Portrait Of Death
RN 1124

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The first scene when Dan and Sgt. Williams roll up to the cafe called Mountain Cafe in this episode.

A close up when they are questioning the waitress. Note: the upper part of the building was added later.

Dan and Sgt. Williams are sitting in the car and watching the suspect Nick Grainger go to the apt. using the back door. And Dan says: "Lets break up that conversation and find out" and then they get out of the car and head for the apt. bldg

in this scene: suspect Nick Grainger drives his car around the block and pulls into this space to go to the accomplices apt. thru the back door."

Dan and Sgt. Williams drive south on Comstock Ave. and then go west on Eastborne Ave. and pull to this parking space to watch Nick Grainger who goes to the apt. thru the back door

Dan kicks in the door of apt. #106

continuation...Dan and Sgt. Williams go to apt. #106

Dan and Sgt. Williams go to apt. #106

continuation...Dan and Sgt. Williams go to apt. #106

Nick Grainger drives around to check out the apt. bldg

Dan and Sgt. Williams head westbound Eastbourne Ave. and park the Dodge

Sgt Williams drives south on Comstock Ave. to westbound Eastbourne Ave. tailing Grainger
Photographs by Ron Hurwitz - the original image files are available.