CHP Academy Tour
August 2003

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BMW Motorcycles

Buicks were also used by the CHP in 1947

An assortment of phots of old CHP cars

Broderick's picture in the CHP Museum!

From CHiPs too!

Contrary to the TV show, the real CHP didn't use helicopters until 1962

The CHP fallen officer memorial

On the memorial are brass inscribe bars with the names of each of CHP officer killed on duty. Every Wednesday new cadets polish the names in a cerimony.
These 4 names were involved in the infamous Newhall incident in which 4 CHP officers died in a gunfight. This incident changed felony stop procedures for all law enforcement professionals.

Some of the actual guns used by the killers in the Newhall incident

Cadet Classroom

CHP ranks

CHP gym
The original image files are available.