the influences on me entering law enforcement. Especially with my primary interest in traffic enforcement. Keep it up. 900 bye
Michael Beltranena, Director of Police     mbeltranen    New Brunswick, NJ, USA    Nov 28/1998 21:47 PST
I too was addicted to watching Highway Patrol when growing up in the 50s & 60s. I just retired after 27 years in law enforcement (County & Federal). I have a restored 63 Chevy South Dakota HP car & a 1972 restored Plymouth SDHP car. As a young deputy sheriff in the 70s, my Department drove black & whites. The only true cop car colors! Nice work...
Gary Overby     gary.overby@gte.net    Tracy, California    Nov 29/1998 16:39 PST
The HIGHWAY PATROL website was a great find. A lot of fun- great memories. I also loved the sight of big Buicks, Oldsmobiles and Mercurys with white doors (only the doors) and screeching blackwall tires roaring thru U-turns sirens screaming.

I can appreciate Gary Overby's comment on black and white police cars but city tough are the old green, black and white RMP's (radio motor patrol cars or radio cars)of the New York City Police Department from the 1950's and 60's. That was some paint scheme. Ugly to some, it grows on you. Loved that: POLICE
NY blazoned across the hood and trunk.

RE: the Highway Patrol theme- in addition to volume 4 of Television's Greatest Hits (TeeVeeToons CD TVT 1600-2), the theme is on Double Impact by Buddy Morrow (RCA/BMG 74321609942) which is now currently available on CD and it's also on another CD I very recently picked up, Cops On The Box USA, EMPROD 711 (Emporio label from England). Worth a listen for HIGHWAY PATROL fans as is Jazz In Prime Time Music for Television (Primetime Records CD: PTD 3008) for POLICE STORY fans.

Skip     bbskip@prodigy.net    Brooklyn, NY    Dec 13/1998 01:58 PST
CORRECTION: on my message of 12/13/99



Skip     bbskip@prodigy.com    Brooklyn, NY    Dec 14/1998 00:08 PST
Another thought that came to mind: MAD MAGAZINE did a spoof of HIGHWAY PATROL in the late 50's or early 60's that was quite funny.

Skip    Dec 14/1998 00:37 PST
Brings back great memories. Great show, wish there were reruns available. Anyone know where?
Robert Fenkel     Hanaone@aol.com    Brielle, New Jersey    Dec 19/1998 18:01 PST
is there any videos of hi way patrol or cannonball shows.
ronald lee     ronrlee@sympatico.com on .ca.    st.george on,ca.    Dec 29/1998 17:58 PST